More information about the 2023 annual ALL-SAINTS show and shine will be posted here as it becomes available. Let us say that this was one of the BEST events of this type that we have attended




The amazing teachers and staff at ALL-SAINTS CATHOLIC SCHOOL decided to put on a show and shine for the students, in conjunction with GRANDPARENTS DAY. And what a morning it was! Cars and trucks began to arrive about 7am and were strategically positioned around the front of the school. Hot coffee and donuts were readily available and just hit the spot on a cool Norman fall morning.

After a short period, the students and teachers arrived en masse, and the fun began. One of our objectives as a club, is to have our community enjoy our cars, and enjoy them they did. Take a look at the short video we made of the event....

Earlier in the morning, we made a "walkabout video" of the entire area:

During the morning, the students were encouraged to vote for their favorite cars. When we receive the finalists, we will report them below:

cRc member Vince Letta's 1956 Thunderbird
cRc member Steve Ruedy's 1945 Willis, complete with dogs Trapper and Hawkeye.....
cRc member's 1967 Camaro, owned by Shane Vice
cRc member Lawrence Terry drove his 1948 Ford Convertible.
cRc member Billy Henry brought his 1955 Thunderbird
cRc members Nick and Nikki Patterson drove their 1969 Chevelle SS. Nikki was very active in the organization and execution of the event. Well done Nikki.

cRc member Glenn Masopust drove his 1955 Studebaker. Glenn is also an active member of the Oklahoma Studebaker Club.

cRc member Dan Haggerty proudly displayed his 1940 Ford Sedan....
cRc member Richard Pray arrived in his sharp 1970 Olds Cutlass.
In honor of deceased member Charlie Lunsford, his son let cRc member Dave Saunders bring his 1955 Chevy convertible to the school. 
cRc member Terry O'Dea loves to display his 1941 Chevrolet pickup.
The smallest vehicle of the day was a 1970 Subaru truck, owned by Wayne Saunders.
cRc member Bill Niebur drove his 1997 Z28 convertible.
cRc members Dale and Kaye Cook drove their 2001 BMW Z3, which has only 1200 miles on it. 
cRc member Andy Rieger arrived in his great powder blue VW convertible.