Hey guys I happen to have a large collection of parts for a 1947 sedan by Ford. I believe it was the two-door. I have the front clip with the hood latch, the grill headlights, even the original horns, The inner fender wells are intact.... it has minor surface rust, no holes all the way through. Generally great condition a slight light dent and the bubble part of the drive passenger side fender really easy to work out. I even have all the Chrome to it. I believe the visor the Chrome that goes to the visor front rear bumper tons of parts and if somebody can get with me I would not only like to you know I'm talking about it with you but I would also be very interested in trying to rehome this and I would have to say this is a little before my time with me being 33 so I have zero knowledge on what to be expecting or asking or even where to start.  To find out more, please contact Derek Dalton 405-658-4770