Picture of my first car.  It was a great car.  I paid $45.00 for it.  This was in 1964.  Kaiser Frazer Manhattan.  Leather interior, 6 cylinder Continental flat head with a three speed with overdrive.

Keith inspects a restored World War II Willys Jeep in London at the IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM.......
Posted March 20, 2023 - We are sad to report the passing of a former member of the club, Don Toney passed away yesterday. Arrangements are being made with Shane Vice and will be passed on to the club as soon as possible. Club members who knew Don may be invited to participate in the service. Zac the younger recently sold Don's beautiful blue pickup for the Toney family as he had stopped driving it. Our sympathy goes out to his wife Carol and the Toney family. 

Posted Sunday, March 19th - Show us a picture of your first car! It doesn't have to be the actual vehicle, just a the make, model, and year. This is Dan Haggerty's first car, a post World War II Chevy. Thanks Dan for sharing this with us. 
Posted Saturday March 18th - these photos are from today's car show in Shawnee the Helen Armitage Benefit (Cancer) Shawnee and taken by crc news photographer James Hileman. In the next several weeks, the car show team will have their own page on this site, specifically devoted to the action at the car shows. 

Posted Saturday March 18th - NUTS, BOLDS, and LOCK WASHERS.....

we just can't seem to shake winter. Cold winds blew this morning as I drove down to Goldsby at sunrise to coffee call. 

The recent tornado did quite a number of some of the hangars (as well as the planes inside). 

Our hosts, Larry and Jan Hinton had their plane destroyed as did a number of others. But they were there and getting ready to serve the breakfast buffet.

 Proceeds from the buffet go to support Oklahoma Youth Aviation, and once again this Saturday their efforts paid off as they donated a check for $500 to the Blanchard school program. The photo is to the right between the scenes of hangar destruction....

Other shots show Ken and other members going through the buffet line and also the members seated in the dining room enjoying breakfast. 

Sam managed to bring in a couple of dozen donuts, which gave us a breakfast dessert option we had not thought of. 

It was good to see long time member Dennis Glover, who we have not seen in a bit, to catch-up. 

Next Saturday we will be at MIDWAY GROCERY for coffee call, and then those who are going to the Norman North car show at Ferguson Automotive will leave by about 9am. See you there. Drive something that doesn't require a key fob!

The cRc would like to welcome new member Don Kerby to the club. More information to follow.....

The cRc would like to welcome Randy and Terri McCormick and their 2014 Corvette and 2019 Maserati Quattroporte )that is Italian for VERY FAST CAR). We look forward to getting to know both of them.
The cRc would like to welcome Kevin Hahn and his unique little Piaggio Ape 3 (3 for 3 wheeled) truck. You typically see these only when you venture over to Europe and particularly Italy where they are still made and used widely as delivery trucks. 

Lots of different options in the bed to adapt to a variety of uses. The maximum speed for this mighty 220 cc engine is about 40 mph, the same as my 1926 Model T pickup and a little slower than my mighty '69 Fiat 500. 

They can all make it to the finish line at thunder Valley but people may get boarded watching them putter along. What a fun new car to add to all of our other fun cars! Welcome Kevin! Dave

Breakfast this past Saturday was at Boomerang Diner on Porter....a lively and well attended affair. Despite the weather, we had some fun vehicles in the parking lot, including a Chevy II gasser. We got to interview Mike about his gasser project in the second youtube. On March 18th, we will be at the Goldsby airport for their monthly buffet. They have installed a new security gate near the building. It has the same security code as the main gate. 
This is what the stylish CRC gIrly gEarheads are wearing......a custom made CRC sweatshirt. We have new t-shirts on order (not like these however) which should be delivered in two weeks. We will let you know when yours is ready for pick up - JUST IN TIME FOR SPRING CAR SHOW SEASON. (We are also working on some cool new ball caps. )
A potential fall shop tour emerges.......Ray's cool new lift.

Good Saturday morning, February 25th - will this winter ever go away so we can begin complaining about it being too hot? Nice large group for breakfast this morning at MIDWAY GROCERY - a good turnout as shown in the video below. Congratulations to cRc member Roy Sherry for taking delivery on his new 2023 Ford Maverick Hybrid. Sweet ride. 

Also we post two thank you notes, from our charities, the first from the Veteran Recreation Fund and the second one a bit tardy on my part, from Food and Shelter, thanking us for this past year's car show contribution of about $7,100. Better late than never. We also got a note from Larry Hinton, who does the breakfast buffet for us in Goldsby, thanking us for the money we donated last week to their Oklahoma Youth Aviation program. We also reached our goal of sponsorship of the newly formed Philip Scott/CRC bike team. The $300 the club raised will go to JD McCarty Center. The cRc bike team will ride in the Norman Conquest bike ride for charity on July 8th. 

T-shirt orders are going in this weekend. We will post the delivery date as soon as we get one. Thanks to Sam, Nick, and Nikki for making this happen and so smoothly...

Our Facebook page, Canadian River Cruisers Car Club has 160 members...... the club currently lists 292 members with active email addresses....enjoy one or both!

THE CRC has joined the Oklahoma Hot Rod Association as 2023 members. 

Photos from the Drumright car show this weekend, an indoor show (BELOW). There is a problem with our Food and Shelter Flyer which we are a correcting. The times of various show events are a bit off and the contacts may not be right. The dates, venue and classes of the show are correct. We will replace it on both our Facebook page and club calendar with a revised one. Thank you. 

Congratulations to Nikki Patterson who was our 50/50 pot winner with $135.....JD McCarty and Oklahoma Youth Aviation were also winners in splitting the club's part of the pot. 

Orders being taken now...... there will be only one printing of these beautiful 15th anniversary shirts. Order your shirts today. The photo shown is only a proof copy, the final color could be either black, blue, or gray, it is still to be decided. If you want one, don't wait, order it by texting Dave at 405-406-3730, give me your name, number of shirts, and sizes. Price will be something like $20-$25 for members. (The club always tries to sell shirts at our final cost.

Automotive alley in OKC...then and now.... in the 1940 and 1950's, a trip to Broadway didn't mean New York City. It meant a drive along "Automotive Alley", Oklahoma City's car dealership strip. By the 1970's most of the dealers had moved elsewhere and the car dealerships stood silent and abandoned. Today the area has been repurposed with a lively night-life restaurant scene.

Broadway, circa 1950

Broadway, 2022

Posted February 13th - Ahhh spring is almost in the air and spring means car shows and the new 15th anniversary CRC tee-shirt is going to be available in time for car show season. Show your club spirit with one of these fun shirts. 

If you are interested and know how to use Facebook, go to our Facebook page CANADIAN RIVER CRUISERS CAR CLUB and you can just check the box and place your order. If you and Facebook don't play well together, you can place your order by texting Dave at 405-406-3730 with the size and number. 

Be sure to tell me in your text who the shirts are for, in case I don't have your number in the system. You can also order them from us at coffee call in goldsby this next weekend. However you order them, be sure it is done soon because this is a one-of-a-kind shirt and we are going to press soon. $20

Posted Saturday morning, February 11, 2023 - a cold but clear morning today as we gathered at BOOMERANG on PORTER for coffee and conversation. 

The staff of Boomerang ALWAYS does a great job for us. Today, the club bought 3 Norman Police Officers breakfast, to say  "THANK YOU" for the work they do to keep us all safe. They seemed to genuinely appreciate the gesture. 

After Boomerang, a bunch of us drove over to Crest for the monthly coffee and cars drive-in. Only the hardy came this morning. The second youtube video gives you the idea. 

There was a 1971 Datsun 240Z in the lot today. A groundbreaking car for Nissan in the early 1970's, but they had rust issues so you rarely see one these days. They are still however a VERY STYLISH VEHICLE. 

Below: Parking lot at BOOMERANG:
Below: Parking lot at CREST:

LOST IN THE '50s TONIGHT?  We don't blame you, so James Hileman has provided 

this great look-back at the cars and of quieter times. Click, Relax, and Enjoy!

The club would like to welcome new member ROD PRIDGE and his well maintained LEXUS SE300 to the Canadian River Cruisers. We look forward to see Rod at some of our fun events.
Well, the club has these two special models covered......
Yeah! The club's got some of those also!
Thanks to Texas cRc members Matt and Laurie Murray for sending these old clips over. Matt and Laurie own Miss Vicki, formerly Bob Thompson's 56 Ford Victoria. Billy and Mary Henry own the featured Thunderbird. The 57 Chevy shown, is Pearl at the Lyric Theatre's adaption of Grease in OKC. Pearl is owned by girly gearhead Marilyn Saunders.
DID YOU KNOW? Ron Blisset has been a supportive member of the cRc for all 15 years of the club's history. His exquisite 1915 Cadillac shown below, won first place in the Pebble Beach Concours show. He does personal 

ultra-high-quality restoration of Pierce-Arrows (his father was a Pierce Arrow dealer). I have seen classic Auburns and other delightful throwback classics in his shop. His current project is a 1930 Model A Ford. We can't wait to see it.