Update of action (or lack of action) at the OK DINER in the terminal building at Westheimer Field. 

We all read the Transcript article about an "OZZIE'S replacement" in the old terminal restaurant space. Well, sadly I drove over there today and took these photos......it is the same space as 3 years ago when Ozzie's closed, nothing has changed EXCEPT they removed all the tables and prep counters, but painted a new sign. 

I spoke with one of the terminal employees and was told there are some construction contracts that OU is going to be awarding soon, which re-targets the opening date until (with luck) football season. Not a workman in sight. 

CRC joins federation of 12 central Oklahoma car clubs to bring a large regional car show to Yukon...the Okie Nationals are reborn. 

Meetings have been taking place monthly at "Grill on the Hill" in Capital Hill district. Meetings between area car clubs to determine if there is sufficient interest to put on an area wide car show to replace the one that was lost last year at the OKC fairgrounds. The CRC has joined with the coalition of a dozen or more clubs. 

Led by CRC member Sam Klatt and several others to be recruited and announced, the clubs have agreed in principle to do what is surely to be a massive car show at FREEDOM TRAIL PARK in Yukon, Oklahoma on Saturday, October 12, 2024. 

There will be more information to follow as all the details are yet to be finalized, but let us just say that the CRC plans to be very well represented at that show. Thank you Sam and others who volunteered your time to make this a reality. 

A photo of new members Mike and Julie Kreft's work in progress. Are those three deuces peeking out from under the hood? Going to be a sweet addition to touch-a-truck day.
Dateline: Sat April 6, Midway Grocery, WORLD CRC HEADQUARTERS......nice springtime coffee this morning where we had a reunion with Amanda and Abigale (VW bug and VW Thing). They both looked great and it was good so see them.
Coming up April 28th (Sunday) is the car show kick-off for the CRC operated car show season:

-SUN Apr 28 Thunderbird with $2600 in cash

-May 4 CRC/Rose Rock, Noble downtown

-May 25 CRC/Norman Veteran Center

-June 1  CRC/Moore Olde Town show

-July 27 CRC/Food & Shelter Andrews Park, Norman

A great weather morning as CRC members rolled in with lots of classic cars (see the video to the right, and we hosted the Jaguar Club of Oklahoma at breakfast. We had a good "spring style turnout" and with the great weather and Rudy's parking lot that is quite suitable for wandering around, well it was a good morning. Also, Zack drove in a new, yet temporary addition to the club, a green over black 1941 Chevy 6-cylinder pickup. Terry's red over black is a 1942 model but it is very hard to tell them apart. We also set a date of June 14th for a small show and shine at Full Circle Adult Center. We usually have 4-5 cars because they have limited space. If you would like for your car to be part of this CRC community outreach event, please ask Terry to add you to the list. 

Carol's Spring Cruise: The club had its 2024 cruise and it was great. About 15 members and guests made the cruise up near Edmond to the 45th Infantry museum and a burger lunch at S and B burgers in automobile alley afterwards. Carol and Jim do a great job planning and leading the annual adventures. While there, Carol learned about a race car museum in Alma, Oklahoma so get ready for  2025’s cruise!

On March 9, 1932, Ford Motor Company introduced the production V-8 in its showrooms, and it was an instant success especially with police departments because of its price and speed. The V-8 is considered one of Ford’s last great personal engineering triumphs: his “en block”, or one piece, V8 engine. The production was the largest commercially available V8 to the masses. Offered as an option to an improved 4-cylinder Model “B” engine in a low priced car, this compact V8 power plant, with its down draft carburettor, enabled 1932 Ford to outperform all other popular competitors and was conceived as years ahead of its time. The Ford flathead V8 is still heralded today as one of the first pioneers in ‘hot rod’ engines. This flat head engine powered almost all larger Ford cars through the 1953 production year, and was produced until around 1970 by Ford licensees around the world, with the valve-in-block engine powering mostly commercial vehicles.

Several months ago the library approached the cRc to see if someone could provide a classic car for a "Smokey and the Bandit" commercial they were going to enter into a statewide competition. After talking about it at a Boomarang coffee call, Shane stepped up with his Camaro. Providing a classic car for a movie shoot is not for everyone, because you are not always able to control what the director has in mind. In this case, we wanted to be sure the car was not mistreated during the driving scene. Happily the folks at Pioneer Library had the same idea in mind- be careful with the beautiful car and so you see the award winning results. The team won the Oklahoma Library Association Contest! Thanks Shane for once again stepping up to help our community.

Here's a link to the full commercial. Definitely worth a watch! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjegtIP08mw