122 great cars which is a record for this show with limited space and great people on Saturday May 6, 2023 at the CRC - ROSE ROCK CAR SHOW in Noble, America! 

A nice pre-summer morning and summer afternoon. We helped the Noble Band by donating all the donuts and coffee, and our half of the 50/50 pot. The Noble band group worked hard all day to provide a nice food service for the show. 

We could have squeezed a few more cars in, but certainly not many. These photos thank to James Hileman.

The cRc put on a great car show yesterday for the citizens of NOBLE, USA this past Saturday and we had 104 cars come out and register - a very nice variety of vehicles. The weather was in the 70's and despite a few early hiccups with some of us running the sound system for the first time (Philip was attending to the death of a relative), we managed to figure out that our little sandisk music chip needed charging and we were on our way. The ladies who support the Noble Bears Band expanded their offerings to include coffee, donuts, and breakfast burritos, in addition to their lunch of pulled pork bbq, and so next year, we will enjoy coffee call while we support their band with donations. Class winner selection went off without a hitch again, as we are now using a computer to sort the winning ballots, which is much faster than the hand count. Trophies we awarded a 2pm and we were all on the road home by 2:40. The club netted about $1800 on this show and the proceeds of this show will be used to purchase trophies and other items for our upcoming shows like the Veteran Show and the Food and Shelter show. Our entire effort funnels down to donations to these two key organizations and our Veterans, homeless Veterans, and homeless are the beneficiaries. It is a good thing we do here. Our next show is a big one, probably the largest of the year out at THUNDERBIRD CASINO. We have had more than 200 cars at that show. May 21st is the date. BE THERE, lots of cash giveaways. We always need volunteers to assist our car show team so come out early, register a car, and plan to stay the day. The food in their little restaurant is quite good. Coffee and donuts at the show. Breakfast available later.

CITY OF NOBLE - CRC ROSE ROCK CAR SHOW - for the past 6 years, the cRc has worked hand-in-hand with the city of Noble and the Rose-Rock parade committee to bring a first-class car show to this event. Together, we have built this show into a great family event with more than 120 cars participating annually. Noble is a fantastic venue for this show, reminding some of us of Mayberry, because the participation by the general population is just amazing. Families walk hand-in-hand down the avenues of classic cars, admiring and pointing to various features. Soon the city parade begins, and everyone walks back to Main street to enjoy these festivities. Once the parade is complete, it is back down the alley of classics to enjoy the cars.  Wholesome family fun, the way life should be enjoyed.

.. In 2018 we had 91 cars, in 2019 we topped that number with 94 cars. We probably would have done so this year had the sun peeked out a bit sooner.