cRc member Zac Brouilette has been specializing in a fun corner of the classic market, buying and selling 1950's era farm trucks. Shown below is his current inventory of very restorable pickups. I think all have potential. If you have an interest in starting an exciting new project, give Zac a call at 712-253-1969 or email him at  Zac is the cRc's barn-find expert. As an example of what you can do with these cars, the photo of Zac's personal farm ride appears below. Look at the patina on the white truck directly below. There is a good example of how these cool vehicles can turn out. That is Zac in the photo holding the trophy.

Charles and Linda Allen are offering their beautiful 1938 Chevy Sedan for sale. This is a gorgeous and well updated vehicle with lots of current bells and whistles. If you are interested, the car is located in Choctaw. To schedule an appointment to see it or to find out more about it, please text Charles at 4052815015 

This vehicle is priced at $34,500

The Midget was originally introduced in 1957 as a three-wheeled truck and enjoyed huge popularity among small businesses and delivery services all over the world, especially in Asia.
At less than 9.5' long and barely over 4' wide, the Midget II can park just about anywhere.
The cargo capacity is 150kg (330 lbs.), but then the truck only weighs 1,257 lbs. by itself.
OFFERED AT $9000 - 1996 DAIHATSU MIDGET II  - if you are a cRc member, you know the vehicle.

This is probably one of a kind in Oklahoma, yet Lani is offering for sale her 1996 Daihatsu Midget 2.  

It was originally created as a delivery truck for tight spaces and can go and park just about anywhere. 

 This is a mighty 660 cc (lets call it 40 cubic inches here) paired with a 4-speed transmission and a rear wheel drive. 

It clocks in with a top speed of 70 mph, using all 30 horsepower in the 3 cylinder water cooled engine.

 Created as a light delivery vehicle for tight spaces, the micro-truck was produced between 1996 and 2001. 

 The price is $9,000. Contact Lani by text or phone at 405-640-1758.
Steve the Wonder Pony is being sold.
FOR SALE 1971 MUSTANG Grande with a 351 Cleveland engine, all the appropriate bells and whistles for that era,  runs but needs to be exercised a bit as it has been in storage for a while. 

The vehicle has been stored in a secure storage unit for as long as Lani has owned it. Repair work, whenever needed, was done by MasterTech.

Lani has owner this car as well as other classics for as long as she has been a member of the cRc, which was from the beginning...

Priced to drive from her garage right over to your garage for only $10,000
To schedule a time to see or to test drive Steve, please contact or text Lani at:

Editor's note: This is a good price for a nice car so if this is something you might like, better go and take a look. You will like what you see .....
We offer for sale a 1929 Ford Model A convertible pickup truck which has been sitting in a closed shop for a while. We will add more specifics about this little truck as we receive them but if this is something you are looking for and like what you see, I would suggest you contact cRc member Chuck Anderson at 405-990-6889 and enquire. Looks like a reasonable daily drive and a fairly unique body type. Some paint and top work required and we don't yet know if it runs but I suspect it will after some fuel tank and carb cleaning. More information as we get it.