Posted on Saturday, October 31st - thank you, thank you, thank you cRuisers! Once again, the generosity of the membership of this club is remarkable. Today at coffee call, we collected an additional $945.00 for F&S, bringing our total for the fall collection to $3,115.00!     BUT WAIT! 

Midway Bob called and the World Headquarters of the cRc (known to everyone else as Midway Deli and Grocery) has pledged an additional $750.00 to F&S, bringing the grand total to $3,865.00..........thanks everyone.

April 15 - We appreciate the work that Food and Shelter is providing to the Cleveland county community for underemployed and unemployed members of our society. We show our appreciation with a "socially distanced" drive-by..
Collected for food and Shelter:
as of May 4th - $7,295.00 

Yes cRc members, the above number IS NOT A MISPRINT, club members have sent in various checks totaling more than $7,200! We are going to issue a couple of fundraising challenges to other non-car club organizations to see if we can get other corporations or groups to do what we have done. We are therefore going to extend our deadline for sending in your contributions until the end of April. New orders came out tonight  (April 8th) from the city to extend the shelter-in-place until the end of April. Tough times for sure.
Thanks to each cRc family who has made this wonderful gift possible. If you would like to make a contribution, make a check payable to FOOD and SHELTER and mail it to:
 Dave Saunders
438 South Lahoma Ave.
Norman, OK 73069
I will assure all of the checks are given to Food and Shelter quickly. 

CRC Community service project number 6 - RAISE $$$$$ for the FOOD and SHELTER PANTRY to help feed newly unemployed Cleveland County residents during the Coronavirus issue.


These are real life people, real life stories, people who need help, people who have fallen between the cracks, sometimes as a result of a catastrophic health issue, sometimes as a result of an employer going bankrupt, sometimes as a result of a divorce....and fortunately, Food and Shelter is there and able to respond. 

Food and Shelter is not just about feeding homeless people, they work to bring people back from the edge of society, not just to give them hope, but to give them the tools to help themselves. Food and Shelter is one of the leading charities, not only in Norman or in Oklahoma but an example for our country.

cRc supports the mission of Food and Shelter. We raise money for Food and Shelter at our annual Norman car show in July. In 2019 we raised almost $10,000 for this important local cause. We give these contributions in unrestricted fashion so that Food and Shelter may use our contributions in ANY WAY they see fit.

THE McKOWN VILLAGE:  About two dozen small brick houses, which are on the Food and Shelter campus,  give hope to those who have had no hope in the past. This is a world class facility, and a cRc contributions have helped make a difference to a number of lives.


Hope Builders are an elite group of donors who believe investing in people who are homeless is an investment in all of us.  Hope Builders are Champions of Hope and are Champions of Food and Shelter.  Hope Builders give $5,000 or more to Food and Shelter so that we may continue to provide life-saving and life-changing services to the women, children and men of our community.  As we expand our housing and feed more people than ever before, we need hope more than ever before.  Please consider becoming a Champion of Hope.  With hope, all things are possible. 

Food and Shelter services the needs of more than 40 Veterans who have needs that the VA cannot help. cRc is proud to assist these American Veterans who are presently down on their luck.

July 2019 reprinted in part from the Norman Transcript:

Norman's classic car club is "hitting the gas" on preparations for their classic car show benefiting Food and Shelter Inc.  The Canadian River Cruisers is holding its eighth annual Food and Shelter Car Show  at Andrews Park, 201 W. Daws St.

"We're trying to build it into something for everybody to come and enjoy the cars," Saunders said. He hopes the car show will raise $5,000, so Canadian River Cruisers can earn Food and Shelter's coveted 'Hope Builders' top-donor title for a second year."We were really proud we made that list in 2018, and I hope we duplicate that in 2019," Saunders said.

April Heiple, Food and Shelter Inc. executive director, said the money raised at the car show will go toward feeding people who otherwise wouldn't eat and housing people who don't have homes.

"We know [the money raised] will be put to good use for people who really need it," Saunders said. "[Food and Shelter Inc.] is among the best I've ever seen in terms of what they do, how they do it and the impact they have on the community."

Heiple said so far in 2019, Food and Shelter Inc. has provided 90,000 meals to more than 3,600 people.

"With the help of the car club and the people that show up to support the car club, we're able to do amazing work in this community," Heiple said. "We want to make sure people have food to eat and a group of people to support them and their families."

SIDE NOTE: We donated almost $10,000 to food and Shelter in 2019........

Empowering people in need of food, homes and hope.