Posted October 6th - a new group of old farm trucks have recently arrived.....

Zack has been back out in the plains of Oklahoma and look at what he is bringing back for overseas and USA shipment. If you see something that interests him quickly before it is gone. Contact info 712-253-1969......

Posted August 20th - an additional 3 farm pickups are added to Zac's for-sale barn. If you have an interest, give Zac a call at the number shown above.

Posted August 8 - another old farm truck hits the pavement in Norman - this one a 1946 Chevrolet. Looks pretty good, won't be here long I am sure. 

Posted August 8th - 1950 GMC 150 I just brought to market (meaning I have cleaned most mouse droppings out of the cab and scrap-iron out of the bed) No idea on the front bumper…would have to ask the farmer who did it

I have this priced at a reasonable $3950 for more information, text me at 712-253-1969....I am local in the Norman, OK area. 


Zac roams the back roads of Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas so you don't have to.....he finds 'em, buys 'em, and drags 'em home so you don't have and wheels may be optional. Engine? Who knows - best to ask. Subject to prior sale and sell they do. Most of Zack's trucks are featured on Facebook Marketplace, so look there first. 

I am Zac Brouillette, also known as Zac the younger, and I am a member of the Norman, Oklahoma based Canadian River Cruisers Classic car club. Why are we called the Canadian River Cruisers when we are 1000 miles from Canada? Because the south branch of the Canadian River runs just south of us. These days it looks more like the south branch of the Canadian River "BED".......  and that is close to where my old farm trucks live.

If you see something that interests you, start by calling or texting me at 1-712-253-1969 or emailing me at and we can begin a conversation. I sell these trucks internationally, and sometimes the turnaround is very quick. But when I am not working at the University of Oklahoma, I am out prowling the rural roads, looking for an old truck or three to try and haul out of the spot they were parked many years ago. I have had to cut trees away from the bed to rescue some.

You would be surprised at how easily some of these vehicles will start. Some, not all. Simple things like cleaning thee bird's or wasp nests or beaver's lodges from under the hood, blowing out the gas lines, fresh gas of course, and, well, you will need a battery....and with a little luck........that doesn't mean the engine will not smoke or sputter, but it is a start to better things.......often. 

Most of the rubber (tires) is beyond help so be aware of that. I have my set of "show tires" which I use to roll them onto the trailer. I will include the show tires if we decide on a price for them, but otherwise the tires are not guaranteed roadworthy or that they will even arrive at your destination still holding air. 

I get a lot of use out of those white wall tires as you can tell! If anyone needs a classic wheel and tire changed out I’m your guy. With all this “experience” I’m down to about 30 seconds a wheel now..maybe pit crew is in my future? There’s not a lug nut in town that will stump a little penetrating oil and my newly acquired battery powered heavy duty dewalt impact gun. It was my birthday gift, and my back and knuckles had never been more excited!