226 Entry's, which if not a record....was darn close. A fun day was had by all because the weather turned out perfect for the event. Some of the winners are below. 

Thunderbird Pick Duane Harrison 1965 VW Camper Bus

Best of Show 1979 & Older.  Billy Brown 1964 Chevy Impala

Best of Show 80 & Newer.   Rodney Ball 2013 Chevy Camaro

The 50 /50 Pot was $1054 and the winner took home $527 and $527 went to the Indian Children's Fund

All the entry fee above our money also went to the Absentee Shawnee Tribe Indian Children's Welfare Fund $3739

I think these are the right numbers but since I am old and forgetful who really knows? ...I want to thank everybody for coming out to help and all the people that entered and Thunderbird Casino for letting us do the show for them


Photos of the Wewoka Sorghum Festival courtesy of James H. 

Congratulations to cRc members Mike and Shane, now known as the "Camaro Kids" for taking two of the three top honors in the Cars for Community Car Show Top Three award results......

Mike Winkle 78 Camaro RS

Shane Vice 69 Camaro SS

Results From Pops in Acadia, OK

Mark M                 1957 Packard                  Best of Show

Bill H                     1957 Chevy                    Top 25

Wayne L                33 Ford                          Top 25

Mitch P                  07 Chevy                       Top 25

Al G                       73 Cuda                        Top 25

Shane V                68 Camaro                    Top 25

Donnie Y               70 VW                           Top 25

Ray L                    55 Ford                          Top 25

Bill N                     Camaro                          ---------

Some of us went to another show on Sunday Del City- Nazarene Church

Free Show Free Coffee Free Donuts Free Lunch  - all the things that make a car show great!

Ray L               1955 Ford                     Best of Show + Les Shively Award

Mitch P             07 Chevy                     1st in Class

Gary M             55 T Bird                       1st in Class

Jim S                65 GTO                        1st in Class

Photos below from PUTNAM CITY CAR SHOW

Camaros for a Cause Car Show

hosted by Heartland Camaros OKC.      Held at Landers Chevrolet Norman     Benefiting 405 Animal Rescue.


Mike W, 2nd gen class, 3rd place w/78 Camaro R/S

Bill N, 4th gen class, 3rd place w/ 97 Z28 Camaro

Lil Al K, 5th gen class, 2nd place w/ 2013 Camaro

Shane V, 1st gen Class, Heartland Camaros OKC President’s Choice,

69 Camaro SS

This was their first show and they had a good turnout. It was a well run show.đź‘Ť

Saturday Oct. 8 2022
660 US RT 66 Arcadia 
20 Dollar entry Fee
Registration 8 To 10
Show hrs 8 to 12
Top 25 Show 

Pops opens at 7 am for breakfast 

Results from Putnam City Baptist 

James H            02 Chevy                1st in Class
Donnie Y           70 VW                     1st in Class
Shane V            69 Camaro              1st in Class
Mitch P              68 El camino           1st in Class
Wayne L            33 Ford                    1st in Class
Ray L                 55 Ford                    1st in Class + BEST PAINT
Al K                    13 Camaro               1st in Class
Bill H                   97 Corvette              ------------He needed to stay with his 57

Results from Pauls Valley

Ray L               55 Ford                Class winner
Al G                 73 Cuda               Class winner
Al K                  13 Camaro          Class winner
Mitch P             68 Chevy            Class winner
James H           02 Chevy            Class winner

Good Homemade Ice Cream

Results From Blanchard 

Shane V       69 Camaro          2nd in Class
Mike W         74 Bronco           2 nd in Class 

132 Cars At show

Results From The Old Volks Show 

Donnie Y          1970 VW           3rd in Class

I Have the Flyers For the ThunderBird Show I Will Send you 
when you Get Back to put on the website 


Putnam City Baptist Church
Saturday Oct. 1 2022
25 Dollar entry Fee
Registration 9 to 11
Judging starts at 11:30
awards at 2:30

Results From VFW

Ray L                  56 T Bird        1st in Class + Humana Choice Award
Mitch P                07 Chevy       1st in class
Donnie Y             70 VW            1st in Class
James H              02 Chevy        2nd in Class
Mark M                63 T Bird         ----------
Dan H                  62 Chevy        ----------

Good Breakfast 
Good Lunch  
Not many Cars this year abt 30

Results From all Camaro Show 

Al K             13 Camaro            2nd 5th gen
Bill N            97 Camaro           3rd 4th gen
Mike W        78 Camaro            3rd 2 gen
Shane V       69 Camaro           Hartland Camaro OKC  President's pick

I was told around 100 Cars and a well  run Show 

New info on Big Al
 The Cuda could not handle the extra load from all the trophy's 
he took home last Week
 his breaks failed from the extra weight
Al and the Cuda are both fine 
The Cuda is in the Shop getting new Breaks installed 
it should be ready for Pauls Valley Sat.

Ray  Results From Stampede in Mustang

Wayne L            33 Ford                   1st in Class + Hot Rod Assoc. Pick

Shane V            69 Camaro              1st in Class + Police department pick

Al G                   73 Cuda                   Mustang Club Pick + 2nd in Class 60 to 79 Car +3rd in Class Mopar

Ray L                 55 Ford                    1st in Class

Mitch P               07 Chevy                 1st in Class

Donnie Y            70 VW                      1st in Class

Al K                    13 Camaro               1st in Class

Mark M               63 Tbird                    2nd in Class

Bill H                   57 Chevy                  2nd in Class

CRC did well at this show      Big Al got a little greedy or has too much money. He entered 2 Classes and he knows that Cuda can't carry all the extra weight

Results from OHRA in Mustang:

Ray L              55 Ford            Fire fighter's Pick

Wayne L          33 Ford           Best interior

Al G                 73 Cuda          Class winner

Jim S               65 Pontiac      Class winner

Gary M            55 T Bird         Class winner

Donnie Y         70 VW             ----------

Results From Choctaw

Mitch P             07 Chevy          Class winner

Donnie Y           70 VW              Class winner

John P               20 Corvette      Class winner

Jim S                 04 Corvette      Class winner Jim's Corvette won this in the Sport Motorcycle class 

Al G                   73 Cuda           ----------

Ray L                 55 Ford            ----------

Gary M              18 Corvette       ----------

Gary M's sister won in a 55 T-Bird

We had another guy in a 46 thru 48 Merc. Join the club.Congratulations 

he won his Class 

There are a lot of car shows next week:

Cleveland Co. Fair 

Guthrie Road Show

Harrah in the park 


Results From Village Lion's car show where the CRC won the participation trophy!!!!!!!!!!

Mark M             63 T Bird               OHRA Pick + 1st in Class

Al G                  73 Cuda                1st in Class

Ray L                00 Corvette           1st in Class + 100 Dollars

Wayne L           08 Mustang            1st in Class

Al K                  13 Camaro              1st in Class

Jim S                64 Pontiac               1st in Class

James H           02 Chevy                 1st in Class

Donnie Y           70 VW                     1st in Class

Gary M              18 Corvette              2nd in Class    HE SAID I CHEATED 

There were 9 crc members there and we all won......


Results From Moore

Mike W          74 Bronco                   1st in Class

Mitch P          68 El Camino               2nd in Class

Shane V          69 Camaro                   ----------

Shane's dad was there he was 1st in his class.


Photos below of the Village Car Show on August 27th, courtesy of James.......


Mike W                 78 Camaro            Best Paint

Shane V               69 Camaro            2nd in class

Bill N                     97 Camaro            2nd in Class

Ray L                    55 Ford                  ----------

Wayne L                33 Ford                  ----------

Al G                       73 Cuda                ----------

Rick C                    02 Chevy              ---------

Carl Q                     Jeep                     ---------Saturday August  20 2022

Freddy's Custard in Moore 1525 S I 35 Service Rd

Registration 4 30 to 5 30

Show Hrs 5 30 to 7 30

Entry fee 25 ?????

There are other shows this day. If you are tough enough you can do 2.


Results  From Norman Legacy Rotary show

Ron B               Pierce Arrow                  Best Of Show

Wayne L           33 Ford                          Class Winner

Mitch P             07 Chevy                        Class Winner

Shane V           69 Camaro                     Class winner

Dave S              57 Chevy                       ----------

Billy H                55 T bird                        ----------

Ray L                 55 Ford                          ----------

Al G                    73 Cuda                        Arrived after voting was done NO          CHANCE

Lawrence T        57 Chevy                      -----------

Neal W               30 A                              -----------

Chuck G             30 A                              ----------

Mark M               57 Packard                   ----------

Dan H                 40 Ford                         ----------

There were 2 members tough enough to go to the 2nd show 

Al G 73 Cuda  and Mark M 63 T Bird

There were other members there 

John P   2021 Corvette

Jim S      65 Pontiac

Gary M   19 Corvette

The reason I know they were there 

I went but only after a NAP and finding an air conditioned truck to go in 

and I did not stay to see who won!



Results From Kingfisher OK

Wayne L             33 Ford        Class Winner + Best Of Show

Ray L                  56 T bird      Class winner. It was a long ride back from Kingfisher with no air....

James H             03 Chevy     Class Winner

Al K                     13 Camaro  Class Winner

Rick C                 03 Chevy     Class Winner

Al G                     73 Cuda       Class winner

Donnie Y              70 VW         ---------- Best VW 

Everyone had a good time, but for those who  didn't get enough on Sat.

Sunday Mustang OK Oklahoma Mustang Show Top 20 Police officers Show

 Al G              73 Cuda            Top 20

Mark M         63 T Bird           Top 20

Ray L            56 T Bird           Top 20

Big Al and Donnie Went to another one Sunday Morning 

Put on by Metro Mustangs 

Al G               73 Cuda            Best Mopar 

Donnie Y        70 VW              I don't Know but he had to be best VW if they had a Class

August is a Slow Month for Car Shows... Ray (did I say it is hot out there without air conditioning?)

Posted July 31st - the photos below are from yesterday's Eufaula car show and are provided by cRc member James.

Posted July 20th - well anyone who is anybody is shining their chrome, polishing their hubcaps, and heading out early this Saturday, July 23rd for the 10th Annual Food and Shelter Benefit Car Show in Andrews Park, Norman, Oklahoma

The early bird gets the shade and there is some limited amount of shade available in the park, so bring your favorite ride and help the club in its project to get people off the streets by building tiny houses for families and Veterans who are currently without a roof to sleep under. The CRC has contributed $26,000 to this project over the past year and are doing the same thing again this year. We are going to work hard to get everyone in place, have a fun car show, and start awarding our trophies about 1pm, so you can be home for an afternoon nap before the mercury reaches 100. 


Results From Wewoka

Ray L 55 Ford Class Winner + Kids Pick
James H 03 Chevy class Winner
Mitch P 07 Chevy Class Winner

Abt 30 cars in show Good Food and Ice Cream

Results From Yukon

Top 25

Shane V 68 Camaro top 25
Ray L 55 Ford top 25
Al G 73 Cuda top 25
Donnie Y 70 VW top 25
Bill H 57 Chevy top 25
Al K 12 Camaro --------
Mitch P 07 Chevy ---------

abt 100 cars in show very hot


Photos, thanks to cRc reporter James Hileman..........

Results from Shawnee knights

Wayne L 33 Ford Class winner
Ray L 55 Ford Class Winner
Mitch P 68 Chevy Class Winner
Al K 13 Chevy Class Winner
Billy H 55 Tbird Class Winner
Donny Y 70 VW Class Winner
James H 03 Chevy Class Winner
Gene R 71 Charger Class Winner
Jon S 65 Tbird Class Winner New Member
Rick C 03 Chevy ---------
Chuck G 30 A ---------
Neal W 29 A ----------

Results From Thunder Road House

Ray L 55 Ford Class Winner
Mitch P 68 Chevy Class Winner
Al G 73 Cuda Class Winner
Shane V 69 Camaro Class Winner
Donnie Y 70 VW Class Winner
Rick C 03 Chevy Class Winner
Al K 13 Camaro _________

Mike W 78 Camaro Class Winner

Looks like a long afternoon at the Shawnee Knights show caused most of the gang to resort to a snort or two!         Actually, this was one of the door prizes and Ray assures me the seal is still intact.

Posted Saturday evening, June 25th - these are photos that James sent over today of a very nice show in Shawnee, put on by the Shawnee Knights Car Club. Ray will send us results of how the CRC gang did, early in the next week. Looks like we had some heavy competition at this show.

Results from Duncan ok

Real nice park with lots of shade and some nice weather, which brought about 120 cars into the show.
Top 30 Show

CRC WINNERS:Wayne L '08 Mustang top 30
John P '20 corvette top 30
Ray L '00 Corvette ________
Mitch P '07 Chevy ________


And here we are on June 18th of Father's Day weekend with temperatures only supposed to get into the low 90's...................with a show at the Chickasha Grand Assembly of God Church. A nice summer day with lots of different cars to enjoy. Thanks James for the photos. Looks like someone spent a bit of time creating those trophies.

Results From Tri City Cruisers....This is one of the biggest Car shows I have ever been to

322 Cars.    Great Show.       Tri City Cruisers Do a great Job on this show
CRC's Pick Tom Curtis 1970 Olds 442 a lot of nice cars in the show
The 50 50 pot at this show the winner took home over 1600 dollars
Great door prizes

Ray L 55 Ford Platinum Re/Co Pick
Al G 73 Cuda Veterans Pick
Destany 22 Tesla Longest Distance
Justin 21 Hell cat Longest Distance
Wayne L 33 Ford ----------
Mitch P 67 El camino ----------
Shan V 68 Camaro ----------
Donnie Y 70 VW ----------
Mark M 63 T Bird ----------


We found a show at Lexington OK
89er Show
a lot of people in Lexington today
around 60 cars in the show
little windy but the weather held

Ray L 55 Ford Best Original

Wayne L 33 Ford ----------

Mitch P 67 Chevy ----------


Saturday April 9 car show in Bethel, Oklahoma....

Results from Bethel Band Show      131 Cars in the show  cRc had 13 cars and we won the club participation award!

Al G 73 Cuda 1st in class
Mitch P 07 Chevy 1st in Class
Shane V Camaro 1st in Class
Ray L 55 Ford 1st in class
Donnie Y 70 V W 1st in Class
John P 20 Corvette 1st in Class
Gene R 73 Charger 2nd in Class
Mark M 57 Packard 2nd in Class
Wayne L 33 Ford 2nd in Class
Bill N Camaro __________
James H 02 Chevy __________
Destany 21 HellCat __________
Justin 22 Tesla __________

If I missed someone I am sorry
it was a great day. The show was run well
I think everyone had fun


Results from Seminole - April 2, 2022

Mitch P             '07 Chevy              1st in Class

Destany and Justin '21 Hellcat.          1st in one class, 2nd in another!

John P             '20 Corvette            2nd Class

Mark M            '63 TBird                2nd in Class

Ray L               '56 TBird                 ----------

James H          '02 Chevy               ----------

Rick C              '02 Chevy               ----------

Floyd Y -  we picked this show for Floyd he did not show up. Had he come he would have seen a great show and the made in Oklahoma Part of the show was great! About 2 Blocks of vendors on both sides of the street and people so thick you could hardly walk between them. About 110 cars in the show.

We had a lot of fun we will do this next year....Ray  

pix from the April 2nd car show in Seminole, Oklahoma.....thank you James.