In May, 2017 the canadian RIVER cruisers celebrated thir 9th year as a club. We have more than 350 members and well above 500 vehicles (OK, some won't run yet) in the club.

Shortcut: To join without reading all the blah-blah-blah below, just send us an is that easy: 

There are NO DUES or FEES.

We are the Canadian RIVER Cruisers or cRc for short. We are a no dues car club open to all who have an appreciation for fun and fine automobiles, motorcycles and trucks.

We gather EVERY Saturday morning at a local restaurant for coffee and car chat. We do not hold regular, blah, blah, blah meetings. We do attend car shows, participate in parades, take an occasional cruise, and support the local homeless charity: Food and Shelter of NORMAN. 

We believe that we should give back to our community, and so our cars can be seen at various retirement homes, University events, and charity functions all year long.

We are a family friendly car club. You will NEVER see anything on this website that your grandchildren would find offensive. Children are welcome at all of our Saturday morning gatherings. 

We hold an annual car show to benefit Food and Shelter and have raised more than $16,000 for the charity.