COFFEE CALL SATURDAY! See below for locations and more!

Saturday, December 20th coffee destination will be MIDWAY GROCERY. 

Saturday, December 27th coffee destination will also be MIDWAY. 

2015 event planner:

April 11, 2015 Ike-a-Palooza car show at Eisenhower Elementary from 1000 until judge, cRc event

In April, 2015 Eisenhower Elementary is planning an event, IKE-A-PALOOZA, to 
honor president Eisenhower and let the kids have some fun. We are planning on 
having a car show where the kids will be judges. We would like to invite the CRC 
to be our featured club for the show. We are in the process of setting a date 
for the event and would like to know which Saturday in April of next year works 
best for the CRC. 89er days are in there somewhere and we don't want to overlap 
with that but of the remaining Saturdays which ever one works best let us know 
and we will schedule for then. 

Kevan and Cortney Parker. 

April 18th 89er day parade, Norman High School, 125 years of Norman history....parade starts at 10am.

April 18th - 4th annual cRc FOOD and SHELTER car show, First Baptist Church parking lot, 9am until 3pm


Enjoy two hours of beautiful Christmas music with a wood fire by clicking below.... expand the video to fill your screen by clicking the bottom right corner.....

This reprint is from the Sunday Norman Transcript:

The Norman Main Street Christmas Holiday Parade made its way through downtown yesterday morning, weaving through the fog to the delight of hundreds who had gathered to take in the annual tradition.

OU president David Boren and his wife, Molly Shi Boren, served as parade marshals for the event, which featured more than 80 entries, making it the biggest and most attended Christmas parade to date.

“It was great. This has been a good year for the Borens. (President Boren) made a big impact on university fundraising. We were delighted to get them to represent the parade as marshals,”  Ed Copelin, parade committee chairman, said.

“We felt like the attendance was extremely good. The weather cooperated this time. It was overcast, but it was a great day," he said. "The parade moved well and we had about 80-plus individual entries, but each entry can include multiple tractors, multiple cars, multiple four-wheel vehicles. I don’t know what that count would’ve been, but we had a good number.”

For an event that lasts about 80 minutes, planning begins in September, when the planning committee meets to determine a theme and get the ball rolling. After that the committee meets once a month. It may seem like a daunting task, but Copelin said it runs like clockwork.

“I’ve done it about 10 years. I’ve got committee members who have been with me that long,” he said. “So, needless to say, when you divide the duties up and folks are responsible for different aspects, it goes much easier. I’ve got a great team that helps to put the thing together. We get great cooperation from the city and the police department. When it’s all said and done, it comes together easier than one might anticipate.”

Like any outdoor event in the unpredictable weather capital of the universe, the parade has faced some challenges in the past. This year’s parade was blanketed in fog, but if anything, Copelin said the fog added to the winter atmosphere — like snow, without the freezing temperatures.

“It looked colder than it was," he said. "We were in the high 50s during parade time. That may have contributed to the spirit of the parade.”