In this column we list various club activities, opportunities for misdeeds, our almost world famous Saturday coffee call (8am to 10am or whenever!), 

Time to turn your attention to the cRc Christmas party NEXT Saturday night at MASTER TECH....everyone is welcome.

- Sit down dinner

-Come at 6PM, dinner at 6:30

-Santa Claus is coming to town

-Special children's seating

-Gene's deep fried turkey

-Cornbread dressing, cranberry sauce and gravy

-Pot luck you bring the trimmings

-Special encore performance by the DIPSTICKS

-Door prizes

-All this with a club that has no dues?

-The year in review video by PABLO

-Christmas music

A rare photo of the singing dipsticks..... 


The "DIPSTICKS" may have a performance at the Christmas party- bring your earplugs!

Door prizes at the Christmas party.

Mon Nov 30

Santa will be there for the children.


Tue Dec 01

Begin Christmas party pre-diet

Wed Dec 02

Thu Dec 03

Fri Dec 04

Sat Dec 05 Coffee call at Hollywood Corners and the date of our cRc Christmas party. Plan to attend now!

Sun Dec 06

Mon Dec 07

Tue Dec 08

Wed Dec 09

Thu Dec 10

Fri Dec 11

Sat Dec 12 Norman Holiday Parade and coffee at OLD SCHOOL BAGELS (on Main) - it will be Santa hat day....wear your Santa Clause hat to coffee today!

Sun Dec 13

Mon Dec 14

Tue Dec 15

Wed Dec 16

Thu Dec 17

Fri Dec 18

Sat Dec 19 Coffee at Midway Grocery- it will be tri 5 Chevy vs Ford day, who will have the most 55, 56, 57 cars at Midway!

Sun Dec 20

Mon Dec 21

Tue Dec 22

Wed Dec 23

Thu Dec 24

Fri Dec 25 Merry Christmas

Sat Dec 26 Coffee call at Hassler's Restaurant.....on Porter, south of Hiland Dairy on East side.

Sun Dec 27

Mon Dec 28

Tue Dec 30

Thu Dec 31 New Year's Eve

Welcome 2016

Fri Jan 01

Sat Jan 02 Midway Grocery and Deli

1900 to 1920 cars driven get free coffee

Sun Jan 03

Mon Jan 04

Tue Jan 05

Wed Jan 06

Thu Jan 07

Fri Jan 08

Sat Jan 09 Whataburger 1920 to 1930 cars and trucks driven get free coffee

Sun Jan 10

Mon Jan 11

Tue Jan 12

Wed Jan 13

Thu Jan 14

Fri Jan 15

Sat Jan 16 Johnnie's Charcoal Broiler

1930 to 1940 cars and trucks driven get free coffee.

Sun Jan 17

Mon Jan 18

Tue Jan 19

Wed Jan 20

Thu Jan 21

Fri Jan 22

Sat Jan 23 Hollywood Corners 1940 to 1950 cars and trucks driven get free coffee.

Sun Jan 24

Mon Jan 25

Tue Jan 26

Wed Jan 27

Thu Jan 28

Fri Jan 29

Sat Jan 30 Midway Grocery and Deli where 1950 to 1960 cars and trucks driven get free coffee.

Sun Jan 31


Mon Feb 01

Tue Feb 02

Wed Feb 03

Thu Feb 04

Fri Feb 05

Sat Feb 06 1960 to 1970 cars and trucks driven get free coffee.

Sun Feb 07

Mon Feb 08

Tue Feb 09

Wed Feb 10

Thu Feb 11

Fri Feb 12

Sat Feb 13 Midway Grocery and Deli Pre Valentines day coffee call - all girly gEarheads attending coffee call get a free muffin or cinnamon roll!

Sun Feb 14

Mon Feb 15

Tue Feb 16

Wed Feb 17

Thu Feb 18

Fri Feb 19

Sat Feb 20

Sun Feb 21

Mon Feb 22

Tue Feb 23

Wed Feb 24

Thu Feb 25

Fri Feb 26

Sat Feb 27

Sun Feb 28

Mon Feb 29

MARCH 2016

Tue Mar 01

Wed Mar 02

Thu Mar 03

Fri Mar 04

Sat Mar 05

Sun Mar 06

Mon Mar 07

Tue Mar 08

Wed Mar 09

Thu Mar 10

Fri Mar 11

Sat Mar 12

Sun Mar 13

Mon Mar 14

Tue Mar 15

Wed Mar 16

Thu Mar 17

Fri Mar 18

Sat Mar 19

Sun Mar 20

Mon Mar 21

Tue Mar 22

Wed Mar 23

Thu Mar 24

Fri Mar 25

Sat Mar 26

Sun Mar 27

Mon Mar 28

Tue Mar 29

Wed Mar 30

Thu Mar 31

APRIL 2016

Fri Apr 01

Norman, OK Cheapest Price Powered by

Which classic car should you be driving? Take the short quiz below and answer the questions..... 

November 29th - We have posted a few new youtube videos to JAY LENO'S GARAGE of a Fiat 500, another about cars around the world, and another about the 1960's below to go there


Terry O'Dea spotted this two way 1956 Chevy, which is a local Oklahoma car....hopefully we can lure this interesting vehicle to coffee call... 

Are you on the web? Better check the member-photos.php  member photo page to see...  we posted a bunch of club photos this week...


Pablo has posted a video of two Army tanks drag racing..... pablos-hot-spot.php

Come home to the cRc Christmas Party this December 5th at MASTER TECH

Sweet Pea, Dave and Marilyn's 78 Fiat moves from Oklahoma to South Carolina... 

The answer to last week's "snap quiz" :

The little door was for the storage of golf clubs.

5 members knew the correct answer. 

Norman Christmas Parade set for Saturday December 12th 

The city has set the 12th as the date for the parade. Ken Dewbre will be parade coordinator this year. He is signing up  cars this weekend at Whataburger...... 

Cars and people attending coffee call at Johnnie's Charcoal Broiler. We signed up about 30 cars and trucks for the holiday parade on December 12th.

cRc member Jon Forman receives the 2015 John Hanson Memorial Prize , awarded annually by the Actuarial Foundation. Jon is a Law professor at OU. 


With the influx of many new members into our once little club, it is well past time that we begin to feature some of our members....and their fine cars.

 Today we profile Billy Henry (left) and Bob Thompson (right). Billy is married to girly gEarhead Mary.

Billy owns the T-Bird while Bob owns the Victoria Ford. The Victoria's name is "MISS VICKY"....Bob is married to girly gEarhead Nancy.