A piece of technical information:
Our Website is prepared on an iMac computer using two columns of type on most pages. Typical smartphones will display both columns, but not side by side because the print would be too small.......but it displays one column following the other. Some of you have said "What happened to all of the other pages?"

Answer: They are still there. When you open the club website, it automatically defaults to this page. If you notice on your smartphone the three little white lines at the top of this page that are in the otherwise solid black area........click on that part of the page and all of the page menus will be displayed. This is for cell phones only. The menu displays fine on a tablet or computer screen.

Thu - May 23 - 5pm Hollywood Corners

Sat - May 26 - Coffee call at Carol's Kitchen. Full breakfast menu. Carol's is just south of the intersection of Classen and Constitution, on the west side of Classen. Wear your cRc 
t- shirt and hat so they know who we are.
 The Saturday car show pick is:
Norman Veterans Center 
1776 E Robinson, Norman OK
20 Dollar Entry Fee
Show Hrs 10 to 3
This is always a good Show 
Lets support our Veterans

Thu - May 30 - 5pm Hollywood Corners

Information about the upcoming Wheeler Auction in Norman at the Embassy Suites (back of hotel at ballroom).

If you wish to sell a car.....when you register to sell, be sure to put on the consignment sheet that you are a member of the Canadian River Cruisers car club. That gets you a 50% discount on the seller's fee (not the fee you pay if the car sells, but the fee you pay to put your car in the auction).

If you want to be a bidder on cars, you must register as a bidder. There is a form on their website to bid. Again, they will give Canadian River Cruisers a 50% discount on their normal $100 bidder fee if you are a club member.

We have most of the "drivers" lined up for the Saturday and Sunday. Be there at 9AM to receive instructions on how to do what they want. Wear a cRc t-shirt and cap if possible!

The Washington High School football team will be our car pushers.

The hours they expect us are 9-5 on Saturday and 9-3 on Sunday. They will run slightly longer or slightly shorter depending on the level of sales each afternoon.

I will bring the signup sheet to Carol'sKitchen on Saturday....15 is the minimum. If we have more than 15, we can take shifts, swap off, do one day but not the next.......and so forth.

Friday, June 1 thru Sunday June 3 at Embassy Suites Expo Center a Classic Auto Auction will be held in Norman.  SEE THE SPECIAL DEAL FOR CRC MEMBERS TO THE RIGHT- FOR PUTTING YOUR CAR IN THIS AUCTION --->>>>

Sat - Jun 02 Coffee at Boomarang

Thu - Jun 07 5pm Hollywood Corners

Sat - Jun 09 - Coffee at Rudy's BBQ and then a show and shine across the street at RIVERMONT retirement center. Starts at 10am. Park between the two buildings. They will have a cookout for us.  We hope to get 20 cars for this cRc "community service project". 
Rudy's $25 gift certificate to best car picked by Rudy's.
Signed up are:
Vince Letta
Mike McCorkle
Don Hagar
Charles Brosowski
Ron Borum
Lani Malaysa
Ken Dewbre
Bob Thompson
Harlan Butler

Thu - Jun 14 5pm Hollywood Corners

Friday - June 15th - Arbor House would like to invite 5 of us to an upcoming event for residents and families on Friday, June 15. 
 THE DEAL: You bring your classic car to Arbor house at 5PM till about 7:30PM. You eat their hot dogs and hamburgers while the retirees admire your car.
we currently have Gary Lunow and Ron Blisset signed up.

Sat - Jun 16- Coffee at Midway Deli

Sunday, June 17th- FATHER'S DAY
THE DEAL: This is a show and shine at Journey church. They have had one each year on Father's Day. 8am till 1pm.

Thu - Jun 21 5pm Hollywood Corners

Sat - Jun 23- Coffee at Johnny's Broiler.

Thu - Jun 28 - 5pm Hollywood Corners

Sat - Jun 30 - coffee and donuts at MASTERTECH AUTOMOTIVE to honor the 90th birthday of cRc member Eddie Paulus. From 8am till 11am. This is a surprise party for Ed.


Thu - Jul 05 - 5pm Hollywood Corners

Sat - Jul 07 - Coffee at Johnny's Broiler

Thu - Jul 12 - 5pm Hollywood Corners

Sat - Jul 14 - Coffee at Midway Deli and then cruise over to Cars/Coffee/Crest 10am

Thu - Jul 19 - 5pm Hollywood Corners

Sat - Jul 21- Coffee at Rudy's

Thu - Jul 26 - 5pm Hollywood Corners

Sat - Jul 28 - cRc Food and Shelter car show in Andrew's Park, Norman - all proceeds benefit Norman's FOOD and SHELTER. Entry fee $20. As the host club, cRc cars are not eligible for awards, but eligible to have fun, eat good food, support food and shelter, and have a great time giving back to the city of Norman!
Thu - Aug 02 5pm Hollywood Corners

Sat - Aug 04 - Coffee at Boomarang

Thu - Aug 09 5pm Hollywood Corners

Sat - Aug 11 - Coffee at Rudy's and then

Thu - Aug 16 5pm Hollywood Corners

Sat - Aug 18- Coffee at Midway Deli

Thu - Aug 23 5pm Hollywood Corners

Sat - Aug 25- Coffee at Johnny's Broiler

Thu - Aug 30 5pm Hollywood Corners

Sat - Sep 01 -  Coffee at Boomarang


Thu - Sep 06 5pm Hollywood Corners

Sat - Sep 08 - Coffee at Johnny's Broiler and then Cars/Coffee/Crest/10am

Thu - Sep 13 5pm Hollywood Corners

Sat - Sep 15- Coffee at Midway Deli

Thu - Sep 20 - 5pm Hollywood Corners

Sat - Sep 22 - Coffee at Whataburger 

Thu - Sep 27 5pm Hollywood Corners

Sat - Sep 29 - Coffee at midway Deli

Thu - Oct 04 5pm Hollywood Corners
Sat - Oct 06 - Coffee at Whataburger

Thu - Oct 10 5pm Hollywood Corners

Sat - Oct 13 - Coffee at Johnny's Broiler
and then Cars/Coffee/Crest/10am

Thu - Oct 18 5pm Hollywood Corners

Sat - Oct 20- Coffee at Midway Deli

Thu - Oct 25 thru Sat Oct 27th -coffee at Norman Swap Meet 8am Cleveland County Fairgrounds

Thu - Nov 01- Hollywood Corners-5pm

Sat - Nov 03 - Coffee at Boomarang

Thu - Nov 08 5pm Hollywood Corners

Sat - Nov 10 - Coffee at Johnny's Broiler and then Cars/Coffee/Crest/10am

Sat - Nov 17- Coffee at Rudy's

Sat - Nov 24- Coffee at Johnny's Broiler
Sat - Dec 01 - Coffee at Boomarang

Sat - Dec 08 - Coffee at Midway and then the cRc Christmas Party at Mastertech 7pm

Sat - Dec 15 - Coffee at Rudy's

Sat - Dec 22- Coffee at Midway Deli

Sat - Dec 29- Coffee at Whataburger