December 2019
Saturday - December 7th coffee call at MIDWAY, which will really be open this day, and we will continue to collect for the sound system for those of you who have not had a chance to participate but wish to. The Noble Christmas Parade will be held in the evening. We have 10 cars signed up and could handle several more. We assemble beginning  about 7PM, the parade begins  promptly at 8M. For last minute  information, see Billy Henry at coffee  call  this Saturday at Midway.

Saturday Dec 14, a BIG DAY, first coffee call at 8AM at the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast at NHS we all want to show up about the same time if possible and sit together...........then two things happen at 6PM but on different sides of the city...

1. the start of the norman Christmas Parade at NSH (don't worry paraders, we will not start the food line without you) and
2. the cRc Christmas party opens at the AMERICAN LEGION POST 88 (East Main Street)  at 6PM - our 11th annual cRc Christmas Gala,  This year, EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. 
Hint: The dress code is "Hawaiian Island shirts".
We have a fantastic concert style live music performance which precedes the serving line, while the Norman parade is taking place.

6PM arrive with potluck, visit....blah, blah, blah
6:30PM concert begins - "it will be a fun event mon".....we guar-ron-tee!
7:00PM concert concludes, the paraders arrive and serving line opens. Following dinner, we will play a 2019 version of Harlan's popular "BEAD GAME, have an encore performance by those loveable slightly off-key singing DIPSTICKS, and then conclude the evening with a couple of sing along Christmas carols. And to all a good night!

 The nighttime parade begins at NHS at 6PM. Terry O'Dea will tell you where and when to arrive for the parade. Paraders will complete the parade route while the rest of us will be getting the Christmas party ready and listening to the concert. We WILL NOT begin the food service line until our parade team is back at the American Legion Hall.

Saturday Dec 21 Rudy's 

Saturday Dec 28 Whataburger

2020 pre-planning

Saturday May 23rd, 2020 NORMAN VETERANS CAR SHOW (a CRC event)
Monday May 25th, 2020 VETERANS CAR SHOW rain date