The cRc proudly presents "COVID VACCINES FOR cRc (and all of us) DUMMIES!"

           Posted 7:37 pm on Thursday night - what a crazy day. I checked the state website hourly starting at 7 in the morning until 2 PM - nothing. So I stopped. Sometime about 3PM, Cleveland county posted a bunch of openings at Sooner Mall. 

Lani called me about 3:37 and we went into warp drive trying to get info out to individual club members. I called several and Lani was successful in getting some registered. I managed to get an 83 year old ( non club) registered, and possibly a 90 year old non-computer person. This is tough, very tough. The slots were gone in a matter of an hour. At one time there were 84 pages of slots at Sooner Mall showing. I reentered the system and there were 29 pages. I checked again in10 minutes and there was nothing anywhere except in Wayne, Oklahoma.  I did see that the Classen Urgent care facility had vaccines and was going to offer them, so double check that, although they may charge a reasonable fee to your insurance - which is fine. This is shown below and thanks to Kaye Cook. It takes a village.

The state shots do not charge. If you have no computer, you can phone 211 and they will call you back and set an appointment. 
Let's see what develops tomorrow - we need to get everyone vaccinated and GET OUR COMMUNITY SERVICE CAR CLUB STARTED!

If you are a cRc Veteran over 75 years of age and currently receiving disability medical and prescription benefits through the VA, call the VA at 405-456-7119 and set up an appointment.  Several cRc Vets have been very successful with this.

- If you have registered for the vaccine in the state system  you will get an email on that tells you that your registration was accepted. It looks like this:

This takes you to a page that asks you to verify the birth date you used to register. Fill it out and click "SUBMIT"

This takes you to a map of the state that is PRESET to 25 miles from your address. It shows all of the places that may be available close to your house.

- If you are willing to go beyond the 25 mile preset, click the dropdown box and select 100 miles, click "SEARCH" (you MUST CLICK SEARCH) and 90+ locations will come up in the right hand column. We would advise clicking 100 miles, see what is the closest available spot and then make your decision. Be sure to click the SEARCH button after you make the 100 mile selection, otherwise it will default back to 25 miles.

The list of all available spots will be in a large scroll down file on the right, starting with the nearest place and going out 100 miles. Each spot will be shown and whether or not they have openings:

If all openings at a site are booked, the site will say "NO AVAILABLE BOOKING SLOTS AT THIS LOCATION." If it doesn't say this, it is unclear whether there are slots or not, it may say nothing. If you click on the site number (web link) in blue, AND THEY HAVE OPENINGS, you will get to a page that looks like this:

You will have 2 minutes to review the options shown. In this EXAMPLE, there is only one slot you would click the "BOOK" box......  good luck and call me if you have questions....but not at 3 AM on Thursday. HA!

 IMPORTANT INFO IF YOU HAVE HEALTH CARE THROUGH THE VA AND ARE OVER 75......Call this number and schedule your shot....405-456-7119.  this information from cRc member BILLY HENRY. He said it took a while to get through but they scheduled it immediately after the got through. 

Also if you have a handicap tag for your car, use it when you go to get your shot. Some facilities have a different line and in some cases they send the nurse to your car for the shot. You never have to leave the car.

 Here is what we believe we have learned:
1. The only way to keep informed is by being registered on the state website. (And of course checking the cRc website for the latest scoop!)

2. If you are a VA Veteran, you can't get a vaccine from them unless 
you are 75 or older. BUT....if you are 75+,  call 405-456-7119 and make your appointment.

 3. There are big differences between locations in terms of what happens following your first shot. Some schedule a date and time, and others tell you to "check back in 4 weeks".  There are some openings for the second booster shot already appearing on the state website. The southwest counties are having "walk-ins" for the 2nd shot. Schedule will be published every Wed. 
Kiowa County has a good facebook page for info if you know anyone who needs one. 1st shot still requires an appt. Those facebook pages are all on the News9 website.

4. We have posted the News 9 page to give you the county phone numbers. Expect them to be overwhelmed. It is not built for 3,500,000 people, all calling with questions.

5. The state system is sending out emails to let you know it is time to sign up for a shot. If you think you registered last week and did not get an email, CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. If you got nothing, re-register.

6. The state seems to release available vaccine info for making reservations VERY EARLY THURSDAY MORNINGS for the following week. These are all the slots available for the week, except for occasional cancellations, so they fill up fast. be ready and be flexible. Consider setting an early wake up call for Thursday morning.

Use either the web address above or the one below, 
to register with the state for your vaccine..

Below is News 9's list of all Oklahoma counties and their health department phone numbers and facebook pages.

Posted: Saturday 1/2/21 - The club is  pleased to report that we received a $100.00 donation for Food and Shelter which we will forward on Monday. You are always welcome to contribute via check to Food and Shelter, c/o Dave Saunders, 438 South Lahoma Ave., Norman, OK 73069 at any time and I will get it to April. Thanks for your support of our 
12 year long relationship with this outstanding charity.  We have donated more than $100,000 to F&S during this time.


 The cRc will begin to resume coffee call in February at Rudy's, once a month, on the 4th Saturday of each month. That will give us the Crest Foods cars and coffee on the 2nd Saturday and Rudy's on the 4th Saturday. As more people receive the vaccine, we will return to a weekly schedule. All other regular activities including Rose Rock car show, Food and Shelter July car show, and the Swap meets are scheduled as shown below. The Thursday evening cRuise to Hollywood Corners is not a cRc event and continues to be held each Thursday night.

Saturday, January 9 - Cars and coffee at Crest Market

Thursday January 14th - Cruise to Hollywood Corners

Thursday January 21st - Cruise to Hollywood Corners

Thursday January 28th - Cruise to Hollywood Corners

Thursday February 4th - Cruise to Hollywood Corners

Thursday February 11th - Cruise to Hollywood Corners
Saturday February 13th - Cars and Coffee at Crest Market

Thursday February 18th - Cruise to Hollywood Corners

Thursday February 25th - Cruise to Hollywood Corners

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27th - coffee call at RUDY'S

Thursday March 4th - Cruise to Hollywood Corners

Thursday March 11th - Cruise to Hollywood Corners
Saturday March 13th - Cars and Coffee at Crest Market

Thursday March 18th: 
- Spring Swap Meet and 
- Cruise to Hollywood Corners

Friday March 19th - Coffee and donuts in the booth and Spring Swap Meet

Saturday March 20th - Coffee and donuts in the booth and  Swap Meet

Thursday March 25th - Cruise to Hollywood Corners

Thursday April 1st (April Fool's day) - Cruise to Hollywood Corners

Thursday April 8th - Cruise to Hollywood Corners

Saturday April 11th - Cars and Coffee at Crest Market

Thursday April 15th - Cruise to Hollywood Corners

Thursday April 22nd - Cruise to Hollywood Corners

Thursday April 29th - Cruise to Hollywood Corners

Thursday May 6th - Cruise to Hollywood Corners
Friday May 7th - Rose Rock festival
Saturday May 8th: 
- Rose Rock Festival CAR SHOW and PARADE
- Cars and coffee at Crest Market in Norman 
- Coffee call at Fireman's pancake breakfast across street from car show

Sunday May 10th - Rose Rock Festival, noble OK

Thursday May 13th - Cruise to Hollywood Corners

Thursday May 20th - Cruise to Hollywood Corners

Thursday May 29th - Cruise to Hollywood Corners

SATURDAY, JULY 31- CRC Food and Shelter annual car show in Andrews Park.