WE ARE THE canadian RIVER cruisers  (also known as the "cRc" because you get tired of typing our full name)    

-Car clubs should be open to anyone who wants to be around cars... We are...

-We are a NO DUES, low organization club. If a volunteer can't do it, it is likely not for us. As a result, we don't provide cars for weddings, as the pressure for the car to actually start at the church can be overwhelming....and often embarrassing..

-We meet every Saturday morning about 8AM somewhere in the area for coffee, but the meeting is a gathering and not structured. (The right hand column tells where)

-We drink lots of coffee and tell lots of car stories, some which might be true.

We participate heavily in Norman and Cleveland County community events like the 89er day parade, the Veteran's Day parade, the Cleveland County Free Fair, and the annual Norman Christmas parade.

-We hold an annual car show to benefit FOOD and SHELTER of NORMAN.  We are proud to have raised more than $10,000 for Food and Shelter. Community involvement is important to us..

-Well of course we do car shows....we select a show each week...
  -We are a family friendly club, meaning you and your grandchildren will not find any type of off color content on this site. Children are welcome at our gatherings. 
To learn more about the one of the coolest car clubs in Central Oklahoma or to join, please email us at:

COFFEE CALL SATURDAY! See below for locations and more!

JULY 2014 


On Saturday, July 26th at coffee call, we will find out who has the longest car in the club. Think of the possibilities. Jim Hoffman's Buick, Roy's Pontiac, Shannon's Super Bee, any of James' cars, Lani's Ford fastback, Lauren's Edsel...the possibilities are many and will provide a most interesting coffee call. Location: What-A-Burger

but wait there is more.....A visitor will join us at Saturday's (July 26) cRc coffee call at What-A-Burger.  

Ann Sherman is the Oklahoma City author of the 2014 photo and essay book 
entitled "Car Collections of Oklahoma: Timeless Automobiles and the Obsessed 
Oklahomans Who Collect Them."  Ann has been to some past cRc coffee calls and 
taken pictures of us with our cars.  In fact, a picture of cRc members (with 
cars) drinking coffee at Midway appears in the Car Club section of the book.  
She will have copies of her book for sale. For heavens sake, somebody please buy one!

August 2014 

August 1st - a sad day in cRc land...Irene's last day at the MIDWAY (Bob manages to run away another excellent employeee).....seriously, Irene is taking her nearly world famous receipe to the blah, blah, blah fraternity at OU and will  be making her strusel muffins there. We have a chance to say goodbye and so we shall - coffee call at MIDWAY. Thanks IRENE for all the great muffins!

Saturday, August 16- coffee call will be at the Cleveland County Fair Grounds beginning about 9am, followed by the Battle of the Burger   .......were loose fitting clothes......

Saturday, August 16 - Battle of the Burger at the Cleveland County Fair. Begins at 10am with a tug of war and our car show.......plan to come for coffee and stuff your face with burgers. Open the file below to learn all about it! Think of it as our annual CAR-B-Q except we just eat.

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Saturday AUGUST 23rd - a shop coffee of sorts. cRc member and photographer Jim have invited the club to coffee call to help celebrate the opening of his new photo studio in Norman. There will be coffee, there will be donuts, there will be cRc members there. Address: 3517 Wellsite Dr.  ( close to the corner of Hwy 77 & Tecumseh Rd. ) 

September 2014 

September 6th 9am-3pm, Saturday

Cleveland county Free Fair cRc car show at free fair -  Saturday, September 6th this will be a car show especially for the area KID'S, judging will be by the children and presentations will be made by the kids. So plan to make this fun day at the Cleveland County Free Fair. This is a cRc co-sponsored event...with the Fair Board.


This upcoming September will be the first anniversary of Automobile Alley’s monthly event, ShopHop. 6pm-9pm. We are inviting some of the local car clubs to bring out some cars to celebrate. We would be more than happy to cone off spaces on Broadway during the event, and if a club commits to having at least 5 cars there, we will add the name to our event poster. Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? Let me know if you have any more questions, thank you!


Cayla Lewis

Downtown Oklahoma City, Inc. 

Community Relations Coordinator | 405.231.8663

211 N. Robinson Ave., Suite 225, Oklahoma City, OK 73102




October 23-24-25 Norman Swap Meet , save your tires, they sell!