The cRc wishes to welcome new members Ken and Glenda Whitehead (their 1951 Chevy shown below), Bill Shuler, Mike Roberts and new girly gEarhead Anna Howard to the club.

Mon Feb 08

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Fri Feb 12

Sat Feb 13 Midway Grocery and Deli Pre-Valentines day coffee call - all girly gEarheads attending coffee call get a free muffin or cinnamon roll!

Sun Feb 14 - the answer is that this is a kilometer marker for department road D24. They used to be stone but now are fiberglass.

Mon Feb 15

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Sat Feb 20 at What-a-burger

Sun Feb 21

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Sat Feb 27 at RUDY'S BBQ

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MARCH 2016

Tue Mar 01

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Sat Mar 05 at Midway Grocery

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Fri Mar 11

Sat Mar 12  Hassler's Cafe (cash only)

Sun Mar 13

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Fri Mar 18

Sat Mar 19 at Hollywood Corners

Trail Life USA (traillifeusa.com) will be having their 2nd annual car show

March 19th 2016 at the Memorial Road Church of Christ, located at 2221 E. Memorial Rd., Edmond OK  73013, from 9am to noon.   If you would please, contact Steve Lightner (405) 509-3936 at Lightner.Steve@gmail.com (OR) Travis McCoy (405) 417-5660 at blessedmccoys@gmail.com 

Sun Mar 20

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Fri Mar 25

Sat Mar 26 Midway Deli

Sun Mar 27

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Thu Mar 31

APRIL 2016

Fri Apr 01

Sat Apr 02 Postal Center coffee feast

Sun Apr 03 the NABHOTZ car show for you:

It will be held at Nabholz Construction, 6400 S. Superior Ave, Oklahoma City, OK (located just north of the old Crossroad Mall, now called Plaza Mayor).

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Sat Apr 09 at Midway Grocery

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Sat Jun 18

Time to be thinking about the June 11 - June 17th HOT ROD POWER TOUR - this year from Baton Rouge to Kansas City.....if you are interested, contact Harlan Butler, who has many of the details.  The 2016 POWER TOUR will be coming through OKC.


Girly gEarheads take note...a feminime heroine....... 

Dave's Frenchy quiz 4 - what does this sign tell you?  (Answer on the new "best of 50's music page)  the-best-of-times--50s-for-all.php

Dave's frenchy quiz 3 - what does this sign mean? Answer at the end of today's blog post on Dave's blog, click here 


For throwback Thursday (and Friday) we have a bee-boppin' video. Great 50's cars, 50's music and dance. Turn up those speakers and enjoy.......can you dance the Stroll?


Dave's frenchy quiz number 2

What sort of tombstone is this thing called a "Bourne"

answer is on the calendar to the left on February 14th...

cRc canvasses the world for you:

From cRc worldwide newsman and Sprite driver Dane Marable, comes  this amazing video  which shows the rapidly growing Canadian car racing sport of the "TRAIN OF DEATH"

And you thought the Canadians were so nice they verged on boring. It is posted on PABLO'S HOT SPOT...

click here:     pablos-hot-spot.php

Volkswagen introduces "trailer assist" - a must have for anyone who has a trailer..... imagine the possibilities....

Dave's view from Brittany, France 

To read Dave's blog and see what kind of car he is driving, click here:


Ron B, of small car fame has sent over 30 photos of old commercial trucks for your enjoyment. We build a page for these, cleverly titled "Cool old trucks" ....click 

cool-old-trucks.php to jump over there. Double click the thumbnails of each truck to enlarge it.

Know your members: Fred Benenati proudly stands beside his 1966 Stingray fastback. Fred proudly served in the USAF for more than 20 years.


Which do you prefer:

Left - The old Varsity theatre

Right - The current law offices

106 East Main