WE ARE THE canadian RIVER cruisers  (also known as the "cRc" because you get tired of typing our full name)    

-Car clubs should be open to anyone who wants to be around cars... We are...

-We are a NO DUES, low organization club. If a volunteer can't do it, it is likely not for us. As a result, we don't provide cars for weddings, as the pressure for the car to actually start at the church can be overwhelming....and often embarrassing..

-We meet every Saturday morning about 8AM somewhere in the area for coffee, but the meeting is a gathering and not structured. (The right hand column tells where)

-We drink lots of coffee and tell lots of car stories, some which might be true.

We participate heavily in Norman and Cleveland County community events like the 89er day parade, the Veteran's Day parade, the Cleveland County Free Fair, and the annual Norman Christmas parade.

-We hold an annual car show to benefit FOOD and SHELTER of NORMAN.  We are proud to have raised more than $10,000 for Food and Shelter. Community involvement is important to us..

-Well of course we do car shows....we select a show each week...
  -We are a family friendly club, meaning you and your grandchildren will not find any type of off color content on this site. Children are welcome at our gatherings. 
To learn more about the one of the coolest car clubs in Central Oklahoma or to join, please email us at:

 This year the NORMAN VETERAN'S DAY PARADE will leave from Norman High School at 2PM on SUNDAY afternoon, November 9th....the cRc will be there! 

A photo of Floyd's car in the Vet's day parade before it blew a head gasket and steam cleaned all the spectators between Lindsey and the Vet's Park...Floyd completed the mission and the General was delivered safely.... and that folks is why we don't participate in weddings.

2015 event planner:

April 11, 2015 Ike-a-Palooza car show at Eisenhower Elementary from 1000 until 2PM.....kids judge, cRc event

In April, 2015 Eisenhower Elementary is planning an event, IKE-A-PALOOZA, to 
honor president Eisenhower and let the kids have some fun. We are planning on 
having a car show where the kids will be judges. We would like to invite the CRC 
to be our featured club for the show. We are in the process of setting a date 
for the event and would like to know which Saturday in April of next year works 
best for the CRC. 89er days are in there somewhere and we don't want to overlap 
with that but of the remaining Saturdays which ever one works best let us know 
and we will schedule for then. 

Kevan and Cortney Parker. 

April 18th 89er day parade, Norman High School, 125 years of Norman history....parade starts at 10am.

April 18th - 4th annual cRc FOOD and SHELTER car show, First Baptist Church parking lot, 9am until 3pm


COFFEE CALL SATURDAY! See below for locations and more!

Saturday September 20th, a group of guys and gals in MIDWEST CITY have put together a cars and coffee, and we are going to join them for coffee...


7305 SE 29th StreeT

Drive 17 miles up Sooner to 29th ST turn RT to Town Center Dr directly across from TAFB Pull into TARGET-CHIK-FILA several of our members have Been there and have reported back about 100 cars a month.

Alternate coffee location in Norman is MIDWAY for those who do not wish to make the cRuise.....


++++++++++DATE CHANGED TO 28th+++++++++++


Sunday, September 28th the first of the big Baptist church block parties (The First Baptist Church of Norman has one later that we attend...we seem to be invited since our logo is on their flyer   :>) guess our club has come of age and we should be proud to be in demand....

Then if you are in the OSU - STILLWATER area on Saturday September 27th, this is for you!


 Hi Dave,

Thought I would share this for anyone in the Sooner/I-240 area. First Southern Baptist Church is hosting a car and bike show on Saturday, September 27th, from 0800-1400. We are located just north of I-240 at 6400 South Sooner Road.

Purchase GARAGE PASS for $15 in advance or $20 day of event to enter your vehicle in one of 12 classes:

Classic Car, Classic Muscle Car, Classic Truck
Work In Progress, Sport Truck Full Size, Mini Truck
Street Rods Sedans, Street Rods Coupes, Sport Compact
Sports Car, Motorcycle Stock, Motorcycle Custom

 Awards for:Peoples Choice

1st & 2nd place in each category
National Street Rod Association – Longest Distance

 NSRA Safety Inspections Available

For more information contact: Clete or Robert 405-732-1300

Registration and full details here: http://www.firstsouthern.tv/carshow/


Saturday, September 27th......we meet again for coffee at What-a-burger in Norman. Main Street.

September 27th is the City of Blanchard's "MUFFLERS ON MAIN" car show. While we are not doing anything this year as an organized group (are we truly EVER an organized group?) , you may wish to participate as they are really working to get a nice tradition going. The weather in past years has not been helpful! 


Saturday, October 4th coffee call -we meet for coffee at MIDWAY DELI  

Saturday, October 11th coffee call we meet again for coffee at MIDWAY DELI- 

Saturday, October 18th coffee call -we meet for coffee at Boom-a-rang on Porter. 

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, October 23, 24, 25 the NORMAN SWAP MEET at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds....coffee and used parts will be served!