Kelley has a couple of teachers reaching out for 6th to 8th grade coats. It is very cold and the children are in need. Some are children of servicemen.

This is Jarman Middle School in Midwest City that has requested the items, close to Tinker.

If people have any coats they can bring to me at What-A-Burger this Saturday or Midway

next week, we will get them to needy kids. 

Gently used coats will be be distributed and some 6th to 8th graders are small-medium adult sized 



COFFEE CALL SATURDAY! See below for locations and more!


Saturday, November 22 AND Saturday November 29 will be back to back MIDWAY coffee calls. The 22nd will be MOTORCYCLE DAY, weather permitting. Time to ride them one more time before winter truly sets in.

 The 29th will be "shake- em-down dollar" day. Harlan will bring all of the remaining cRc stuff he has been hocking off and on this fall, and MASTER Sgt. FLOYD will lock the doors until we buy a bunch of it.  This is called turning trash into cash.....mostly so we can pay off our upcoming Christmas party bills! So bring a fistful of dollar bills, and buy that cRc hat to replace that nasty older one you are wearing (I can think of a few). Or some cRc business cards to leave discreetly under the windshield of that cute little classic you chased for blocks. Or the newly popular cRc car decal to stick on the bumper over a spot of chrome that is peeling off!  Everything will be on sale at FULL RETAIL PRICES! (which is a bargain to begin with).

We will also informallysign up for the Christmas party....bring yourself and your spouse, and choose a salad, a veggie, or a dessert. The club will furnish the drinks, the main meat course, and all the set ups. If you are relatively new to the club, THIS IS ONE OF THE 2 EVENTS IN THE YEAR NOT TO BE MISSED...the other is our cRc charity car show for FOOD and SHELTER the day of the 89er parade.

At the Christmas party, we have sit down, table seating and a buffet that makes Golden Corral shake their heads in disbelief! MasterTech is the perfect venue, the guys having made the car shop into a "clean room" environment and ready for the casserole dishes.

cRc Christmas Party on Saturday, December 6th at 6PM at MASTERTECH Automotive...... this is the final cRc event of a glorious 2014 year. Here is the deal: You bring some homemade goodie like a special salad or veggie or dessert, and the vast club treasury provides the main course. all this is served on the sterile "alignment rack" (Miriam sees to that!) at Matertech. There are rumors of a repeat visit by the DIPSTICKS, a well known choral group. Fun, possibly some door prizes, maybe a raffle (how do you think we pay for the meat?)....lots more friendship. Great parking. Super time. 

The Norman Holiday Parade is currently scheduled for December 13th, 2014. more information to follow as it becomes available.

2015 event planner:

April 11, 2015 Ike-a-Palooza car show at Eisenhower Elementary from 1000 until judge, cRc event

In April, 2015 Eisenhower Elementary is planning an event, IKE-A-PALOOZA, to 
honor president Eisenhower and let the kids have some fun. We are planning on 
having a car show where the kids will be judges. We would like to invite the CRC 
to be our featured club for the show. We are in the process of setting a date 
for the event and would like to know which Saturday in April of next year works 
best for the CRC. 89er days are in there somewhere and we don't want to overlap 
with that but of the remaining Saturdays which ever one works best let us know 
and we will schedule for then. 

Kevan and Cortney Parker. 

April 18th 89er day parade, Norman High School, 125 years of Norman history....parade starts at 10am.

April 18th - 4th annual cRc FOOD and SHELTER car show, First Baptist Church parking lot, 9am until 3pm