Check out this great car and neon sign collection from Michael Dingman.... 

If you do nothing else productive this this video....... interesting things happen in the wilds of Russia, and folks must improvise, often NOT in accordance with OSHA guidelines!  SPOILER ALERT: This man survives his mud adventure in good health...

APRIL 2014:

April 26th: Coffee call at Midway Grocery - also the Midwest City Soccer Club's 1st annual car show:  As you may know, we will be hosting our 1st annual car show fundraiser April 

26th, between 9am to 3pm

The featured show of the week is the TINKER SHOW....for more info, go to this-show-is-rigged.php

MAY, 2014 

Saturday, May 3rd - Coffee at MIDWAY GROCERY

Car show at University Lutheran Church in Norman (click for more info: this-show-is-rigged.php )...TO DOWNLOAD THEIR REGISTRATION FORM, CLICK HERE:

MAY, 4th (SUNDAY) 1-6 at the Church of the Nazarene:  Hey you car enthusiasts!

We hope the canadian RIVER cruisers will again come out and join us in our Car, Cycle, & Craft Show. We'll have good food (Indian Tacos) for sale, door prizes will be available for all, trophies will be awarded in abundance, you can browse the craft booths inside the sanctuary, and of course, AWESOME cars will be on display outside! . Goody bags will go out to our 1st 50 entries, so if you want to get in on that action, I've attached a registration form. Thanks again for partnering with us in our mission.
~Pastor Craig Shepperd
Youth & Young Adult Pastor for Norman Community Church of the Nazarene

May 10th: coffee at CAFE 77 in Norman cRc member Dave DeSelms church car show. Immanuel Baptist in Norman, details to follow...

6pm, cRcuise to RUDY'S BBQ

May 17th: Coffee at What-A-Burger on Main.

May 24th: cRc ROAD TRIP, leaves Rudy's at 8AM to drive to Shawnee to visit cRc member CLIFTON HILL'S car museum... he has a restored Madman MUNTZ-JET...

May 31st: RON BLISSET'S 1914 CADILLAC is 100 years old - celebrate with breakfast at BOOM-A-RANG

June, 2014

June 7th

June14th: Battle of the Burgers (campus corner this year) followed by a cRuise to Rudy's BBQ at 6PM.....

June 21st:

June 22nd:  I wish to share some news about a very exciting motor vehicle event this July 22, 2014.  Jimmy Canon (1965 blue Rambler and the head of the OU Engineering test facility.  Home of one of the coolest field trips ever!!) was talking to me about the American Solar Challenge.  20-25 solar powered cars will be racing from Austin, TX to St. Paul, MN from July 21 to 28 and they will be doing an overnight on Tuesday July 22nd right here in Norman!  He thinks it would be a grand idea to gather up as much old iron as possible, as many cool contemporary rides as can be found locally (who’s got a SmartCar or a Tesla?? Or whatever…) and then greet a collection of solar powered vehicles at the Lloyd Noble Center as they roll into town late in the afternoon.  Past-present-future all in one place!  Jimmy will have more information soon.  If you would like to see more about the American Solar Challenge, competing since 1990, go

June 28th:  

July, 2014 

July 12th cRuise to RUDY'S BBQ at 6PM....... 

August 2014 

September 2014 

Cleveland county Free Fair September 4-7, cRc car show at free fair -  Saturday, September 6th (no loud band this year)

The canadian RIVER cruisers  is a NO DUES, MINIMUM RULES, community oriented club , meeting every Saturday morning about 8AM somewhere in the area for coffee. We participate heavily in community events such as the 89er day parade, the Veteran's Day parade, and the annual Norman Holiday parade. In addition, we hold an annual car show to benefit FOOD and SHELTER of NORMAN. 
You may see our cars on display at a local school function, at a retirement center, or anywhere else that community involvement is key.. in the past two years, cRc has given more than $6,400 to FOOD and SHELTER...and counting
We are an open club, so if you have a "Rat Rod" , a vintage Saab or Chevy pickup, a "Brass era" Model T Ford or 1914 Cadillac, a 59 Bug-Eye Sprite or a 77 MGB, a 1920's Dodge,  or a vintage 1940's Rolls-Royce, even perhaps a WWII BSA motorcycle................. you are equally welcome. 
 We are a family friendly club, meaning you and your grandchildren will not find any type of off color or adult content on this site. Children are welcome at our gatherings. 
To learn more about the one of the coolest car clubs in Central Oklahoma , please email us at: