In this column we list our various club activities, our nearly world famous Saturday coffee call, and our select car show of the week...... 

Sooner football!

 Oct 10 Texas - Texas weekend

 Oct 17 Kansas State there

 Oct 24 Texas Tech here

 Oct 31 Kansas there

 Nov 7 Iowa State here

 Nov 14 Baylor there

 Nov 21 TCU here

 Nov 28 OSU there


fall has arrived

Saturday morning tool time...see below for details............ 

Friday night, October 9th from 6pm until 8 or 9 - a cRuise-in to "STASH" for Norman art walk night. 

 Food trucks and more!

 Join fellow cRc members in an enchanting evening of just hanging out and watching the world walk by. Bring your own chair. 

STASH is on the south side of Main Street, one block east of Porter. Just across from the fire station. We have been there before.

Saturday, October 10th from 8AM until 11AM we have a very special coffee and donut call. We will be at the home of car Club members Curtis Fore and Barbara Bowman. Their workshop will be the place, and much of the great tool inventory will be available for exclusive sale to cRc members. There are compressors, vices, drill presses, grinders, hydraulic jacks, battery chargers, sanders, air tools, and dozens and dozens of wrenches, hammers, sockets, snips......and the like.  We will have the big ticket items tagged with prices, and the smaller items sorted into price groups. There are some really great tools in this shop....don't miss this coffee call.

The club will provide coffee and donuts! The house is on Sunset near Johnny's Broiler...address is 1506 Sunset.

Saturday, October 17th - coffee call will be held at Midway Grocery and Deli. It is an away game.

Sunday, October 18th, we need a dozen classic cars to support FOOD and SHELTER'S annual "Crop Walk" fundraiser. These will be on display for the public, in the parking lot where we have held our car show the past 4 years. CROP WALK invites the public to make a 3 mile walk in behalf of our great charity. To feature your car, please email Dave Saunders at

Chickasha Swap Meet

 October 15,16,17th 

Norman Swap Meet 

October 22, 23, 24 

Saturday October 24 OU vs Texas Tech home game. Coffee call at the Norman Swap Meet. 

November 2015

Veteran's Day Parade and Thanksgiving 

November 1st -tickets on sale beginning Sept 11th! 

SUNDAY November 8th, 2015


Line up at 1PM at Norman High.....parade pulls out promptly at 2PM. (We will have food of some sort for our cRc troops....

There are wild rumors that at least 3 cRc members can STILL fit into their military uniforms (in addition to our active members who MUST fit into their uniforms)....these are "Ruckus Bob", Eddie Pallus, and our big leprechaun Terry O'Dea...... be sure to sign up with our lifetime parade coordinator......Terry.

 You can't just show up for this event, the city of Norman coordinates all!

In this column we list the car club hot scoop...... who, what, where, when, and sometimes why..... 

To learn more about these new items for slae, go to: cars-for-sale.php 

Someone in Norman is ready for Halloween! 

The cRc welcomes Connel Smalling and his 1932 Essex street rod to the club! 

This has  cRc coffee call written all over it....more information to follow...

 This WILL happen:

Did you know?

Hollywood Corners has 100 Octane gas available! North pump. VAROOM! VAROOM! 

The NORMAN VETERAN'S PARADE IS SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 8...scroll down to the information about this in the left hand column. 

For all the information, please go to the City of Norman website:

SWAP MEET ANYONE? Ken's photos of a past swap meet. Plan to come and spend your time in and out of the cRc booth, drinking coffee, eating donuts, telling tall tales, and munching best of the best RAY'S BBQ. 


Juan bought a 39 Ford at the swap meet.

Cotton sold a 67 Galaxie 500 to Lani at the swap meet.

Zack bought 31 Chevy  at the swap meet.

James bought Studie at the swap meet.

Lani bought a scooter at the swap meet.

How many of these once proud airlines do you remember? Amazing just how many have come and gone...... 

Let's visit a 1940's airport - a fun and corny video of a bygone era. Zack and Jock's page - click here: zack-and-jocks-old-timey-stuff.php 

Mack stands behind his 1955 Chevy. 

Chuck and Helen Norris 

The club would like to recognize military service to our country from:

Glenn Curren - U.S. Army

Mack McIntire - U. S. Air Force (Mack's 55 shown above)

Walt Gage - U.S. Army

Paul Bettin - U.S.M.C.

We thank you for your service. 

Our cRc Christmas Party is just around the corner. We will be announcing the date very shortly. 

The cRc would like to welcome new members Joe Nelle and Staria Outland and their 1928 Model A Roadster!

We also wish to welcome Harold and Carolyn Heath and their 1965 Mustang convertible!

Curtis Fore and Barbara Bowman-Fore 

This great report from cRc member Jerry Starr:

Hi, everybody: 

I was busy last week, participating in the 70th Revival Glidden Tour. This year it was based in Oklahoma City, the first time in 105 years. 

The Glidden Tour began in 1904 as a long distance endurance and reliability test for the new-fangled horseless carriage. The annual event became the Glidden Tour the next year because a millionaire, Charles Glidden, funded a big prize for the winner. 

By 1910 the automobile was a familiar device and considered to be dependable transportation, and the tour was suspended. Seventy years ago the tour was revived as a fun event for people with cars made before 1943. Some people like the tours so much they have participated in many of the events around the country. 

I posted on my website a simple page of pictures I snapped during the tour. If you are interested in old cars, you can use this direct link: 

All best, 
Jerry Starr 


Keep an eye out for this hot new Ford Roadster, coming in from California and joining the club.....owners are Joe Nelle.... and Starla Outland

Congratulations to Neil and Susan Wood -your 1929 Model A Tudor was selected as the monthly "DIG MY RIDE" article by Doug Hill. 

DID YOU KNOW? Midway grocery and deli is now open evenings until 8PM.......


 cRc members (L-R) Duane, Mike, and Lawrence