Posted November 20th -Harlan's 1942 Harley. These are probably the first shots most of you have seen of Harlan's vintage 1942 Harley, he never took it out. Philip and I worked on it this week, following a brain session about it with Jim and Mayor Bob on Monday. The result? We are still figuring out the wiring, and in the video we took had it hot wired (we got that corrected after we figured out the workings of the ignition switch) - it started on the second crank! If you are at all interested in this bike, you better move quickly as we are going to recommend it be auctioned, to bring the best price for Kelley and family. Unfortunately the video of this bike is trapped on the POTATO=POTATO-POTATO page. To see it, please click here....POTATO-POTATO-POTATO.php

For more information or to see this bike, call Dave Saunders 405-406-3730

FOR SALE 2006 BMW 325i 6-cylinder. Automatic. New Tires. New spare. See at ALPINE AUTO REPAIR on Bart Conner Circle. Car has about 100,000. All leather. iPhone compatible. Mike Roberts 881-3768
$5000 Nice car at the price point.