Posted July 30th - from an email sent in by cRc member Bill Amis - I could not get the photos from the email, but I found the same photos on a youtube video. Thanks Bill for reminding us that there was a day when cars were really cool.
Posted July 26 by Jock Campbell - have you seen this? The iconic 1932 Ford hot rod that started it all is going up for sale. Fantastic photos and a history of the car can be found by clicking the link below:
Check out these great 1950's tail lights, when cars changed every year 
and there were many brands available from the BIG THREE!

Just click on the start button, sit back for an hour and turn up your speakers! 
Great music from the '50's!
We present these commercials from the 1950's....with occasional apologies for social correctness, especially with the JELL-O commercial.

POSTED Feb 14, 2019 by Jock Campbell, aspiring young reporter.....


Are a number of bad ideas! The child to the left is shown with a seatbelt on, so that is a good thing...scroll down slowly...

A great way to dispose of used motor oil......NOT! This was from a 1963 issue of Popular Mechanics. Fortunately we have developed better methods of getting rid of waste oil, like pouring it down the drain. DO NOT DO THIS, ONLY KIDDING!. Remember when they used to spray oil and kerosene along the road right of way? Wonder how much we all ingested when we were young. Like biking behind the mosquito spraying truck. Keep scrolling....

A youthful human cannonball. No seatbelt here. He looks quite relaxed, perhaps he passed out from shock.

I find this very interesting. Does anyone ever remember ants in the wheels ever being a problem? 

I don't need to say anything about this. A SAFE carbed...of course it is.

COUGH COUGH! Some people prefer the aroma of fine leather.....My personal favorite on this page, your old exhaust cleaner vacuum for your car. Note the nice lady in heels, happily cleaning the interior of her car, just before she passed out from exhaust fumes in the garage....COUGH COUGH!

What everyone who owned a 1950's Mercury should have had. No other car was as fun with the flamethrowers.......and only $2 also. michael Fain where are your flamethrowers for BIG M?

Now after reading the fine print carefully, I believe these are fake, like bicycle handlebars with the saran strands.

Have some fun retro things to share? Send them to us and we will put them on this page...

Jock has been at it again....he found a VERY INTERESTING website which contains a large number of downloadable (is that a word?) brochures for antique and classic cars. Check it our to see if your car is there. 

Below, is one of the several they have for a 1955 Thunderbird. Some are in color, some are not.

Looking for something a little more obscure like a 1902 PEERLESS? Well look below.

The Oklahoma City Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant is a four-story brick structure in downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Opened in 1916 by the Ford Motor Company as a Model T manufacturing facility, it was one of 24 such plants built by Ford between 1910 and 1915.  In 1968 Fred Jones acquired and remodeled the old Ford assembly plant and moved his remanufacturing company to its four-story building. In 1971 the company rebuilt more than thirty-five thousand engines and 1.5 million components parts, serving twenty-five hundred dealers through district distribution offices and warehouses from New Mexico to Florida. 
1940's downtown Oklahoma City

In 1967 Sweden changed from driving on the left to driving on the right....and the result was.........

The Greyhound bus company in 1923

In 1961 Goodyear tested and discarded the concept of illuminated tires. The inner rim was installed with dashboard lighting and the tire manufactured from a high cost rubber. The result is shown below. Goodyear quickly decided that the rubber was not a good one for the wear and tear of the roads, nor did the illuminating effect last for many miles before the tire needed to be cleaned....the tires NEVER went into regular production, but the concept certainly was interesting.

This is Walt Disney's 1958 view of what the automotive world will look like in the future. Some he nailed, some as still distant thoughts.......

The 1954 Ford La Tosca - one can only think about how comfortable the bubble top was in 1954 in the heat of the summer.....and then below that is what they actually produced.

1957 Chrysler concept car.......and what they ended up with....

The 1956 Buick Centurion, and what they finally agreed to manufacture.