Remembering our friends - JON FORMAN.   

A great photo of Jon from the cRc archives, when he won a couple of door prizes at the AAA Insurance show and shine on Porter a couple of years ago. 

Drone footage of cRc participation in the All-Saints Grandparents Day Celebration. To see more, visit our All Saints webpage.    ALL-SAINTS-show-and-shine.php

CRC member Bill McBee has decided to part with his 1989 Cadillac Allante convertible. Much more information may be found about this nice car on our Buy and Sell pages under the "FOR SALE" subpage. 

Dateline Saturday September 3rd beginning at Boomerang diner with coffee call. This is the early-bird shift.....others are positioning cars at the Oklahoma Hot Rod Association car show. 
Posted September 1st - Welcome to September and O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A football!  The club has a lot of things planned for the month including several SHOW and SHINES including ALL-SAINTS GRANDPARENTS DAY, CLEVELAND COUNTY FREE FAIR, and FULL CIRCLE ADULT CENTER,  we hope to see you at one or all of them. 

Our GREAT CRC car show team continues at full pace, going here and there and picking up lots of awards, including many club participation awards......please watch our home-page for the preferred show of the week and feel free to go support them. 

We have declared a COWBOY and COWGIRL day later in the month at our cRc world headquarters - MIDWAY GROCERY.....dust of that hat, your favorite duster and those boots. Ray Waldron used to come out with everything except a horse...   

Rumor has it.......Vince sold his Chevelle.........little car, we hardly got to know ya.......wonder why he sold it???

We posted a moving Sam Elliott tribute to a World War II D-Day veteran....Elliott is a masterful may find it on our Veterans corner page. 

We have moved a few more pages to the front menu, 2022 weekly car shows, Contact us, Veterans Corner are up front now. 

And that is all the news that is fit to print......

Mike & Kris Winkel

74 Ford Bronco 

1st in 4x4 class at Warren

Job well done!

Mitch Phillips

1968 El Camino

El Camino class Runner up

He survived the heat and took home some hardware from Kiwanis show at Warren.

Nice ride Mitch!!!!!

CRC hats around the world........this hat, traveled recently to the top of Mount Sherman, at 14,100 feet. Mount Sherman is about 14 miles west of Fairplay, Colorado and 15 miles east of Leadville.


A special thank you is in order to the CRC Family for all of the assistance with the celebration service of our friend, Charlie Lunsford. Dave Saunders and Terry O'Dea for helping communicate service related details to our participating Cruisers on the website and otherwise. The Cruisers who were able to be pallbearers here at Tribute and at Fort Sill National Cemetery; Wayne Lewis, Dan Haggerty, Terry O'Dea, Gary Lunow, Billy Henry and Ray Langley.  Also the Cruisers who assisted at the church in addition to those above; Dale and Kay Cook, Jonell Lunow, Richard Pray and James and Carol Hoffman. If I missed anyone, I apologize. For those that were unable to attend, but were there in thought and spirit, thank you!

Charlie loved being a part of the cruisers and it has been said, the Cruiser Life and family saved him from boredom after he lost Martha.  I think everyone would agree, we are so blessed to have had Charlie in our club and looked forward to time spent with him.  Charlie and his "Marty" are cruising on streets of gold in their perfect 57 Chevy Convertible. 

Thank you to those who made Charlie's celebration of life service special and honoring of the man we all loved.

Rest in Peace my friend,  Shane Vice.    Tribute Memorial Care

Posted August 23rd - part of our car show team shows up at the crack of dawn.....Left to Right, Big Al, Ray, Wayne, and by Shane......

Our photo of the week is Floyd Yates' 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 xl at a Norman Veteran Parade.

Posted Saturday August 20th - We are pleased to report that cRc member Roy Sherry was discharged to his home from rehab today. While it still may be some time before Roy is able to rejoin us on a regular basis for coffee call, he continues to make good progress.

-The club received this nice note from Charlie Lunsford's family:

And Zac continues to wander around in the weeds and drag home more farm-era pickups. His latest Pasture finds are posted on his for sale page which is under the buy and sell tab.

- And again Terry O'Dea comes to the rescue of Food and Shelter's food box and rebuilds one of the food pantry doors that was yanked off after our most recent rebuild. 


Posted Saturday August 13, 2022 

-Ron Blissett has purchased a 1931 Model A ford roadster pickup and is restoring it.

-Richard Pray bought a cream-puff 2014 Mercedes retractable hardtop. Very nicely styled.

- Dan represented the cRc at the opening of the "ROSIE THE RIVETER" section and sent these photos:

POSTED AUGUST 9th - FACEBOOK IS HERE. In response to your requests, we have established a presence on Facebook (not Messesenger or Instagram). Our vision here is simple. Our news feed will contain information about what is going on in the club. Not photos of lost dogs and cats, political cartoons (in keeping with our no politics policy) or other non CRC related things. We are new to this game and the site has been up and running for a week now. Occasionally someone manages to breech the wall and some strange things pop up (like some yahoo driving a jeep around in South Dakota with a 50 calibre machine gun mounted on the roof which caused about 2000 comments on our feed and my iphone this last weekend) , but we are slowly limiting what can go there. 

If you friend us, and if you are a frequent poster of items on Facebook - your feed will not appear on our page, even if it is car related. No offense intended here. The page is designed to give club members who are Facebook users an opportunity to get their CRC information in one spot, bypassing the login to our website.  So hang with us, friend us if you dare and see what happens! Thank you for being a member. You can always unfriend us I think!!!

News for Saturday August 6, 2022

Terry O'dea completed the renovation and re-installed the Food and Shelter pantry box which sits outside the shelter and is stocked daily with items from the Oklahoma food bank. No child should go hungry.

Today's photos are courtesy of James and of the Saturday Kingfisher car show.

An interview with CRC charter member CASEY TARP, and a look at his red hot little Alfa......also we greeted Dennis Glover who was an original member and has returned to the club with a 1966 Ford pickup. Welcome once again guys, it is nice to see you and your rides.......

Posted July 13th - the cRc would like to welcome Chip Chambers, Air Force Veteran, and her 1956 Mercury Montclair as well as her 1966 Ford Custom 500. Thank you Chip for your service and welcome to the CRC!

Posted Tuesday July 12 - the club would like to welcome two new members. Mitchell Selensky and also GK Nwosu have joined the cRc. We don't yet know if they are Veterans and if so, will post them to our Veteran Honor page, and we don't have the makes and models of their cars yet, but will post them as soon as we get the information. Welcome and thank you for becoming a cRc member!

Posted June 25th - the cRc would like to welcome JON SUTTERFIELD and his great looking 1965 THUNDERBIRD CONVERTIBLE. Can't wait to see this roll in at one of our coffee calls.

For those of you that have been in the club for more than 10 years, a couple of members we have not seen in a while stopped by at the swap meet. Dennis Cotton, who sold the powder blue 1967 Ford Galaxy to Lani came by - he is doing well. June came in from Fort Collins and visited with us for a good while. June and Herman were in the club for years....Mustangs. It was good to see them both.

Posted June 14th - everyone who was a founding member of the cRc remembers CASEY TARP? Casey was one of the original founders of the club with a slick 1954 Olds Rocket 88 , black with deep red flames in the hood paint. Casey also is responsible for the club cRc logo, designed one day while he was bored in a meeting........we never changed it and it is still in use. Casey IS BACK IN NORMAN so expect to see him drop by a cRc breakfast one morning. Be sure to give him your thanks for helping found the club plus our snazzy logo.

Good morning June 5th and welcome to our CRC NEWS PAGE! Yesterday the club raised almost $2072 additional $$$ for use by the DAV to provide for Veterans in ANY Oklahoma Veteran Center. Typically this funding goes to provide a better quality of life for those Vets who have no known relatives or visitors. Photos and videos of the show may be found on the show page by clicking on the Home page and then clicking on the box below: