Gary Miller provides us non-car-show folk, with some really nice photos of what is going on every weekend between March and November on the car show circuit. 

We are fortunate to have a very dedicated group of cRc members who attend most of these shows. Ray Langley works hard to select a different interesting car show every week for the membership to attend. Often the gang brings home the club participation trophy. 

In addition, the car show gang, support a number of local charities with their weekly entry fees. Another way the club gives back to the community.

In the first photo, Dave Palmer stands watch while Juan takes a nap.......

In this photo we have "Little Al's" white Challenger.

In the next two photos, we have Janet and Gary Miller's award winning Ford.

All of these photos were taken at the KOOL KARS IN KINGFISHER show on Saturday, November 11th.
Kool Cars in Kingfisher 
Saturday Nov. 11 2017
Kingfisher Co. Fairgrounds
25 dollar entry fee
Registration 9 AM to 11 PM
Awards at 2 30

Results From Paden OK

Al G            73 Cuda                 winner
James D     15 Corvette            winner
David P       04 Corvette           winner
Wayne L     33 Ford                  winner
Ray L          55 Ford                  winner
Mitch P       08 Chevy                winner
John P        16 Corvette            winner
Gene R       72 Charger            winner

I think even NO SHOW would have won here
but you have to be in the game to win I was told he was not at coffee ether
he was not at the cruise in Thursday night 
No SHOW has lived up to his name this year.........

Warning Last Car Show Some of us will return to coffee
November 18 2017

Saturday October 21 2017
Thunder Bird Casino 15700 E Highway 9 Norman OK
20 Dollar entry Fee
Registration 8 AM to 12 PM
Awards at 3 PM
1200 Hundred Dollars in Cash Drawing 
200 Dollars and HR starting at 9 AM
29 Classes 1st & 2nd in each Class
3 Best of Show 100  + Trophy

Results From Bristow OK

Wayne L                33 Ford                 Class Winner
Juan V                   08 Mustang          Class Winner
David P                  04 Corvette          Class Winner
Mitch P                   07 Chevy             Class Winner
James D                 15 Corvette          Class Winner
Ray L                                          00 Corvette                           ----------
Gene R                                       72 Charger                            ----------

Results From Hinton

Juan V               08 Mustang                Class winner Trophy
James D            15 Corvette                Class winner Trophy
Mitch P               Chevy Truck              Class winner Trophy
David P              04 Corvette                Class Winner Trophy
Ray L                 56 T Bird                    Class winner NO TROPHY IT WILL BE Mailed

I waited all year for this show 
The burn out Contest only had 4 cars 
the big bbq platter at the Cafe was gone the cooker was at the race track 
and on top of that no trophy for my Class

Sunday Show at Del City

Gary Miller               51 Ford            1st in Class + People's Choice
Ray L                       56 T Bird          2nd in Class
Mitch P                    68 ELcamino    2nd in Class
Tim C                       67 Cougar        __________
Al K                          13 Camaro       __________
James D                   08 Corvette      __________
Juan V                      08 Mustang      __________
Janice M                   M G                  __________

to the left, Janice Miller in her MG Midget. Above are the Miller's cars with a ZOMBIE RESPONSE vehicle in the background.

To the left is the taillight of Juan's Mustang, Gary's Comet, and the back half of Dave's Corvette...

then in the lower left photo is one Ray Langley and also Al....

and the characters in the photo below? Well, you can see them on the post office walls anytime.

Ray drove his Thunderbird to the Firewind Casino and it won second in its class, which was worth $50 in cash.

Saturday October 7 2017
Hinton Ok 
13th annual Red Rock Cruisers Car Show
Registration 8 to 12
awards at 4
20 dollar entry fee
1000 to the best burn out

Sunday October 8 2017
Del City OK
First Church of the Nazarene 26 and Vicky 
Registration 9 am 
awards at 2 pm
Free Lunch no entry fee

Also Landers Chevy in Norman 
Sunday afternoon show 
Registration 12 to 1 30
Awards at 5 pm
30 Dollar entry fee With a toy
 35 Without
This show is for toys for tots

Results From Fire Lake Casino

Wayne L               33 Ford            Best Of Show 1000 Dollars 1 in Class 100 Dollars
James D               15 Corvette     1st in Class 100 Dollars
Al G                       73 Cuda         1st in Class 100 Dollars
David P                 04 Corvette     1st in Class 100 Dollars
Ray L                    56 T Bird         2nd in Class 50 Dollars
Gary M                  64 Comet       2nd in Class 50 Dollars
Mitch P                  ?? Chevy       2nd in Class 50 Dollars
Juan V                   08 Mustang   2nd in Class 50 Dollars
Al K                        13 Camaro    3rd in Class 25 Dollars

Great Show 

Saturday, Sept. 30 2017
Firelake Casino Shawnee, OK
41207 Hardesty RD Shawnee, Ok
Registration starts at 8 AM
Awards at 3 PM
Several classes 1st 100 , 2nd 50 & 3rd 25 dollars
best of show $1000...did we mention $1000? 
20 Dollar Entry Fee

Results From Moore OK

Al G                 73 Cuda                   1st in Class
Al K                 10 Corvette               1st in Class
Mitch P            69 Elcamino              1st in Class
Mack M           55 Chevy                   1st in Class
Gene R           72 Charger                 2nd in Class
Juan V            08 Mustang                2nd in Class
James D         08 Corvette                 -------------
David P           04 Corvette                 -------------
Ray L              55 Ford                       -------------
Floyd Y           63 Ford                       -------------

With this devastating loss for No Show he may never come to another car show. Well, since the purse is $1000 next week, we might see him.

Next several weeks lots of good car shows


Saturday Sept. 16 2017
Guthrie Flashbacks Car Show 
Mineral Wells Park Guthrie OK
Registration 8 to 11
Awards at 3 
20 Dollar Entry fee
800 Dollars in Cash give aways

Results From Harrah OK

We signed up 2 New Members

Charles Beat 
1962 Corvette
2012 Corvette

Dan McCurdy
1930 Model A

I told Dan if he played his Cards right he could join our singing group known as the Dip Sticks

Wayne L                   33 Ford               top 10
Charles B                  62 Corvette        top 10

we had 10 to 15 members there all the rest received home made Trophy's 

The Knights Car club Challenged all Car Clubs to meet their donation of 100 Dollars

several of us made a small donation we came in with 117 Dollars

at the end of the show the Knights gave another 20 put them ahead

I told the car club putting on the show The Christian Rods & Customs 
I Would Try to collect another 3 Dollars or more  From Floyd NO Show Yates
and have him send it to Them 
3 dollars would tie 4 would put us on top 
I also told them not to hold their breath
if he does send it he would owe 20 dollar entry fee + 3 dollar donation 

A lady brings her little pet up for Radical Ray to pet.......

Ray shows no cRc hospitality whatsoever as he takes flight rather than pet the pretty little snake...

Dan's ride next to Wayne's

Gary and Janice Miller's 51 Ford Victoria won this nice hand made trophy. Several club members won very unique and interesting trophies including radical Ray's pink T Bird trophy we failed to get a picture of. 

This is the cRc version of Washington's "GANG OF SIX"....our GANG OF 8.........a bit frightening I mist say.

JAMES DUSTMAN aka "DUSTY", waiting for his trophy!


Ray Langley puts his T-Bird up for sale. Another indication he has gone over to the bowtie side. The sign says "DIRT CHEAP".......ummm.....
There is a Show on Monday Sept. 4 2017

Henryetta OK.     402 E Main 
First Family Credit Union
Show hrs 8 am to 2 pm
20 Dollar entry fee
The class's are not much 
1992 and older and 1992 and newer

I went to this show last year, it was a good show but don't count on a trophy
they had abt 80 cars. You will see a lot of cars that don't come to our area.

Results From Village lions

James H                02 Chevy             1st in Class    + Best of Show
Al K                        13 Camero          1st in Class
Ray L                     56 Tbird               1st in Class
Gene R                  72 Charger          1st in Class
Dave P                   04 Corvette         2nd in Class
Wayne L                33 Ford                2nd in Class + Best interior
Al G                       73 Cuda               ____________
Gary M                  64 Merc                ____________

NO SHOW was not There I Don't know when the last time I saw that old car of his at a show.....  :}

Even our show at Norman he had a old red pickup there with bad brakes....
that show was only abt 2 miles from his house. We may have to find something on his block for him to drive his car. 

This is a rare photo of inside Floyd's can see his radio repair shop just to the left of the bag of potting soil.
Results From Guthrie

Very hot 
Several members there were no winners
This is the type of show "no-show Yates" would like 
5 Dollar entry fee
Free food 
Good how 
Nice homemade trophies

posted by Ray L.
This week we have photos from the Body Worx car show way up in Guthrie. "No show Yates" was true to his name and missed out of a bunch of free burgers and hot dogs. He will be upset at this turn of events as Floyd does not like to miss out on anything free.

Juan seems to have collapsed in this photo to the left - he claims he was just resting in preparation for the "trot" to get his trophy.

In a rare unveiling of almost all, Dave Palmer pulls his hat, and so does Ray. And now folks, we see why Ray always wear hats. There is not much to protect that scalp up there!

Corvette alley.....Ray appears to have abandoned his beautiful Ford Crown Vic since he got his new Corvette. We worry that he has come over to the dark side.

In the left photo, Wayne finds a cool spot to await the results of the show. His car as well as Juan's Mustang is shown in the photo directly below.

Photos below are from the Emanuel Baptist Church show this past Sunday evening............

This week's car show pick - 

Body Worx car show in Guthrie moved to Saturday August 19
Rescheduled due to rain


A show closer to home 
Moore High School 
300 N Eastern 
At the football stadium
25 Dollar entry fee
Show rrs 9 To 4
Registration starts  8

Pick one


The guys wait for the rain at a recent car arrived right on time. 
Now just where was MSGT No Show Floyd?
Saturday Aug 12 2017
Body Worx Car Show
Becon Theater in Guthrie OK
2404 S Division Guthrie OK
$10 entry fee          Registration 8 AM to 11 AM
Awards at 2:30- homemade trophy's
This car show I'm told can be a little dirty if the wind blows......

Car shows are slow now, not much to pick from.
Last week we went to westlake hardware in Edmond.   It was the only show we could find
5 members there 0 trophy's....   they only gave 1 for the show.



92 Open Class Cars 

60 CRC Member Cars

Food & Shelter Pick Billy Brown 1964 Chevy Impala

Girly Gearhead Pick Pam Chronister 1965 Buick

Kids Pick  Joshua Case 2015 Mustang

Best of Show 79 & Older   Bill Williams 55 Chevy Pickup

Best of Show 80 & Newer Sheldon Robinson Hummer

Best of Show Original  Judy Sperman 1972 Corvette

I only heard one Complaint the man you had take the microphone to announce 
The winners needs to be replaced!!!!!! 

Great Show Thanks Everyone
Ray (the man with the mike!)
A report from the first "HELEN NORRIS MEMORIAL" Newcastle show.
First, a bit of background. Helen was a dedicated cRc member who attended most club events. She recently passed away and her daughter Debbie decided to do an annual car show and gift the proceeds to the American Heart Association. And so on Saturday July 22nd, the club and others turn out for what we hope will be a nice memory to Helen, as well as a good fund raiser for AHA.

Debbie and her assistant are show to the right, holding two of the many trophies to be given away.

The show attracted a Hearse club from the area, who convoyed in with at least 4 former hearses.

And it attracted this group of car show refugees from the cRc who quickly set up a spot out of the 102 degree heat and began at once to take naps.

And the little light gray car is none other than a HUDSON JET! You just don't see little orphans like this every day anymore.

And it attracted this beautiful 1957 Chevy Bel-Air which demonstrates that you can spend any amount of money on this hobby and also enjoy driving it around.

All in all, it was a good beginning year car show in a nice spot in Newcastle, Debbie's new snow cone business the "CHILL ZONE". Thanks for doing the work to put this on Debbie.
Not much out there....... July is always a slow month

Faith Riders Corvette Show at the Reed center in Midwest City
30 dollar entry fee            Show hrs 8 AM to 3 PM             Registration 8 AM to 11 AM               Awards at 1 PM
Closed show Corvettes and Camaros only

Photos from the Faith Riders Corvette Show


From Mcloud
They had some nice trophies and we won the club participation trophy!

Wayne L                 33 Ford           Best of Show + Class Winner
Juan V                    08 Mustang     Class Winner
Gary M                    51 Ford           Class Winner
James D                  15 Corvette     Class Winner
Ray L                       55 Ford           Class Winner
John P                     16 Corvette     Class Winner 
Al K                          13 Camero      Class Winner
Bill H                         78 Corvette     Class Winner
Charles A                  38 Chevy         ----------

 From Moore Rainbow Girls

Wayne L                     33 Ford                 Best Of Show
Don G                         93 Honda             1st in Class + Best Paint
Mitch P                        68 Elcamino         1st in Class
James D                      15 Corvette          1st in Class 
James H                      02 Chevy              1st in Class
Floyd Y                        63 Ford                 1st in Class
Al K                             13 Camero            2nd in Class
Jim S                           65 GTO                 2nd in Class 
Jerry S                         07 Mustang           2nd in Class 
Ray L                           00 Corvette           ---------------
Juan V                         08 Mustang           ---------------
Al G                             73 Cuda                 ---------------
Gary M                        03 Corvette            ---------------
Dan H                          40 Ford                  ---------------
Lawrence T                  57 Chevy               ---------------
Billy H                           55 Tbird                 ---------------
John F                          59 Opel                 ----------------
Mac M                          55 Chevy               ----------------

Floyd was back sitting in front of  his car with 2 bowls of cookies 
Cookies for votes worked, he won


Results From Shawnee

Wayne L                   33 Ford                 Class Winner + Best Paint
Juan V                      08 Mustang           Class Winner
James D                   15 Corvette           Class Winner
Al K                          13 Camero            Class Winner
Mitch P                      --Chevy                Class Winner
Gary M                      64 Comet              Class Winner
Woods                       Model A                Class Winner
Ray L                        55 Ford                  Class Winner
David P                     03 Corvette            -----------
James H                    03 Chevy               -----------
Jim S                        68 Chevy                -----------


Results From Thunder RD House 

Every one Left with a 1/5 of Gentleman Jack
Strange Trophy's but different

Mitch P             El Camino                  Class Winner
Ray L               55 Ford                       Class Winner
Al K                  13 Camero                  Class Winner
Al G                  73 Cuda                      Class Winner
James D           15 Corvette                  Class Winner

Results From Weatherford, OK
Al G                    73 Cuda without Air            Class Winner + 50
Al K                    13 Camaro with Air             Class Winner + 50
James D             15 Corvette With air            Class Winner + 50
Juan V                08 Mustang With Air           --------------------
David P               03 Corvette With Air           --------------------
Ray L                  00 Corvette With Air           --------------------

Results From Southern Thunder:

Bill H                 57 Chevy                Top 15
James D            15 Corvette             Top 15
Mitch P              68 El Camieo          Top 15
Ray L                 55 Ford                   Top 15
Floyd Y              63 Ford                    ---------
Al K                   13 Camero               ----------
Al G                   73 Cuda                   ----------
Juan V                08 Mustang             ----------
David P               04 Corvette             ----------
Mack                   55 Chevy                ----------


Results From Campus Corner
Harlin B                Hippy Van            1st in Class + Stoops Football + $40
Roger E                66 Ford               1st in Class + $40
Lawrence T          57 Chevy           1st in Class + $40
Charlie L                55 Chevy            1st in Class + $40
Ray L                    55 Ford                2nd in Class
James D               15 Corvette          2nd in Class
Wayne L                33 Ford                ----------
David P                 04 Corvette          ----------
Al G                      73 Cuda               ----------
Ken D                    Camero               ----------

On Friday some of us did the Red Earth Parade in OKC
Charlie Lunsford 55 Chevy Carried Miss Indian OKC
Ray Langley 56 T Bird Carried Miss Princess OKC
Gary Miller Carried Jr Miss Princess OKC

Too many people for one square block in OKC.
Had a hard time getting the young ladies back to the staging area.
Results From El Reno

After watching the weather men all last week 
I was afraid to post a show 
We went to a show at El Reno OK SmallTown Weekend
It was a good Show 
if you like burnouts....... they started at 12 and lasted till abt 3

The weather men were calling for rain 
We made it thru the show without rain

I think David P. is trying to take over Floyd's place at the car shows
he will do anything to get a trophy including bribing children.
This could get interesting if they try for the same trophy.

James D             15 Corvette            1st in Class
David P               03 Corvette            Kids Choice
Juan V                 08 Mustang           ------------------
Ray L                  00 Corvette           -------------------
Gene R                72 Charger            ------------------


Results from Davenport

Juan V               08 Mustang               1st in Class
David P              04 Corvette               1st in Class
James H            03 Chevy                   1st in Class
James D            15 Corvette                2nd in Class
Ray L                 00 Corvette               -----------------

This was the first year for this show 
It was a street Show 
Nice parade...... Several years of the Davenport high school alumni
Good small town show......