These great shots of cars at the Oklahoma Hot Rod Association event held this past Saturday were sent in by Gary Miller....great shots of some SUPER CRC CARS!!!!

Saturday, August 10th - 104 degrees. 
The CHOCTAW BASEBALL CAR SHOW....and the cRc is there. Canopies are the order of the day if you want to survive.......

Some pretty tough competition out there.

A very sweet little pickup.....

A good variety of cars considering the heat index....

Gary's beautiful Ford...

The cRc members all in a row....

Despite the blazing heat, a good day was had by all.

Results From CRC Show

Food and Shelter      Pick Lloyd Rains 1935 Auburn Speedster

Girly Hearhead      Pick William & Rose Kratky 1949 Chevy Pickup

Kids Pick     Don Craft 2018 Camaro

Mayor's Pick       Jack Sweeden 1935 Auburn Speedster 

Best Of Show 79 & older        Bud & Sherilyn McCalister 1955 Chev Nomad

Best Of Show 80 & Newer      Debra 7 Ken Putman 2004 Chevy Corvette

Best of Show Original              Kristy McGulre 1930 Model A 

We did a lot better than Last Year 

137 Non Member Cars

65 Member Cars ?

Thanks to everyone that came out & thanks for all the help


Results from Midwest City

Juan V              08 Mustang                   1st in Class
Donnie Y           70 VW                           1st in Class
Gene R              72 Charger                   1st in Class
Al G                    73 Cuda                       2nd in Class
Ray L                  56 T Bird                      -----------
James D             18 Corvette                  -----------
Al K                     13 Camaro                  -----------
Wayne L              33 Ford                       -----------
Mitch P                68 Chevy                    -----------

These photos, from the Certi-Fit car show in Moore on July 13th, show some great cRc vehicles. Thanks star reporter Gary Miller for you camerawork!
Results From Certifit

Leon                       00 Corvette                       1st in Class
Wayne L                 33 Ford                              1st in Class
Al G                        73 Cuda                             1st in Class
Ray L                      56 T Bird                            1st in Class
James D                 18 Corvette                        1st in Class
Juan V                    08 Mustang                        1st in Class
Donnie Y                 70 VW                                1st in Class
Gene R                    72 Charger                         2nd in Class
CJ M                        55 Ford                               2nd in Class
Bill H                        57 Chevy                            3rd in Class
Mitch P                    68 Chevy                            3rd in Class

This time the T-Bird slipped a little ahead of the pink and white Crown.
I was told I was no longer allowed on the west side of OKC.
I have a feeling I am going to be put in my place before long but I am going to enjoy it while I can!
Ray, Chief of Staff

Results From Moore

Dan H              62 Chevy                     1st in Class
Mitch P            07 Chevy                      1st in Class
Bill H                78 Corvette                  1st in Class
John P              65 Corvette                  2nd in Class
Shane V           69 Camaro                   2nd in Class
Wayne L           33 Ford                        2nd in Class
Ray L                55 Ford                        2nd in Class
Lawrence T       66 Mustang                  2nd in Class
Donnie Y            70 VW                         2nd in Class
James H             02 Chevy                    2nd in Class
Al K                     13 Camaro                 __________
Dave P                04 Corvette                __________
James D              18 Corvette                __________
Al G                      73 Cuda                    __________
Billy H                   55 Tbird                    __________
Gene R                 72 Charger               __________
Mack M                 55 Chevy                  __________
Juan V                   08 Mustang              __________

195 Cars in Show 
We won the Club Participation Award
Great Car Show 

I think We Need a Independent Council to investigate our Sgt. of Arms.
His Investigation of Chief Of Staff RL has only been done in his head ! 
to investigate someone you have to talk to someone other than yourself !
looking for a volunteer to Investigate Sgt of Arms.
Must only get information from people loyal to RL
Must know our Sgt of Arms does not tell the truth
If any thing is said bad about RL cover it up
I think that will cover it


Results from Liberty Fest in Edmond 
268 Cars they ran out of room had to send some of them away
This was their biggest car show ever

Wayne L                  33 Ford                      Best of Show
Mitch P                    07 Regency                1st in Class
Juan V                     08 Mustang                1st in Class
Al. G                        73 Cuda                      1st in Class
Bill H                        57 Chevy                     1st in Class
Ray L                       55 Crown                     1st in Class
Donnie Y                 70 VW                           1st in Class
James D                  18 Corvette                   Class Winner
David P                    04 Corvette                   Class Winner
James H                   02 Chevy                      Class Winner
Bill H                         78 Corvette                   Class winner
Al K                           13 Camaro                    ------------
Cj M                           55 Ford                         ------------
Neal W                       Model A                        ------------

I want to think CJ for parking her car in a low spot so it was not seen. 
This helped me put together enough votes to beat her.

On Sunday we went to another show 
Thunder Road House Cafe on Memorial Rd 


Donnie Y                 70 VW                    1st in Class
Ray L                       55 Ford                  1st in Class
Juan V                     08 Mustang             1st in Class
Bill H                        57 Chevy                1st in Class
Al G                          73 Cuda                  1st in Class
Al K                          13 Camaro              2nd in Class
James D                   18 corvette             2nd in Class
Bill H                         78 Corvette            2nd in Class
Mitch P                      68 El Camino         ---------------
David P                      04 Corvette           ---------------

This is the place that has the Gentleman Jack Trophy 

Great car show weekend 


Attachments area
Results from Shawnee, OK

We won the club participation award
Over 200 cars at the Show
16 members at the show that I counted

Jim S.           64 Pontiac              1st in class
Wayne L.      33 Ford                   Class Winner
Lawrence T   66 Mustang            1st in Class
Charles B      62 Chevy                1st in Class
James H        02 Chevy                1st in Class
Juan V.          08 Mustang             Class winner
Mitch P          68 Chevy                 Class Winner
David P          04 Corvette             Class Winner
Billy H.           55 Tbird                   2nd in Class
Ray L             55 Ford                   2nd in Class
Gary M           51 Ford                   ----------
Chuck G         Model A                  -----------
Neal W.          Model A                  ---------
James D         18 Corvette            ---------
Rick C             Chevy                    ----------
Dan H             62 Chevy                ----------

Great show and CRC did good
Results From Weatherford OK

The Friday night cruise was great 
Weatherford had a lot of people show up, it was fun !

Results from the car show 

Ray L    55 Ford Class Winner $50 + Trophy 
James D ----------
Wayne L-----------
Juan V-------------- $ 20 Cruise Money
Mitch P-------------
Al K -----------------
A G -----------------
David P------------ $ 20 Cruise Money 

Around 150 Cars in Show 

Rader Park Weatherford Ok - SATURDAY, JUNE 15th
25 Dollar entry fee
Cruise Friday night 6 to 9
They give away $1000 at the Cruise 
Car show Saturday top 3 in each class $50 + trophy
Awards at 3 Pm

Results from El Reno  Ok
Not so good

Big Al   73 Cuda  2nd in Class  
Only Winner

Ray L ------------------------------
Juan V-----------------------------
Wayne L---------------------------
James D---------------------------
David P----------------------------------------------------------------

Results From S OKC

About the same No winners

Mitch P-----------------------------------------------------------------
Ak K -------------------------------------------------------------------
Donnie Y---------------------------------------------------------------

I think big Al bribed the judges Just  enough for 2nd Place
1st cost too much

Most of the cRc car show team are going to El Reno and eat onion burgers while their cars are judged,

Adams Park, 1116 Cavanaugh,El Reno, OK
Registration 8 till Noon 25 Dollar entry fee
Awards about 3 pm 

However, if onion burgers are causing you indigestion or you don't want to drive that far......we have the car show for you!

This one is a little closer: 
-Walnut Square Shopping Center at I 240 & Penn- OKC at the west end of      the parking lot on the north side of 240
-Registration 8am to 10am $25.00 to enter. 
-Awards at 2

Results from Stroud OK


We had 11 members at the show and all won. Great weather for the show but the Ride home got a little wet. You might ask Gary Miller when  is the best  time to put a convertible top up - before or after the rain starts.......
I can personally tell you vacuum wipers do not work very well in a rain storm!

Ray-55 Ford 1st in Class+best Ford, also worst windshield wipers.
Donnie-VW 1st in Class+best Import
Juan-08 Mustang 1st in Class
James-18 Corvette 1st in Class
Wayne -33 Ford -best Interior
Mitch P -07 Regency 1st in Class
Al- 73 Cuda 1st in Class
Gene-70 Charger -1st in Class
Jim S  -64 GTO  1st in Class
Gary M  -64 Comet 1st in Class, also wettest interior.
David P   -04 Corvette- 1st in Class


Results From the VA


The Show was down a little this Year Only 42 Cars 
Weather didn't help any but it turned out to be a nice day

We won the club participation award
We had over 20 members at the show so we did our part.
We also made a 300 Dollar donation to the vets center.

Of all the shows I go to this one is for the best cause, 
supporting our veterans.

I was going to name all the winners but I didn't keep track of them!


Saturday May 18 2019

Results from the All-Ford Show at metro Ford OKC
About 80 to 90 cars, a little light rain early but turned out nice later 
Ray L                     56 Thunderbird        1st in Class + Mustang Club Pick
Juan V                   08 Mustang              1st in Class
Gary M                  51 Ford                     1st in Class

Results from Davenport Ok
Donnie Y                 VW                         1st in Class
David P                    04 Corvette            1st in class
Al G                          73 Cuda                 1st in Class


Brief interviews with non-club members at THUNDERBIRD CASINO - about their very cool and unique cars....each about a minute long.

Results From Moore 

Juan V                 08 Mustang             1st in Class + People's Pick
Ray L                   55 Ford                    1st in Class + Client's Pick
Mitch P                 66 Chevy                 1st in Class
Donnie Y              VW                           1st in Class
James D               18 Corvette              2nd in Class
David P                 04 Corvette              -------------
Floyd Y                 No Show                   ------------
cRc won the Club Participation Award

Just a little Cold For a car show only about 20 cars there