Very few car shows are being held in Oklahoma in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic and the difficulty in social distancing at a car event. Our Senior Car Show guy, Ray L. is on the prowl and any shows he deems worthy will appear here and on the calendar page. 

Results from Thunder Road House

Ray L                   '55 Ford                  1st in Class
Donnie Y             ' 70 VW                    1st in class
Juan V                  '08 Mustang            2nd in Class
David P                '04 Corvette             ----------
Rick C                      Blazer                 ----------
Al K                      '10 Corvette             ----------
Shane V                      Camaro              ----------

Canadian River Cruisers Ray Langley, 56 T Bird, Gary and Janice Miller in their 05 T Bird and 19 Stingray cruised Air Depot last week. There were a lot of nice old and new cars cruising until 9:00pm.  Midwest City has a cruise in every Sunday evening starting at 5:00 on Air Depot between 29th street and Reno. Lots of parking on Air Depot so you can watch the cruisers after you make the obligatory cruise up and down Air Depot.

Results from the SOUTHERN THUNDER CAR SHOW, the club did quite well. There were more than 100 cars at this show.

Ray L            '55 Ford                  Class Winner
Wayne L       '33 Ford                 Class Winner
Roger E        Ford pickup           Class Winner
Billy H           '57 T Bird              Class Winner
Juan V          '08 Mustang         
Al G              '73 Cuda    
Al K               '10 Corvette
David P         '04 Corvette   
Lawrence T   '48 Ford
Chuck G        '30 A
Neal W           '30 A
John P            '65 Corvette

When faced with a quarantine situation, people respond in a variety of different ways. Our car show czar, one Mr. Ray Langley, searched thoroughly, and finally found a car show on Sunday, March 29th. It was a small show by area car show standards, with just the three vehicles pictured below. Ray said that he found the location easily enough, "Why it was almost outside my door!"

Ray said that is was a small but nice show, rather quiet but in a really pretty setting. The trophies were limited Ray said, and the classes were also, but Ray didn't seem to mind. Everyone who entered, received a trophy.  The photo of the trophies appears below the cars. As you can tell, some of us have more cabin fever than others............then again, I spent time writing this "news story".....

and if you keep up with this page, you will not be left crying at a Saturday coffee call, while the guys and gals are off competing for the club participation and other trophies. Ray and his group of car show scoundrels have traveled near and far to bring you information on only the best of the best. The detailed scoop will appear here each week, along with the winners and photos. We will have a capsule summary of the next event on the club calendar, but this is THE MAIN PAGE.

Central Tech Drumright,OK     Sunday, February 16, 2020
Ray L             1955 Ford              1st in Class
James D         2018 Corvette       2nd in Class
Wayne L         1933 Ford             2nd in Class
Juan V            2008 Mustang      3rd in Class

Their trophies are a little different but nice.

Great show, good weather.
The next show will be sometime in March.....
The yellow truck owner below........we tried to get him to haul some gravel..... but he said no!
Reporting from Drumright, Ray 
2019, last show we are reporting on, Gary Miller's photos from the LUTHER PECAN FESTIVAL CAR SHOW
Posted October 26 by Gary Miller . Photos from the SHOEBOX Central car show and chili cookoff.