Let's start out with this "OSHA" (not) approved way to change street light bulbs in 1910. If they had put that safety rail about 18 inches higher, I would feel more comfortable with the man s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g at the top. This ladder appears to operate like a standard step ladder, hinged in the middle for easy folding. I would be interested is checking out how this device is secured to the roof of the truck - before putting myself on even the first step.

Now this is a pretty sophisticated camp. This is the 1918 version of the Sooner Schooner wagon. Looks like coffee is being served by the husband, while the wife prepares breakfast and the dog stands waiting in anticipation. Everybody is happy here.....

This is pretty nifty.....A tent built around the car. Notice however that the roof of the car extends all the way through the back of the tent, meaning that the car has become part of the camping contraption. Possibly there is a door in the back, as I do not see one along the sides or front. Interesting concept for the early 1900's however. Can little creatures scurry underneath the car and into the tent? Questions to ask before purchase.

This remarkable contraption looks like a doll house that was placed upon a model T Ford frame. Since the "picture window" is centered , I wonder how the driver sees anything. Then there is the issue of turning....hope he has long arms or a broomstick to use as a turning signal plus I see no mirror. 

An interesting concept to be sure. Look at the size of the lock that keeps the door closed. The "criminal" appears  upset while the policeman casually writes a ticket. Based on the width of the bars, the policeman could be in danger while driving back to the station.....but the padlock would hold fast in the event of an accident!

Ron Borum has been busy finding interesting things for us to enjoy, like this side by side bicycle complete with baby carriage in tow. Just look at the happy couple! Note that the lady has to stand up to pedal the bike!

These great descriptions for common work tools are exactly correct.....thanks Jock for sending them over.


Ron has managed to come up with a group of "old haulers" from the 30's-40's and 50's......this one is in easy to view youtube format. Sit back and enjoy some of the most interesting trucks anywhere.


1821 - First Natural Gas Well in US Is Drilled

"In 1821, the first well specifically intended to obtain natural gas was dug in Fredonia, New York, by William Hart. After noticing gas bubbles rising to the surface of a creek, Hart dug a 27 foot well to try and obtain a larger flow of gas to the surface. Hart is regarded by many as the 'father of natural gas' in America... 

During most of the 19th century, natural gas was used almost exclusively as a source of light. Without a pipeline infrastructure, it was difficult to transport the gas very far, or into homes to be used for heating or cooking. Most of the natural gas produced in this era was manufactured from coal, as opposed to transported from a well. Near the end of the 19th century, with the rise of electricity, natural gas lights were converted to electric lights." 

Dane sends over a bunch of 1940's? trucks. Interesting styling with rounded front and rear, fender skirts. Did the style of these trucks follow the revamped styling of steam locomotives which had the same outward appearance? Or vice versa....... 

Early inventors had nothing on these guys......I suppose when the sausage is done, you just hit the steam button and they all fly up onto the plate! 

Ron found this 1937 reel of campers.......ENJOY! 


Dane's old nostalgia cars and trucks. Is that really Elvis?

Ah.... the Good Humor man 

This is a rare photo of cRc member James Frame when he was young! 

Anyone remember UTOCO gas? I sure don't ...


Over the years there have been many "auto innovations" that were not ready for prime time. Here are a few, along with captions we could not resist! 

"Will someone PLEASE, PLEASE help me?" "I do NOT want to be seen in my husband's contraption!"

"Blimey! I've landed! Now how do I get this scooter off this raft without getting my pants wet." 

"Riding this thing is so far below my dignity, I can barely breathe!" 

Early photo....MIDWAY FOOD TRUCK 

"My mum TOLD me NOT to marry an inventor....... and I just wouldn't listen."

And just why would anyone build something like this? Note the lady toward the front on this side.....wishing she could be back on the beach.

The expression on the man's face says everything. "I am a crazed moron, how about you?"

I always cruise the railroad yard in my "stacked heels and pinstriped bibb overalls"...."doesn't everyone?" 

"Jolly well! LAND HO! Oh thank goodness.... stiff upper lip and all of that Tommyrot!"

I am on my way to MASTERTECH to have Gene adjust the toe-in.....hope I get there before the outer treads are gone. 

Prototype for cRc cruiser vehicle...... capacity 8 idiots.