The city of NOBLE is doing BOTH a parade and putting on a car show, MAY 6th. The cRc is again managing the NOBLE show, which was a big success last year. Here is information for both.

A brief history: NOBLE has tried off and on for years to have a car show for their hometown Rose Rock festival...held this year on Saturday May 6th. The results, up until the cRc took over the show, were always disappointing, and so some years there would be a show and some years not. Last year, the first year we took over the show and managed it, we had nearly 80 cars and it was a fantastic success. When you have car show veterans like Floyd, Billy, Ray, and Harlan manage a show - it WILL be well run.

Details: You must pre-register for the parade to be in it.It is FREE.

To Pre-Register call BILLY HENRY at 405-640-7889 and he will take the information. 

Parade line-up will be at 9:30 and the parade starts at 10am. Master cRc parader TERRY "BLARNEY" O'DEA will be our parade marshal.

For more information contact Billy Henry at 405-640-7889

ROSE ROCK car show - the cRc makes the registration income from this show. We use this money to pay for our charity show on July 29th, also known as the "FIRECRACKER" show! Registration begins at 8am and ends at noon, so there is no problem in doing the parade and then the show!

COFFEE CALL will take place across the street from

 the car show at the NOBLE FIREMAN'S ANNUAL

 PANCAKE BREAKFAST from 7am until 10am. $5 a

 bargain for all you can eat.Note that THIS IS A