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7 Restaurants in Oklahoma Where Your Meal Is Free If You Can Eat It All

Who doesn’t love a discounted meal or a buy 1 get 1 free deal, but what about a totally free meal? Sounds good, except for the fact that they are massively over-sized, crazy portions that must be completely devoured in a specific time frame. These meals are not for the faint of heart, but if you think you are up for the challenge, here are 7 restaurants in Oklahoma where your meal is free if you can eat it all.

Feeling in the mood for a burger? Try Paw Paw's Big Burger (CHICKASHA) Challenge...a 30 minute challenge where the participant must eat a full burger of at least 5 patties or more and it must be finished in under the 30 minutes. If you succeed, your burger is free and you win a free t-shirt. The highest patty count finisher will be placed on the "Burger Challenge Champion" plaque.

The 80 ounce steak challenge at Cattle Rustler's Steakhouse (ARDMORE) is just as it sounds. You must finish an 80 ounce steak, including all the fat and gristle, in less than an hour. The steak is served “butterflied”, about 13.5″ long by 1.5″ thick. You can't get up from your seat during the hour and you must sit on the stage by yourself. If you win, your steak is free and you get all the bragging rights you want.

The Empire Challenge at Papa Angelo's (BETHANY)takes their largest pizza, The Empire, and doubles the 3 toppings of your choice. What you end up with is a giant 6 pound pizza of yumminess. You get 45 minutes to finish the giant. Everyone has good intentions, but if you can't do it, you'll get posted on their Hall of Shame, as well as on their website. Many have tried, but only one person has ever succeeded. If you can succeed, the pizza is free, you win a free t-shirt and you will not be put to shame.

The Six Shooter Challenge Meal (EDMOND)Consists of the 6x Cheeseburger - six 1/2 pound chuck patties, 12 pieces of American cheese, hamburger bun (dressed how you like it), full order of onion rings, full order of curly fries, and a piece of Cow Pie Cake. A soft drink, tea or water is included during the challenge. The meal must be completed in 45 minutes and you must pay $35 for the meal upfront. If you finish every bite, you will be refunded the full price of your meal.

Come and try your hand (and stomach) at the Chicken Fry Challenge at Kendall's (NOBLE). To win a free meal you have to eat the following: salad, huge chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes or fries, green beans, biscuit and cinnamon rolls. The cost to compete is $25. Winners get a t-shirt and a free meal.

The Indian Taco (YUKON) Challenge is a massive taco that must be eaten in 1 hour. If you succeed in eating every last bite in under 60 minutes, the meal is free and you win a free t-shirt.

Fat Guy’s Burger Bar (TULSA) Challenge is the following: two pound patty, one pound of bacon (15 slices), 2 hot dogs, 8 slices American Cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and your choice of condiment. All of this on a one pound bun and don’t forget the one pound of French fries that ALL must be eaten in 60 minutes. If you can clean that platter in less than an hour, your meal is FREE!

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