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Mercedes-Benz unveiled its latest concept car: the Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 Cabriolet. Like the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 concept that the company unveiled prior to the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance last year, the Maybach 6 Cabriolet is an electric car that’s nearly 20 feet long, has a drive system that gets 750 horsepower, and has a range of more than 200 miles on one charge of the battery stored under its floor. It’s the same engine as its predecessor, this time in open-air form. 

But you won’t be able to buy it. The car is a one-of-one example of Mercedes’ vision for the cars it’ll make in 2035 and beyond. Let's see, many of the club members will be over 100 when it is released.

One of the most interesting collections of old movies and auto commercials and technical videos about old cars anywhere in an easy to enjoy format. Once you get to the website, you just find something interesting and click on the little movie camera icon at the far right column.....that opens the film clip.  This is also now posted on my website list for future use.

POSTED MAY 8 - check out this amazing car collection in NAPLES, FLORIDA....the REVS Institute........

The Secret Life of Toly Arutunoff

“Toly” has raced with Bob Bondurant, Phil Hill, Richie Ginther, Dan Gurney, Ak Miller, and Carroll Shelby back when cars slid, drivers were visible, and the average privateer like Arutunoff could finish fourth in a grand prix race against the factories                

His father invented a special in-ground pump for oil wells that served the oil industry boom early in the 20th century, and relocated the family from Czarist Russia to Oklahoma. 

Even though Arutunoff is proud of his ancestry, and his family’s accomplishments, he considers himself a true American and pokes fun at his heritage. 

Whatever the genealogy, his parents supported his car desires, especially at the times the family was living at a home they owned in Los Angeles.

 “The first thing they did was lie to get me a driver’s license at age 15. That’s because once when I was 14 and living in Los Angeles, I went to see a friend, and his mother asked me if I wanted to drive their Peugeot convertible. All I remember about that car is that it had a separate key for the door, gearshift lock, ignition, and trunk. I drove that thing all over L.A.” His parents got him a ’51 Belair hardtop; he specified a manual transmission for it. Then when he went to college he lusted after a Jaguar 120 as a replacement for the Chevy. However, master macabre actor Vincent Price purchased the family’s L.A. home, and back to Tulsa they moved. “My parents said if they still had the house in L.A., they would buy a convertible XK 120 for me, but because we lived in Oklahoma, they said ‘we’ll get you a Lincoln convertible, or people will talk about us.’ ”

So Toly added headers and dual exhausts which came out through running boards, to the Lincoln. He added a supercharger and alcohol injection. He also added a “continental kit” and he had the convertible top made entirely of clear plastic. “It would do 133 mph, and peel the tread off the tires.”

In the 1970s, he drove in two genuine Cannonball Baker coast-to-coast races, and has raced on just about every road race circuit in the U.S. and many in Europe. 

He even built his own road course, the Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, not far from Tulsa. And he still drives in European vintage rallies.  “I also won the very first Palm Springs vintage race. I ran the first two Colorado Grands, the Copper State in Arizona, the first Silver State open highway race in Nevada, then we put on four rallies ourselves: One in Arkansas called the Hillbilly Mille, two in Las Vegas and two French road rallies, one themed “the French chefs” and one for the Champagne region.”

What appeals to Arutunoff about the vintage rallies isn’t the speed of cars on a racetrack, but the recollection of driving quickly on real roads, and the attitudes of the spectators of real road races gone by. He specifically remembers the 50th anniversary of the Grand Island, New York, road race, a re-creation of a five-mile run the town’s mayor hosted in more innocent times. “He just let them drive as fast as they wanted all day. One guy in a Porsche went off, flew over a woman with a baby buggy, and the result was the dealer sold a whole bunch more cars because of how safe the car was because the driver lived. People said it was really exciting. The Porsche actually hit a car in the parking lot and landed upside down.”

These days gentleman racer Arutunoff says his small collection of one-off, uniquely crafted sports cars mean the most to him. There’s a reason for this: Not even jaded car enthusiasts have ever seen some of the cars that he’s parked in his 10-car garage, “Real gearheads, car guys, everyone loves seeing the oddity of the cars here, because they’ve never seen them before. It doesn’t matter if you like them or not. Six cars here are one of a kind or one of three total. It’s great fun—weirdness like this red Lancia that needs paint. Young Andrea Zagato was there when I first showed the car, and he looked at it and said ‘original paint?’, and I said, ‘No, it’s been painted. It was dark green and the English folks I bought it from painted it ‘resale red.’ ”

Arutunoff also has a slick concept Studebaker-powered Ascot. “This was to be the competitor to the Corvette. The first one looked like a Ferrari. This one was the April ‘54 Hot Rod cover car. I bought it in Center Harbor, New Hampshire.”

Just after his first marriage 10 years ago, two weeks shy of his 60th birthday, Arutunoff built his garage behind his pool, with French doors and an office, and ivory-tinted epoxy floors so that it “didn’t look like a garage,” says wife Karen. “He really does need a place of his own. When I met him he was living in a 4,000 square-foot house, and it was full of this stuff. I told him, ‘I understand stuff. I have stuff. I love all of your stuff. But I’m not sure I want it in the house.’ ”

Although Arutunoff at one time owned the first Ferrari dealership in Oklahoma, as well as Ford, Saab, Saturn, BMW, Volvo, Mazda, and Sterling shops, he’s pared down to a share of a Honda store, and even though it provides him a new Accord as a daily driver, he’s more fond of doing errands in his quirky Subaru SVX.

Toly took part in many of the very early Mille Miglia revivals and would do the Targa Florio retros as well. This is the Cunningham at the 1986 Targa Florio, which was the first edition.

Again, the 1988 Mille and the navigator is telling Toly where to go.
 in 1984, Toly and Bill Pryor in the Cooper MG.
At the 2005 edition of the Mille Miglia retro, Toly is seen here with Sandy Orttewell in Orttwell’s totally original 1928 1500S Alfa.

Toly, number 29, getting by an Elan and a Ferrari at the Bahamas. With Dick Irish he would finish 39th in the Nassau Trophy race in 1964.

Until just yesterday I hadn’t ever heard of a Ron Hackenberger, but thanks to reader Wade G, it’s probably a name I will remember for years to come! You see, Mrs. Hackenberg has spent his life amassing an incredible collection of cars. His collection gives the Portugal Find a run for it’s money. From the time he turned 15, Ron has had a serious passion for cars. And thankfully for him, his wife Eunice enjoys the hobby as well, and together they have filled their barn and the property around it to the brim. After 50 years of collecting, they have decided it’s time to liquidate, so they are having a massive auction starting July 14th in Norwalk, Ohio! You can read more about it here on Ron’s site.

Special thanks to Wade for the tip! You can find more information about the event at Vanderbrink Auctions. So will you be going to this auction? If so, be sure to make it on the 14th so that you can meet Ron and Eunice before having a look around.

Just for fun, take a look at this amazing scenery! you will not be disappointed. Yes the biplane is not real but it looks really cool. This is like one of those old Cinemax movies.
Rudy's was our coffee call destination on New Year's Eve, and the cRc came out in force. We added a new member, and met Jock's daughter Laura and his grandson Hecton. We also learned that Jock will celebrate his 80th birthday on Saturday, January 14th.......
Rudy's is always ready with good bbq brisket, egg, cheese burritos and bottomless coffe. Great parking also.
A rogues gallery of members......
Wood burning vehicles have been around for 70 or more years, and were used during world war 2 when gasoline supplies were tight. I am not sure the effort is worth the payout!
If you have never watched Jerry Seinfeld's cable tv series about nothing...well it is time to review this little clip. We don't post the full episodes on the site, because we are dealing with comedians and spontaneous unscripted banter - some most episodes do not meet the car club website "kid friendly" requirements. In this one however, it is 99% clean with only one word bleeped out - the link to the full hour show is below.
Harlan's 1942 Harley was recently featured in SPLURGE magazine. Here is one of the shots. They have not posted the photo with Van's Corvette yet. This is not Harlan riding the bike....but you already knew that!

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