Time to get all those old gently used car and truck parts ready to sell. Time to lay-in a supply of Pepto-bismol for that 3 days of very strong coffee you are about to drink. 
-Have a set of old tires in the corner of your garage? Bring them. 
-Have a carb for a 1953 Henry J that you no longer own? Bring it.
-Have some chocolate chip cookies your spouse just baked? Sneak them out of the house and bring them.
If you are new to the club, or for some strange and unknown reason - have never been to the Norman Swap Meet cRc booth, then this note is for you! We have 3 booths this year, in the same spot as always, west side of the arena hall, the big fair building.

It is a 3 day donut and coffee fest, interspersed with bbq or eggs and sausage and gravy, old cars, trucks and vehicle parts for sale. Some parts we sell and donate the money to the club (we pay for the next swap meet rental with these swap meet donations). Some parts we sell and instruct the club to hold the money for the parts owner. Some we buy at other booths and drag back to our booth and then resell, just to see if we can do it. Well, only Lawrence Terry is really approved to know what in the world he is doing. Maybe Floyd also, but if they won't give the part to Floyd, he won't drag it back over. Some parts that have not sold in 4 years, we sneak into unsuspecting passerby's stuff, just to get rid of them!

Club members staff the booth for 3 full days, hocking your somewhat well labeled parts (Price and owner on the part please. Also, if the part is not obvious as to what it is - the car it might fit would be important. (most ball joints for example look a lot alike!)

What sells:
-Old car magazines, but not usually until the last day when we mark them down to almost nothing, just so we don't have to take them to the dumpster.
-Most used truck and car tires, strange as this might seem.
-Old tools
-Stuff you are willing to sell for $2 or $1.

What does not sell well:
-Clothing, unless it is racecar related or a really cool Chevy or Ford jacket.
-Non car items except maybe pocket knives or car signs
-Yard sale items don't sell well. We only have a certain amount of floor space.

More than the chance to clean out your garage a bit, this is an opportunity to bring a lawn chair and just visit with other club members for 3 days in a fun atmosphere. We will have the coffee pot on all day, and donuts, cookies and , if we really are fortunate......the occasional homemade cake finds their way to our booth and is consumed there.

I can't encourage you enough, to just come out and hang out and spend some time. It is a unique event for us and we always have a great time. See you and your Henry J carb there!
Dave Saunders


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Norman Swap Meet?

Just ask Juan Villareal

or Lani
or Terry O'Dea,

or Zack McCain......

there could be others......

Plan your life around the NORMAN SPRING SWAP MEET - 3 glorious days of selling your junk, and buying someone else's junk! What could be better than wandering out to the Cleveland County Fairgrounds and drinking coffee under the blue cRc canopy with other cRc members.....waiting to see who brings in donuts or cookies, staffing the sales table, wandering aimlessly around the complex looking at piles of carbs, transmissions, fenders, old tires, tools, and the like.......

If your workshop is getting a little bit out of hand and there are piles of really useful "stuff" that you intended to do something about in let's say 1987, but have not quite gotten around to yet......you simply take all of that quality stuff and put a piece of masking tape on it with your name (or in the case of stuff you wish to donate to the club write CRC rather than your name) ......the price you want.....and possibly what it is or what it fits.

 You then toss the whole shebang into the trunk of your car and on Thursday morning, you drive to the cRc booth and drop it off. If you want the proceeds and we sell it - we hold the money for you. If you have labeled it as a club donation, we sell it and use the money to pay for next spring's swap meet space. Each year we hope to make enough in coffee and donut donations to pay the approximately $120 cost for the next show.

Now there is a danger to all of this.........you come home with MORE JUNK than you took in. It is however DIFFERENT JUNK which makes a big difference.  What is important here is that you have fun, and fun we do have. See you there.