The location of this year's Christmas Party has been changed from Mastertech to the American Legion Post 88, 710 East Main St, Norman. We did this to allow Gene to fully recuperate from his cancer treatments without worrying about getting things ready for a bunch of yahoos! If you cross Porter Ave while on Main Street and pass STASH on the right and the fire station on the left, the building is about 1-2 block east of that on the south side of E. Main. The date is December 14th. 

WHO: Any member of the cRc and their family is welcome to join us for this evening of fun and surprises. If you wish to bring guests, please let us know in advance for seating and food purposes. 

WHAT: The most fun Christmas party you will ever attend....the club provides the main course(s) and the members provide the salads, veggies, and yummy desserts. We are even planning a vegan section for whose who wish. You don't need to sign up, just bring a salad or a veggie or a dessert. Homemade of course is better, but if you have a favorite store-bought item, everything is eaten and appreciated.

WHERE:   It will be at the AMERICAN LEGION POST 88  at 710 East Main Street. DECEMBER 14th, arrival between 6 and 6:30. a 30 minute concert begins at 6:30, while we are waiting for those who are in the Norman Christmas Parade to arrive. Serving line will begin when the paraders arrive, about 7PM or so.

 This year's entertainment is sure to make your evening one to remember. Remember when we surprised everyone a couple of years ago with Rachel singing her beautiful opera carols? Well it is different again this year. First the concert.......wear island themed shirts everyone, then the meal, a few games for everyone, including Harlan and Kelley's nearly world famous bead game, and then back by popular demand, those lovable singing offkey DIPSTICKS, who will try to sing a song of their own and then finish up by leading us all in a couple of Traditional Christmas carols.