Coffee call report - a beautiful day, the temperature was perfect for an outdoor patio coffee call, and we wasted no time in filling up all of the parking places and all of the patio chairs.  Ray Waldron was there and showing off his beautiful new engine in his Chevelle......we have been waiting for it for a few weeks now and the wait was worth it.

Van reports some progress on the repair of his wrecked Corvette, but he is at the stage of chasing down one final problem after another, which can be very tiring.....good luck Van!

Dave S. brought his 1931 Model A Ford today and it was giving him electrical problems. Following coffee call, Dave drove the car back to his shop in Noble where it promptly stalled out in the shop yard. A little heavy pushing has the car squared away and ready for repair next week.

cRc cRuise director Carol Hoffman signed up a number of folks for our upcoming September 30th lunch cruise to Medicine Park and Mount Scott reliability run, photo op at the top, and afternoon buffalo hunt in the park. If you want to participate in our fall cRuise, which is sure to be a hit, see Carol, Harlan, or Dave and we will add you to the list.

Jim and Carol drove the "big unit" to coffee this morning, and during the course of conversation, Jim mentioned that he had some sort of vacuum leak. Our diagnostic experts, Billy and Lawrence descended upon the car and ultimately found a small uncapped port in the back of the carb. PROBLEM DIAGNOSED!

Chevrolet products won the day and vastly outnumbered the Fords and Mopar cars. We had a "drive-by" featuring a Mopar "SWINGER", but alas the parking lot was full and he did not come back around again.

We concluded all the monkey business and telling of lies we came to achieve and folks began to drift away around 10am....until next weekend at WHATABURGER.

Dave Saunders
Posted by Ron Borum........

The cRc would like to welcome new member Gary Lunow who joined this week at the Emmanuel Baptist Church car show. Welcome Gary!
Carl Queen is in St. Anthony's - downtown OKC recovering from a kidney removal. Best to check with hospital information before you go to visit, as there is some talk of him coming home Monday the 14th. His wife Jean has the room all decorated with paintings of the Caribbean islands as an incentive to get well. It only hurts when you laugh Carl!
No, the cRc hat is not in Portugal, but it IS in ITALY along the CINQUE-TERRA coast. 5 small villages set in the deep ravines joining the sea make this one of the most beautiful spots on the earth. Thanks Marshall Pierson for giving out hat a ride!
Bill and Joyce McBee are offering their 1970 blue Olds 442 for sale. It is shown above. If you want to learn more about this beautiful car,  or just navigate to the cars for sale page.

A couple of additional donations to Food and  Shelter 
have brought our original total to $4981.05 - 

A record gift from the club. Again, thanks to everyone 
who worked before, during, and after the show, and to those 60 members who brought their cars out and displayed them for everyone to enjoy. 

We plan to give the money to the Board of Food and Shelter at their next Board meeting which is the evening of August 21st. If you worked the show and would like to be a part of the presentation, please contact Dave Saunders at 405-406-3730.
LANI has returned from another Middle East adventure teaching aboard a U.S. Aircraft carrier. Lani has been gone with the Navy on deployment to the Indian Ocean and beyond as part of a "teach-the-troops" program sponsered by the Department of Defense. And yes, she did get "tailhooked" on and catapulted off the ship.
cRc member CARL QUEEN (photo is of his former Dodge, which is now resting comfortably in a St. Louis car museum) is going to St. Antony's Tuesday, August 8th for kidney cancer surgery. He will have the infected kidney removed. Please send your best thoughts and prayers Carl's way. We will update you on his condition as we learn more.
"Relatively" new member GLENN MILLER poses next to his vintage Model A Ford. Glenn joined the club in 2017 and is working to preserve the classic beauty and feel of his car. Preservation is different than restoration and takes patience. We were glad to have an opportunity to get to know Glenn and enjoy checking out his Model A.
CHRISTMAS PARTY quick update: 
The annual cRc Christmas food and song fest is going to be held again at MASTER TECH on 24th just north of MAIN Street. Date is Saturday, December 9th beginning at 6:30 PM. 
Longtime hot rodder and cRc car show gang of 12 member JOHN KUZNICKI has been successfully released from the hospital where he has spent the past 2-1/2 months. (That is not a misprint). John arrived at coffee call yesterday and while still a bit frail from eating hospital food, is on the mend. We welcome John back to the cRc coffee call family and are glad to learn his open heart surgery was successful.
No, the cRc hat is not sunning itself on the French Rivera in Nice or Cannes, nor is it in Cancun, Mexico as some have guessed......., if you guessed France, you are within 500 miles or so....please try again. To see the photo of the little cRc hat, just scroll down this page.
A new columnist appears on the cRc website! Long time cRc member Carol "Roadrunner" Hoffman has joined the highly paid ranks of the cRc news staff. Carol will be managing the information on our cRuise page. Carol and Jim recently made a recon trip to Medicine Park to scout restaurants for our September cRuise to Mount Scott, the National Park, and Medicine Park lunch spot. Thanks Carol for taking on this task.
A recent photo of new member Dan Ward's 1970 GTO convertible. Nice ride Dan.
Upcoming estate auction:

My father passed away back in May and was a lifelong collector of classic Ford cars and parts. He has a shop full of late 40’s to early 70’s NOS parts still in the box, a couple motors, and a lot of used parts. Everything from drivetrain and engine parts, carburetors, steering columns, AC systems, windshields, body trim, hubcaps, memorabilia.
He also has a restored 65 Ford F100 with a 390. We are having an auction August 12th and I thought your members might be interested in being there. Below is a link to the auction listing with information. Keep in mind that the listing is being revised to include more information on the parts and pics of the truck this week. If you have any questions please give me a call at 405-388-8448.

Thanks much,
 John Howard - the auction date is AUGUST 12, 2017

This past Thursday night, cRc members say a short prayer over a street rod, in the hopes it will start.
The date of the THUNDERBIRD CASINO/CRC CAR SHOW has changed from September 9th. A new date will be selected in October and posted on the club home page. In the September 9th slot is the Cleveland County Free Fair.
The Canadian River Cruisers are pleased to welcome 5 new families to our membership. These new members joined during the 2017 car show.

Christina Chumard

Dan Ward

Ricky Curry

Chuck Gibson

Tom and Nancy Wakely

Thank you for joining the cRc, we look forward to seeing you and your rides. WELCOME!
Now is this really cRc club member Gene, or  a doppelganger?
Gene is it really you in our recent 100 degree heatwave?
Another cRc travelling hat has been spotted, this one is thousands of miles from Midway Grocery, our World Headquarters! Where has this little hat wandered? Send your guess of which country to and be the winner of club admiration!
A lunch Jon Forman and Dave Saunders were going out to lunch on Sunday afternoon and Dave picked Jon up in the 1931 Model A.....a nice lunch was had at Red Rock Grill. On the way home, the Model A stalled, right in the center lane on 24th Street about 200 yards from the traffic light on Robinson - we were headed south. It would not start. The Sunday lunch crowd was in full swing.

Very quickly, the gas gauge was observed to be quite accurate, displaying the number 0, meaning empty. And so push it we did, down in line with the patient and polite Oklahoma traffic to cross Robinson and pull into the Homeland gas station.............huffing and puffing, because this is a fairly heavy car, and we were determined to clear the big Robinson Street intersection during one light cycle. Finally, we gasp to a stop perpendicular to the first Homeland pump we encounter....only to find cRc member Wayne Saunders standing there with his cell phone making a photo of our misery!
One oversize Camo fabric chair, last seen sitting near terry O'Dea's 1955 Chevy on the afternoon of the car show. Chair may have wandered home with someone by mistake, however Terry would like his chair home safe and sound. There was a lot going on immediately following the show with the park cleanup. If you know where Terry can find his wayward chair, please give him a call at: 405-641-7718. Thanks much! (We really don't need our Master Sargeant-at Arms Floyd Yates opening an investigation into this) Really.
  A thanks to all who came!

   Kelley and I would like to thank everyone for coming out to the Hallbrook Clubhouse
for the Car-BQ and Pre-Registration Cruise In.  Terry O'Dea signed up
38 people and did a great job!  The side dishes were terrific and the Dessert table was overflowing!
Christmas Party in July with a Coffee Call on Friday night feel.  It really was perfect, thanks
again to all and we plan to do it again next year .  
July 30th- well gang, our charity car show has come and gone, seems like just a few days ago we were meeting to be sure we had everything nailed down. Special thanks this year go to Floyd and his "gang of 12" who have taken our show to one of the best shows in the state. We broke our record and had 152 cars in Andrew's Park this year. Midway Bob and family ran out of bun, made a special "bun-run" for more, and finally ran out of hot dogs late in the day. The 50/50 pot guys sold $750 of tickets and finally ran out of tickets. 
Andrews park is a great location, and we hope to reserve it again for next year's event. All in all, we could not have asked for better weather, venue, cars, people, or organization.

On Friday night, Harlan and Kelley sponsored a CAR-B-Q to preregister members, out at HALLBROOK PARK clubhouse. We had a good turnout, pre-registered about 35-40 members cars, and ate some really fine potluck. My favorite were the bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed were they good. We also had a nice variety of baked beans, potato and pasta salad, good grilled hot dogs, and a tasty dessert table. Who could want anything more.

After the accountants finished their $$$$ count, the club broke all records for this year's donation to FOOD and SHELTER with a whopping $4,851.05 being collected from registration, food sales, and our half of the 50/50 pot. If you came to the show or made a donation, be proud of your community accomplishment.  I will begin posting photgraphs of the cars on a separate page, as there are a lot of great classic shots this year.
A note received via email this week:
I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the club prayers during this time of sorrow for my family.
We thank everyone very much.
Charlie Lunsford
The club would like to take the opportunity to welcome GARRY DEXTER and his 1992 and 2008 corvettes. We hope to see one of his vettes at our car show next weekend.

Zack McCain was out in his shop doing a bit of hot weather cleaning, and look at the goodies he found to put up for sale! We have posted them on the cars and parts for sale page, so that cRc members get the first crack at them....part of our "keep 'em in the club policy". To see the welder, flat head V8 and more, just click here cars-and-parts-for-sale.php 
Is this really Lani's new Mercedes? 
We regret to inform the cRc membership that Charlie Lunsford's wife MARTHA passed away on July 10th. Her funeral was held yesterday. Charlie, we send you our best thoughts and prayers during this tough time. Charlie is the owner of the 1955 Red Chevy convertible.
A note about the cRc Car Show. Last year, we had the unfortunate situation occur when a few of our members came to the show, enjoyed the festivities and the show, but forgot to make their donation to Food and Shelter. We are having coffee call in the park this year from 8 until 10. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy this pre-show free event for the members, however, if you have no plans to pay the $20 registration fee, but plan to keep your car in place and enjoy the show......we will need to collect your registration or you will need to park your car in the public parking area to enjoy the show. Thank you for your understanding about this.
Dave Saunders
Ray Waldron Jr. was born in Bakersfield, California but got here as quickly as he could. His parents moved back to Oklahoma when Ray was 8 and he has called it home ever since. 

He attended a number of schools which no longer exist: Ladd School, Alamo School, and Canada School. He went to high school in Noble and then was drafted into the U.S. Army, and served a combat tour in Vietnam from 1966 until 1968 with the 199th light infantry unit.

If you need plumbing work done..Ray's your man - he worked for Kunkle's plumbing.

If you need lumber cut, Ray's your man - he worked for Something something lumber company in California (which I cannot remember!).

If you need your hair cut, Ray's your man - he received his barber license from the OK State Barber College and owned a style shop in Tulsa from 1977-1982. 

And finally, if you catch your classic car on fire, you hope Ray is around. In 1982, he moved back to Noble and joined the Norman Fire Department where he worked until he retired in 2003.

Married since 1977 to Ruth, between them they have 5 daughters, a host of grands and even 4 great grands. It is a wonder he can get to coffee call!

What does Ray say about the cRc?
"I love the camaraderie, being with other guys who have the same interests. "

His current classic cars are his 1957 Chevy Bel-Air and his 1970 Chevelle. Clearly, Ray has "the need for speed".... having owned a 1965 GTO and a 1964 Falcon Sprint. He also owned a 1929 Model A Ford but we don't know how that one got into his fleet! He is pretty much one of our "BOWTIE" men! Now having said that.....

If he had any car in the world, it would be "ELEANOR" the 1967 Shelby GT 500 featured in the movie "Gone in sixty seconds".

And now you know about Ray Waldron, Jr. active and supportive member of our cRc family!

Yet another riveting afternoon on the cRc car show circuit as our guys try to grab a quick resty before the action really gets going. Juan claims he was only pretending to take a siesta.
A nice group gathered at Whataburger this last Saturday for coffee call. We welcomed Shane Vice and his 1969 Camaro, 

"The Art of Speed | Oklahomans and Fast Cars"

For those who don't read the papers; the Oklahoma History Center is going to run an exhibit on 'fast cars' across the years.  Six weeks only starting Saturday July 1.  According to what I've read, these will be cars provided to the museum by private collectors here in the state.  One of the early ones is a Mercer Runabout; later ones will be on display up to current muscle; they used an E-Jag in their ad.

The History Center is northeast of the capitol on 800 Nazih Zuhdi Dr. in OKC.  It has a really cool replica of the Spirit of St Louis hanging from the ceiling in the great hall and other interesting exhibits plus a research area.  If you grew up around here, there a lot of memories on display. 

Here is a list of the cars on display at the Oklahoma History Center's exhibition.
1966 Shelby GT 350 (Jim & Joyce Bradley)  (This one might be a replica; it would take a Shelby expert to sort it out from the 100 1965 cars that were used to homolgate them for B Production sports cars.)
1913 Mercer Model 35 Raceabout (Don & Grace Boulton)
1914 Simplex Speed Car (Don & Grace Boulton)
1911 Pope Harerfort 'Portola' Model W Roadster (Don & Grace Boulton)
1911 Franklin Model D (Ted Davis)
1954 Pegaso Z-102 Series II Berlinetta (Chip Fudge)
2006 Ford GT ('66 - '67 Le Mans winner (Chip Fudge)
1955 Jaguar XK 140 MC (Rocky Santiago)
1937 Cord Model 812 Supercharged (John Groendyke)
1969 Pontiac GTO Judge (Mike Borello)
1939 Ford dirt tracker #101 as raced at Taft Stadium (Ted & Frances Oney)
(I attended the stock car races Friday nights during the fifties and sixties any time I could talk my dad into going.  And, I may have a program in my stuff listing this car and its then current driver.)
1967 Lancia Fulnia Soirt Zagato (Buddy & Sherri Butler)
1966 427 Corvette Stingray (Mike McLaughlin)
1970 Jaguar XKE Series II (DIck & LaNeal Russ)
1962 Austin Healey 3000 Mk II BN7 (Rocky Santiago
1951 MG-TD (Nolan & Pat Morgan)1972 BMW Model 2002 (Buddy & Sherri Butler
And TaDa
1903 Packard Grey Wolf K-Special replica hand built by Ted Davis from the original Packard blue prints to commemorate the 100th anniversary of this race car 2003-2004 (Ted Davis)
courtesy of cRc member Steve Ruedy

Gary Miller's Comet convertible next to Jim Stanley's radical LS powered Chevelle at the Shawnee Knights car show. 

 (Please pardon the distortion of the people and cars, we do not have a good system in our web provider for turning vertical photos horizontal) It added 40 pounds to Ray Langley and lengthened his T-Bird by 3 feet!
The car show circuit, for those of you like me, who only show their cars once or twice a year (when they are running)....the car show circuit is a gruelling test of human endurance, fit for neither man nor beast.......having said that, we have a few hearty members who are mentally and physically well conditioned enough to make at least one show, if not two per week - from early May until late October. The toll this takes on their bodies is amazing....well, to be frank, it takes a special person to endure the heat, the cold, the sun and rain, the thrill of receiving the trophy, or of missing the big one. This photo to the right, captures all the zest, the excitement, the anticipation of victory and the agony of defeat at the SHAWNEE KNIGHT'S CAR SHOW.
This is a tall tale about a cRc member. After awakening this past friday, June 23rd, and realizing that it was not Saturday and there was no coffee call or car show, this member got bored quickly. 

His loving wife needed to find something for him to do, lest he drive the entire family crazy by moping around the house all day, so the wife said..."Did you know there is a car show today in Paul's Valley?"

And so faced with repairing the gutters on the house, drinking another pot of coffee at the breakfast table, or going on a road trip - our cRc member wisely jumped in his classic 1969 GMC and headed down highway 77.........and here is what he found!
A fun community service event for the retirees of RIVERMONT HOME as the cRc members provide a number of great classic cars for the elderly residents to enjoy. Rivermont responded by having a nice party with free food, a DJ, and a festive time!
A nice group came to coffee this past weekend at MIDWAY GROCERY and DELI. A nice weather weekend packed both the parking lot and the patio.
This is a story about a car that would not leave! cRc member Ron Conlon retired this year from OU and he and his wife moved to OTTAWA, Canada.......but in doing so, he made the decision to sell his little red 1978 Fiat Spyder 2000. GREAT NEWS for the cRc! The car was sold to a gentleman by the name of WAYNE SCHMITZ of Norman and he just joined out club. WELCOME WAYNE! Not folks, that is one dedicated little's good to be a cRc car.
Relatively new member and part time gIrly gEarhead DARLENE made her cRc debut in her beautiful 1967 Mustang Convertible. Sweet ride. Thanks for coming to show it off Darlene. Folks got to meet her mom MARGRET also.
Saturday the 10th there was a new car show at campus corner and Harlan and the Love Bug attended. Actually many cRc members attended, but this is our first photo to be received.
Great weather and a good turn out, this show promises to be a good one in the future.
Posted June 4th - cRc member DOUG LASSITER has been added to the Military Service page, U.S. Army.  This brings to 66 members, the number who have served our country. If you are a Veteran and are not listed on our honor page, please email us with your name and branch of
Photos of the cRuise-in series at HOLLYWOOD CORNERS.....
COFFEE GROUNDS, by Harlan Butler....  a messy cold morning for GERMAN CAR DAY coffee call resulted in about 20 brave members attending at Johnnie's Broiler. The day cleared rapidly however and the Tinker show should have been well attended. We were treated to the two beautiful classic Mercedes coming out for coffee today. Next week we are at Midway and it is muscle car day.
Roy made it in with his little Smart car....... which is owned by MERCEDES since 2011.
These two magnificent examples of club cars and German engineering made the trip to coffee call and are we glad they did!
The British Jag just couldn't help coming in to see what cars were at Johnnies on "GERMAN CAR DAY".....
Ray Waldron's '57 Bel Air is out for a Saturday morning visit to coffee.

A fall cRuize for the cRc

RUMOR HAS IT.......... September 23rd... based on the success and interest in the spring cRuiz to the Caveman car museum and pigout bbq (some members made a detour for fried pies) ... cRuize director Carol "BEEP-BEEP" Hoffman is working on another fun adventure for the fall.

 The fall cRuize is reportedly going to be to the top of Mt. Scott (will your ride make the 2400 foot climb (and more importantly a safe descent!)   Lunch in Medicine Park will follow a lovely cRuize through the buffalo range of the park.

Imagine the photo op as a herd of buffalo pose peacefully beside your $15,000 paint job!

Posted May 10th - cRc member and part time antique tractor driver Larry Hinton sent over this great series of old post cards of the Ford Plant in Detroit, circa 1915. If you love old machinery (and who among us doesn't), lots of genuine leather need to click below and enjoy the entire post card series..... thanks Larry for sending this over!

POSTED MONDAY May 8 - a fine video of the ROSE ROCK show.......thanks Harlan.

What's this? An ECLIPSE YOU SAY?

Posted Sunday, May 7th - Are you interested in cRuizing to see the AUGUST 21st SOLAR ECLIPSE? Didn't know about it you say? Here are a few details, but motel space is filling up quickly in Kansas so contact Philip if you are interesting in making a road trip out of this.....

I don't know if we have any science nerds  in the club that would have interest in the 21-Aug-2017 Full Solar Eclipse that will be visible across the US from Oregon to South Carolina.  See attached map.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and only a day's drive from Norman. 

 I know a few people that live in the path and have heard that motel/hotel rooms are booking up fast.  I'm sure people are traveling from around the world to see this.  Another opportunity to prove Einstein's theory is correct - gravity does bend light.

Anyway, I plan to drive one of my 2 or 4 wheeled vehicles up to see it.  Preferably to the best viewing zone in southern Illinois or eastern Kentucky.  If you want to post something about this on the website, maybe I won't have to drive up alone.For more information, contact Philip Scott 

Our CANADIAN RIVER CRUISERS participated in the ROSE ROCK PARADE on May 6th, making the parade a really fun event for the town of NOBLE.....the parade was followed by a car show.The weather was perfect!

The parade line-up of cars......

Along the route , two rows of great classic cars....

Downtown we go, side by side to the cheers of the citizens.....great community service! Well done.

Since we have a nice parade for the citizens, let's give them a fun car show, capping off a nice day in the town. Below is cRc National Car Show Headquarters....complete with the usual suspects!

Good looking rides....

A smaller participation than we hoped for, with about 50 cars, as the proceeds from this show go to fund the cRc July "FIRECRACKER" show in Norman on July 29th, but all in all, we earned some money to put in the till. Plus the citizens of Noble got a nice treat looking at the great cars.

A day well spent....thanks to all who worked on making this second year in Noble a success.See you again next year.