cRuise gIrly gEarhead CAROL "ROADRUNNER" HOFFMAN has announced the date for the Hot Rod 100 - reliability run between OKC and Tulsa. The date is September 16th and details can be found on our home page. $25 which includes tshirt and lunch for 2. 
Posted June 19, 2017. RIVERMONT has a nice turnout this past Saturday and we offered up almost 30 cars for their residents to enjoy. Burgers and dogs and potato salad were the order of the day, and we all enjoyed the morning.  We had 3 new members join the club. They are:
Khalid with a 1961 Ford Ranchero, (Khalid, I cn't seem to get an email through to you, please call Dave at 405-406-3730)

John Whitney with a 1971 Mustang,

and Barry and Sherry Bolton and their GTO. We look forward to welcoming each of you and enjoying your fine rides.
Another local car club collector who is not yet a member of the cRc. Also the owner of Hollywood corners. also a great country singer. Also a strong supported of our troops as well as the OU Sooners. None other than Toby Keith.
A fun community service event for the retirees of RIVERMONT HOME as the cRc members provide a number of great classic cars for the elderly residents to enjoy. Rivermont responded by having a nice party with free food, a DJ, and a festive time!
A nice group came to coffee this past weekend at MIDWAY GROCERY and DELI. A nice weather weekend packed both the parking lot and the patio.
This is a story about a car that would not leave! cRc member Ron Conlon retired this year from OU and he and his wife moved to OTTAWA, Canada.......but in doing so, he made the decision to sell his little red 1978 Fiat Spyder 2000. GREAT NEWS for the cRc! The car was sold to a gentleman by the name of WAYNE SCHMITZ of Norman and he just joined out club. WELCOME WAYNE! Not folks, that is one dedicated little's good to be a cRc car.
Relatively new member and part time gIrly gEarhead DARLENE made her cRc debut in her beautiful 1967 Mustang Convertible. Sweet ride. Thanks for coming to show it off Darlene. Folks got to meet her mom MARGRET also.
Saturday the 10th there was a new car show at campus corner and Harlan and the Love Bug attended. Actually many cRc members attended, but this is our first photo to be received.
Great weather and a good turn out, this show promises to be a good one in the future.
Posted June 4th - cRc member DOUG LASSITER has been added to the Military Service page, U.S. Army.  This brings to 66 members, the number who have served our country. If you are a Veteran and are not listed on our honor page, please email us with your name and branch of
Photos of the cRuise-in series at HOLLYWOOD CORNERS.....
RUMOR HAS IT...............that after selling his 1965 Mustang for a tidy profit, let's call this person Ray L. (no relationship to cRc member Ray Langley I am sure) was fast asleep one night and in the middle of a sweet dream about the merits of Holly vs Rochester carburetors.  In the dream was a car chase  between Fords and Chevys........but it quickly became a nightmare for Ray L. because the Chevys were always ahead. As long as we have known this Ray L. (not his real name) guy, he bleeds FORD.............

Ray (certainly not his real name here) woke up tired the next morning after fighting and fighting those pesky Chevys, and upon reflecting on his dream during his 6 cups of coffee, Ray decided this dream must be an omen and that he should withdraw the money from selling his Mustang and give, not to his church or a local charity or the homeless, but give it to that guy who had the 2000 CORVETTE for sale!

And so this story (fable) has a happy ending.....the former owner of the Corvette now has the money in HIS bank account, and Ray L. (certainly not his real name), is the proud owner of a 2000 Corvette. Now regardless of who wins in his dreams, this Ray guy  is covered!

COFFEE GROUNDS, by Harlan Butler....  a messy cold morning for GERMAN CAR DAY coffee call resulted in about 20 brave members attending at Johnnie's Broiler. The day cleared rapidly however and the Tinker show should have been well attended. We were treated to the two beautiful classic Mercedes coming out for coffee today. Next week we are at Midway and it is muscle car day.
Roy made it in with his little Smart car....... which is owned by MERCEDES since 2011.
These two magnificent examples of club cars and German engineering made the trip to coffee call and are we glad they did!
The British Jag just couldn't help coming in to see what cars were at Johnnies on "GERMAN CAR DAY".....
Ray Waldron's '57 Bel Air is out for a Saturday morning visit to coffee.
Posted Sunday, an Editorial May 21 by Dave....there is a chilling article in today's Norman Transcript about the endless plight of the merchants on Lindsey, who have endured more than 600 days of road construction. Many have had to call it quits but several spots continue to hang on.......spots that Normanites love like Legends and Ray's BBQ and Penny Hill Deli. It is one thing for Schlotzsky's to close their doors, but it is another if we lose a time honored place like Legends or Ray's or even International Pantry. We have already lost the new Toby Keith's spot. Now where else are you going to go to get a Jalepeno SPAM and grilled onion with cheese sandwich....I ask you!  We as a both a club and as individuals can do more to help a few spots here. I'll schedule something for RAY'S BBQ for the club in the weeks ahead. We won't miss them until they are closed. SO, we have scheduled the first of a series of weeknight evening cRuiz-ins to LINDSEY STREET RESTAURANTS to help support them during this tough time. They will all be on WEDNESDAY NIGHTS at 6PM - the first one is to RAY'S BBQ this WEDNESDAY, MAY 2th. More to follow. We are a good community club, it is what we do.
Posted Sunday, May 21 by Keith:  cRc members attend BUG-A-RAMA in Wichita
Carol and I drove to Wichita this weekend for the Bug O Rama.  After a week of weather watching we made the decision to leave our Beetle at home.  As it turned out our concerns were misguided.  For the most part the rain that we feared never materialized although the day of the show was cold and windy.  Met a lot of great VW enthusiasts and pledged to return next year with our Beetle.  The show is held at the Sedgwick County Park.  Lovely location with lots of shade. 

(Editor's note: We have a number of bug enthusiasts in the club. Maybe next year we plan an extended cRuiz to Wichita to see this event. I love the Beetle that the guy has made into a tiny camper. Marilyn looked at the photo and said, "You know what that says?"...."
I said no, what. She replied, "I'm a bachelor and always will be!" )
Posted Saturday, May 20th - great old automotive film clip website. Want to see a short movie about an oilfield Dodge (circa 1920)? Or how about a tour of the Chevrolet Assembly Plant (1937)....... or maybe Dinah Shore singing "See the U.S.A. in your's all here in an easy to find and use format. We have placed the weblink on PABLO'S page, where it will remain for some time. To go there and use the link, click here: pablos-hot-spot.php

Several things....first at 148 feet high, it is the tallest "vending machine" in the world. Located in Singapore where space is a premium, this machine dispenses Ferrari and Lamborghinis at the touch of a button....well the touch of a button and several hundred thousand dollars!
Don't we need one of these in Norman? 
Maybe at MIDWAY Deli for Saturday morning club parking.
A new format for the website....... technology marches along whether or not we are prepared. This format is what is called "responsive" in terms of its design, meaning it is supposed to be better for use with cell phones. Let's see. As always, your comments are welcome. email me at
POSTED May 13th - 

The club wishes to welcome the following new members:

While some of our members are relatively inactive, the club has more than 350 members, making it potentially one of the largest clubs in Oklahoma.

A fall cRuize for the cRc

RUMOR HAS IT.......... September 23rd... based on the success and interest in the spring cRuiz to the Caveman car museum and pigout bbq (some members made a detour for fried pies) ... cRuize director Carol "BEEP-BEEP" Hoffman is working on another fun adventure for the fall.

 The fall cRuize is reportedly going to be to the top of Mt. Scott (will your ride make the 2400 foot climb (and more importantly a safe descent!)   Lunch in Medicine Park will follow a lovely cRuize through the buffalo range of the park.

Imagine the photo op as a herd of buffalo pose peacefully beside your $15,000 paint job!

Posted May 10th - cRc member and part time antique tractor driver Larry Hinton sent over this great series of old post cards of the Ford Plant in Detroit, circa 1915. If you love old machinery (and who among us doesn't), lots of genuine leather need to click below and enjoy the entire post card series..... thanks Larry for sending this over!

POSTED MONDAY May 8 - a fine video of the ROSE ROCK show.......thanks Harlan.

What's this? An ECLIPSE YOU SAY?

Posted Sunday, May 7th - Are you interested in cRuizing to see the AUGUST 21st SOLAR ECLIPSE? Didn't know about it you say? Here are a few details, but motel space is filling up quickly in Kansas so contact Philip if you are interesting in making a road trip out of this.....

I don't know if we have any science nerds  in the club that would have interest in the 21-Aug-2017 Full Solar Eclipse that will be visible across the US from Oregon to South Carolina.  See attached map.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and only a day's drive from Norman. 

 I know a few people that live in the path and have heard that motel/hotel rooms are booking up fast.  I'm sure people are traveling from around the world to see this.  Another opportunity to prove Einstein's theory is correct - gravity does bend light.

Anyway, I plan to drive one of my 2 or 4 wheeled vehicles up to see it.  Preferably to the best viewing zone in southern Illinois or eastern Kentucky.  If you want to post something about this on the website, maybe I won't have to drive up alone.For more information, contact Philip Scott 

Our CANADIAN RIVER CRUISERS participated in the ROSE ROCK PARADE on May 6th, making the parade a really fun event for the town of NOBLE.....the parade was followed by a car show.The weather was perfect!

The parade line-up of cars......

Along the route , two rows of great classic cars....

Downtown we go, side by side to the cheers of the citizens.....great community service! Well done.

Since we have a nice parade for the citizens, let's give them a fun car show, capping off a nice day in the town. Below is cRc National Car Show Headquarters....complete with the usual suspects!

Good looking rides....

A smaller participation than we hoped for, with about 50 cars, as the proceeds from this show go to fund the cRc July "FIRECRACKER" show in Norman on July 29th, but all in all, we earned some money to put in the till. Plus the citizens of Noble got a nice treat looking at the great cars.

A day well spent....thanks to all who worked on making this second year in Noble a success.See you again next year.