Healthcare update: Posted October 19th - Both Billy Henry and Becky O'Dea have recently had one form or another of knee surgery. The club is pleased to report that both appear to be doing well. Billy came to Boomarang on Saturday while Becky came to Crop Walk. Glad both members are doing well.
Posted Sunday, October 19th a note from member John Houchin:
Hello all! 
I was wondering if anyone in the club might have some ideas for some long term storage space for multiple cars.  Probably 5-6 cars.    I’d heard of some space in Moore, but would prefer to be closer to central Norman. 
I might want to use it as an actual workshop too. 
Thanks in advance.
John Houchin
cell: 405-255-4639
Posted, Sunday 10/19, Norman Oklahoma Crop Walk

It always makes me smile when we get a big turnout for one of or community events, and so it was today we had a bakers dozen new and vintage vehicles in Andrews Park on display for the citizens to enjoy as they prepared to raise money by walking 3.1 miles for Food and shelter and a national organization known as crop walk. We made a short video of the event for you to enjoy. The weather was perfect.

Thank you to all the members who made an effort to come out today!
The club would like to welcome Todd Compton and his 2019 White Corvette. We hope to see more of Todd and his ride in the near future.
A new member to the club could be a challenge to the longest car...this is a gigantic 1970 Cadillac......more information to follow.

We would like to welcome JOHN CARTER and his 1970 Cadillac convertible, a photo which is shown below. AS well as the Hoffman's buick - it will be interesting to see in 2020 how this comes out. Stay tuned.

               THIS?                                                             OR OUR CURRENT CHAMP?

This just in on Thursday afternoon:
"It is a sad day at crc. Someone is out to get me, your lovable Sgt-at-Arms. The first time they tried to blow me up by setting some explosive device inside my favorite bbq pit. 

Now they sabotage my old power chair so the front wheels would fall off and it worked, but I want to report that I am ok. Nothing will stop me from my ongoing investigation. I will get to the bottom of this. I will keep you good cRc members up to  date .
Your honest and hardworking Master Sgt FLOYD YATES

A second suspect emerges in the hypothetical arson attack on Master Sgt. Floyd's bbq grill (which reported was purchased used for $1.00 in 1964 at a garage sale in Slaughterville, where Floyd complained the guy was ripping him off). 

It is said that anyone who has two cells phones, both look like burners to us, is likely up to no good!

A suspect has emerged in the attempted arson of Master Sgt. Floyd's 60 year old bbq pit: (see article below). Our keen eyed master sarge in the background has his eye on him.

Update, Tuesday October 8th (monkey business)
THIS JUST IN from our Sgt-At-Arms!
Friday I went to get my barbecue ready to cook some good old fashioned hamburgers I put the charcoal in went to light it, and It  blew up..... but I was OK. 
Now let's get to the bottom of this.  I have been running an undercover investigation and find that some members are not living up to CRC highest standard that lets you be a member!  It is in the rule book section ZZX22! This brutal attempt to replace me will not stop me from investigating. I will keep the club up to date on how the investigation is going.
Posted October 8th - the cRc sent some cars over to STASH for their annual Octoberfest and we received these photos back from Rebecca with a note telling us how much she appreciated the cars being there. Well done cRc.
Carol's cRcRuises is back with a summary of the recent trip to Warwick, Oklahoma and the 1924 DX station. Click the little box below to view all the cool pix and the writeup.

Your midweek briefing:
The Norman Holiday Parade MAY be switched back from December 7th to Saturday December 14th. There is a NPS basketball tournament the weekend of the 7th and the parade committee would like the students to be able to attend. We will keep you posted right here! In the meantime, just keep on waxing your car.

We have a number of things coming up in the weeks ahead, on September 27th, a community service car display at Arbor House (thank you, the list of 5 cars needed is currently full), the fall version of the Norman Swap Meet, our November 2nd Car Show at THUNDERBIRD CASINO, the Norman Veterans Parade on November 10th featuring cRc member Eddie Paulus as dignitary, our club CHRISTMAS PARTY on DECEMBER 14th at MASTER TECH (don't miss this one!), and the Norman CHRISTMAS PARADE on December 14th. Toss in an OCTOBERFEST at STASH , a signup sheet is going around at coffee call (classic cars are limited to 6). A lot is going on!

Your Monday, September 16th briefing:

We woke up this morning with 2 new members! We welcome Rick Cordwell of Oklahoma City and Billy Sisemore of Jones, Oklahoma. Information about their classic rides will be posted as soon as it is received. Both new members joined at one of the cRc preferred car shows. Thanks Ray!

Posted Sunday, September 15:

Gary Miller took the photos above at the Harrah Daze car show, as Big-Jim, Mean-Gene and Gary Miller represented CRC at the Harrah Daze Car Show. Jim and Gary won top ten awards , Mean Gene left early. 

Thursday, 12 September saying goodbye to a friend.

A celebration of life for cRc member Lucinda "Cindy" Gage will be held Friday, 13 September at 10:00 AM at the Primrose Funeral Home Chapel.  Internment will follow at the I.O.O.F Cemetery on North Porter.  Primrose is located at 1109 North Porter.  Pallbearers from the cRc are Terry O'Dea, Dan Haggerty, and Lawrence Terry.  The entire membership of the cRc are honorary pallbearers.  Our hearts go out to Walt and family for their loss.

Tuesday, September 10th a new member joins the club, and laying cRc member Chuck Norris to rest. 

First we would like to welcome new cRc member Michael Patterson and his red hot 2019 Mustang Bullitt, 50th Anniversary Edition with a whopping 475 HP.......

Welcome Michael, we can't wait to admire your fine ride. Michael was a proud member of the United States Army and his name is now posted with other cRc service members on our military service page.

In honor of Sgt. Chuck Norris, deceased club member....

Yesterday, almost 20 cRc members made the drive up to El Reno to the Trinity Baptist Church to pay final respects to longtime member Charles "Chuck" Norris. As most of you know, Chuck has been in the Norman VA Center for the past several months.  The service was also attended by members of the Patriot Guard. It was a heartfelt service with daughter Debbie talking about her father's life. Debbie's former husband spoke about Chuck as did his grandson. 

Six cRc members served as Pallbearers as other members looked on. We will miss the nitty-gritty of Chuck Norris, watching the various improvements in his classic cars over the years and his many up and down health days. The takeaway from all of this was that above all, Chuck was an American Patriot. As daughter Debbie aptly said, "Chuck left Vietnam, but Vietnam never left Chuck. 

By the way, Chuck published an autobiography of his war days before he passed. I have read it and it certainly makes interesting reading. It is available on Amazon....the title is TWO FEATHERS by CHUCK NORRIS.

Chuck, we will always remember your Purple Heart Jacket and your creation of all of our "CHUCK PLAQUES".....may you rest in peace.


Dave Saunders

Your Monday briefing.....a good turnout at the Cleveland county free fair on Saturday, a cRc community event. Another good turnout at the cRc car show pick this one at the Moore Walmart. Monday at 1PM at the Trinity Baptist church in El Reno, the cRc will pay our respects to charter member Chuck norris who passed away last week. Patriot Honor guard will be present and cRc members will serve as pallbearers.

The club is pleased to welcome Sherrill Spears and his unique custom 1957 Chevy delivery van. See youtube below.

Coffee at Midway Grocery was followed by the Cleveland County Free Fair......a pleasant way to spend the morning.....

There are always as many antique tractors at the Free Fair as there are classic cars.
An interview with new cRc member Sherrill Spears and his 1957 Chevy delivery. Sweet ride Sherrill!
Posted September 2nd by crack cRc reporter Harlan's Hotspot, a report on the possible release of a "compressed air driven mini-car in India......beginning range 120 miles. That may be a bit of a "dust up" in Oklahoma but it will be interesting to follow. $2 for a fillup and you can do it at any SCUBA shop! To check this out, click on the button below and we will magically transport you to that page. Now THAT is a real miracle!
Posted September 2 - we have a bunch of photos from the American Legion visit, so I will be posting them over the next few days. Watch for your car!
Coffee grounds, Sunday September 1st....welcome to September and the season opener of OU football! Saturday was a great day for coffee call with more than 30 members attending the tour of the recently renovated Post 88 of the American Legion. Legion sponsors Tammie and Tyrone Richard were great hosts and Tammie took these really fun photo to capture the moment. We want Tammie to become out "official" cRc photographer!

In other club news, congratulations to Zac the younger and his beautiful Olds for being selected as the transcript Rig my Ride for September. The article, courtesy of the Transcript, appears below the photos of the american Legion cars. Well done Zac, nice article.

Below is the article on Zac the younger.......and his cute 1941 Oldsmobile.

Photos of this past weekend "longest car contest" held at Rudy's. To see the large version, simply double-click on the thumbnail photo.
A new t-shirt series???????????????????????
COFFEE GROUNDS, RUDY'S BBQ, Saturday August 24th.......ahhh what a difference 3 inches of rain and a drop in temperature of a dozen degrees 

makes! A very enthuiastic group of cRc members began gathering at Rudy's beginning around 0730 and the parking lot was crowded by 8:30. Today was our annual "who has the longest car in the club?" That dear reader has been a subject of warm debate ever since we launched the contest, about 4 years ago.

We had 10 entries, some of which we we recruited only for measurement practice. Cars in the 206-210 inch range probably would not win, since we knew we had cars in the 220 inch range.

Before we began, we received a number of protests........

Would a continental tire kit be allowed? Yes, if was installed on the car....

Would fender feelers be counted if they were pointed forward and backwards and lengthened the car. Yes, if you had to resort to that to win....

Would Dave be allowed to open the trunk on his Model A Ford and count the additional 16 inches? Maybe, because he couldn't win anyway.

Was Lani's ranchero a car or a truck? Yes.

Would we accomplish anything by measuring Wayne's Smartcar? No, but we measured it at 107.5". Two Smartcars end to end would still be short.

Would Bill Mcbee be disqualified with his Rivera if he showed up late? It was 8:53 and the final measurement was to take place at 0900. Maybe, depending on whether or not he brought a homemade fruitcake for the judge. (Sadly he did not but arrived within the given time)

 If I put 3-foot-long tail pipe extensions on my car will I qualify? Get serious here...

And so on and on it went and the results are below....

Big, but not quiet long enough were Kim Dewbre's 1993 Cadillac at 205.75", Billy Henry's 1966 Thunderbird at 206.75", John Peace and his 198.5" 68 Chevelle, Michael Fain in BIG M, his 1956 Merc at 206.0" and Gary Lumow's Pontiac at 208.25".......and now for the biggest or the big.....

Lawrence Terry's 1957 Chevy with fully extended continental kit was 215",

Lani's 1975 Ranchero measured 218" and she ws in the lead for a while.


A low rumbling (a stomach perhaps) was heard up on Chatauqua as Jim and Carol's 1975 Buick came gliding up to the measurement point........224-3/4" and took the lead. Shannon showed up but his Superbird was not with him so there was no rematch there. Roy Sherry had a contender with his Pariseanne but decided not to drive it, so we will not know until next year how it stacked up.

Several members tried to talk Lani into a remeasure with her tailgate down, but she would not hear of it.  And at 8:53, Bill and Joyce drove up in the biggest challenge of the day. Carpenter's right angles were brought out of nowhere and the semi-precise measurement began......223-3/4" ......later, the winner of the $25 Rudy's gas or food card was declared: 1st place again to Jim Hoffman with Bill McBee winning a $5.00 gift card for O'Reilleys. Special thanks to Philip, Van, Lawrence, and others who helped with the measurement. As always, the club proved again what a fun time we have at Rudy's.

Well of course there will be a smallest car contest a bit down the road......

Posted Wednesday, August 21st - a new voice for the cRc with the city of Norman. Our illustrious parade coordinator, that affable Irishman 

Terry O'Dea strikes again! In addition to his duties as the cRc contact with the city of Norman for parades and such, Terry was invited to become a member of the Christmas Parade Committee! Way to go Terry! The club now has a very active voice to assist in guiding the city toward making the Christmas parade better and better. Thank you Terry for stepping up on this.

The generous cRc members donated $635 to the family of Steve Thompson at our Saturday (8/17) Midway coffee call.  Family members in attendance included Steve’s wife, son, and grandsons.  Fond stories of Steve were passed around the Midway parking lot. Thanks to everyone who came out to support Steve's family.
Report by Lani. Posted August 19.

We have a new page titled : SUPPLIER INDEX .  It is a member generated page, with recommendations by cRc members who have received good service on their classic cars from an area service provider. If you would like to add someone to this lise, please email
Coffee grounds, Boomarang Diner, Norman, Oklahoma

August 3rd - I can't believe July has slipped past us. The cRc car show was fantastic with more than 200 cars, trucks, and bikes. We donated a record $7,600 to our homeless shelter. We were amazed at the turnout. Thanks to every person who played a role, big or small, in making this a big success.

And now August - it was comfortable this morning as a little cool front came through. We started out slowly at Boomerang this morning with only a handful, but the place was packed by 9AM. Nicole and her staff gave us the usual great table service that we are accustomed to there. The video below tried to capture the moment.

Several longtime club members returned today. Members who we have not seen in a while. Panelman a.k.a. Jim Reinish was there and it was good to see him. Kaye and Dale Cook returned. Kaye has been recovering at home from eye surgery for several weeks. Ruckus Bob Summers came in today and visited. Ruckus Bob is the club's oldest member, a World War 2 Vet. He looked great!

Charlie Lundsford was collecting entries for our participation in the Norman Veteran's Day Parade, November 10th - he got 25. If you want to participate but didn't get a chance to sign up, please call Terry O'Dea at 405-641-7718. The city is preparing special signs to designate each car, driver, and branch of service (GO NAVY!). 

We were also looking for 5 cars to go to Arbor house in late September for the folks there - we got 'em! Dan, Terry, Charlie, Billy, and Lawrence all agreed to display their classics for the elderly. Friday September 27 at 5PM.

Harlan was busy out front, talking with the head of the American Legion on East Main. We have been invited to come to coffee call there one Saturday and tour their remodeled facility. Watch for it to be substituted for one of the Whataburger time slots. I will let you know in our pages here.

Bill and Roy have a discussion about the inner workings of a Pontiac fuel injection system, while we catch Keith, apparently nibbling on a napkin. Sorry Keith!

The photo below is of the fisherman's table....lies, all lies!

The City of Norman and the cRc are in a partnership to provide the city with a first class Veterans Parade on Sunday, November 10th. One of our remaining Korean War club members who can still fit into his uniform (there are more, but they can't) will lead the visitors in the pledge of allegiance. Parade Coordinator Extraordinaire and Supreme Community Leader Terry O'Dea reports that we have a dozen Vets signed up so far. We need far more than that. Get out those pocket calendars gang and see if you can do something good for the city. On Saturday at Boomerang there will be a sign up sheet....well, what are you waiting for? We need the names in very early August because each car will have a specially prepared sign.