Posted August 22nd - there local restaurant notices:

1. After many, many years in norman, Misal Indian Restaurant on the Ed Noble parkway has closed its doors.

2. Ozzie's at the Westheimer Airport, will be closed for 3 weeks in September for renovations.

3. El Huevo Mexican Grill on Tecumseh near I-35 will begin staying open at dinnertime. Breakfast, lunch, and now dinner.

Posted Wednesday, August 21st - a new voice for the cRc with the city of Norman. Our illustrious parade coordinator, that affable Irishman 

Terry O'Dea strikes again! In addition to his duties as the cRc contact with the city of Norman for parades and such, Terry was invited to become a member of the Christmas Parade Committee! Way to go Terry! The club now has a very active voice to assist in guiding the city toward making the Christmas parade better and better. Thank you Terry for stepping up on this.

Posted Wednesday, August 21st - 

this nice thank you note was received today from food and Shelter, thanking each member of the club for the work that was done to make the cRc-Food and Shelter annual car show a big success. The cRc was able to donate $7,600.00 to our select charity, a new annual record for the club.

POSTED, TUESDAY  August 20, a note from the Steve Thompson family : 

A SINCERE THANK YOU to the Canadian River Cruisers

Thank you so much for your donations at Steve’s sudden death which came at such a shocking and unfortunate time in our lives.  Your generosity is overwhelming. Steve thought the world of each of you!  He enjoyed your camaraderie and he loved bringing his grandson, Greyson to the car club gatherings & sharing stories with his other grandsons and granddaughter about the Canadian River Cruisers.

Steve loved coming to the car club and your friendships he treasured. Each of you are a great inspiration to us and especially to Steve’s (our) grandchildren.

 Thank you all so much for helping us with your generous donations at this time.


The Steve Thompson Family

The generous cRc members donated $635 to the family of Steve Thompson at our Saturday (8/17) Midway coffee call.  Family members in attendance included Steve’s wife, son, and grandsons.  Fond stories of Steve were passed around the Midway parking lot. Thanks to everyone who came out to support Steve's family.
Report by Lani. Posted August 19.

Posted Sunday, August 11th - photos from the CHOCTAW BASEBALL CAR SHOW have appeared and are posted on the car show page for your enjoyment. give credit to our guys and gals who sat out in 104 degree weather yesterday........or possibly mark them all as insane and let it go at that. Good showing gang!

Photo credits to Gary Miller

We have a new page titled : SUPPLIER INDEX .  It is a member generated page, with recommendations by cRc members who have received good service on their classic cars from an area service provider. If you would like to add someone to this lise, please email
New car for sale on the cars and parts page. It is a 1964 Chevrolet 2 door hardtop, a yard find. To check it our, click the box below.
Posted Saturday, August 10th -coffee grounds

We met at La Madeleine this morning at 7AM before motoring over to cars and coffee at Crest market about 9. 

Finding La Madeleine is a bit tricky. I almost always miss it the first time. It is tucked in behind BAD BOY BURGERS, almost across the road from the Embassy Suites.  It is at the far north end of the Academy Sports lot. If you are lucky enough to find it, you can be rewarded with some top quality coffee in a real mug, and a good custom order full breakfast. 

This morning, someone had left La Madeleine's A/C on stun all night and it was 58 degrees in there at 7AM, so most of us ate outside to keep from freezing to death. Norman weather was pleasant at 7AM with a light breeze and about 77. It will get oppressive later in the day, but we are in August!

One of the big treats this morning was to see Dale and Kaye Cook's 2001 BMW with 1002 miles on it. So the story continues....Dale won this car while he and Kaye were in Las Vegas. And we thought Kaye was lucky! Dale has kept it perfect and in storage for the last 17 years. Showroom perfect. If you missed it this week, enjoy the video because it may be a while before they put it on the road again. They are only averaging 60 miles a year on it.

And now we jump over to cars and coffee - August edition. This is a short video, as one of our members showed up with a drone and made several passes over the parking lot. We hope to publish a copy soon, so check back later.

And then there was this 1960 Nash Metropolitan......remember them? Undersized and grossly underpowered, tiny wheels and tiny tires, my mother had one, a 1955. It took my abuse as a teenager, but it was a poor excuse for what the British could produce.... Rolls Royce, XKE Jags, Austin Healey 3000's, M.G.'s, Triumphs, Aston-Martin D-B4's....and then there were the "Met", the Hillman Minx, and the Vauxhall.

However this is NOT YOUR GRANDMOTHER'S MET.........the drag chute is a clue......check it out.

Posted Monday, August 8th - 

The photo above is a successful attempt yesterday by a French inventor to cross the English Channel on a hoverboard. The 22 mile crossing was made is just 20 minutes.

And more locally, cRc member Zack McCain is the newest member of the "electric bike gang". He recently received delivery of the bike shown below, a "RAD-CITY" step through. SWEET!

Credit to reporter: Lani for this hot cRc news tip.

Coffee grounds, Boomarang Diner, Norman, Oklahoma

August 3rd - I can't believe July has slipped past us. The cRc car show was fantastic with more than 200 cars, trucks, and bikes. We donated a record $7,600 to our homeless shelter. We were amazed at the turnout. Thanks to every person who played a role, big or small, in making this a big success.

And now August - it was comfortable this morning as a little cool front came through. We started out slowly at Boomerang this morning with only a handful, but the place was packed by 9AM. Nicole and her staff gave us the usual great table service that we are accustomed to there. The video below tried to capture the moment.

Several longtime club members returned today. Members who we have not seen in a while. Panelman a.k.a. Jim Reinish was there and it was good to see him. Kaye and Dale Cook returned. Kaye has been recovering at home from eye surgery for several weeks. Ruckus Bob Summers came in today and visited. Ruckus Bob is the club's oldest member, a World War 2 Vet. He looked great!

Charlie Lundsford was collecting entries for our participation in the Norman Veteran's Day Parade, November 10th - he got 25. If you want to participate but didn't get a chance to sign up, please call Terry O'Dea at 405-641-7718. The city is preparing special signs to designate each car, driver, and branch of service (GO NAVY!). 

We were also looking for 5 cars to go to Arbor house in late September for the folks there - we got 'em! Dan, Terry, Charlie, Billy, and Lawrence all agreed to display their classics for the elderly. Friday September 27 at 5PM.

Harlan was busy out front, talking with the head of the American Legion on East Main. We have been invited to come to coffee call there one Saturday and tour their remodeled facility. Watch for it to be substituted for one of the Whataburger time slots. I will let you know in our pages here.

Bill and Roy have a discussion about the inner workings of a Pontiac fuel injection system, while we catch Keith, apparently nibbling on a napkin. Sorry Keith!

The photo below is of the fisherman's table....lies, all lies!

Great humor at our car show from Wayne Saunders:

The City of Norman and the cRc are in a partnership to provide the city with a first class Veterans Parade on Sunday, November 10th. One of our remaining Korean War club members who can still fit into his uniform (there are more, but they can't) will lead the visitors in the pledge of allegiance. Parade Coordinator Extraordinaire and Supreme Community Leader Terry O'Dea reports that we have a dozen Vets signed up so far. We need far more than that. Get out those pocket calendars gang and see if you can do something good for the city. On Saturday at Boomerang there will be a sign up sheet....well, what are you waiting for? We need the names in very early August because each car will have a specially prepared sign.
Grounds de Café - July 13, La Madeline
I weel do thees first part wifh an accent de Fronce today, since vee veer at zee restaurant La Madeline zees morning!

OK, enough of that. We had a moderate group of about 20 this morning. Each coffee call restaurant where we go has a different personality. At MIDWAY for example, people spend a lot of time eating on the patio and in the parking lot, going in and out of the restaurant. 

At RUDY'S, which has the biggest parking lot, we tend to go in, order, sit at the tables for a good while and then later drift outside. 

At WHATABURGER, it is somewhat similar to Midway, always eating in and then drifting outside.

At BOOMARANG, which has a smaller parking lot, everyone tends to stay inside and eat until they are finished - then they wander out and visit around the cars. We have not found our stride at LA MADELINE  yet. They have some fun food, you can get bacon, eggs to order, and hash browns, or scones, or french toast. Plus they have some of the best coffee around. But as yet, we do not congregate around the cars parked outside. We sit and visit inside. However you enjoy the camaraderie of this club, do exactly what is best for you.
Left to right, back row Ken, Ray W., Philip, Roy, Jim H. 
Front row: Wayne, Andy

Gene appears to call the club to order (he is not actually), while Dan (back to us) appears to doze off, and Ken seems to be getting sleepy. And that is why we never have meetings :)

Next we all headed over to CREST MARKET for the July version of cars and coffee. It was a pretty day and there was a good turnout.
I thought I would wander around and take a few photos of what I call "NICE TOUCH".....little extra things that make a person's car or bike quite here are a few. To see them full size, click on the thumbnail.

And finally we must pay a tribute to what I think is one of the most unique cars in the club.....Zack (the younger) and his 1941 Oldsmobile Businessman's coupe. Look at the shine on this sweet ride.

And for our health news (this may have to become its own special page)...Kaye Cook is heading into Oklahoma City for retina repair. Kaye will be spending a week or two face down following her procedure. That won't hurt but it will be pretty boring.

Chuck Norris is back at the VA but sadly has taken another spill. More to follow.

Next week we will have a commercial shop to at coffee - SCHOOLHOUSE CYCLES on Porter (west side) at EUFAULA (by Hiland Dairy building. We will provide the coffee and donuts.

We signed up another vendor today, CB CUSTOMS, an custom vehicle interior shop near Moore. They are planning to bring examples of their interior work down, installed in a couple of cars. Also, NORMAN'S MAYOR BREEA CLARK has agreed to come to the show and give us a "MAYOR'S PICK" this year.

See you at the show - this is going to be ONE GREAT SHOW!

Gene Paulus is selling his 1956 Chevy Bel-Air 4-door. You know the car as it comes to coffee almost every week. It may be seen any day in the parking lot at MASTERTECH Automotive on 24th, across from Hobby Lobby. Gene is there and can tell you about the car. It is a nice daily driver.

Coffee grounds - Midway - June 29
A perfect morning for coffee on the patio at Midway, and LOTS of cRc members understood that. We were packed with cars and bikes all morning. Lots of drive-by cars to see the classics. As Harlan Butler so eloquently put it..."There is a car show in Norman every Saturday morning from 8 until 10 year round".

We begin coffee grounds this morning by saying goodbye to one of Zack-the-younger's" many "just passing through" vehicles. We did a parting youtube interview with Zack about the history of this old gravel truck......and where its future lies.

I am sure if there were ever the perfect home for this old truck, Zack has found it. We know the new owner will be happy.

Next up, we had a LOT of 2-sheeled vehicles at coffee. A lot. Some had pedal power and some were pedal assist, and some were old and some were brand new. Here are the photos:

The first are a trio of new bikes, in the distance (top right) is Midway Bob's BMW 1600 cc "batmobile" cycle. It defines the work sleek.

Behind that, is a spot you can't see well, is JD Whitney's Can-Am Stryker 3-wheeled bike. 

The red seat bike in the foreground is Jon Forman's new Honda Cub, a remake of the classic version, with updated bells and whistles.

To the right are two new power assist bikes, belonging to Harlan and Kelley. Fat tire electrics, very nice. An easy ride from Hall Park.

Then we have Lani's new electric "Friday bike", the goCycle. Easy to store and park, and fun to ride. 

But we're not done yet. Andy took the opportunity on this beautiful morning to don some WW2 period clothes and come over on his BSA World-War2 era bike. If you have never seen this classic (the bike, not Andy), be sure to check it our the next time he drives it. 

If you don't know, Andy is also the owner of a vintage Rolls Royce, a 1954 MG-TD, and a later model MGB. A true lover of all things British!

A bit later in the morning, Barry Abbott and Mike McKorkle came rumbling into the parking lot in Barry's souped up Corvette. We had not seen Barry in a while and most of us had not seen his Corvette, so it was fun to get a glimpse of both!

It was coolest t-shirt day today and the judges had a very difficult time as there were several to choose from.....the 4 finalists are shown below....

These and others were all very good, but alas, we only had one gift certificate, which went to Michael Fain ('56 Merc) for his most interesting shirt. Pictured from left to right are Carol Hoffman, Vinnie Letta, Keith Reames (those images of footprints are of Oklahoma Thunder's star Russell Westbrook)....and the winner is: Michael Fain! This is the name of a minor league team in the Texas-Oklahoma D league from 1921 -1922. "GO BOOGS"

And while you obviously know that this is a quiet club that NEVER EVER creates a "situation" among its members, like, shall we say stirring the pot. It seems as though our beloved MSGT-AT-ARMS has a new supervisor.....this as shown from the proof shown below:

Since this is on the world wide web, it must be true! Congratulations to Chief of Staff Ray Langley on his new assignment. We think that supervising the MSGT at Arms may be a full time assignment. Do we now address him as Ray, Raymond, or Chief of Staff? And that is all the club news that is fit to print. We'll see you next Saturday at RUDY'S.
POSTED JUNE 14 - CRC TO SPONSOR THE ANNUAL NORMAN VETERANS SHOW. It was obvious to everyone in attendance this year that the annual car show to help fund Veteran transportation needs, was in trouble. While the DAV ( Disabled American Veterans) has worked hard to make it a good show, and the venue is nice, they just can't seem to get the turnout to make it a big show. So they asked the club to take it over and we agreed. In 2020 it will become the CRC-VETERANS CENTER CAR SHOW and we will do the show. 

Unlike our July CRC-FOOD AND SHELTER SHOW, the VA show proceeds will be channeled to assist local Veterans with their transportation needs. Both shows are for excellent causes. We now do 5 shows each year:

2 THUNDERBIRD CASINO SHOWS, SPRING AND FALL, where we earn money to do our shows, rent the property, portalets, provide trophies and other flyers and other show expenses. This is a great show if you have not come out yet. About 170 cars.

THE ROSE ROCK SHOW IN NOBLE- in 2019 our donation went for band uniforms. 94 cars. We also help their parade.

THE CRC FOOD AND SHELTER SHOW IN JULY, where 100% of the intake on that day goes to F&S of NORMAN. 187 cars but we want over 200.

And now the CRC-VETERANS CENTER SHOW, where we will make a contribution to their transportation fund. In 2019, 45 cars. We can improve on that.

Be proud of the charity events your club organizes. We gift thousands of dollars each year to benefit and improve local lives. This is accomplished as a result of a group of cRc members who make it happen. Floyd, Ray, Wayne, Little Al, Harlan, Lawrence, Billy, and others.

Coffee grounds - Posted Monday June 3

Welcome to June and congratulations to our car show team who drove to STROUD and came away with a bunch of wins AND the club trophy.

We are only about 7 weeks away from our annual charity car show in Norman so let's get those classics waxed and running. We want 200 cars this year!

In health news: Ruth Waldron reports to Lani that Ray is much better and she is having a hard time keeping him down!

Debbie Norris reports her father Chuck is in an assisted living home in OKC and on the waiting list for the NORNAM VA CENTER. Thanks Terry for checking on him.

Like crows on a fence, our car show team awaits the results of the judging. Juan, explains to Big Al, the finer points of tuning an engine! Photo credit: Gary Miller.

POSTED MAY 28 - On Saturday, the VA Center held their annual car show. The money from this show assists Veterans with their transportation needs. The show only drew 42 cars, due to the uncertain weather and prior nights storms. Most of them were cRc cars. The cRc car show team decided to make a $300.00 contribution from the club to the Veterans Center to assist their transportation fund. WELL DONE GANG!
Coffee grounds, May 26th, 2019 .Saturday was a busy day in the club......we started at Midway for coffee call and then went to the Norman Veteran Center to support their annual car show. Several members left to attend the funeral of Mary Jane McCain and returned later. Following the car show, we held our annual CAR-B-QUE at the Hallbrooke clubhouse. The food was outstanding. Photos farther down the page......

An interview with cRc member Johannes Turner and his cool 1954 Plymouth Belvedere.......did you know Johannes (it is pronounced WITH the "S").... Johannes is also a member of the Cherokee chapter of the Vintage Motorcycle Club of America. We are in the initial stages of planning a joint coffee call with the local chapter.

While the day started with a storm, the weather rapidly cleared and the day was great! Light breeze, part sun, cool morning. The cRc came out in force to support our Vets and we received the club participation award.

We welcome new members John and Angie Peck and their beautiful 1965 Red Corvette. That is some paint job!

We had a nice turnout at the CAR-B-QUE:
Like birds on a wire, Billy, Lawrence, and Lani sit outside the clubhouse enjoying the afternoon.
Pat Parrish made the really fun jello shot cars for us to try.

Our thanks go to Harlan and Kelley who reserved the clubhouse and Harlan who knows a thing or two about how to make a great hot dog!

Our car-b-que was a success and we look forward to another one next year.