Posted Monday October 15th - We got an apology email from Carol's Kitchen asking us to please come back to their restaurant, and that they had both kitchen help and service problems that were unexpected this past Saturday. Apology accepted by the club.

Coffee grounds: Carol's Kitchen, October 13, rain, rain go away.
All of our car shows were rained out this weekend. Let's hope that we have good weather NEXT WEEKEND for our cRc THUNDERBIRD CASINO CAR SHOW. See you there.
We regret to report the passing of TOM HANSON, cRc member. TOM did not attend club functions too often, however, Terry O'Dea reported that Tom passed about 6 months ago. 
cRuise director Carol reported that she is nearing her maximum for the fall cRuise to EICHEN'S on November 3rd. The route will bring us south to cross the Canadian, and then back through Newcastle and north - all nice scenic highways. See Carol to get your name on the list. CASH ONLY at EICHEN'S.

We had a moderate group at Carol's Kitchen this morning and I am sad to report, service was a bit spotty.  This mornings photos ops.
Pat, Jock, and Roy are out this rainy day for a full breakfast.

Looking much like the "Cats that ate the Canary, are Ken and Kim Dewbre.

Billy and Mary Henry are out and enjoying the morning:

And finally, we jealousy take this cheap shot at cRc member Lani, who is off training our young naval enlisted men aboard the aircraft carrier, TRUMAN. The Truman, however is in port and so Lani is reportedly touring in Portsmouth, England.

And that, dear members is all we have!

The cRc would like to welcome GREG and OLIVIA NEW and their 1953 Chevrolet 210. Another Chevy joins the club. 
Wonder who will win the next bragging rights in Ford VS Chevy VS All others. coming again in November to a coffee call near you! Check the club calendar and "get your motor running"......
and finally Harlan reports that our anniversary shirts are shipping today. We should have them in time to wear at the Norman Swap Meet. We be stylin'
Posted Sunday, October 7th - A small but dedicated group turned out at Johnny's Broiler on Saturday for our regular coffee call. There were some competing interests like a certain football game at the Texas State Fair. Having said that, we got to visit with both Zacks, McCain and Brouilette. Carol began signing up folks for the EICHEN'S cRuise and so far we have 16. There will be an optional add-on feature to the cRuise, a drive over to historic Fort Reno and $5 per person tour of their museum. This will follow the chicken dinner face-stuffing and add a couple of hours to the cRuise. (for those who choose to do the add-on, the museum admission is $5 per person). Remember that EICHEN'S DOES NOT accept credit or debit cards, cash only.
Thanks Terry O'Dea for the photos of Johnnie's and coffee call. To see the photos full size, just double click on each one and it will go full size.

Posted October 4th - a couple of quick items of business for the club, Carol reports that EICHEN'S DOES NOT take reservations (or credit cards), but they said it should be no problem with seating our club during lunch on November 3rd. Also Harlan reports that our 10th anniversary t-shirts are due to be in soon. Good things come to all who wait.

Check out this cars and coffee youtube from OKC in March - 17 minutes of burnouts as folks were leaving the venue...... harlans-internet-link-hotspot.php
Posted, October 2 - and a big THANK YOU shout out to Michael Fain, Carol Hoffman, Terry O'dea, and Jim Hoffman who have agreed to provide their classic cars to be on display in front of STASH this Friday night for their 4th annual "FALL-FEST". Thank you!
In other club news, we were contacted by Washington High School to tell us that our 1955-1956-1957 Chevy parade cars for their homecoming parade were not going to be required. Thanks anyway to Terry O'dea, Gene Paulus, and Marilyn Saunders who had volunteered to make the trip down to Washington for the kids. Maybe next year. Must be some serious Ford folks down in that part of the county!

Coffee grounds - Midway grocery -  We had a great turnout at Midway-and we packed the lot. The weather was pleasant but it was overcast and we had a very slight mist falling all morning. Pre-curser for fall?
Phillip and Jon rode their motorcycles to the event and were off for a major bike trip. Let's hope that Philip does another journal because the last one was superb. (If you didn't read it, it is still on the site - go to the motorcycle page)
All the regular suspects were there, most of us being on the post office bulletin board.  It was good to see member Carl Queen held.

Steve and Terry brought the cRc K-9 members too.Trapper and Gabby.

By 10:30 Midway was a ghost town. It was OU vs BAYLOR and also "gameday" so the city was hoppin':

Sadly, these guys didn't make it to coffee call, but they certainly would have been welcome!
Charlie Lunsford went to a Model-A hill climb at Pikes Peak recently. And files these great photos:

Photos of 18 model A's and then several Maseratis followed. Pressure is on for Neil, Dave, and others to do this event. 

The Antlers Hotel in Colorado Springs back in the day with Pikes Peak in background. What a great hotel.

Posted Sept 12th - Good news! The First Baptist Church is re-starting their Fall car show and it is scheduled for October 21st, a Sunday afternoon beginning at 1pm. Entry is only $10 per car. In speaking with Ray about this, he said that the good folks at THUNDERBIRD CASINO have sort of "DOUBLED DOWN" and are increasing the hourly door prize up, up, and up to $300, then $400, and then $500 each hour. Time to drop everything and get out there and support your club and the Casino. Saturday the 20th of October. If you win big, you could just drop it in the collection plate at First Baptist on Sunday - they would appreciate it!  :) 

Posted Sunday September 9 - Anatomy of a cRc event - 
 I loaded the VW bus with all the  coffee, speakers, music and stuff, get in it to leave at 6:45 and the rain starts. I unload everything and reload it all into the Jeep, which has working windshield  wipers,  get the doughnuts and head over to set up everything.

The rain subsided into a heavy mist. I set up on the NE corner and waited.  About 7:40 2 cars come in then another and by 9:30 we had 10-club cars, 5 non-club and 2 motorcycles.
Just about what I told Sandy of the fair committee my prediction of what we would have.  I had brought a dozen doughnuts and apple fritters, then 4 or 5 other guys brought 2 dozen doughnuts each! We had plenty for all!
We were giving doughnuts out to anyone at 10 Am.  The rain quit and it sprinkled a few times, but nothing major. Too bad everyone can not experience the great wet aroma of the livestock barns.  
The 7 non-members were cool about not having a trophy to win as we explained how it worked and why we were just there today. They all said they were going to come to the T-Bird Casino show, so I hope we see them there.  We all left by 10:45 which worked just fine for all concerned.
The OU Game was pretty good for a blowout.  Cloudy , no rain and they killed UCLA
Cheers HB

 Posted August 31st - another cRc meet your member interview is now available to enjoy on our"meet your members" page. This one is Steve Thompson.
Harlan has posted a link to the Central City, Colorado "HOT ROD HILL CLIMB" coming up in about 2 weeks. Also a youtube. Go there >>harlans-internet-link-hotspot.php
Friend of the cRc Susan A. is selling her 1982 Mercedes wagon "BUTTERCUP" for $5000. Check it out by clicking here>>  cars-and-parts-for-sale.php
Posted Thursday, August 30th - 
We have a shout-out to Terry O'dea who spends long hours in city meetings discussing things like parade routes and such. Terry is ready with the route and sign-up for the Veterans parade. To learn more, click here >> crc-military-service.php
By the way, if you served in the military and we don't have you listed on our military service page, we would like to correct that. Send us an email to:

Another shout-out goes to Harlan for all the work done on the 10th anniversary t-shirts  we hope to begin distributing at coffee call soon. We also will be taking orders for a nifty shop poster shown below. Posters will be $13 apiece.

Is this a fun club or what?
Posted Monday, August 27th
POTUS is on twitter, the Queen of England is on twitter, rock stars are on twitter, almost everyone these days is "tweeting" something. So is your car club. We are so very cool.

To see more of what is going on and to begin to catch up with your grandchildren here is how to do it.
1. Find your way to Twitter by just Googling it or use this handy little link to get there.......
You will have to create an account, easy as an email address and a password,
OK, now you are twitter's you want to find our site on twitter and see what is going on. to do that you need our address. It is      @CRC_CarClub

The content here is car and fun related and different from the club webpage so check it out and become a "follower". And if you don't understand a thing I have said here, it is best to talk with Harlan at coffee because he knows what is going on.

And then of course, being the hip club that we are with an average age of 77, (apologies to Zack and Amanda and a few others) Harlan also has us on Instagram. This is where a lot of photos get posted. To see what's there, use this shortcut but write down the address
and if you have no idea of how to do this, I suggest you talk to your great grandchildren and they can set you up with a one-click shortcut to get there. Thanks Harlan for dragging our club into the 21st century!

 Rumors of A blue and white 1957 Chevy being in an accident Saturday after Coffee, are not true. Seems Lawrence Terry came upon a motorist in  medical (Diabetic?) distress, stayed until authorities arrived. Good job Lawrence!

Sunday, August 26 - our video of the week is an interview with cRc member Terry O'Dea and a look at his new 1941 Chevrolet pickup. What a great addition to the cRc. Thanks Terry for bringing it to Johnny's Broiler.
The cRc would like to welcome Donnie and Caidan Stecklein and their 1966 Mustang. They joined at Johnny's Broiler.

Photos from Saturday's coffee call at Johnny's Broiler - we filled their parking lot! Double click on the thumbnail photos to enlarge.
Coffee grounds, August 25th - Johnny's Broiler
Today was the big day for the summer - Chevy vs Ford and we filled the parking lot++ at Johnny's on a beautiful end-of-summer day. 

The Chevy's took an early and seemingly commanding lead until a parade of 4 Ford's arrived and evened the tally about 8:15. The count was to be made at 9 am.
And so it went back and forth, Chevy inching ahead with the arrival of a Corvette....Ford pulling even with the arrival of a Mustang. And then a strange thing happened.....Floyd got into his Ford and drove away at 8:50 and the Ford's lost one car, the final tally was...........FORD 10 and CHEVY 12..........Ford owners suggested that Msgt-at-arms Floyd might have been bought off by the Chevy owners.....two quarters were observed changing hands earlier.

Ray Waldron (photo below) reacted to the announcement that the Chevy's took the day. The judges denied partial credit to Chevy for Chevy parts on a Ford body. The judges also expressed appreciation for the GMC, Buick, Mercury cars and trucks however these will be able to be counted in a different contest. And so it goes.....CHEVY WINS THE DAY.

A couple of longstanding members we have not scene in a while attended today. It was good to see Andy's MG-TD as well as Cherylynn's new Mustang.

And finally we enjoy this photo of a true young gIrly gEarhead - Grace who is shown with her dad Brent in front of their 1973 Jeep. Grace is at coffee call with her dad many weeks and seems to really have fun looking at the cars.

Posted Monday August 20 - at Food and Shelter:
Representatives from the cRc presented $3,894.00 to the Food and Shelter board of directors. Photo from left to right: Jim Hoffman (seated), Dave Saunders, Carol Hoffman (seated), April Heiple, (the brown paper bag of dollars), Ray Langley (who found it hard to let go of that much money), and Msgt-at-arms Floyd Yates. Photo by Harlan Butler.
The Food and Shelter board was very appreciative of our donation and gave us a standing ovation! cRc members, FEEL GOOD ABOUT WHAT YOU DID HERE!

Wayne looks like the "cat that ate the canary", while talking to Koy and Bill. Probably still happy about his new Smart car!
Zack B. steps up to provide his Chevy pickup for MYRIAD GARDENS  October OKC pumpkin event. 
About 30,000 citizens come to visit the gardens and the pumpkin decorations. This year's theme is: "New England pumpkin town".  There will be pumpkins placed in and around Zack's truck. 

 And now for today's edition of COFFEE GROUNDS:
-It was good to see Chuck Norris back today. Rumor had it he took a tumble a few weeks back. 

-Charley brought his 1955 chevy convertible today as he is to have this car in a photo shoot later today. We hope to have photo of the shoot to post later.

-We did an interview with Zack about the purchase of his magnificent 1941 Oldsmobile "66".... it appears as a YouTube below.....what a great nose Zack has for cars.....