Posted Sep 23 - email received from Midway Bob.....

Dave and fellow Cruisers

I am so proud to have The Midway so closely linked to this club. The value added to our community is simply amazing and the fun we have is even sweeter because of it. We will happily donate the money we usually spend on the car show food directly as a part of this effort. We will also add a markup to help cover what the club would have purchased.

If your church or civic group would like to have a fundraiser day at Midway to raise $$$ for Food & Shelter, please contact me.

Bob Thompson.  Midway Deli

World HQ, Canadian River Cruisers


Congrats to cRc club member Ron Blissit and his perfectly restored 1931 Pierce-Arrow. Featured in the Doug Hill DIG MY RIDE on Sunday, September 20, 2020.

As of September 21st, we have raised $600.00 THE CRC IS CONDUCTING A FUND RAISING DRIVE TO REPLACE SOME OF THE DONATIONS WE WOULD HAVE GIVEN TO FOOD AND SHELTER from our car shows in 2020. An email was sent to you today, outlining the need. PLEASE REVIEW YOUR EMAILS FROM THE CLUB AND GIVE WHAT YOU CAN. For additional information, email Dave Saunders at:

Needing a classic convertible for homecoming in Washington, OK on Friday, October 2nd.  My niece is a senior and up for queen.  She is an amazing young lady and needs a stunning car to showcase her in a stunning red dress!  Please let me know if anyone is interested.  Would need for afternoon parade thru town and then on the field at the football game that night.  Willing to pay a small fee if necessary.  Thank you! Best Wishes,

Kara Cook.  405-268-0785. 


Cruise downtown Norman this Friday night September 25th. - A different way to do this from last month......assemble in the Armstrong Bank parking lot between 6 and 6:15 pm. Don't worry about staying together as a group because the traffic lights make it impossible. Leave the parking lot and each car, travels independently and does three complete laps from Armstrong east down Main to the traffic circle near Food and Shelter, and comes back down Gray, making three complete laps of the downtown. If we have enough cars, everywhere you look, at every stop light there should be a classic or two. It won't be a parade, but more a continuous passing of classic cars one or two at a time. When you finish your laps, go someplace and eat or head home, we will not gather again in the parking lot in the dark like last time.
Posted September 19th - MIDWAY GROCERY

A super turnout this morning at the new and improved Midway cRc world headquarters. The coffee was outside and all you had to do was go in and buy the cup and fill it in the nice patio area. Their new patio is perfect for Saturday mornings, Harlan would certainly have approved. It was "reunion day" and we saw some folks we don't see every week - Carl Queen, Neal Wood, Ron LaPratt, Lynn Meyers to name a few. Carl's pristine 1950 Jeepster with the 350 Chevy engine is featured today on the youtube. Thanks for coming to coffee call, a great car show in the parking lot. Terry signed up a bunch of cars for the november Veterans Parade.

Posted September  by the  NewYork Times: DISCLOSURE: THIS IS A  SMALL BLOCK CHEVY ARTICLE  and perhaps will make some Ford owners cringe.....BUT it  is a great  read and fun story about the 265, 283 and 350.......harlans-hotspot.php where else would you find this except on HARLAN'S  HOTSPOT!

Posted Sept 15 by Terry O'Dea - Good news! We were contacted by the VETERANS CENTER OF NORMAN and they have a man who was born in 1918 (the year World War One was finished) and who is out at the center and turning 102 years old on OCTOBER 7th. This is fantastic and should be celebrated as a big deal! They want the CRC to come out and do one of our nearly world famous VETERAN BIRTHDAY PARADES THAT DAY....time to be announced later. Please make a spot on your schedule for that Wednesday to salute this VET!  OCTOBER 7th...we will do our same 3 three lap trip  under the portico which has worked well in the past.

Posted Sept 15th - by cRc member Shane Vice - Does anyone have any experience in having an engine rebuilt by a man named JON BARRETT who rebuilds engines and has a shop in Norman. If you have had any experience with an engine rebuild by this man, please give me (Shane) a call at 405-627-1561 and let me know how things turned out.


One thing that has NOT BEEN canceled is this from JIM HOFFMAN --  I wanted to pass this on. is planning another 100 mile reliability run Oct. 3rd, to Guthrie, OK.  Carol and I attended in the past and had fun.  Anyone interested can contact them at  We are signed up for this year.  Real easy to practice social distancing if you only go on the run.😎

Posted September 9th - several additional cancellations of car events due to the COVID situation:

1. The fall version of the cRc-Thunderbird Casino car show has been postponed until spring of 2021. 

2. The fabulous cRc CHRISTMAS PARTY will take a year off in 2020 and be back in 2021. We don't think it wise to hold an open food buffet, prepared at 60 different homes,  with 100+ people this year. We'll do our thing again in 2021. Don't worry, if you have been good, Santa will still come!

3. As of this moment, the city still is planning to hold the Veteran day parade and ceremonies. This could be canceled also but as of now, it is a go!

4. The fall Norman Swap Meet has been postponed until Spring 2021.

Posted September 1 and September 6th to the "potato-potato-potato" (motorcycle interest page) a new youtube video about the 2021 Honda Cub 125, by Jon Forman. Also a road trip with photos being taken by Philip Scott to deep Colorado.....happening right now.


Posted September 6th - Our thoughts are with Ray Langley this week in sympathy from the passing of his brother in Wyoming. We also wish Charlie Lundsford a quick and full recovery. Charlie had a fall this last week and dislocated and possibly chipped a bone in his shoulder. Get well soon Charlie!

WE LOSE ONE WE GAIN ONE - classic that is! Abigail's 1959 Apache pickup was sold this past week outside the club. BUT WAIT! A really cool 1973 or '74 VW THING was purchased and unveiled this past saturday at RUDYS....A nice restoration in olive green and Fawn (tan), with light and dark green seats. Very well done. Videos will be posted shortly. Well played Harris family, well played.


Posted September 1 by Dan and Twila

Norman Swap Meet October 2020 Cancelled NEXT Norman Swap Meet March 18th 19th 20th 2021

Dear Valued Vender, our #1 priority is the safety and health of our Norman Swap Meet Venders, Participants and workers!

As a result, we regret to inform you that our October Swap Meet EVENT is CANCELLED.We were hopeful that a COVID-19 Vaccine would be readily available for Venders, Swap Meet Workers, and Participants but this is not the case.

Oklahoma Governor, Kevin Stitt advises us to follow CDC guidelines and to NOT gather in groups, stay out of indoor crowded spaces and to social distance 6 feet apart. Due to the fact that large group events continue to be discouraged, our next Norman Swap Meet Event is scheduled for March 18th 19th 20th 2021

Dan and Twila

Notice: Over the next few weeks, we are going to be consolidating some of the less used pages on the site, and putting the information into the more visited pages. The calendar and news page and for-sale page, and Harlan's-Hotspot will all remain, as will the Veterans page. We hope this will make your navigation easier.

Posted August 20th - The Harris family, John, Jennifer, Abigail, and Amanda are selling Abigails' cool 1959 Chevy Apache to make garage room for a VW Squareback. (It should be obvious by now that THEY ARE a VW family! We have posted everything you need to know on our for-sale page. Click the box below to navigate there.

Posted, Wednesday August 19th - Debbie has decided to see her dad's Camaro. Chuck's gold and black Camaro is appearing for sale at the site shown below for $60,000. If you are interested, this is your chance:

 Debbie gave a nice tribute to her dad in the write-up. 

Thanks Ron Borum for reporting this tidbit.

Posted August 18th - Dan Haggerty has purchased those really sharp Super-Sport spinner hubcaps from Dwayne on the "for sale" page.   Very sharp Dan! Dwayne has more Chevy goodies still available as far as we know. 

In other news it seems as though Ozzie's Diner is not planning to reopen, at least not in the near future. 

Posted August 17 - this past weekend,Jim Hoffman took time off from working on his classic Buick for paddleboarding against the Dog Days of August, by enjoying Lake Overholser.

Posted  August 14th - Terry and I (Dave) found ourselves visiting Colorado at the same time this week and we decided to get together to climb 14,037 foot high Mount Sherman, one of the top 52 peaks for climbing in Colorado. This was to be Terry's first "14er" as they refer to them in Colorado. Over the past 5 years I have climbed a dozen of them so I know these things are mostly doable with some acclimation and good planning. At age 73, we would be the oldest two geezers climbing that day by about 40 years, as this is a "young lung" activity.

Weather can always play a factor because the weather over the Rocky mountains is always changing, especially in summer and you don't want thunderstorms to come up unexpectedly and you become the tallest thing on the mountain during that time. We checked and the weather was perfect all morning long. And so we began our climb. We made a video of our adventure. Apologies for some voice-over during some of the clips, but it makes an interesting 4 minutes.

Posted August 14th - ODDS 'n ENDS..... In talking with Terry O'Dea about whether the city will hold the Veterans Day Parade in November or not, Terry said we will all just have to "wait and see". He thinks that if COVID is just a memory by then, the parade will be held. but if new cases are being reported daily in Cleveland county, well, the attendees are almost all in the high risk group and he doesn't think the city will take the risk of a mass infection of our remaining Korean War Vets or our vietnam era vets.  

 The same thinking currently applies to most crc activities. Car shows have been canceled around the state, we are restricting coffee call to those few folks who go to Rudy's each week, and NO PLANS have been started for the cRc Christmas party or a fall CAR-B-Q......probably not a great idea to pack us all into a space and go around an open buffet table! We will let everyone know later in the fall what our thinking is on this. It is still on the club calendar, but sort of as a place marker right now. 

Posted August 9th - 10 days of STURGIS, SOUTH DAKOTA........we have posted a live feed on the POTATO-POTATO-POTATO webpage. Click here  POTATO-POTATO-POTATO.php. to go there. WARNING: THIS IS A LIVE FEED ON THE MAIN STREET OF THE LARGEST MOTORCYCLE GATHERING IN THE USA. Be advised before you leave it for your children to watch.........the feed will be taken down when Sturgis is over, about August 17th.
Posted August 9th by Jon Forman, an interesting article about people who make a decision to bury a car, and sometimes they decide to have their remains included. click the link below to go to HARLAN'S HOTSPOT to click on the article.

More clues have been posted about the BURIED BOOYA CAR in OK. See down below and let's get a few decent guesses going. HOLD THE PRESSES, WE HAVE A WINNER - WAYNE SAUNDERS CORRECTLY IDENTIFIED THE BOOYA CAR as being near the paved hike/bike path along Lake Stanley Draper. congratulations Wayne, you win nothing except the lasting admiration of your friends.
CRC hats at the top of the world!

This one photographed at 14,197 feet elevation, at the peak of Mount Belford in Colorado.

Second quiz hint - it is near a large body of water. This is possibly where old cRc classics go to die.

Come on gang, this is too easy. Let's get with the guessing. Not in McClain county. Not in Grady county. Not on Route 66. Now in Texas or and bordering state but within 20 miles of Midway Grocery.Not east of Midway grocery and not south of Midway either.

Hint for the quiz: It is just off an asphalt pavement north and east of Norman. The pavement has a yellow dividing stripe, but you can't get there legally by car. Any guesses?

Posted on July 30 - a cRc riddle......"This is VERY CLOSE TO NORMAN...but where is it?

Submit your guesses to:

Credit: Philip Scott for finding this for us.

Posted August 2 - It is with regret that we report the passing of Wayne Lewis's father, who has been in an assisted living home in Noble for the past several months. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Wayne and Sharon Lewis.

Posted August 1st - Why are we going to RUDY'S every Saturday?

Rudy's has the best parking lot f the 4 places we rotate, RUDY'S, MIDWAY, J-PAT'S, and La Madeleine. While their food is not to everyone's taste, RUDY'S provides us a place to "Social Distance" that J-Pat's or Midway cannot possibly duplicate, although Midway is improving their outside seating.  So we're going to stay as safe as possible and continue at Rudy's for a while. 

Duane Brosowski is selling several spare items from his shop. The descriptions and photographs are on the "FOR SALE" page. If you have in interest in purchasing any of these items, please call Duane at 405-831-9855. You can click the box below and zip over there to see the items:
Harlan's Hotspot has found a very interesting video about the upcoming electric pickup truck revolution, which reminds me of the early days of the automobile. Everyone is getting into the act to compete with Tesla's success, including Ford, G.M. and a number of other companies which nobody has ever heard of, and probably will be sorted out in the years to come, just like Hudson, Nash, and Hupmobile were sorted out. To go there and watch the video, just click the box below:
Check out our Route-66 page for a look at an American icon, the 1932 Ford hot rod that goes up for investor auction. To go there, click the box below.

BACK TO WORK! Midway Bob Thompson has re-purposed, re-outfitted, and re-painted Harlan's old van and is using it daily to make food deliveries to Midway commercial customers. Nice job Midway Bob, we know Harlan would LOVE what the transformation.

Posted July 23 - Noble's Rose Rock Festival has been cancelled for 2020 and postponed until 2021. There will be no car show in Noble this year.

Posted JULY 22: The club received information from the CLEVELAND COUNTY FAIR BOARD letting us know that due to COVID in 2020 that they were significantly scaling back their free fair and that we would be invited to do the car show in 2021 -----but that the 2020 show would be CANCELLED. Livestock competition will take place in 2020, but little else. Let's look forward to a great community serviceshow in 2021!

Below: Coffee call at RUDY'S:

Below - a recent coffee call at RUDY'S BBQ


Posted July 19 - original set of 1967 Mustang hubcaps for sale on the "FOR SALE" page. $120 for the set. Excellent condition. Photos and contact information on the page.

Posted, July 15th - A community service cRuise to Newcastle - first there were 11, then there were 10, then there were 9 and finally 8 made it home without problems.

The club did a birthday celebration for a 6 ear old who lives out in Newcastle. 11 left the parking lot at Dillards, but down on highway 9, Kelley and her mom turned back with a low (then flat) tire. The cRuise TO Newcastle proceeded along nicely and we made the 2 laps of the neighborhood are started home. Then Michael Fain's big Merc decided to skip a beat and so BIG M pulled to the shoulder on highway 62. The Merc limped back off and on the shoulder to Norman and our best roadside diagnosis is that it has either a clogged fuel filter or a bad fuel pump. Dave and Marilyns 57 Chevy stopped to give support and assistance to Big M when Pearl, the '57 suddenly just quit running, as if there was a massive ground fault. Pearl doesn't like to see other cars get all the attention, so Miss Pearl had to be towed back to Norman. Jim and Carol returned, picked up Marilyn and Dave rode back with the tow truck. All in all, everyone had fun, but we could had done without all the car drama.

Celebration of life for Van Harrington. Members of the United States Air Force prepare the flag for presentation to Nancy Harrington. 

Presentation of the memorial flag to Nancy Harrington. (behind the table directly in front of the camera)

Posted Thursday July 9th at 7PM - a CELEBRATION OF LIFE for Van Harrington will be held this Saturday, JULY 11th at HOLLYWOOD CORNERS beginning at 3PM. Official Air Force services will begin at 4PM and the service will conclude at 5PM. Come and raise a glass to our dear and departed cRc member Van. If you have a Corvette, please drive it as it was Van's favorite vehicle.

Interview with Van Harrington: Just about as certain as there is to be coffee on Saturday, members will find one of Van Harrington's Corvettes parked at coffee call and Van inside visiting with other members.

Born in Orange, Texas in 1953. (He notes with pride that he and the Corvette were born in the same year, 1953) . His dad was a school principal in Orange. At age 14 the family moved to Waco, Texas where Van attended and graduated high school. At age 15, he bought his first Corvette - a 1961 Vette.

"Dad had one and my brother had a '63, so I just fell in love with them. I drove both my 1961, and also my brother's 1963 all over the area, putting thousands of miles on them. I consider my brother's Vette to be my 2nd Corvette."

Van graduated from high school in 1971 and went immediately into the U.S. Air Force and following recruitment camp, was stationed in Wichita Falls at Sheppard AFB where we worked as a mental health tech. His 1st son was born while he was stationed at Sheppard and his 2nd son was born while he was at Norton AFB in California. In 1978, he changed from hospital care to data systems and was stationed at the Air force data systems facility in Montgomery, Alabama.

A relocation to Germany brought a top secret security clearance, Nancy his wife and a 3rd Corvette. This one was a 1979 model, the Corvette, not Nancy.  Returning stateside to Langley, Va. a first daughter was born. Additional assignments in data intelligence , in the D.C. area afforded a stint at Andrews AFB where Air Force 1 is based. While at Andrews, a third son was born. Van retired in 1991 and he and his family (Nancy was also career Air Force) moved to Biloxi for her final assignment) and then in 1996, they came to Norman, Nancy's home.   Meanwhile, a 4th Vette had been purchased, this one a 2000 year model - unfortunately it was totaled in Norman in 2005.

Van and Nancy live west of Norman in what is known as the nine mile flats. A 5th Corvette was purchased , but Van did not like this 1996 C-4 and sold it shortly after buying it. Then there was the 6th Vette - a 2005 and a 7th Vette, a 1971 C-3 (which was the year of Van's graduation from high school).  Van got his mechanical ability by the well tested "trial and error" method.

Some of the interesting things you probably do not know about Van are:

- He has his hang glider license.

- He learned to water ski at age 6.

- His favorite sport is NASCAR racing.

- He likes to race ATV vehicles and has raced on the National ATV racing circuit. He even built an ATV track at his house in Virginia.

An active member of the cRc, Van joined the club about 2012.

Posted Tuesday July 7th - on Monday, July 6, cRc member Van Harrington suffered a serious heart attack and is currently in ICU at the Norman Healthplex. Please join in sending good thoughts and prayers for Van to his wife Nancy and the Harrington family. He is currently not able to have visitors beyond the family.


We celebrate Ed's 92nd birthday, wave the flag, visit a vintage tow truck and more!

CRC member Brent brought his vintage tow truck for us to enjoy.

CRC girly gEarhead Kaye Cook gets us in the 4th of July spirit 

with her great red, white, and blue theme.

Saturday was "Drive something with a flag on it" and so we did!
Happy 92nd birthday to the senior member of the cRc Eddie Paulus. On Saturday at Rudy's BBQ, the club members enjoyed ice cream and cake as Ed's son John came with him to coffee call. 

Ed, a Korean War Veteran will again kick off the City of Norman Veteran ceremonies on November 8th with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Now what we have the coolest thing on Ken's new Chevy pickup. Got your hands full of concrete blocks? No problem.

And finally, it was good to see Barry (left) and Mike (right) at coffee call again. They have been working to get a 1929 Hupmobile engine started. And they got it going last week. This Hupmobile is an ongoing restoration project. The vehicle is, or will be for sale, so if you are interested in seeing it- contact Mike McCorkle at 405-203-9446     You might have seen it sitting on a trailer at last fall's Norman Swap Meet.
Posted June 27th- coffee call from RUDY'S BBQ in Norman, Oklahoma
PONY CAR day at Rudy's BBQ and wow did we have some fun. We had 7 Mustangs and 6 Camaros at one point, not to mention Vettes, T-Birds and Chevelles. A good morning with lots of conversation about engines, suspensions, paint jobs and the like. We wish to welcome new member STEVE WALDRUP and his very sweet 1966 Mustang GT fastback, an uncommon example of a very nice driver. Not to mention the stroker 302 V8 that sits under the hood. (first photo on left)
Koy Floyd is selling his beautiful 1936 Ford flathead V-8. It is an all original with 65,000 miles on the engine, on its. first repaint job, again the factory color. He is asking $28,000 for this beautiful classic humpback. We did a video of the car and you can see it by clicking below, or just navigating over to the cars for sale page. Contact Koy at 405-706-2626


We resumed coffee call on Saturday June 20th and it was hot rod day. Shown below, left to right are Marshal's Dodge, his Plymouth, Wayne's and John's...all fun cars.


Posted June 12th - the club received a call from Travis Simpson of Norman-Edmond, Oklahoma who owns a wedding photography business. TRavis is interested in purchasing one or more 1910-1950 era vehicles to use as props for his wedding photography business. Here are his needs as best as I can gather: The vehicle needs to be able to run, but hopped up engines and tricked out with chrome are not needed as we are photographing brides here, not gearheads.

Likewise the interior needs to be nice. The bride must WANT TO SIT IN IT because it is a cool LOOKING car. The interior could be vintage but needs to be in good condition. The car does not need to be perfect, but it does need to photograph well.

The paint needs to be serviceable. Travis is not looking for 16 coats of hand rubbed lacquer, but the body needs to be free of dents and the paint can take and hold a shine. A convertible would be great, or an old Continental or Merc with suicide doors - something vintage cool. Lawrence Terry's cream yellow convertible comes to mind. also Zack's the younger's Oldsmobile. My 1931 Model-A Tudor. One of those porthole T-bird convertible hardtops of Billy and Mary's is a great example. Of course Charlie's 1955 Chevy convertible would be a great car but these are just club cars I am using as examples. The club has dozens of such cars, but none to my knowledge are for sale.

If you have something you feel Travis might be interested in, give him a call, introduce yourself and talk with him. He is at 405-210-5756. We typically don't like for club cars to LEAVE the club, but perhaps we can convince Travis to join the club and that way everything will be peachy-keen.

Posted June 12th - for veterans: Here is a list of places who have the form you must fill out to have your name inscribed on the Cleveland County Veterans Memorial in Reaves Park.

You may pick up a form at one of the following places and simply fill it out:


MIDWAY DELI on Eufaula Ave.


RUDY'S BBQ on Hwy 9

Terry O'Dea is trying to get 200 new names engraved on the war memorial. 

You can see more specifics about his project on the Veteran's Page by clicking here: veterans-corner.php

Posted June 4 - we are looking for a few good men and women, 200 130 that is, who have a connection to Cleveland County and served in the Armed forces - to have your name engraved on the memorial wall at Reeves Park. For more information please contact cRc member Terry O'Dea at 405-641-7718. There is more information about this program on our Veterans Corner the button below to go there:
Posted Thursday, May 28th - the club would like to welcome Tony Fisher and his very sharp 1971 Olds Cutlass Supreme. Tony retired from a career in the U.S. Air Force. Tony, the club thanks you for your service. 

Above, the Vets await the classic car parade.......right: Dave practices extreme social distancing with Ray as he accepts the final $150 for the Veteran Center picnic table and umbrella fund!
The cRc would like to welcome Shelley and David Helms and their beautiful 1969 Chevelle. The Helms participated in our NOBLE USA appreciation parade last week and for some strange reason, liked us and wanted to join! We hope that we can see them sometime without facemasks! Speaking of facemasks, be sure to check out our very cool NEW CRC FACE MASKS which are available to order - how to do this is on our home page! (of course the cRc has a facemask)

Posted Sunday, April 26 a little bit of COACH RILEY and some OU SOONER MAGIC - Midway Bob received the challenge from Lincoln Riley, Head Coach of OU football - find several 1969 era muscle cars and have them at Owen field on Saturday evening about 5:30 for a Sooner football shoot. And so the search began. 

As you can see from the photos and video below, we found EXACTLY what OU was looking for. Lincoln Riley took time for a photo op with each of our members and his staff was well prepared for the cars. Imagine having your classic photographed in Owen field! As your watch the video, listen to the sound for those exhaust pipes on Mel's Chevelle....sweet music!

Shane Vice is going to prepared a little video that explains what OU was planning to do with the photo shot. maybe w will see some of it this fall during football season.