Posted August 19 - the club received this nice thank you from April Heiple, Director of Food and Shelter. We will be presenting approximately $3800 to the Food and Shelter Board on Monday night at 5:30 pm. If you would like to be part of the "rogues-lineup" making this presentation, just come over to F&S tomorrow night at 5:30. Anyone participating in the running and execution of the July show is most welcome.
Zack B. steps up to provide his Chevy pickup for MYRIAD GARDENS  October OKC pumpkin event. 
About 30,000 citizens come to visit the gardens and the pumpkin decorations. This year's theme is: "New England pumpkin town".  There will be pumpkins placed in and around Zack's truck. 

 And now for today's edition of COFFEE GROUNDS:
-It was good to see Chuck Norris back today. Rumor had it he took a tumble a few weeks back. 

-Charley brought his 1955 chevy convertible today as he is to have this car in a photo shoot later today. We hope to have photo of the shoot to post later.

-Lani was excited this morning as her article about the little "bird" scooters" appeared on the website yesterday and as she said..."We "scooped" the Norman Transcript's Saturday morning front page!"

-We did an interview with Zack about the purchase of his magnificent 1941 Oldsmobile "66".... it appears as a YouTube below.....what a great nose Zack has for cars.....

-Terry O'dea and Ken Dewbre are enroute to wisconsin as we speak to hopefully complete the purchase of Terry's new 1941 Chevy pickup. Look for a debut in the next week or so.

-Harlan continued to sign up people for our 10th anniversary club shirt. The shirt is going to look great and the price will be $20. This is a ONE TIME order and we are not going to stock extras like we have done before - s-o-o-o if you want one, this is your chance. Contact Harlan at 405-370-1592 and he will walk you through how to get one. Don't be like the little piggy and go "Wah! Wah! Wah!  all the way home. You know you will want one........

-The black 1975 LeSabre Buick with the big honking engine at last check was the longest car in the club. We did a bumper to bumper comparison a couple of years ago and Jim and Carol Hoffman's Buick beat out a Roadrunner by a hair. So the interviewed Jim and he told us about his car, The voiceover is a little hard to hear so turn up the volume:

-Next weekend is FORD vs CHEVY "the rematch". Johnny's Broiler at coffee call. Count will be made at 9AM. Be there.

-And finally, Wayne Saunders bought the largest car ever and drove it to coffee this morning:

Yep, that's it!  A 2015 Smart car "Passion". He recently drove to the east coast and picked it up.
Did the Chevy's really beat the Fords 8 to 3 on Thursday night at Hollywood Corners?  Anonymous Chevy owner R.L. (let's call him George) said......." I think the Fords are in hiding." When we go to Johnny's Broiler on Saturday, we shall see.......

Posted August 17th - NOW WHAT WE HAVE HERE.......
With OU school almost back in session, Norman has been inundated with “undocked” BIRD rental scooters parked all over town, and especially around OU campus and Main Street.  Other large cities, including OKC, and college towns, are seeing the rental scooters on their streets.

BIRD rental scooters are undocked, meaning they can be rented, ridden, and left anywhere when the rider is done.  Renters interested in renting a BIRD scooter must download the app (Bird-Enjoy The Ride) to their device.  The scooters are GPSed, so the app will alert the rider as to where to find a BIRD scooter.  The app will store the rider’s credit card information.  Riders use the app to unlock the scooter.  The cost is $1.00 plus 15 cent per minute.  The electric motor scooters go about 15 mph and have a 15 mile range.  Who will be the first cRc member to ride a BIRD scooter to Saturday coffee?
posted by Lani
Posted August 17th - Dave Saunders
Down south of Noble, where I have my shop, there have been a number of guys with interesting car things moving in. Most of them are into speed as evidenced by this guy:
That's a J-3 jet engine he plans to strap onto the back of a rail dragster and roar down Thunder Valley! Always something to see..... I do not want to be around when the test fires it!
Posted August 16th - I happened to be attending a senior's association meeting last night and had an opportunity to chat with Norman mayor Lynn smith. Mayor Smith was VERY COMPLIMENTARY about the club's civic activities and our support of Food and Shelter. We posted the front page Norman Transcript article and photos about the club and its affiliation with Food and here: 2018-CRC-CAR-SHOW.php
Posted August 16:
On the "POTATO-POTATO page, you will find the fascinating motorcycle blog written by Philip Scott in the last 3 weeks. Easy to read and with fun photos, Philip transports you from Oklahoma all the way to remote villages in Nova Scotia, Canada. Click here to navigate there POTATO-POTATO-POTATO.php or simple use the menu.
Posted August 12 - a new website featuring great professional photos of our car show..
The club is getting very good publicity out of all the hard work.....
Jock Campbell sent us a link to a YouTube video titled “BIG IRON”. 

and rumor has it....... that Zack B. drove yet another another fun toy for us to enjoy.......his newest is a great looking 1941 Oldsmobile. Now we do not have one whit of an idea as to the longevity of this car within the club. Some of Zack’s are still attached to the trailer and never make it to Oklahoma soil before they are gone.  This one we predict is a keeper. Time will tell, but just in case you want to see it, you had better do it soon. 

Posted August 06     cRc wins the club participation trophy at the South MOORE car show. Well done guys. 

Posted August 2- a free car show at Emmanuel Baptist 1775 Robinson on Sunday August 12. We have lots of cRc members that attend church here see the club home page for exact details. 

HAIL and FAREWELL!  We say "HAIL" to Terry O'Dea's new 1941 Chevrolet pickup, and FAREWELL to Dave Saunders 1915 Model T Ford tanker as well as to Zack's 1947 beige Chevrolet. Zack's Chevy is bound for possible conversion in California, Dave's is going to the Hal Smith Restaurant group, and Terry is figuring out how to get his new Chevy down from Wisconsin.
We welcome Donnie and his beautiful 1970 two-tone VW:

                 FOOD and SHELTER CAR SHOW
      I want to thank everyone that helped put on our Food and Shelter car show. Thanks go out to the members that brought their cars to be displayed as host cars.
  Now a special thanks to the members that worked to put on the show: Billy Henry, Bill Harris, Terry O'day, Lawrence Terry, Ray L, James, Little Al, Mitch at the restaurant table, Harlan for doing a great job with the PA and the music, Wayne Lewis for selling the 50-50  tickets and  I have probably forgotten somebody, but a big thanks to everybody that work the show. Floyd

 Posted Monday July 30 by Dave:
In Sunday’s Norman Transcript, there was a front page feature article about the car show, Food and Shelter, and the Canadian River Cruisers. The article featured interviews with Harlan, Little Al, and April Heiple, the director of Food and Shelter. It was a very positive article about the club and what we have done in Norman.

PosTed Sunday July 29 by Harlan:
MSGT Floyd said "The Show Must Go On!"  at 4 PM Friday -staring down the barrel of a 70% Thunderstorm Forecast
with 1-3 inches between 5:30 AM  and 10 AM Saturday.  We felt the best case might be eating our own donuts and drinking coffee in a 
Rock Shelter watching the downpour drown us out.  But No, it was not to be.

The 10 PM Forecast was now reinforced by an ominous looking green map, with dark green over the event lasting  all morning.
  Checking Weather radar showed the Thunderstorms were not going to arrive, in fact they were falling apart well short of the OKC area.
4 AM and we are GO!  All is well!  If we could have only  called everyone who decided to go shopping instead of coming to the Show!

     The best day you could ask for at a Show in the last of JUly.  High clouds kept the heat bearable most of the day.
12:30 to the end of the Awards it was warm-hot even 90 degrees with little breeze.

   Midway Bob Thompson had me announce all proceeds were being donated, at around 10:30 and he was open for business.
There was an applause out there across the show field!  One of the hardest working guys and an integral part of this Show, then he donates all of the food
and money made to the cause.  Every year, since the first one.  $880 this year.  Think about loading the truck with all the stuff he sells and the grill and the tent and the coolers!
Then setting it up and then working it!  Awesome job Bob Thompson of Midway Grocery and Deli.

We had 2 cars from central Kansas.  One from Wellington area and one from Manhatten Area!

    135 cars total were entered   61 Club Member cars and 74 Entrants in the open class.
50/50 raised $219.   Bringing the total to $3799!  Tremendous Success!  Perfect Day. Did I mention not a drop of rain?

Terry O'Dea donated a Hal Smith card to be given away as a Norman Police Prize Pick.  A couple of Police officers were there and They picked out a nice 68 Chevy Truck for us!
Thanks Terry!
All of the car show regulars did their usual outstanding job!  Al James David, Little Al, Ray, Floyd,Terry,Billy and there are more I can't remember.  Ask Floyd for sure.

Jacob  McGuire from The Norman Transcript came by and an article may result with some pictures! 

AN outstanding 7th annual Local Car Show!

                                            FRONT PAGE!!!!!!!!!

Sunday July 22 by Gary Miller:
I saw this one-of-a-kind Ford Falcon at the Falcon show recently. He guy made a retractable hardtop out of a Falcon! Simple design and it worked!
It was all well finished.

And just so he could haul the stuff he would normally put in the trunk of his Falcon , which now has the car roof in it, he built this Falcon trailer to match.

Coffee Grounds - Saturday July 21 at RUDY'S
Following a record hot day on Friday, the club gathered to enjoy coffee at Rudy's BBQ on highway 9. Rudy's always gives their car pick a $25 gift certificate and this week's winner was Gene's 1956 Chevy.

The Chevy's took the morning............with these three classy 'Tri-5's" lining up side by side. From left to right, Lawrence's  '57, Gene's '56, and Terry's '55.

So we went out and did our weekly video to show those of you who slept in, just what you missed.....

Several new cars for sale will appear on the webpage in the next couple of days. Watch for them. Keith is selling his (Carol's) 1970 VW beetle for $6500. Dave is selling his 1915 Sinclair tanker for $14,000, and Lani has her ElRanchero already posted for $3500. 

Finally there was a lot of discussion about the breaking news of last week regarding founding member Lawrence Terry and whether or not he abuses his Ford. In order to present both side of the story, we spoke with Lawrence who stated, and we quote...."I do not abuse my Fords. I have two of them and normally they run perfectly well. It seems as though whenever I get one of my cars anywhere near Floyd's Ford Galaxie, that his Galaxie puts some sort of a voo-doo curse on my cars. This of course doesn't affect my Chevy, but it always seems to affect my Fords. A warning to other Ford owners out there. DO NOT PARK WITHIN 50 FEET OF Floyd's Galaxie, bad things can happen to those who do."

Tom has listed his Challenger for sale on the club sales page. For more information go to the page by clicking below:
Posted July 16th, can you identify each of the three old Oklahoma City landmarks we posted on the Antique Roadshow page? The first one is easy but do you remember going in as a child? Check it out here:
posted July 16th - photo shows Juan describing the size of a fish 
he recently caught. He was overheard to say..."Well it took me almost 30 minutes before I was able to land it. I was sure tired."
And this was David Palmer's reaction.....................
This story was so blew Ray's hat clean off! Wayne decided to take up smoking cigars right on the spot!
Our roving reporters interviewed John Peace last week and the writeup is now posted on the "meet your members" page. You can either navigate over there or click the button below which will take you there. There are many things you don't know about John.
Coffee Grounds- Midway Grocery and World Headquarters of the cRc.....Saturday, July 14th.......
First a shout-out to Lani, Van, Harlan, and Charley for bringing their classics to Lions Park Friday night for the citizens of Norman to enjoy. Another way we give back to our community.

In this photo, Lani explains her next duty aboard a U.S. navy aircraft-carrier.

The diagnosis is not good:
The doctors have conferred over the patient and the diagnosis is..VALVE JOB!  Dave brought the sad little valves from his 1926 Model T pick-up (the one with 7 pounds compression in number 4) to coffee this morning to get a few a man (or woman) the vote was new valves. Dave said it will be interesting to see if this car will ever run again because he is in uncharted territory for his skill set. Time (and compression) will reveal all.

We we have here:
Is another of the many toys that Ron Borum has tucked away in the back of his shop. This one, a 2008 Italian Piaggio MP400 ie. Sweet little ride. Little pieces of pasta come out the exhaust as he drives it.

Now take a look at Flo's tag on her Toyota, OU!

And our final photo of the morning before our mass exodus to the Crest parking lot. Are we seeing double or are the Chevy guys just flexing a little? Terry on the left and Charlie on the left - two outstanding examples of lovingly restored and maintained 1955 Chevys.

......and it was like someone waved a green flag at Midway. Someone said "Time to go to Crest!" And they did. The midway lady looked out and said "What happened to my full parking lot?"
Meanwhile at crest for Norman's version of cars and coffee or coffee and cars......
  Dateline England, posted July 13th by Harlan Butler
The FOS (Festival of Speed) is on live streaming from England!
Get up early to watch.
Bucket list!

Coffee grounds - July 6th - Johnnie's Broiler. A nice day for folks to arrive about 6:40 IN-THE-MORNING at Johnnie's. Coffee call used to begin about 8 or 8:30 but as the club is now a decade older, well, we don't sleep-in like we used to so many of us get up with the first crow of the rooster. Ray, Juan, Lawrence, Charlie, and Dave were all standing around with their thumbs in their pockets until the coffee and food was ready at 7am. It was a nice morning however for standing around in a parking lot and staring at your shoes.

And now the news you have been waiting for:
Zack brought us another "drive-through" car. This one a 1947 STYLEMASTER Chevrolet. He bought it Friday, drove it to coffee on Saturday, and thought he has it sold on Saturday afternoon. July 21st UPDATE: It is now living in California.

Now Bill's car is a great example of some of the cars that are still sitting around out there. I found it to be one of the best examples of the sort of add-on items one might find at your local Western Auto store, way back when there were such a thing as Western Auto Stores. 

 (Western Auto's management led a leveraged buyout in 1985, 
leading three years later to a sale to Sears. Sears sold most of the 
company to Advance Auto Parts in 1998, and by 2003, the 
resulting merger had led to the end of the Western Auto brand.)
Of particular note, pointed out in the video are, the $.10 stick-on mailbox letters that are under the driver's window and clearly say "BILL"
1. The bright yellow fold out ash tray located under the glove box door.
2. The chrome clip for a small flashlight located on the left of the steering column.
3. The aluminum air fins which bolt to the wing windows and gather the air and direct it straight down toward your feet.
4. The blue dot tail lights and other various bolt-on little lights both in the front and rear on the bumpers.
5. The short wave sci-fi looking radio antenna.
6. The silver half-moon headlight covers for which purpose no-one was sure.
7. The add-on compass.....
And the list goes on and on. We are talking serious Western Auto stuff here.
So if you were not at Johnnie's on Saturday, you missed yet another of Zack's "pass-'em-by" cars.
But "BILL'S CAR" was not the only new cRc car to come into the parking lot. Philip found and purchased a car on his bucket list, a beautiful 2012 Nissan 370Z. Philip is going out this week to search for those cool mailbox stick on letters that "BILL'S CAR" has.

The car-show guys won the club participation award for the Shawnee Knights show, and presented the club with a $100.00 award. This will likely come back to them in the form of food, later in the year.
Alas, the club did not pass the week without a major controversy, this one being whether Master Sarge-at-Arms Floyd Yates had been demoted in rank to Pvt-at-Arms Floyd. At first calls to the Yates resident were not returned, however we did receive this press release from Floyd who appears very much to still be Master Sarge-at-Arms Floyd.

"I will be investigating this fake news.  I am in touch with my undercover man that I put in the group to let me know what is going on with the normal trouble makers.  RL is the number one suspect.  I just don't understand what part of lifetime that they don't understand. This could be a very long investigation. This club has a standard to uphold. 
Your hardworking sergeant-at-arms, 
Floyd Yates 
And finally, ever-alert member Steve Ruedy made an improvement to our coffee call schedule. Steve divided our breakfast spots into those that don't mind if we spend the day (Rudy's, What-a-burger, Johnnie's Broiler, and Midway.......and those whose seating capacity is more limited and have a morning breakfast business that is regular (Carol's and Boomarang). Steve being the well reasoning Engineer that he is, reasoned that if we scheduled coffee call at Carol's and Boomarang on the same dates as Crest coffee and cars, this might work better for the restaurants. So the coffee call calendar has been flipped around a wee bit. Just check it before you point your car in a certain might have changed.

And those are all the grounds I could find!