Friday, January 20th - a Reminder to all owners of 1955, 1956, and 1957 Chevys, Fords and T-Birds, and "Others" that this is the coffee call of the year for display of these fine autos. We're going to attempt to have a special spot at Rudy's to display them. Come and enjoy the morning - the weather is going to be nice.
HEALTH NOTE: We will be missing Charley Lundsford's beautiful 1955 Chevy convertible on Saturday as well as missing Charley - he recently took a tumble and was diagnosed with a broken hip. Charley is awaiting hip surgery at MERCY HOSPITAL in OKC. We all wish him a good recovery.

Posted, Thursday, January 18th - Good morning cRuisers!
From what I hear, Saturday coffee call at RUDY'S is shaping up to be a real grudge match between the tri 5 Chevys and the tri 5 Fords.  The Fords won last year's competition at Midway. The weather is supposed to warm for the rest of the week, and Saturday's highs are slated to be in the 6o's. Sharp contrast from the single digits of yesterday and the day before. 

Do you remember when you were a kid, going with your mom to the grocery store and leaning over one of those open top deep freeze units, taking a deep breath through your nose - and the funny feeling in your nose as you pulled in that zero degree air? That's is what Tuesday and Wednesday morning felt like to me. Especially Wednesday because there was no wind.

Today, for your viewing pleasure, we present 2 completely different links for your enjoyment. The first is an article in Hemmings about the Steve McQueen's 1968 Bullit Mustang and how it found its way to Ford for the debut of the 2018 Bullit edition of the Mustang. Great still photos of the car. From Harlan B.

Next up is fascinating old movie footage of World War I German flying ace the Red Baron as he prepared to launch his aircraft. In this video, you can see the airmen hand oiling each set of valves. The German engines at that time rotated, cylinders and all. A very interesting old movie of amazing quality after all these years. Also interesting to watch is the cold weather gear that the Baron has to put on - what a bulky mess. Surely Snoopy is lurking up there in the clouds, waiting for him. Well worth your time. From Ron B.

And that is it for this morning. See you Saturday if not before.

We have one FREE gift certificate for a spray on pickup truck bed liner from California Customs in OKC. The coupon must be used before June 16th, 2018 or it will expire. We are giving this away to the FIRST PERSON IN THE CLUB WHO WANTS IT. The first member to email me at and ask for the bedliner will get it! Don't delay, this is a nice,free, no strings attached gift for one lucky member!
Congratulations to our lucky winner Connel Smalling who was the first to reply that he can use the gift certificate. see how it PAYS to be a member of our NO DUES car club!
Congrats Connel, enjoy your free bed liner.

Coffee grounds - Midway Grocery and Deli - January 13, 2018
Cold and cloudy this morning as about 30 faithful gathered to drink coffee, eat cinnamon rolls and get caught up on the latest car gossip. We will be at Rudy's next week for our occasional and almost annual TRI-5 competition. If you have a car or truck of 1955, 1956, or 1957 vintage - best to get it out and drive it to Rudys, just to see what happens. 

The club would like to welcome JOHN JENSEN from Washington, Oklahoma and his older Chevys.

cRc prayer - anonymous
Now I lay me down to sleep,
I parked my hot rod across the street,
If it should roll before I wake,
I pray the Lord will hit the brake!
Two items of interest for the day......the first are two youtube videos, each a few minutes long, posted to show you that autonomous driving was a concept from the 1950's and also where Google is headed today withits "Waymo" project.....internet-link-hotspot.php

If that is not enough to fill your afternoon, learn more than you ever wanted to know about cRc charter member Ken's another edition of "meet your member"
 Carl Queen's Jeepster, a two page spread, featured in the JAN/FEB 2018 NORMAN MAGAZINE. 
Coffee grounds for January 06, 2018 Boomarang Diner, Norman, OK

It appeared as though the entire club had decided to arrive at Boomerang en masse, at about 6:55am - are we all suffering from cabin fever or what? Nicole #1 unlocked the door and stood back as about 12 old fools began to fill up the big table. This is not Nicole's first coffee however, and she was already prepared with what everyone wanted the most, good hot coffee:
Again this week, we took over their restaurant. At one time there was not one empty table. Lots of fun cars and good conversation were the orders of the day. A walkabout reveals more of just what way in the parking lot.....
We had a beautiful but cold day for our weekly car show. 
3 very attractive 1957 Chevys showed up. The first was driven by Ray Waldron......

The second was driven by Kenny Prewitt......

And the third driven by Lawrence Terry.

And then we snapped a photo of our Master-sgt-at-arms, the infamous Floyd Yates.

Lots of conversation and full tables were the order of the day. 

As a bonus, we got a little peek inside Walt Gages' new Mustang interior. Lookin' good Walt!

It seems that cRc members are falling by the wayside during the holidays. First we have a positive health report on Mac McIntyre who was released several weeks ago from heart surgery - the report is that the rehab is tough but he is getting better each day.
And that was our positive news. 

Holiday trip, slips, and falls took two members to the ground - Jim Reinish and later Charley Lundsford. Both are going to be ok, but any fall takes a lot out of a person, the ground seems to be harder than it was when we were kids. At any rate, let's hope to see both Jim and Charley back at coffee call soon.
 Dec 30th
On Saturday night Wayne and Sharon Lewis' home caught fire and burned to the ground. Fortunately the Lewis family was home and were able to safely evacuate themselves and their pets from the home. The house is a complete loss and will need to be rebuilt. The Lewis family are staying with neighbors while this all gets sorted out. While Wayne said he has full insurance coverage on his home, we all know that full coverage does not guarantee that there are not out of pocket expenses like deductibles and non covered items.
This Saturday, January 6 at Boom-a-rang coffee call we will pass the hat, taking a collection to gift to Wayne and Sharon. We hope you will come and make a contribution.
The CRC announces several spring "SHOP TOUR and coffee call" locations. We have not done this is a few years so we thought it would be fun to see some of the capabilities of a few of our member's shops. So far, Lawrence Terry, Wayne Saunders and Dave / Harlan have signed up as shop hosts. The club will meet for Saturday coffee call and coffee and donuts will be provided by the club. This gives Lawrence, Wayne, Dave and Harlan good opportunities to clean their shops in advance of the club visit! Details will be posted on the club calendar page. First shop tour will be in March.

Coffee grounds for December 30th, 2017 at Boom-a-rang diner on Porter in Norman. We always fill the place up and the service is very good. Today we had our "DEAD OF THE WINTER" car show - a Hot Wheels show! The show was well attended and we had a good variety of vehicles from which to choose.  The judges made their rounds while all held their breath......and the winners were:

Mary Henry with her first place finishing Thunderbird...

Michael Fain with his second place winning Mercury...

Carol Hoffman with her third place winning jet car thingy....

The HOT WHEELS show contained a surpise trival contest which had some really tough questions. Use of Google was encouraged as well as team play. Expect the unexpected from this club.
cRc member Tim Scott shared photos of his veteran's Day celebration with us. To view them, please go to the "Our Military service" page by clicking on the yellow link here...crc-military-service.php
Coffee grounds - December 23, 2017 Midway Deli, Norman, Ok.

Temperature was in the high 20's this morning and we all awoke to a light covering of large bb sized sleet and ice glazed cars. Chip, chip, chip.....and then off to Midway for some breakfast and good conversation. The video below is a good depiction of the club coffee Saturday.

While the ice glaze kept a number of classic cars away, we did have several classics in the parking lot. We kept the laides busy at Midway preparing cinnamon rolls and croissants, and everyone had a nice pre-Christmas morning. 
Terry O'dea drove "Henry" and as you can see from the photo below, he had a good ice covering on the car. Henry is still for sale, so if you have an interest, please visit our cars for sale page and check it
In club news, does anyone have a report on Big Mac? We know that he had heart surgery just before the cRc Christmas party, but have not had a report since he was discharged from Norman Regional. If anyone knows how he is recovering (well we hope), please let us know.

Harlen announced a fun game for next weekend's coffee call - the "indoor car show". If you have a "Hot Wheels" brand car, bring it to Boom-a-rang for coffee and line it up on their counter and we have judges and prizes. Sure to be a lively coffee call to end the year. If you only have Matchbook series - save it. There will be a Matchbox car show later in mid-winter.

 In other news, we are in the planning process for a late winter early spring 'car-b-q" to be held (hopefully) at the norman vet Center. If anyone has a good contact that can get permission for us to use their pavillion, please contact Dave at 406-3730. Thanks and Merry Christmas everyone.

Posted Dec 20, 2017 - a new page has been added to the website - "ONLY IN OKLAHOMA". During 2018 we will explore fun things to do in our state. The first article has 7 "can't beat" restaurants. Several are in our area. To go there, click here> >>>>>  only-in-oklahoma.php
Coffee grounds for Saturday, December 16th / RUDY'S was a chilly 37 degrees this morning with bright sun. Chuck and Linda Angie won the BRAVERY AWARD for driving in an open 1928 Model A Convertible. The top was up but that really doesn't help much. We had a big turnout! 

We also got to see a couple of new cars from the classic repair shop in Slaughterville, OK a rare 1960 2 door Chevy station wagon (Why would they build a station wagon with only 2 doors?) and a slick midnight blue 1955 Chevy. we hope they consider joining the club.

This weekend we judged the best dressed Christmas cars. We had several to choose from and the competition was tough for our mystery judges, but they made their selections and this year's "Wreath of the road was: 

Chuck and Linda Angie's 1928 Model A. 

2nd place went to Charley and his 1955 Chevy convertible, 

while the 3rd place trophy went to Gus and his fun 1946 two tone blue Chevy. 

Dis-honorable mention went to Bill Mcbee for his bobblehead Santa-like-thing on his dash (no trophy awarded)!

We got to welcome new member Amanda and her cute 1966 VW, nicknamed "Cheryl"...

Above: Ron LaPratt spared no expense in decorating his GMC pickup. He pointed out that since the bows came 4 to a pack, there were 2 bows on the back bumper also!
The Godfather (Vince) arrives in his new 1956 Thunderbird. He said that the color was a Christmas color and so the car needed no additional decoration! Vinnie was sad that he didn't win.
Roy Sherry's 1976 Pontiac is ready for judging.
Zack's Chevy pickup arrived with little lights blinking and wreath on the front.
The roving cRc reported has interviewed BILLY HENRY and it is posted on the "meet your members" page. Click here--- meet-your-members.php
NOTICE: The cRc girly gEarhead page has been taken offline for a fresh look. We are in need of a gIrly gEarhead to help with this page because as guys we are, of course CLUELESS! If you are interested in helping provide interesting articles for the page, please contact Dave Saunders at

Likewise we are looking for a 2018 sponser for the military page....some military experience wished for but not required. Same as above.

Coffee grounds - Saturday December 09, 2017 - frost on top of the '57 Chevy this morning as I eased into Midway's parking lot about 7:30. Cold and crisp and clear. We had a good crowd this morning, as we almost always do at Midway. In a senior moment, I thought I had noted on the website that Carl Queen was the proud recipient of this month's Doug Hill "DIG MY RIDE", but it is possible I only "thought" I posted it. In any case, his fun Jeepster, which he did not drive this morning since it has no heater at all - was the award winner. We interviewed Billy Henry for the next edition of the "meet your members" page, and as soon as I can think up all sorts of fibs to tell - his life story shall appear.

Just to prove we can get at least 19 cRc cars in the Midway parking lot, I took this video. We could have done better, but the food truck as well as Midway Bob's personal pickup we overnight guests. I believe we have set the record at 22 cars about 2 years ago. I know we can break this with careful parking attendants.

The attendance at the new Mercury Event Center was good last night, as several cRc members drove their cars over near STASH to help with their grand opening. A fun time was had by all. This is the former Mercury dealership of long long ago.

Saturday coffee grounds.....and so it was that the cRc took over Boom-a-rang diner and at one point EVERY chair was taken by a cRc member and there were more outside looking at the cars. Boom-a-rang is a fun place to go, the coffee and service are good, and we do fill the place up!

Zack, who trades cars like a champ, brought in his latest "barn find", a hand painted 1945 Dodge out of ran like a top and had some interesting "custom" features on it, as shown in the youtube video above.

Today was "wear a holiday hat" and several folks were in the spirit. Dan and Flo in the upper left, and Bill McBee upper right. In the lower left shot, Ray serenades Terry with an old Irish melody. Note the expression on Terry and Ken's faces. The song was not that bad actually, but Ray declined a repeat performance for our camera.