Coffee grounds - Norman, OK Saturday April 14th........the groundhog was right. Six additional weeks of winter-like weather. Spring is trying to break through but just can't get a good foothold. 

It was tough driving my 103-year-old Model T tanker this morning. The north wind was so strong, the 20 HP engine couldn't keep the little truck up to speed in high gear range (8mph-42mph) and it kept slowing down, so I finally had to move to low range (4mph-32mph) to get over to Boomarang. 

A tip of the hood to Carol and James Hoffman who arrived looking like snowmen - they drove Carol's BMW with the top down!

Today was foreign car day and we had a few brave souls. The hot rod show is in full swing in OKC, so several members went there instead. Crest market was so cold and windy, less than a dozen cars were in the parking lot. 

We have a good photo report from the hot rod show, thanks Gary Miller for the pix.

Gary and Janice Miller’s 1951 Ford Victoria was there in 40 mph winds and 38 degree temperatures. 

"No show" was not here as expected and soon to be named no show junior, Ray, was not either. 
Wayne Lewis says good morning to Ms. Keystone.......
A nice gold Studie Avanti
Wayne’s '33 Ford and Bill’s '57 four-door are here also but hidden by the circle of cars. 
Saturday saw a significant drop in the number of participants. It is just plain cold and windy.

Posted Friday, April 13th - meanwhile, THIS goes on in parts of Canada!!!!!!!

Saturday April 7th - the cRc would like to welcome new member and gIrly gEarhead Suzanne Markwell and her various fun rides which includes two classic 280z's.  She drives a 2017 yellow BRZ with only 40 miles. 

 Wecolme to the cRc SUZANNE!!!

BRRRR! Coffee grounds from Johnny's Broiler in Norman on Saturday, April 7th.........well it was 71 degrees yesterday afternoon and then the wind made a not so gradual shift from the south to the north and brought the temperature down to 26 last night. With sleet. With light snow. 

But the Canadian River Cruisers being a hearty bunch, went out in search of coffee this morning as they have done EVERY Saturday morning for 10 years now. We found our coffee and car conversation at Johnny's.

Our roving reporter caught Kaye Cook for a few minutes this morning and obtained an interview. Look for it on the "meet your members page" . You can just click here >> meet-your-members.php

Ever figure out what a VELOREX was? Well.... Wayne Saunders is now the proud owner of one of the only cars of its type in Oklahoma. Made in communist Czechoslovakia from the early 1950's until 1971, this 3 wheeled, tubular framed, canvas covered "micro-car" ran with as small as a 150 cc 2 cycle engine. 

We pause to say farewell to 'Henry", Terry O'dea's 1929 Model A Ford "Special Coupe". This car was previously owned by cRc member Dave Saunders, and before that by cRc member (deceased) Curtis Fore. It is now living in Tuttle, Oklahoma.(Curtis is shown in the photo)

We had a good turnout at Whataburger, the video of the parking lot  >>>>>

In other club news, Lani went to Dallas and purchased a new high tech folding electric bicycle. she promises to ride it to coffee call as the weather warms. Also, Billy Henry has returned form his annual south Texas retreat. It was good to see him and his Thunderbird again. Now we can finally do another "FORDS vs CHEVY'S" !!! Watch for it.

Posted March 26th - Jock has found an amazing 5 minute youtube video that takes us behind the scenes at the Model T factory. 8 hour days, $5 a day pay. Look at the automation. And now it is done primarily by robots.

To view the video, click here ---> antique-road-carshow.php

Posted  March 26th -SAVE THE DATE:

What date are we saving? Friday evening, May 18th beginning about 6pm

Why are we saving it? It is the cRc 10th ANNIVERSARY PARTY!

What do we need to do? 1.Show up ready to eat. 2. Bring a side dish. 3. Have fun!!!

Well where is it? It will be at the Hall Park Clubhouse (thank you Harlan and Kelly!)

Coffee grounds - March 24th, Midway Grocery - A great Spring morning at Midway and we tied the record for most vehicles in the Midway parking lot at 21. We filled the parking lot and filled the restaurant. It seems that our members are getting up and out earlier and earlier each week, and by 7:30 we had about 20 members already draining the coffee pot.

Our roving reporter conducted an interview with cRc member and former Norman Mayor Bob Thompson for the "meet your members" page. Read it now on the "meet your members" page by clicking here >>>meet-your-members.php

We had three motorcycles this morning, one was new to the club. Roy Sherry bought a new metallic forest green "Royal Enfield" and tells us a little bit about it. The video was cut unexpectedly short when a 1960 Corvette arrived and couldn't find a parking place! It is all about the vehicles........

Steve Ruedy arrived sporting an arm cast as a result of bone spur surgery. He will be in the cast for a few weeks.

Vinny and the motorcycle riders got the brave members award as Vinny drove his T-bird with the top down.

We now have a firm date for the club's gala 10th Anniversary party. It will be the evening of Friday, May 28th at the Hall Park clubhouse. We were there last year for a hot dog roast. 

This "CAR-B-QUE" will be a cook out, the club will provide the meats and the members will fill in the blanks with potluck. More information to follow.

Always expect the unexpected from the cRc.

WAIT! WAIT! WHAT IS THAT PUTT-PUTT NOISE? An "OSKAR?" Now who could have possibly purchased a Velorex. I bet you can guess who this might be.

It is possible that we might be able to see it soon.

Midway grocery - March 24th - An interview with member Tom and his 1955 Chevy 150 2-door.
Posted Saturday, March 17, 2018 by Dave Saunders

AND JUST LIKE THAT, IT HAS COME AND IT HAS how time passes so quickly....................The Norman Swap Meet is one of my personal "BIG " favorite events each year. To be sure, I look forward to our various weekly coffee locations, the annual cRc charity car show, the Christmas party.....but the three day event twice a year is just plain fun. It is not about all of the junk that is piled high and deep in the 3 spaces the club rents. It is not about the various old tires and obsolete Hemming's magazines, and odd and end cars and parts from a 1949 Desoto that fill the arena twice a year. For me, this is what the swap meet IS ABOUT:

Watching Lawrence Terry arrive at the crack of dawn each day and essentially "run" the sales tables. Herding customers to our space, he shows them the parts and then works to get top dollar for the member(s) who provided the part. Lawrence also wanders out into the show and often finds an old radio or two for Floyd. He knows the ropes......if it is not almost FREE, Floyd is not interested. Generous members this year donated enough parts to pay for the fall swap meet and to have enough left over to provide nice goodies for our upcoming "10th anniversary car-b-q", more info to follow!

Harlan Butler, our strong silent right arm is always backing us up - quietly behind the scenes, Harlan arrives with his big insulated coffee urn, already filled with morning coffee he and Kelley brewed a few minutes before. Harlan is always mildly chiding whoever does not turn off the coffee spigot and lets it drip all over our floor. "This is not your mother's house" he gently says as he grabs a paper towel to mop up the spill.

Ron, Vinny, Juan, Koy, Ray W. Terry, and Ray L. are present for almost the entire time. All know their cars and their parts. For me, they always provide a laugh or two as does Floyd and most of the rest of the club. Keeping the money straight for the members remains a mystery to me, but there is a system and we seem to do it with no problems. Some goes to the club, some goes to the parts owner - the system works.

Ken works as part of Dan's Swap Meet gang of 12, but spends his off time at the booth, checking things out and being sure all is well with the club. Like Harlan, quiet and effective.

New members Amanda, Abagail, Jennifer, and John spent a lot of time this year in the booth, just hanging out and occasionally selling a cRc hat or patch or VW part. Jennifer brought in some delicious homemade muffins on Saturday which were eaten with gusto. Marilyn's rum cake was an equally popular and a welcome treat. On Thursday and Friday, we had an abundance of great donuts, all courtesy of our club members.

During the day, members come out and "check in" at the booth. Ed and Gene from Mastertech,  Keith Reames,  Dale and Kaye,  Jim and Carol Hoffman,  Mike,  James,  Al, Pete,  Glenn, Kelley,  June,  Pat,  Dan,  Bill,  John,  Ron and Austilene, Bob,  Bill,  Jim, and many other regulars from the club. Standing around and visiting, passing a few fun hours - for me, it is a perfect way to enjoy the club, its members, and our unique group of folks.

Am I already missing the getting up early, drinking way, way too much coffee and eating far too many sugar laden treats for my health? Probably. Fortunately another swap meet will be here before we know it. I better do a little dieting in between. Thank you -  Dan and Twila for continuing to bring this event to Norman. We wish your daughter Morgan and her soon-to-be-born child the best! 

Thank you to everyone who made this special for me,


Dave Saunders has listed his 1915 Model T Ford tanker for sale. To view it, click the link to the

A chill remained in the air this morning, despite daffodils and fruit trees in bloom all over,  as winter is grudgingly giving in to spring. Today was "ride 'em if you got 'em day - MOTORCYCLE day" in the club. We have a number of bikers in the club, and despite the cool conditions, 4 of them made the ride over to  Johnny's Broiler for coffee.

Jon Forman arrived on his new 2016 KAWASAKI 900 VULCAN.......a boulevard-style cruiser, similar in appearance to the Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe or the Fat Boy. It is powered by a liquid cooled 903 cc (55.1 cu in) in V-Twin engine, with a five speed transmission.

ROY SHERRY blazed in on his vintage 1974 HONDA TRAIL iconic trail bike manufactured between 1966 and 1979.

BILL FARRIS rolled in with his 2008 TRIUMPH STREET TRIPLE.....which sports a modern streetracer look and  an inline 3 cylinder engine.

and RAY WALDRON rumbled in from Noble on his 2000 HARLEY-DAVIDSON "STFB" or soft tail fat boy...The term softail refers to motorcycles that feature a hidden rear suspension system with springs or shock absorbers to absorb bumps.

Several new cRc jackets appeared today as a result of Jennifer and Amanda's embroidery machine. The first one from David Palmer and the second photo of Lawrence Terry. If you are interested in a club patch, there will be several for sale at the Norman Swap Meet, coming up this next week. also club hats and dark blue t-shirts in assorted sizes.

About 9:15, we left for Crest Market and the March gathering of cars and coffee.....a YouTube video was made to give you an idea of how this monthly get-together has grown.


A new feature of weekly coffee will be clipboards with club information about upcoming events, including sign up sheets for things like parades and cRuises where participation might be limited by one factor or another.

Posted March 10 - Norman, OK from Johnny's Broiler

Coffee grounds:

A new feature of weekly coffee will be clipboards with club information about upcoming events, including sign up sheets for things like parades and cRuises where participation might be limited by one factor or another.
Posted Friday, March 9, 2018

A 1965 blue Mustang project car is for sale. A friend of Zack McCain is offering it for sale. To find out more about it, click cars-and-parts-for-sale.php

Posted Friday, March 9, 2018

The club would like to welcome Nicki Lewis, Customer Relations Manager of Landers Chevrolet. Nicki drives a sporty 2017 %0th anniversary Camaro. Welcome Nicki!

Posted Thursday, March 8, 2018

It is with regret that we announce the passing of Tom Million in January 2018. Tom was a cRc member from 2011, and was the father of Adam Million of Million paint and body shop in Norman.

The club would like to welcome new member and friend of Bill Farris....Ralph Stevenson, Jr. WELCOME RALPH, we look forward to getting to know you.
Coffee grounds....Boomarang Diner, March 03, 2018, Norman, OK.....

A beautiful sunny day in Norman this morning, precursor to Spring, we hope. The whole gang came out today and we filled the parking lot and the restaurant to overflowing. We will begin to park the cars two deep next time so everyone gets into their parking lot. Things got interesting pretty quickly as I noticed this little mountain bike with an attached gas engine parked by the side of the restaurant. Naturally it belongs to Ron Borum.......the youtube is to the right. RON IS OUR FEATURED GUEST OF THE WEEK ON OUR "MEET YOUR MEMBERS" PAGE. TO GO THERE AND FIND OUR ALL THE SCOOP ON RON, 

CLICK  meet-your-members.php

One of our regular Saturday morning club dogs was in attendance, "TRAPPER", Steve Rudey's constant companion, waiting patiently for his dad to return to the Jeep.

The Ford team got a boost today as a "new" 1955 Club Sedan rumbled into the parking lot, driven by our veteran car trader, Zack Brouilette. Sporting 3 deuces, and a heavily chromed V-8, the rest of the car is pretty original. The question is "Is this car just a guest" and passing through, or it is a permanent club car? Based on past experience, I would not get too attached to it. At any rate, the Ford guys were ecstatic as they now believe that when Billy Henry returns from south Texas, that they will finally have enough Ford's to beat the Chevy's in the 'FORD vs CHEVY" club rivalry. 

Time to get all of your old Kaiser parts out of the deep recesses of the garage,  dust them off,  label and price them for the Norman Spring Swap Meet - 2 weeks from now. You may bring them to the club space on Thursday, March 15th (same spaces as always, west side of the big fair-ground building) and we will sell them, giving you all of the profit, or, if you choose, you may gift back a little to the club to help offset the cost of the space. Either is ok, but just plan to come, hang out, and have a good time - we always do.

Monday , February 19th -  a banner week for cRc member Ray Langley. Not only did his life story appear on our cRc website ( meet-your-members.php ), on Saturday his 1955 Ford won first in class AND best of show at the Drumright, OK car show.......PLUS he was interviewed by the Cimarron Starlight Cruisers and his car was featured as their MARCH CLASSIC on their website. ( )  We have reproduced most of the article and photos on our internet hotspot page (internet-link-hotspot.php ). Congratulations Ray and your 1955 classic Ford.

Monday, February 19th - our car show gang returns this week with a dedicated page of just exactly what is happening on the trophy circuit. We have revamped the page and there are two columns. The blue column is of upcoming shows and the gold column is of show results and photos. This week there is an interesting V-8 VW (that is not a typo).

A sharp new tri 5 joins the the video below as you participate in our first  1956 Chevy "Walk-about interview",  Gene Paulus tells us about how he found his new ride and some of the features. Click the link below to view the video:

Coffee grounds for February 17, 2018- MIDWAY GROCERY - 


Following an early morning shower (the weather, not me), the day progressed rapidly from unpleasant towards pleasant. Today was VW day in the club, and despite the shower and cool weather, we got 3 member's vehicles out, plus one from the Midway gal which makes a fourth, so it was a decent turnout.


Well we know it was Jean, the elderly lady living beside Midway. She is a self appointed parking lot patrol and she has nothing better to do on Saturday morning than to monitor our member's parking....and when she notes one of us is not coloring within the line, she telephones the police. and so they arrived and politely asked our member to move his car down 20 feet and everyone lived happily ever after. The egregious offending  Corvette of David Palmer, the nice Norman police officer, and Dave Saunders who is giving Jean the stink-eye in the photo. Life rolls on. Where was our Sargeant-at-arms when you really need him?

Coffee grounds - Saturday, February 10, 2018 RUDY'S BBQ

True to her word, RUDY'S Manager Marianne Endorf conducted her own little car show during coffee call. The weather was frigid, but Keith Reames ignored the 20 degree cold and drove "BLUE-CHIP"...and was rewarded by winning the $25.00 Rudy's gift card for having the "best of Rudy's" car in the lot!

In other news, our Superbowl 50/50 pot winner decided to donate his proceeds to the club. Thank Marshall...we are sure part of this will come back to you as we plan the 10 year club anniversary "CAR-B-QUE"....stay tuned for details.

We have a shout out to Kaye and Dale Cook for representing the club by giving their evening and their car for viewing at the recent Norman Regional Hospital Foundation fund raiser at the Postal Center Marriott. They actually drove Kaye's beautiful Pontiac  INTO the Marriott event room for the evening. Another way the club gives back to our community.

We also want to announce that the newly formed marketing division (that is you Amanda) of the cRc have some really cool cRc hats ready for sale. cRc member and Amanda and Abigail's mom Jennifer have done a GREAT job embroidering these really nice hats and have them for sale for $10 each. Also, if you want your name embroidered on the back or side, let her know and she will do it for another 10 spot! A good alternative for trying to remember everyone's name when they are not standing beside their car.

The roving club reporter cornered LAWRENCE TERRY this morning and conducted an interview, which appears on the "MEET YOUR MEMBERS" page. 

How many years did Lawrence spend in government service? Hint: a lot!

                (click meet-your-members.php to jump to the interview)

and finally, the parking lot youtube report.............

The club would like to welcome Charles Bodiker and his 2017 MOPAR 50th Anniversary Challenger Scat Pack Shaker. We look forward to enjoying your fine ride in the near future. Welcome Charles! Naturally being an antique car guy (top speed 42 mph), I needed to see what a Scat Pack Shaker looked like, so here is one from the internet:

Pretty slick I must admit.......

The cRc would like to welcome new member CURT SHERRICK and his 1970 DODGE DUDE. Well, I didn't know what a "DUDE" was, so I looked it up and it was a D series of Dodge trucks - a photo is included below, not of Curt's dude, but of dudes in general. Anyway, we welcome Curt and look forward to getting a look at his "70'sdude" in the near future.

Coffee grounds - Boomarang Diner - February 03, 2018 35 windblown degrees. Chili bean today and a full house at Boomarang Diner. We did the Superbowl 50/50 collections today and have $155 in the pot for tomorrow's game! Good luck to all who participated. The winner(s) will be announced here on Monday. Did you know they SERVE FUNNEL CAKE for breakfast? Seems Jon Forman knew this as he was enjoying some today. Can't wait to try that the next time we are there!
Well it was a lot warmer inside and so I moved back inside! There was not a seat to be had. Good coffee, good service, good conversation.

In the club controversy area, our Master-Sergeant-at-Arms F. YATES (photo below) has reviewed all of the 'facts"of the disputed FORDS vs CHEVYS contest, spoken to possible witnesses, innocent bystanders, a flock of pigeons, his mail carrier, and a group of ladies who were jogging by his house........and has determined exactly what is fair and proper. His findings are below..... his family crest was for some reason attached to his findings, so we are showing that below his photo.

   from the desk of CRC SARGE- AT- ARMS

After a long and brutal investigation of the FORD vs CHEVROLET contests. And after checking WITH my outstanding legal team, I have decided to put a hold on the Chevy's receiving the spring trophy. Who really won the contest? We will have a rematch IN THE springtime. The time and place will be determined by the BIG man, whoever that is.  Now the FORD guys need to show up and be counted THIS IS A  TEMPORARY HOLD. Thanks to all of the witnesses who came forward, especially those 4 female joggers this past Monday who jogged past my house as I was getting the paper. I was able to interview 4 more people who have no interest in this case.


Posted Monday, January 29 - Controversy rocks the club! The Master-Sergeant-At-Arms calls for an investigation!!!!
The club msgt-at-arms, ever watchful for infractions of our club policies, has brought to our attention, something he believes is an "irregularity" if not a downright scandal.
In a "white paper" issued from the msgt office on official looking msgt paper, our esteemed msgt, call him Floyd, details what he believes to be a hoax, played upon the tri five Ford owners by the tri five Chevy owners. The text of the official note is shown below so that you may draw your own conclusions, but the evidence looks pretty bad. I think a rematch in the spring is likely.....
It has been brought to my attention that the recent contest at Rudy's between Ford and Chevrolet is set up to make sure that the Chevrolets won. 
Evidence 1    It is always scheduled when the Ford owners are out town. Very suspicious indeed.

Evidence 2   Now let's see who set this up. It looks like he is a Chevrolet owner that would know when Ford's are out of town. That looks very suspicious to me. 

Evidence 3    The Chevrolets claimed to win. This is even more suspicious.

To have an honest investigation I, Master-Sgt-At-Arms-Floyd will leave no stone unturned to get to the bottom of this scandal -if it is true, and you just know it is true, otherwise I would never have brought it up.  So you Ford owner's keep your chins up.  Justice will be done. Your honest and fair master-sergeant-at arms Floyd Yates.