All the information about the car show has been posted on the 2021 Food and Shelter car show page.   2021-Food-and-Shelter-Car-Show.php.  
If you want to share a couple of cool photos of the show, send them

Thursday we interview Floyd Yates who takes us back in time when he was a teen-age delinquent and owned a 1956 Ford that kept stripping second gear!

Thursday update on Jon Forman - there is talk that he may move from ICU to CCU (Intensive care to Critical care which may indicate an improvement in his overall condition) maybe by Saturday. We will keep you informed here.
NORMAN SWAP MEET NEWS: Expect some changes to the cRc space this year in order to meet the OTC (Oklahoma Tax Commission) new tax rules. All revenue from items placed on the cRc booth space must be accounted for as a donation to charity. In the past, club members were able to sell their items as they wished and keep the money or donate it to the club. We can no longer do this. If you have items that you want to sell, and are willing to donate the proceeds to the cRc, who will then donate the money to charity - THERE IS NO CHANGE.  

However, if you wish to sell items at the swap meet and retain the proceeds, YOU MUST RENT A SPACE by calling the Norman Swap Meet.  We will continue to have our 3 spaces this year, the free coffee and donuts as in the past, the display tables, etc.  I doubt we will have the variety of parts for sale on the table. We will evaluate how this all works for the club and the charity and decide over the winter exactly how we participate in future events. The swap meet has been a carload of fun in the past and hopefully, the tax commission ruling does not take all the fun out of it. 

Posted 7-29 cRc member Jon Forman is in ICU at a hospital in Pueblo, Colorado. Jon was on an 11-day solo motorcycle ride in the upper midwest and had stopped his bike while waiting a rainstorm to pass. He suffered a heart attack from a tear in his Aorta. He had open heart surgery to repair the tear, but has since had a stroke and several mini-strokes. Lani and family were driven out to Colorado yesterday by Philip Scott and got to visit with Jon. Jon is at a critial point right now having undergone a second surgery yesterday. Please put Jon in your thoughts and prayers.

We will post updates on his condition as his situation improves.
Posted July 26th - CONGRATULATIONS to cRc member Ron Blissett and his award winning Pierce-Arrow who took first place prizes at the AACA Grand National show in New Ulm, Minnesota. Well done Sir, well done.

News fit to print! Saturday July 24th at BOOMERANG Diner we interview Dennis and Margo Mitchell and take a look at their sweet 1955 Chevy Bel-Air. Dennis and Margo are shopping for a car club to join and we hope they will choose the cRc as their home club. Regardless of their choice, you will be seeing them and their gorgeous ride on the local car show circuit. Dennis is a friend of cRc member Ray Waldron. They worked together as firefighters in the Norman Fire Department.

Who has the sacred FORD vs CHEVY seems to be misplaced and we need to add the winner of 2021......

WANTED: Fun shop to tour in the fall. If you have a pretty cool shop that can handle 20-30 interested gearheads, and are willing to host the crc membership for coffee and donuts (which we provide). Please email Dave Saunders at and let's get this on the club calendar!