ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST! ........Rumor has it that Ron Borum's Buick Grand National has been sold and is now living in Connecticut.

NOW WHAT WE HAVE HERE -------------> a photo from Terry showing the front door of the O'Dea castle......Built in 1480, the O'Dea castle is 742 years young!

<--------And what we have here, is Terry with a distant, distant, distant cousin, and the Castle O'Dea. We can only hope that Terry and family decide to come home to Norman rather than stay there forever in the O'Dea castle.

And we have two immediate winners - Wayne Lewis and Ron Borum both answered that these gates are near Chickasha along highway 82…….good job guys !  

 NOW WHAT WE HAVE a real classic car guy or gal! It is fairly local, but just where is it? Send your guesses to:

Posted June 14th - everyone who was a founding member of the cRc remembers CASEY TARP? Casey was one of the original founders of the club with a slick 1954 Olds Rocket 88 , black with deep red flames in the hood paint. Casey also is responsible for the club cRc logo, designed one day while he was bored in a meeting........we never changed it and it is still in use. Casey IS BACK IN NORMAN so expect to see him drop by a cRc breakfast one morning. Be sure to give him your thanks for helping found the club plus our snazzy logo.

This great and informative chart sent over by cRc member Matt Murray, proud owner of (Mayor) Bob Thompson's Ford Victoria, aka Miss Vicki............. Matt also is founder of cRc SOUTH - our outpost in North Richland Hills, Texas. Current membership of CRC SOUTH is 2, Matt and Laurie. Their pix in CRC attire is shown below, standing in front of PEARL....... CRC SOUTH much like our outpost CRC EAST in Eufala consisting of Bill and Joyce McBee. You can run away from the CRC,but you can NEVER LEAVE!

The cRc would like to welcome Tanner Howe and his 4 sharp classics. They are:

1972 Mercury Montego GT
1982 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser
1986 Ford Mustang GT
1988 Dodge Ramcharger

We look forward to getting to know Tanner and his fleet!

Posted Sunday, June 12th - some great photos that James took of the Thursday Night Cruisers annual car show in Mustang. They are on our home page under the weekly car show heading. A lot of nice cars in that show. Also, we received a fun group of photos from Wayne who was participating in a microcar tour along the Natchez Trace. These are posted on the fun stuff page. Noteworthy is a rare Dymaxion vehicle that was built as a concept vehicle in the 1930's. These are posted on the "FUN STUFF" page.

Posted June 7tth - we received this from the family of Charlie Lunsford and wanted to pass it along. 
"Thank you so much for taking the time away from home this past Sunday evening and parade by my house. THis was a joyful and tearful moment for all of us on the porch. It is difficult for me to get out these days and to see all my cRc friends coming along in front of the house was a true treat! And a flyover also? Just too kind. I am the envy of the neighborhood!
We have a very special club and I have always been happy to wear my blue CRC hat, and proud of the many good things the club does. Thanks again for making this day so special for me."   Charlie (and family)

Posted June 6th - the club's Jaguar fleet is expanding with this great stylish purchase by Jock Campbell of a 2007 Jaguar XK. To my knowledge, this brings the club Jag fleet to don't expect them all to be running at the same time however.

In other late breaking news, Lani's little Midgett II Daihatsu won first place last weekend in “Special Interest” and 2nd place in 1989 and newer truck” category this weekend at Moore car show.      If Jon Forman had been around this weekend, he likely would have ridden his Honda Super Cub 125 and he would have won in motorcycles because none showed up.  He would have been happier than a kid in a candy store.

Terry and his family stop to pose with Charlie and his family at our drive-by tribute on Sunday evening. 

A turnout worthy of some car shows convened the evening of the 5th of June, to pay full tribute of one of our best club members ever, who is unable to get out and drive his 1955 Red and White Chevy convertible like he wants to. Organized by Terry O'Dea, we had approximately 35 cars parading past Charlie's home on Homeland Drive in Norman. We all love you Sir Charlie, get well, will ya!

CRC member Philip Scott stands in the turret of the Norman Police Department's defensive SWAT armored vehicle. This photo taken by Lani and at the truckfast last week at Whittier.

Good morning June 5th and welcome to our CRC NEWS PAGE! Yesterday the club raised almost $2072 additional $$$ for use by the DAV to provide for Veterans in ANY Oklahoma Veteran Center. Typically this funding goes to provide a better quality of life for those Vets who have no known relatives or visitors. Photos and videos of the show may be found on the show page by clicking on the Home page and then clicking on the box below:

Results from Veteran Center show:

Best of show 1979 & Older----Billy Brown 1964 chevy

Best of show 80 & newer - Matthew King 2016 Camaro

Veterans Pick - Gary Monks 1979 Camaro

Kids Pick - Jack Davis 32 Ford Bus

2 Pats Pick - Mark Van - 1959 Plymouth

Money taken in and to be donated: $3905 Entry Fee Money $ 300 2 Pats $396 50/50 pot $225 Member challenge $100 John P won 100 Dollar drawing gave back to Veterans Center $524 given by CRC Members Total $5,430

Thanks to every one that worked the show and the ones that came out to support it


Well we just had a blast at Whittier Middle School. The teaching staff there made us feel right at home and the students REALLY enjoyed spending the morning looking at all the different trucks. The club had a good turnout, but so did the city of Norman and the EMS and Army and Norman Police. All in all they said it was their best truck day ever. Special thanks to Julia Prise, a great special Ed teacher, who put this all together. Julia is in the photograph with Keith's blue truck. 

Posted Friday - May 28th - in the cRc we go into this 2022 Memorial Day Weekend, some of us are smiling a little more than usual. Carol Hoffman for example is smiling a lot as she wraps up a long and rewarding career as a speech pathologist with the school system and will retire. Now she just has one child at home to watch out for...JIM!  Seriously, we wish Carol and Jim many happy years of touring the country in their RV, planning great cRc cruises to fun restaurants, and enjoyment of the relaxing life she has earned after all those years in the classroom.

Tomorrow is the date of the Norman Veteran Center show and we will have coffee call there. Registration is between 8 and 11, but the coffee pot will be on early, so stop by if you can and enjoy the cars, the vets, and the day.

Terry and Becky O'Dea have been honored as the "ALL-SAINTS VOLUNTEERS OF THE YEAR". Congratulations O'Dea family, well deserved. The fuzzy photo shows them being hugged by the All-Saints children.

Jim Hoffman is resting at home following successful shoulder surgery. And both Gary and JoNell continue to improve after their respective surgeries. Lani has a knee surgery scheduled soon......signs of the times folks, signs of the times.

In loving memory of a great cRc member who left us far, far too early. HARLAN BUTLER. The photo says it all.

He was THAT MAN.......


Wow! That's all I have to report. You are amazing....Wayne, Mitch, Billy, Floyd, Ray, Al, Shane, James, Philip. Richard, Roy, Lawrence, and others who just pitched in.....................

Despite the drizzle and mist that kept everyone going outside to wipe down their cars. Despite the definite chill in the wind that kept many folks inside the Casino, everything ran like a Swiss railroad. This was THE MOST ORGANIZED SHOW our club has put on. They have all been good in the past, but Thunderbird set a new gold standard.

No confusion by the attendees at registration, or long lines, the voting was the best ever, the tally of the votes was flawless....well enough patting ourselves on the back.

Despite the wind the cool and the mist, 168 cars registered for the show. That is an excellent number considering mother nature.

Again this year, both Thunderbird Casino AND the Canadian River Cruisers made contributions to the Absentee-Shawnee Indian Children's Relief Fund.

DID YOU KNOW? The Absentee Shawnee Tribe gained their “absentee” distinction because their groups were not present at the signing of the 1854 treaty for a Kansas Reservation. Instead of settling on surplus lands in Kansas, these Absentee Shawnees had opted to migrate into Indian Territory (Oklahoma).

And now it is on to the Norman Veteran Center next Saturday where we will repeat the process, with the registration money and ALL PROCEEDS being given to the chaplin of the DAV to disburse throughout all of the Oklahoma Veteran Centers to provide gifts and essentials for those surviving Veterans who have no known family. 

DID YOU KNOW? The state of Oklahoma runs the centers and they are located in Ardmore, Claremore, Clinton, Lawton, Norman, Sallisaw (new in 2022), Sulphur, and Talihina.

DID YOU KNOW? The DAV is the Disabled American Veterans nonprofit who helps Veterans nationwide. The CRC deals with their area chaplin who channels the funds as they are needed.

We SPOTLIGHT Richard Pray's life story this week in our "MEET YOUR MEMBERS" page. To see what Richard's life is all about, his background, the cars he has owned and his current favorites, just click the box below, or use the menu and find the meet your members page which is under the "ABOUT US" heading......

And then the current news:

Since we are an older club in terms of average age, we report health happenings in spite of HIPPA guidelines (after all we are a no-rules club)  ..these are just tidbits picked up along the way. They may or may not bear any resemblance to reality...... like..........

JoNell Lonow is going in for knee replacement on Tuesday, May 17th, only 10 days after Gary's knee replacement. We spoke with Gary on Monday May 16th and he is on schedule and doing well. His son is there to assist both of them in recovery and he promised to contact us if he needed us.

Ed Paulus has been released from his captivity in rehab and is home again with Miriam......

Jim Hoffman will go into the hospital for rotator cuff surgery next week on May 24th and the Buick fender parts that mysteriously moved from the garage and re-appeared in their house will remain in Carol's fashionable living room for a little longer. Sorry Carol. Carol retires from her career at the end of this week, marking a long and successful career as a speech pathologist. Well done Carol and welcome to the land of leisure.

Lani Malysa will go into the hospital shortly for a knee replacement. Maybe instead of a 10% discount for auto parts which Vinny successfully negotiated at NAPA, we can get a deal or shoulders and knees!!!!!! Lani, get ready to be the new poster-girl for knee replacement. You CAN DO IT!

Dave Saunders arrived at coffee call sporting a wrist brace on his left hand...appears that "Author(itus) arrived on his 75th birthday and he will wear the brace for a while to see it anything changes. 

Posted, Sunday, May 15th - most things never change in this club - and that can be a good or bad thing, depending on your age and perspective. We have been going to Midway faithfully for 15 years, same for Boomerang on Porter. We tried Jimmy's Egg, Ozzies, Hasslers, and Carols, but for various reasons, they didn't work long term (Parking at Hasslers, Too popular at Ozzies and it closed, never clicked with Jimmy's Egg or Carol's....What-A-Burger...well they never could figure out that we needed coffee to survive. And we loved Johnnie's Broiler but they closed and are now Dutch coffee. Tiffany's didn't like our need to jump from table to table to visit and even dare to move their tables which seemed to them to be sacred....and so we never went back after the first time. And so the list goes on and on. However........Boomerang south may be added into our rotation. Their parking lot is nice, we know the menu, the service was slow today but it was OU graduation day three blocks away. The servers certainly made us feel welcome, and yet we sort of overwhelmed their kitchen. We will talk with them about that and in a few weeks, give them another try. In the meantime, just keep checking back and Midway and Boomerang North and the Goldsby airport will remain our standards. Good turnout today. Thank you.

 4 tires, removed from a Cadillac than had been garaged for years.   They are all flat spotted from sitting so long Goodyear Eagles, size is 225/55/16.  

They have about 100% of the tread. They went on my new Cadillac Aliente

Do you think anyone in the club could use them ?? Bill McBee  call- 405-630-0578

Hotel California....once a cRc member..................Don and Carol Toney in front of their Chevy farm truck before the truck ventures off to Michigan. We hope you come to the next cRcreunion day Toney family, it has been a long time.

Tuesday May 10th - Looks like an Ardun OHV conversion courtesy of Zora Duntov. Hilborn fuel injection. Possibly hijacked from the Speedway Museum of Speed in Lincoln Nebraska."
Steve Ruedy was correct in the answer above to our quiz last week...he nailed it. 

And we wish to welcome TANNER HOWE to the club. He joined this past week. We will tell you about his vehicles as soon as we learn more.

This information from our Eufaula outpost Bill and Joyce McBee. You might recall that they recently purchased a Cadillac off the cRc website and Bill has been working to get it running as it was stored for years. Here is his report!     

                               "Wellllllll. After a fuel system clean out and partial rebuild it did come to life.                                  It is quick !!! Now to check out the front suspension and a professional detailing. It does look nice and it keeps feeling smaller. Like the TR-6 with a 300+ HP engine. Joyce will soon have bugs on her teeth."

Good morning - be sure to check out Dan's Sunday funnies section of the club website today. Dan works all week long to find 4 new little posts for your enjoyment. To go there, hover your mouse over the "FUN STUFF" heading and then click on the Dan's Sunday Funnies page. We post 4 new ones each week.

Next Saturday, don't miss it! We test drive a new restaurant - the southern edition of BOOMERANG. Located at the corner of Classen and constitution in the old Family Video strip center, it has a larger dining room and better parking lot for our cars. Same Boomerang menu. 

We want to award a "bronze medal" to Vinnie and June's newest classic silver Chevelle convertible.......their recent vehicle completed the slow moving Noble parade route and made it back to the car show parking lot before losing it's lower radiator hose and expelling all of the antifreeze. It could have been a real mess on the route.

As it was, Vinny repaired it on the spot and it is home safe and sound. If you have not driven in one of our parades, the idling along at walking speedis tough on the cooling system....and that is the reason you rarely see my Model T pickup in a parade. Dave.

NOW WHAT WE HAVE an exciting new member to the club. The proud owners are new cRc members Nick and Nickki, who are the fun couple that joined the club back the day of the Air Museum coffee call with their blue and white 59 Plymouth. I believe this makes 3 cars in their collection and we admire their spunk in finding and rescuing great older vintages like this mint green Cadillac. Hopefully, Nick will have it purring along soon and they can each drive a car to coffee. Having fairly unique vehicles like this older Caddy make our club very special.

Sunday morning May 8th - HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all of our gIrly gEarheads out there! The club members always appreciate your attendance at our events and you are always welcome to pitch in on anything we do, or even things that we may not be doing that should be done! Thanks for your membership and support through the years!

Good morning and happy Cinco de Mayo.......we learned that Don Toney blue pickup has been sold and is on its way to Michigan.....sorry the club lost that one however we haven't seen it in several years. 

Posted May 1st - By my count, we had 22 folks that went up to Weatherford along the rolling, wildflower filled back roads, ate some great road food at Lucille's Roadhouse, and toured the Stafford air and Space Museum. No breakdowns to my knowledge. All on a breezy but pretty goodbye-April day. The restaurant Jim and Carol had picked was ready for us, and we had a nice dining room all to ourselves. Because the route was about 120 miles one way, most of us opted to drive more modern cars, or retros, as in the case of Dan and Flo and Richard. Old car, yetupdated drivetrain can't be beat for this sort of thing. The Stafford museum exceeded all expectations, and why a museum with all of those intriguing and large space items (like a Challenger type cockpit with 2000 switches) is in deep western Oklahoma is beyond me, but we are very fortunate to have it. (General Stafford was from Weatherford). 

Of course we had to put a cRc traveling hat on Orville Wright's noggin. It just seemed appropriate as they both would have been good cRc members. (Yes we asked for permission first). 

And here we are arriving at our first rest stop of the morning. There would be a second one later. And below is our video of the cRuisers leaving Love's.

A gift to the club of a large number of General Motors shop manuals has appeared in my garage. We have taken photos of these manuals and they have a web page of their own. I will pull these manuals for you and get them to you one Saturday morning at coffee call if you want any of them. They are free, but we are asking a small (optional) donation to our Veteran Center fund if you find one(s) that is of interest. To go directly to the page and view the items click the link in the black box below. When you find what you want, email me using the cRc email address and I will pull them for you.  


Posted April 24th - just in! This nice 2012 Harley Heritage Classic for sale by a friend of the cRc....more information on our "for sale" page.....for-sale.php

Tuesday quiz- who modified the flat-head 65 hp Ford engine to achieve over 200 HP and set land speed records of more than 200 mph?

Posted April 24th - thanks to alert cRc member VINCE LETTA, cRc members are able to enjoy a 10% discount on parts purchased at the NAPA auto store on 24th in Norman. The account number you need to remember is #1825 and by telling them this number at the register, you should be able to receive your discount. Thanks Vince for doing this. 

Posted Sunday April 24th - we learned this past week that Ed Paulus has been released from Norman Regional and is recovering in a rehab/skilled nursing center off Rambling Oaks (trying to find name of center). We are sure Ed is one of the most popular guests at the center and that in addition to their rehab schedule, Eddie is leading classes on the finer points of rebuilding a 1937 Chevrolet carburetor! We hope Eddie's rehab is successful and will report more as we learn it.

Over the years, cRc member Ron Borum has entertained us with a passing variety of classic and interesting cars and bikes, some motorized, some not. The little cherry red retro Fiat 500 to the right is his latest acquisition. This is not your typical little 20 hp Fiat of days of old, it is their Abarth performance model with a whopping 180 hp plus a performance chip which boosts the HP to about 225......think of the power to weight ratio here......and then think that RON is behind the!!!!

NOW WHAT WE HAVE the latest photo of Zac's hobby, which seems to have turned into more than a hobby. We need to pick a name and tagline for this budding enterprise. How about:

1. Zac's gently used farm trucks, incorporated. Good deals on seed also. Some small trees included.

2. Brouillette's bargain basement trucks....dragged fresh from the farm, pick up a pair today!

3. U buy 'em, U haul 'em, wheels and tires optional

4. Oklahoma's LARGEST DEALER in slightly used trucks. No hail damage here!

5. Daddy's budding Mommie HELP!

Good morning Monday April 18th - we lead off this week by welcoming several new members to the club. First we would like to welcome Nick and Nikki Patt, owner of "CHRISTINA", a blue over buff 1959 Plymouth Fury. It is great to have them because they represent a younger generation who holds an interest in classic cars. As an added bonus, they still have their hearing, so you can have a great conversation with them without having to shout back and forth!

And we welcome "legacy member" Ryan Vaughn, son of cRc members Susan and Tom Vaughn. As many of you are aware, Tom has been fighting pancreatic cancer for more than a year, and we recently did a member salute with a 23 car parade by their home. Ryan wishes to honor his father by continuing their family membership and we look forward to seeing the 1955 Resto Chevy (and you too Ryan!) once again at our coffee.

Thank you both for becoming members of the BEST CAR CLUB IN OKLAHOMA!

Happy EASTER everyone! Today we posted, under the "FUN STUFF" heading, a series of GM billboards that have appeared in Detroit, and we made it into a little game. Can you guess which is the most popular? cRc member Ed Braley sent these over for us to enjoy. To easily go there, click the box below:
Cloudy and windy along the flightline at coffee call this weekend, but that didn't stop a record number of cRc members from enjoying breakfast at Goldsby field. Special thanks to Larry and Jan Hinton and their OAAA fellow members for putting this together. I think we outnumbered the pilots today.


Posted April 7th - it seemed like only yesterday (because it WAS only yesterday) that we posted a for-sale note on the cRc website about a nice, garaged 1989 Cadillac convertible......and OOOPS! I had to delete the post today because cRc member and Eufaula CRC Chapter-President Bill McBee is the new proud owner of said Caddy. The video to the right shows the car being removed from its home for the past 5 years. Let's hope we see Bill and Joyce cRuisin' around in this fine auto in the near future. ONE DAY? TO SELL A CAR ON OUR WEBSITE? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

James sent this great photo of downtown Seminole and the car show there this past weekend....... 

Posted April 4th - Norman, OK

We would like to welcome a new car and a new family to the CRC. Jim and Stephanie Gasaway purchased "ROXY", a great 1965 Mustang daily driver from cRc member Kevin Parker (our motto: keep 'em in the club and keep 'em rollin'). Sitting in the back seat and very covetous of the new car is daughter Julia, who teaches in the Norman school system. We hope to see Julia driving Roxy around town, any day now........

I tried to sue the airline for losing my luggage.............

I lost my case!


What is the difference between a Hippo and a Zippo?

One is really heavy and the other is a little lighter.....

We checked out the new location of Boomerang number 2 in Norman and it received the cRc stamp of approval! The parking lot is much better for the way we roll, the inside layout is a bit different but definitely larger, and the food is...well....Boomerang!

This is what it looks like inside. It is located in the former Family Video Center on the SW corner of Constitution and Classen. This is the intersection by the neighborhood Walmart on Classen. Also it sort of backs up to Carol's Kitchen which faces east whereas Boomerang faces north. We are due to invade Boomernag2 on Saturday May 14th for coffee call, so please be on your best behavior! :)

"How do you make Holy Water?"....You boil the hell out of it....

And then our young truffle-hound farm-truck "sniffer" has been out and about once again, and has captured yet another Texas trophy to being back to Oklahoma. I suppose that Texas is going to rename their Farm-to-Market roads due to a lack of farm vehicles down there because Zac-the-younger has moved them all to Oklahoma.  We must admit, he is getting this system down pretty good these days and from what we hear, there is good demand for these old orphans. 

"Will glass coffins be a success?"....Remains to be seen........

And finally at the bottom of this daily update is the Hummer limo which pulled in at coffee call on Saturday....Dan commented about the number of supports that must be required for the drive shaft....... not to mention Roy pondering about the length of the fueline.

Another great coffee call at Tom Whalen's aircraft museum in Norman. Great turnout by the club, which overwhelmed Terry's and my coffee and donut plans and so we struggled to catch up with the coffee demand all morning. More brewers coming next time! Our hosts are always gracious and we appreciate the work they have done to make this a great venue for the club.  We interviewed two nice 1950's era cars today, an uncommon surviving 59 Plymouth Belvedere, and a 1958 Impala, the first year of the Impala. Nick and Nicki are the new Mopar owners, and we hope we see more of them and "CHRISTINA" in the future. youth and exuberance made a club and they have both.  

Sherrill Spears owns the Impala. Can you believe that Chevy's paint job is more than 30 years old? And look at those three deuces! We got to visit with several members we have not seen in awhile, including John Peace and Chuck Angie. Good to see both. And Billy and Mary are back from their annual snowbird adventure to the wilds of south Texas. Next weekend is the Trails Golf club SHOW AND SHINE - a nice way to spend a morning last year about this time. Dan's Sunday comics are posted under the "fun stuff" heading..... and more details have appeared on the home page about the Spring CRC cRuise on April 30th to Weatherford. and the Stafford Air and Space museum. Looks like a fun outing ahead. 

Posted Monday March 28th - sorry we are a wee bit late with our weekend update, but there is a lot going on in our club.

First, let's take a peek at Charlie's new interior for Marty, his 1955 Chevy..........

And then we have the painting of Gary and JoNell's (new to us) 1958 Ford which is going to be a beautiful tri-tone gray and yellow with a white top. Going to look super....

While at coffee call (Midway cRc world headquarters) Tim Scott shows off his birthday cake. Happy 70th TIM!

And wrapping things up, a photo of Kaye and Dale in front of Kaye's ride Kaye!


Now what we have here........are CRC hats on the move! Our esteemed cRc treasurer, who with a vigilance that rivals that of the security guards at Fort Knox, protects the little paper envelope that contains the vast array of one and five dollar bills in the club treasury. It is rumored that Gentleman Jim can be seen by moonlight, digging holes in the hoffman back yard, so we can secure the club treasury deep underground during times of elevated security, which is most every night.

At any rate, the cRc hat, and apparently Jim's head have found their way to Hico, Texas and the Billy the Kid Museum.  We must admit that Gentleman Jim looks rather like a Wells Fargo stagecoach rider in this photo. A photo of the Hoffman clan in their big honking Buick appear below.

A cloudy balmy morning with wind on March 5th in Norman at cRc WORLD HEADQUARTERS - MIDWAY GROCERY. We started off with only a few at 7am, by folks started coming in about 8:30 and by 9, the place had a respectable number of members wandering around. 

Marilyn in pix with Gary in background...

Richard's 1972 Cutlass......

Dave's tinkertoy, 1969 Fiat 500.....

Left to right: Kaye, Dale, and Gary...

Rogue's gallery of various criminals: Counterclockwise...Ken, Wayne, Lawrence, Richard, and Dan........

Gary's real Ford truck.....

The cRc would like to extend a warm welcome to Kevin Sampson, retired U.S. Air Force veteran, and his elegant and sporty  2015 Hyundai Genesis Coupe . Kevin, we all thank you for your career of service to our country and look forward to seeing you at future cRc events.