cRc hats on the move! This cRc hat, recently climbed to the peak of Piestewa Peak in Phoenix, where it enjoyed the view. If you have a cRc hat on the move, send it to us and tell us where it was taken....

Posted January 22, 2021 - It is been fairly miserable weather this past week in Norman, unless you are a polar bear, of have the luxury of a heated garage within your house! Tah! Tah! - Hoffman Garage is such a place! And so winter projects like the one shown below can take place with no disruption or discomfort. During the down months, Jim is busy attacking a refurbishing of his front end on the big Buick. It looks as though he is making good progress also! The left photo below,is a "before" shot while the right one shows some of the work that has been done so far. 

 In other news, we have posted a review of electric trucks on the Harlan Hot-Spot page, photos specs, and all.

Jim and Carol's daughter recently had the sign painted for his garage wall as a surprise!

 Let's talk frankly about Covid. Most of us are in the vulnerable age group, some of us are compromised, some not. Many of us are vaccinated and boosted, some are not. I got Covid about 9 days ago while visiting my daughter in Phoenix. How? We don't know but it was likely that I was infected by being in a room adjacent to where a contractor who later tested positive, was working. It came on at first like a winter cold, stuffy feeling, itchy eyes, a dry cough. Next came the flu-like symptoms, aches and pains, sinuses blocked, persistent cough, 101 temperature. That was about day 3. I spent the day in bed that day. The next day I went to Urgent care and sat around in their waiting room with a bunch of really sick people, most about 1/2 my age. Well, if I didn't have Covid when I went in, I certainly would when I left.

The test came back positive. Days 4-6 were spent taking various potions and pills and spoonfuls of bad tasting stuff  (I am a weenie about cough syrup)....but there is not much to do, you just have to wait it out. And so after 9 days of this stuff, I am better, but still not back to normal.  And now I learn that Jim Hoffman has tested positive and who knows how many other members are in the same situation. Hopefully few.

The point of all of this is to simply urge you to be as careful as you possibly can, for your own protection. Covid doesn't seem to really care who it infects or when. So that is the reason we have moved to every other week coffee, and only at Rudy's and Goldsby Field which offer a relatively wide open and unoccupied building vs Midway or Boomerang. We will return to our fun rotation as soon as this spike is over, probably by late February.......and we will all get to see what is next. In the meantime,           motoron         motoron  


And next we will talk about our cRc sweatshirt project which is coming along nicely. Jennifer Harris is churning out some lovely cRc logo black sweatshirts. Thank you Jennifer! The cost is $30 each. The club just passes the cost straight through....(what a great club to be a member of!). We are ordering these as individual orders and they are made on demand. Terry O'dea is currently in possession of shirts to fill all of the known backorders and will be trying to deliver the shirts to everyone. He will have them at rudy's on the 29th at coffee. If you want to get on the order list, text me (Dave Saunders) at 405-406-3730 and be sure to identify yourself so just a phone number doesn't come up. Tell me what size you want. We will figure out how you pay later. I will put the order in with Jen and Terry.

Posted Saturday January 8th - we held a brief meeting at Boomerang this morning and we decided that Rudy's BBQ offers us the safest environment to keep the membership from getting Covid, so we have changed the club schedule to reflect the next 3 weeks going to Rudy's with no variation. Some "experts" believe that this Covid variant is going to peak toward the end of January so we will reassess our options during the next two weeks and see what we need to do in February, or resume our norman rotation. While the new strain is not as severe if you have been vaccinated (most of our members that go to regular club breakfast have received their shots), we still want to reduce the chance of ANY of our members getting Covid. Whether you have been vaccinated or not, getting it is a health risk........we learned today that 7 of the 10 Food and Shelter staff members currently have Covid...fortunately April does not. We all hope she remains Covid free in that toughest of environments. 

-Speaking of Food and Shelter, the club received yet another $500 contribution this morning, bringing out tiny house total raised to $22, 847.......thank you so much!

 -Terry O'Dea has a new rescue dog and we hope to see her riding shotgun in the Chevy pickup in the near future......


-Lawrence Terry's daughter is undergoing yet a third round of chemo and he asks for everyone's prayers. If you are not comfortable with a prayer, send good thoughts.

- A note about sweatshirts. Jennifer tells us that she has the sweatshirts on backorder and will add the club logo as soon as they arrive. Once that is done, Terry O'Dea will distribute them at Rudy's as soon as possible.

-Rumor has it.....that the cleveland County Fair association is in final negotiations to take over the Norman Swap Meet. If this is successful, there WILL be a spring swap meet and of course the cRc will be a part of it. Start collecting those old tires Ken!

-The club added a new member this week, Glenn Masopust and his sweet classic 1956Studebaker. Glenn is also a member of the Studebaker Drivers Club. WELCOME GLENN!!!

And Ron Borum brought a guest to breakfast this week. The young man, he goes by JACKSON, went to Japan and imported this little 3 cylinder Honda which has become his daily driver. So we went out in the rain and made a video. the wind was bad so part of the voiceover cannot be heard, but is it a fun little micro-car....

Order your cRc sweatshirt this Saturday at coffee call. We are taking orders for black cRc engraved sweatshirts, custom made by cRc member Jennifer. Some are currently backordered, but she makes them as the shirts arrive. Price $30 (pay when ordered if possible) and the club does not profit from the sale of the shirts. Sizes are m,l,xl, and xxl.   To get in theline, see Dave Saunders at Boomerang this Saturday morning. 

Posted January 7, 2022......the always watchful camera of Doug Hill captures cRc member Lani at the December Downtown art walk event.  This photo appeared today in the January/ February issue of the Norman Magazine..........distributed by the Norman Transcript.

Posted Wednesday, January 5, 2022 - it is with regret that we post the passing of the wife of Mitch Phillips. Mitch is one of our key folks who run the cRc car show division. Our sympathy goes out to Mitch and his family during this difficult time. Pamela Phillips, 68, passed away January 3, 2022. She was born April 18, 1953, in Elk City, Oklahoma, to Joseph and Inez Gibson. She enjoyed shopping, basket-weaving and spending time with friends. Pam was employed at TAFB for 25 years. She retired in 2013 as an Item Manager for the F100 engine. Pamela is survived by her husband David (Mitch), three children Stacy and husband Brad Gee, Tracy and husband Brad Burris, and Clayton Phillips, five grandchildren, one sister Debbie Gibson. She was preceded in death by her parents, one brother and one sister.

We gather every week for coffee and friendly chat. And yes, it WAS New Year's Day. Last week my instructions were clear, find a place to have coffee call on New Year's Day! Denny's was open and fit the bill nicely.

Going to a chain restaurant often has its challenges for a club that likes to move from table to table, add and remove chairs, push tables together, come and go as needed, drink coffee first, and order later. Eat first and drink coffee later. Hold a 50/50 lottery in the middle of their restaurant! Sell and collect money for club sweatshirts.

Those are not things that Cracker Barrel or IHOP, can take, but Midway and Rudys can. Denny's did a good job in serving us, once the young lady figured out our rules.

We had a nice time and for the first of January, it worked perfectly well.  Jim Gasaway was my guest, shown talking with Marilyn.Jim is in the market for a 1964-1966 Mustang hardtop. Not a restoration project but a decent daily driver. If you know of one in the area, let Dave Saunders know and I will pass the word. 405-406-3730.

It was a morning well spent. Sadly, we learned that Nicole of Boomerang has moved to the Moore location and will not be there to visit with us when we go to Boomerang Norman. Stay warm, baby it's cold outside.

Just in case......they are selling these in the gift shop at Norman Regional Hospital.....

And in other club news, the cRc received one more member contribution today for $500, bringing our CRC TINY HOUSE total collected since the end of July, 2021 to a WHOPPING $22,847! We are only a few thousand away from having the money to build our first car club tiny house. Thanks to all who have contributed and worked so hard to make this a reality.

2021 in review - it was a bittersweet year:

The year 2021 was full of great accomplishments by our club, but sadly we unexpectedly lost some key members. Despite that, we helped a lot of people, both club members and citizens with what we feel was a better way to schedule COVID shots for those who wanted them. And dozens of people, possibly hundreds took advantage of the cRc information system and received their vaccinations. During the Covid period, we lost Bob Thompson, Gene Pallus, David Palmer, Zack McCain, and Jon Forman to mention a few. Powerful members. We miss them every day and always will. 

Our members took individual initiatives like shoveling snow for the elderly, removing debris from yards and churches, donating items directly to Food and Shelter like food and a large freezer.

We increased our SHOW and SHINE events, to support local businesses, some hard hit by the various lockdowns. AAA Insurance, Noble senior center, Carlstone independent living center, The Dale Graham Veterans Foundation, Norman's annual Crop Walk, The Cleveland County free fair, The Trails country club, Victory Church father's day celebration, to name a few.

We raised money through our car show operations which are considered to be the GOLD STANDARD for conducting car shows. In addition to our Food and Shelter show, we operated shows for the Rose Rock Festival, the Veterans Center, and Thunderbird Casino. We set registration records at Rose Rock and Thunderbird this year. We are planning to add a show in Old Town Moore in 2022.

Funds from all those shows went to support a number of worthy programs like the Veterans emergency fund, the Noble High School Band, the Indian Children's Fund, and of course, our charity partner Food and Shelter.

Our cars were in a film in Noble, and in Oklahoma City we provided cars for a two-week long live performance of the musical GREASE, performed by the Lyric Theater. We heavily participated in parades for Veterans Day,  the Norman Christmas Parade, Rose Rock festival, the city of Noble's holiday festival, Little Ax HS, Norman North HS, and Norman HS homecoming parades. We provided specific types of cars for the University of Oklahoma athletic department for a promotion they were doing for signing day.

And finally, in our most ambitious project to date, the club made a pledge to Food and Shelter to raise the funds necessary to build a new "TINY HOUSE" on their Norman campus. We have already raised approximately 66% of the $25,000 required for our home.

Yes, we lost some great members, but the cRc continues to inspire and amaze others with the compassion and giving that we do. We are not just a car club, we are an amazing club. And as in the Carpenter's song...."We've only just begun"......

Members of Paoli youth aviation gather with their teacher (left) to receive a $500 gift from the OAAA (right). Our participation at the Goldsby airport breakfast helps to support this program for Oklahoma youth. Larry Hinton (far right) and wife Jan (3rd from right) have both been members of the crc in years past. Larry and Jan also got the cRc show and shine started at the Cleveland county Free Fair and are strong supporters of our club.

And it appears that Amanda now has a second vehicle, this one, a sharp blue 2003Jeep Renegade, with added lights, with a winch. She still has her little blue VW named "Cheryl", but we will probably see her in this one a lot. So...... we interviewed Amanda, and while it was a very windy day and Oklahoma wind destroys any chance we have of a good soundtrack, here we are:

Congrats Amanda on your new vehicle!

This article appeared in an issue of the OU newspaper, the OU Daily..................Norman Christmas Parade Chair and Canadian River Cruisers Car Club Member Terry O’Dea said the couple rode in a 1955 red and white Chevrolet convertible in the Dec. 4 parade down Main Street. The car is owned by car club member Charlie Lunsford, who named the vehicle after his wife, who died in 2018. She is memorialized on the license plate bracket, which reads “Marty’s car, 60th Wedding Anniversary.”

The Canadian River Cruisers Car Club outside Rudy's Country Store the day of the Norman Christmas Parade and the red and white 1955 Chevrolet convertible the Bohley drove in the parade. PHOTO APPEARS BELOW

Jillian Taylor/The Daily
The car club participates in Norman’s Christmas festivities each year by driving its vehicles in the town parade and hosting an annual party. O’Dea said he was happy the Bohleys were excited to drive in one of the club’s vehicles.

NOW WHAT WE HAVE HERE.................. a cRc member who is REALLY wanting to work on his car. That would be Jim Hoffman camped under the hood of the car with a record of winning the longest car contest in the club, year after year, his 1970 Buick. We are not sure exactly what he is doing under there, but the engine compartment is so big, it looks like he has a place to stand . 

Bet you didn't know........cRc members have cars that we really don't know they have, and so when we were at coffee call this past week, it was discovered that Gary and JoNell have this beautiful 1958 ford Fairlane that most of us have never seen. This car is in the final stages of restoration and so we are all hopeful they will drive it soon. It certainly is a beauty. This makes at least 3 classic cars that we know about....what else lurks in that garage in the background?

cRc sweatshirts have arrived, well at least some have arrived, others are on backorder. You will begin to notice these stylish black sweatshirts on some of our members. They may be special ordered from Jennifer Harris, with the cRc logo on the left front, for $30. To place your order, see Dave Saunders in the cRc shameless marketing department at coffee call. You may pay in advance or when you get the shirt. At the moment they only come in beautiful black. We are also working on a hat order.

This past Saturday we all went to Goldsby field and enjoyed a full breakfast with the Oklahoma Antique Aviation Association. Like the cRc, the OAAA does good things. the proceeds from their monthly $7 breakfast go to support youth aviation. While we were wolfing down pancakes, eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy and limitless coffee, the OAAA presented the PAOLI middle school a check for $500 to help support their aviation interest program. A junior high in Paoli has an aviation program for students!!!!!!! A tip of the hood to OAAA (and cRc) members Larry and Jan Hinton for their work in this area.

More photos from the cRc Christmas party!

Posted December 17th - we wish Jimmy Martin a quick and complete recovery from his recent hip replacement surgery. Jimmy has a classic black Buick Grand National.

If you didn't make it to the cRc 2021 Christmas party, you may have been placed on Santa's naughty list. A bunch of members attended and we had a superb time.  While our attendance was off a little this year due to Covid, the 80 (revised information) ofus who came out to Mastertech had a sleigh-load of fun! 

Individual photographs:

Charlie and Terry

Ruedy family

Cia and Jock

Michael Fain and Lani Malysa

Dale and Kaye Cook

Dan and Flo Haggarty

Cia and Lani

Richard Prey

Carol Hoffman and Kelley Butler

Wayne, Sharon, and Lawrence

Carol Hoffman

The Gregg family

Lawrence and Peggy Terry

The Hoffmans

Becky and Terry O'Dea

Roy Sherry

Vince Letta and Ron LaPratt

June Letta

Carol and Marshall Mayes

Ralph, Terry, and Richard

Jim Hoffman

We wish to thank everyone who came out early at 5 pm for the set-up of chairs and tables, to Lani for the additional trash cans and liners and tablecloths, to MasterTech for the use of their fine shop/restaurant, to Shane Vice for the wonderful memorial tribute, to Midway Deli for the catering, to Kerry and Jody White for the Elvis and Karen Carpenter Christmas entertainment, to Gary Lunow for cutting and laying the plywood over the oil trench for safety, Philip Scott for the great Holiday music and the Harlan sound system, to Terry O'Dea for his leadership and for finding a Santa and Mrs. Claus to join us, and special thanks to everyone who came out on a cold night to participate in this annual cRc Christmas party.

It was certainly another fun party and everyone seemed to have a great time. We especially want to thank David, Chris, and Scotty of MasterTech for all their assistance during our planning. It takes a close knit village to get things done and we certainly have one. 2022 is just around the corner and we will be doing more community projects than ever before, plus, thanks to all of you,  we should have our tiny house for Food and Shelter completely paid for during that year.

Let's start out like this:
Turn it into this: An Elvis Christmas song by Jody White......
Or this wonderful Carpenter rendition by Kerrie Brinkman-White

Or how about a Blue Christmas ? Thank you Elvis...errr Jody!

....if that's not your style, how about Santa and Mrs. Claus???

Gary and JoNell are busy selling beads for the bead game. Pat Walker won this year's game and went home with $300.00 in Christmas cheer! 


Dinner was served! Midway Deli did our catering this year as we decided not to have our traditional potluck due to COVID.

We are very sad to report the passing of one of our greatest cRc doggies, "GABBY", Terry and Becky's faithful Rhodesian Ridgeback who could be seen any Saturday morning just lying in Terry's vehicle of choice, waiting, waiting, waiting for her Dad to return from coffee call. We know the entire O'Dea family is devastated by this sudden and unexpected loss and our best thoughts are with them. These videos pretty much sum it up. In the first one, I cannot imaging a large dog just sitting quietly with dozens of tiny mountain chipmunks darting all over the place. In the second video, Gabby is shown in Colorado deep snow and just waiting for Terry to get back to the truck. Gabby was 13 years young.
UPDATE: A date for this show has tentatively been selected - June 4th...more to follow........YOUR HEARD IT FIRST: Several members of the cRc will meet with members of the city of Moore to discuss options for the cRc to possibly assume  operations of the annual car show in their downtown park, held July 4th weekend. We recognize that adding another car show is difficult, as we already do the Noble Rose Rock, 2 Thunderbird shows, the Veteran Center show, and our Food and Shelter show. 

To do so, we will likely ask a few additional members to train for jobs like the sound system, registration, and computerized vote counting, in order to fairly re-distribute the work. We want to be sure that we do not take anyone's volunteering for these jobs for granted. The money we raise from any future show in Moore would likely be channeled to the Veterans in the area, as we feel that Moore would benefit more from channeling money into the area Vets. Please understand that this meeting has not taken place yet, so nothing may come of it, but we wanted the membership to know that there may be discussions.....

Posted December 7th - a video of the cRc cars in the dark, getting ready for the Noble parade. Nice work gang! Last Saturday night was the date of the Moore, Norman and Noble parades. Because we had already set the parade and dignitary rides for Norman and Noble, we were not able to provide cars for Moore, who requested help at the last moment. We will try to work with the city of Moore next year so we can be a part of all three parades.

CRC's got talent! The youtube video to the left is what cRc member Richard Pray spent a bit of his homebound time doing during the stay-at-home year of Covid. Richard has played guitar since the 1970's and finds it challenging and relaxing. Here is a version of the popular hit "Desperado" which has been recorded by many great artists including the Eagles and Linda Ronstadt. ENJOY!

Posted Sunday December 5th - a special thanks to each of the club members who took the time to fully decorate their cars and participate in the Norman and Noble Christmas parades. Our vehicles looked fantastic, the best ever, and were impressive as they pulled out one by one from our private staging area and regrouped at the main parade route. The youtube video belows show every car. The city loved our entry and we won the "MOST UNIQUE" entry, as well as a shout out in Doug Hill's article in today's Norman Transcript. Shown below is Michael Fain's fully decorated "BIG M" .......thanks again gang for making our club most unique. Also we received another $500 contribution yesterday for our Tiny House fund........

Posted Saturday December 4th - and this is the way things looked as the cRuisers left the staging area on the way to the parade parking lot, about 30 minutes before the start of the parade. The club looked great on this one......
Sporting his OSU colors, Gary Lunow is ready for the Big 12 Championship game today. 
Posted December 4th - A lively coffee call at Rudy's this morning with several items of interest for the club:
We acted on a request from Food and Shelter to help a Veteran get his car to run so he can better hold down a job in OKC while he gets his life back together. With the help of Billy Henry and Dave Saunders, a little fresh gas, a new battery, and lots of air in the slack tires was all that appeared to be needed to get his Honda Odyssey back up and running. We will check the tire pressure this next Monday, drive the car a little to circulate all the fluids, and return the keys to April with our best wishes. The club purchased the battery and gas for the car. A good investment in one of our Veterans.

Speaking of Veterans, we welcome Jess Jaques Sr. and Jess Jaques Jr. as new members to the cRc. Jess senior is a Veteran of the U.S. Army. The father-son team is currently restoring a 1970 Olds Cutlass Supreme convertible. They are friends of cRc member Richard Pray. Welcome to the cRc both Jesses!   

And we also welcome new member Michael Winkel and his nice looking 1974 Ford Bronco (and '78 Camaro R/S) to the club. We appreciate Michael driving is blue Bronco this morning. Welcome to the cRc Michael. 

And finally, we have scheduled a meeting between members of the cRc and representatives of the City of Moore to discuss the possibility of the cRc running the July 4th weekend car show for the city. we would operate this exactly like the other shows we do for Thunderbird, the Veterans Center, and the City of Noble. More information to follow as this develops.

Whew! Lots going on this Holiday Season.