Posted June 21st -  Zack has some freon 12 for sale to club members..  to view this post, click the button below:

Posted June 20 - a note from the folks at ARBOR HOUSE where cRc did another community service project last week....

"Thank you so much! The residents are still talking about them. They brought back lots of good memories. Please let everyone know how much we appreciated their visit."

Thanks to all of our members who brought their cars out for the residents to enjoy.

Posted June 18 - Ron has found a fun one minute video for your entertainment! It is simply of an unsigned intersection in Mexico. Is it real or is it fake? You be the judge. Any way you cut it, it is amazing. Click here to go there--------->>>>>>  strange-internet-findings.php

Posted June 18th - not all is well in paradise....this photo, taken from the back seat of our rental car as Dave looks very grimacing at his wallet - the moths are flying out of it, as he finally agrees to pay a $100 bribe to the Cancun policeman to let us all continue to the airport. 48mph recorded speed vs a speed limit of 43mph. Dave is NOT HAPPY at this moment.

It appears cRc member Juan V. has a real job.......
photo by cRc staff Ray Langley. Want to be a cool cRc staff member like Ray? Send me a photo! We are always looking for car club goodies to publish.

This mini-hot rod is complete with a full sunroof and a small barking car alarm! Now this is the life, being pulled around by your owners in a little hot rod. Photo by Ray Langley, cRc reporter......

Posted June 18th- coffee grounds:
A nice crowd at Midway on Father's Day weekend. Hope your Father's day was a good one! At Midway, Lani rode her new tricked out electric bike! We lined up great special entertainment for the club Christmas party and will be announcing the party date soon. Stay tuned. 
On the car show circuit, the cRc gang brought home the club participation trophy from Weatherford. Well done gang! The next show will be Saturday in Shawnee. See the calendar or car show page for specifics.

Meanwhile way down in Mexico, where it has been pouring rain for a week, washing out roads, sewers and other infrastructure, this little explosion occurred at the fuel dock across the way. Made for an otherwise uninteresting afternoon as it sank there. Nobody hurt that we could tell. That was a 36 foot cruiser. $$$$ It is now on the bottom blocking the front of the fuel dock as they figure out what to do next.

And that is my report for the week. Marilyn and I will be home late on Saturday the 23rd and will see you all at coffee call on the 30th if not before.
Ron Borum sent in a crazy driving video but I couldn't upload the thing as our site is not capable of playing mp4's. so I found this one for you on youtube. Driving down here in Mexico can be tough, especially since they rarely repaint the traffic lines, but it is nothing like this. note that there are actually pedestrians that are crossing the streets also:

Seeing double? No.......Steve's doodle "Trapper" (between the seats) is a familiar sight on Saturday morning at coffee call. "Hawkeye" (standing) gets to come along for the morning adventure to Rudys.
June 14th - Make your plans now to attend the club coffee on Saturday, June 30th at MASTERTECH. This is a surprise 90th BIRTHDAY PARTY for Ed Paulus. Remember - IT IS A SURPRISE! 8am till 11am.

We have updated the cRc calendar to include all of the 2018 OU home games - this for your driving pleasure!

Based on popular demand, good food and feedback and a most democratic club vote, we are beginning to add CAROL'S KITCHEN to our coffee call rotation. Thank you for voting! 
June 13th - The roving cRc reporter took some time to interview Floyd Yates and the interview is posted on the "meet your members" page. You may click the button below to go there and read about our beloved Master-Sarge.

Posted June 12, 2018:
And what we have reported to be the world's smallest bike from India . Imagine Zack or Lawrence or anyone over 6 feet trying to ride this. Imagine anyone over 4 feet 6" trying to ride this.....

Report from RIVERMONT and then from Guthrie, Oklahoma , Saturday June 9th - a beautiful day for the folks at Rivermont Retirement Center to come outdoors and view our cars. Thank you to everyone who made it out for this cRc community service activity. 

Also a big "tip of the hood" to cRc members Jim and Nathalie Roberson who sponsored the first-ever Rivermont trophy awards. The winning cars were selected by the Rivermont guests as their personal favorites. At the risk of starting yet another investigation by our Sergeant-at-Arms, the honorable Floyd Yates, we decided to publish this "editorial" that was received on monday, June 11th........"Rivermont was clearly a victory for cRc team FORD. Those CHEVY boys tried to rally themselves and even were forced to bring in a wringer from outside the club. We heard that at one point Lawrence Terry had walked up to highway 9 with a little red flag and was trying to flag down any Chevy he could find, just to keep things close. As it turned out, the fabulous Fords took the day by storm and hauled away most of the Rivermont trophies. At final count, it was Ford's 4 and Chevy's only 2, and one of the Chevy's was a guy Lawrence paid $10 to drive-in from highway 9!!!! This is getting too easy for the Fords one person was overheard to say. Maybe next time it should be Chevy's vs Mopar......"
Name withheld by request.

In the photo below, Vince Letta receives a trophy for his red Ford Thunderbird. Lawrence Terry's 1957 Chevy is shown to his left.

Billy Henry also of Thunderbird fame took home another trophy for team Ford.......

And now to GUTHRIE

Lots of activity in the OKC area this weekend as Gary Miller sent us a photo of what was going on up in Guthrie.

Gary Miller, Jim Stanley and Mean Gene represented the CRC at the OHRA Association Car Show in Guthrie. 

 Jim Stanley’s Chevelle won first in class as did Gary and Janice Miller with their 1951 Ford Victoria. Not sure if Mean Gene won his class didn’t see him when the presentation was over, he left quick. 
 Gary and Janice Miller’s 51 Victoria next to Jim and  Zoe Stanley’s 67 Chevelle. 

This first photo is of Nathalie's mom,  who is spry enough to hop up onto Jim's bike. You might notice just a "slight resemblance" between Nathalie (in the middle of the photo)  and her mom.

cRc member Ken "Shingles" Dewbre receives an award for his Camaro bowtie from Nathalie's mom, currently a resident at Rivermont.

Our country only has a few World War 2 veterans left. In this photo an award is given by the Rivermont Veteran to another bowtie! This gentleman was not in the club. His Chevelle was a beautiful car.

An award went to Zack for his well preserved 1956 Ford Victoria. Fuzzy dice and all. One also went to Bob Thompson or rather Miss Vickie his 1956 Ford Vic,

 Can you see why Zack is the women's softball strength coach?

While searching on the internet one day,
Twas very late in the month of May,
We came upon a spot,
Which we thought "surely not"
But we posted for your enjoyment anyway!
If like early prototype aircraft, click the button below and go to our strange-internet- findings page to watch the video.

cRc member Terry O'Dea manages to find a 1955 Chevy to drive during the recent Wheeler auctions in appropriate!

Maricha has posted her 2002 Harley on the potato page........check it out.
Jon Forman and Philip Scott took a very recent motorcycle road trip to New Mexico and the Santa-Fe the button below to enjoy their write-up and their photos of the trip. It is all on the new potato- potato  page.....
It seems that cRc camera photographers are everywhere! These pix, taken by cRc senior reporter Lani show a fun weekend at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Norman. Thanks to everyone who worked to make our first car auction a big success.
This is the last auction car on Sunday and it was a beauty - Corvette ZR. John K. enjoys the ride!
Michael drives while trying to figure out how he can afford this 1988 Rolls Royce Silver Spur.

Harlan opts for a sporty luxury model.............
Mike McCorkle and Dan Haggerty are both enjoying the vintage vehicles......
No, Michael isn’t the passenger in this 1960s era, right-hand drive Jaguar.  He is the driver.
No, this Aston Martin isn’t driven by “Bond, James Bond.”  It is driven by “Fain, Michael Fain.”
Wayne drives a classic Chevy Custom truck that brought some high bidding.

James and Billy drive the heaviest vehicles - 1940s era convertibles Cadillac and Lincoln.  It took some real pushing by the football players to move these cars.
If Roy and Lani went back in time - to the late 1970s - and ran an exclusive private detectives’ business - like Mannix, Cannon, or Barnaby Jones - they would drive these classic, big cars.  Roy would drive this 1978 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz and Lani would drive this 1978 Lincoln Town Car.

Posted June 4th - behold our young saviors! The Noble High School football team. After contacting various OU sports groups, the Norman high school soccer team, the Washington high school football team, the Dibble high school football team and being turned down by all, Terry O'Dea scored with the Noble Bears to come and be our car pushers for the auction this past weekend. The guys and their coaches did an outstanding job of moving cars in and out by hand and we are grateful to them for their help. It would have been two VERY tough days without them. We voted to make an additional $500 contribution to their team from our share of the weekend. We give back to the community in various ways.

All in all, the cRc took home $1000 for all the work we did. This will be added to the money that the car show guys contributed recently, and we might just have ourselves one heck of a Christmas party this year. Thanks to everyone who participated and we hope that Ken Dewbre recovers soon from his awful case of 'SHINGLES". Below are the Noble Bears......

Posted June 2 - and the Wheeler Auction came to town...............

Welcome to JUNE!
Coming soon to a car club webpage near you! An interview with our cheerful Master Sergeant-at-Arms, Floyd Yates. Watch for it to be announced on this page later this week. It will be posted on our "meet your members" page.
We still have 4 "CHUCK PLAQUES" available. See Harlan. They are $20 each and you finish according to your car's color. We will not do another production run until late 2019.
Here are a couple of examples of finished Chuck plaques we noticed at the Veteran's Center car show..

Posted May 30: Interesting factoids about the Vietnam Wall Memorial may be found on our military service page ----->  crc-military-service.php

Posted Sunday, May 26 - an interview with cRc member Alex Barr.  To learn all about Alex and the Spanish Land Grant and his Bonsai passion, push the button below.....
Posted May 25 - Carol's Kitchen

Coffee grounds:

It was a cool morning with bright sun when the troops gathered at Carol's Kitchen for our second visit to this new breakfast - coffee spot. 

They over-staff at Carol's on the days the club is expected to come in, so we typically get excellent coffee service. I believe their breakfast is quite good there. 

Having said that, the question is: DO YOU WANT TO KEEP CAROL'S IN THE ROTATION OR NOT?

We will vote on it: To vote, you must have eaten at least once at their restaurant, it does not have to be with the cRc or even breakfast. Send an email to

and just say "YES" if you want the club to come back, or "NO" if you don't want the club to come back. Majority decides. Vote between now and the end of June.

Wayne arrived with the t-shirt of the day:

And the good news is that Kay and Dale were back and Kay looks like nothing ever happened.

And in an effort to present an ever-more-interesting club website, we hereby begin the first in a long series of "car interviews"... our first will a Red Chevelle and our second with a Blue  1972 Charger. They will get better over time, the video quality, not the cars....sorry about the big fat thumb occupying part of the Charger video...

Ray Waldron's Chevelle

Tom Vaughn's Charger, pardon the fat index finger...
Jim Roberson and Nathalie Arnell were at breakfast this morning and so we videoed their very cool motorcycle and sidecar as they left.
Speaking of Jim, did you know he is a professional photographer and can make even my old cars look good on a photo shoot. Ask Harlan to show you some of his recent work. If you are interested in having Jim photograph one of your classics, well best to talk with him at coffee call. His club prices are quite reasonable.

We are getting a number of really nice bikes in the club. The vast staff of the cRc website is going to begin a "motorcycle interest page" where you can go to waste some of your valuable time and enjoy the results. It will be under construction for a bit, but if you own a motorcycle or scooter, please send me a photo by email and be sure to tell me what I am looking at.

And this is why we need to tell Dave exactly what he is looking at.......this is someone's motorcycle!
And this is someone elses nice bike.
I should make an announcement at and women, please go stand by your bikes!

I think this is Jon Forman's but not sure.

And so we took this parking lot video to share......