Saturday Coffee grounds:

WHATABURGER was overflowing with car clubbers this morning and we sort of overwhelmed them. I will speak to the manager before we schedule them again. The consensus is that they have a great parking lot, and an easy inside in which to congregate, but the chairs are fixed,  free coffee for most of us, but their breakfast offerings are typical fast food. In 2018, I had planned to rotate the coffee call between Midway Grocery, Whataburger, and Rudys......and on the 4th week alternate between Johnny's Broiler and Boom-a-rang. I may give this a little more thought. I will be posting the 2018 calendar soon.

HOLLYWOOD CORNERS plan to continue their cRuise-in into the winter as long as folks continue to come over. This year's car show season is now behind us, and so if anyone has been wondering what happened to Ray, Juan, Floyd, Al, and David......well they are back at coffee call until the spring. (fair warning!)  :)

We are moving into high gear for the club Christmas party, the tables and chairs have been rented, the main course is on order, and all we need is YOU to make it a perfect night. Oh yes, one more DIPSTICKS out there...begin to warm up your vocal chords to the tune of "Santa Claus is comin' to town!"

In other news, our new supply of 2XX tshirts will be in for next week's coffee call. I may be able to get the long awaited long sleeve shirts on order this week and have them ready at the Christmas party. Step by step.

Ron Blisset and Steve Ruedy share the he-man award this morning for driving open cars to Whataburger. Steve probably edges Ron out since he was in shorts to boot! Several of us were tricked by old man weather this morning as the cold front blew in about 7:30.

Gene Paulus has recently purchased a very sharp original 1956 Chevy 4 door.....very sharp. 

265 V-8. 

And while Gene went out and found his project, Wayne Saunders was out finding a "free" 1958 Ford Consul which has been in a Norman garage for the past 41 years.

The car cooperated with Harlan, Wayne and Dave on Thursday morning and helped them by holding enough air in the flat and dry rotted tires to enable them to push it out of the garage and position it to back onto the trailer. A power winch completed the loading process and in the second photo, Wayne is shown blowing out the interior engine compartment. The car had been positioned near the dryer vent in the garage and had a thorough dusting of dryer lint.

We easily rolled the little Consul off the trailer at Wayne's shop and it is sitting high on the lift in his garage. The Consul was previously owned by Cmdr. Jim Davis of Norman, a 95 year old WWII Veteran who was also Commander of the OU NROTC unit for a number of years. The car has been driven on every continent in the world. Jim drove it into his garage and parked it for the last time in 1976.

Christmas parade update - this year the parade committee has decided that the parade vehicles may ONLY GIVE OUT CANDY by having someone walk beside the vehicle and hand it to the children. Be sure to factor this into your parade plan.

We will also all be together in the parade this year, rather than spilitting the cruisers into several small groups. Terry O'Dea has more information he can tell you.

UPDATE ON FALL TSHIRTS - Due to popular demand, we have placed a small additional order for 2XX  and XL shirts. We ran out of those sizes. 6 of the 8 2XX shirts are pre-ordered, but a few others will be available in about 2 weeks. We currently have L and XL in stock in the blue short sleeve T, as well as about 20 of the blue winter hats. Both are $12 apiece. Harlan's got 'em.....

We know this comes as a little bit of a shock, but apparently there are at least 3 cRc members who can still fit into their service uniforms.....shown below in his 13 button dress blues at the Cleveland County Veteran's Day celebration is : TERRY O'DEA. Other members we have seen in their uniforms are "RUCKUS BOB" our only WWII veteran, and Ed Paulus, one of our Korean War Veterans. If there are others out there - show yourselves.

This photo was on the front page of today's Norman Transcript.

We have posted a new "meet your member" interview - this one with cRc girly gEarhead CAROL may click below, and go directly to the page to learn more about her likes....


RUMOR HAS IT:  That Vince Letta's old Ford has been sold and is no longer in the club......however, he drove to coffee call in a bright red 1956 Ford Thunderbird (see photo below), adding to the Thunderbird brigade with yet another nice looking 1956.

Shown below the Godfather...a.k.a. Vince Letta

Adios old friend......

Welcome new friend....

Terry O'Dea is shown in Saturday's Norman Transcript as he leads a mini-Veteran's Day parade at a local school. Is Terry still able to wear his Navy uniform? Apparentmy.

On Friday, November 10th I published an email about the upcoming Christmas party. If you did not receive an email from, first check your spam folder and second, send me an email telling me to resend it. Every time the club sends an email out, we receive about 8-10 email rejection notices telling us that a particular person has changed email addresses and that the email we have on file is no longer valid. Today, I received rejections from:






jmace@attlinkwifi@yahoo (this one can't be right)



OK - if any of these is an old or incorrect email, I need to know so that I can update the club records. We don't like to erase people from the membership because their email is no longer valid, and occasionally we use the email system to communicate important things like the passing of one of our members. Be sure you got today's email (you don't have to read it, just be sure you got it!)



Rumor also has it......that Jon Forman and Lani Malysa swept this last week's club guessing game about how many members we have, and how many cars we have in the club. Congratulations you two - well done.

Rumor also has it that Ed Paulus is the proud owner of a 1956 Chevy - brown and cream 4 door with 34,000 miles on it. Photo is not available. Our sources tell us that it is in really good shape with the possible exception of needing some seals in the power steering pump and some minor suspension work. Ed, do you know any good suspension mechanics? (Hint: Gene)

                                                                    Cia and Jock Campbell with Jeff and Pat Turner

cRc members Jock Campbell and Jeff Turner recently attended a Fred Jones/ OU gala evening as representatives of the cRc. The theme was "Roaring 20's" and the club provided two cars for the event. Another way we give back to the community.
Sunday, October 23rd was Norman's CROP WALK day when hundreds of citizens assembled in andrew's Park to make the 3.1 mile route and donate to fight hunger. One of the main beneficiaries of this community event is FOOD and SHELTER. They ask that the cRc place a few classic cars into the park for the walkers to enjoy. Dave's Model A, Billy's and Ray's Thunderbirds, Steves Jeep, Ken's Camaro, Charley's 55 Chevy, Lawrence's 57 Chevy, and Dan's black Ford were some of the classics on display. Again, we try to give back to our community.

Ron Borum has found a great youtube of classic old gas stations - well worth 4 minutes of your time. It will bring back fine memories of 29 cent gasoline if you are old enough 9and most of us sadly are!). It is on the Dane and Ron page and you can just click here and zip over there....dane-and-rons-crazy-internet-findings.php

The cRc would like to welcome Rivqah Hembree and her 2014 Mustang. Welcome Rivqah!

The club had 93 cars at THUNDERBIRD CASINO for the show. A great turnout considering the threat of rain and a cool wind. Well done to all the hard work to put this show on and make it a success. Thanks to Harlan for the music and speaker system, and to Ray, Billy, Floyd, Al, Dave P. and everyone who did the paperwork, collections, and ballots. There is a rumor out that there are a number of ping pong balls still bouncing around the parking lot at Thunderbird....any truth to that RAY?

cRc members come together to support STASH and 


Participating were, Jock Campbell, Jon Forman, Van Harrington, Carol and Jim Hoffman, Philip Scott, Keith and Carol Reames, Lani Malysa, Michael Fain, Dave Saunders

 "Once again, cRc members brought out their classic cars for a worthy, community fundraiser at STASH store on Main Avenue.  A total of $3,100 was raised for the Women's Resource Center.  This is the third year that cRc members have participated in STASH's major fall fundraiser" , Malysa said.

Last Friday night, a number of cRc cars were featured at a fundraiser for the local Women's Center, known officially as the WOMEN'S RESOURCE CENTER of NORMAN. Rebecca Bean, who is the owner of STASH on East Main, does an annual fundraiser for the center. Lani Malysa of the cRc served as  the coordinator for the club, signing people up at coffee call.

The event included food trucks, 8 local breweries, and a band line up.  As a point of information, the building to the left of STASH, is being remodeled as a local brewery.

Stash is a civic minded, creative gift store, owned by Rebecca Bean and located across from the fire station on East Main, just 1/2 block east of Porter. If you have never shopped at STASH, you owe it to yourself to walk in and enjoy the wonderful artistic blend of Native American, contemporary, Midwest and Northwest US crafted items, repurposed, and natural items that are for sale.
This year's December 9th Norman Christmas parade time has been shifted from a morning parade to begin at 5 p.m. from Norman High, following the normal route east on Main Street  to Crawford. This is back to the so called "traditional" route. We are pleased to also announce that Terry "SHAMROCK" O'Dea will again be our master parade coordinator. This shift in the time from morning to evening, is in the hopes that parade vehicles will incorporate some lighting and make the parade more festive. Space is limited, so sign up early with Terry at coffee call.

After some consideration, we will keep our December 9th time for the annual cRc Christmas party, and simply have the parade vehicles complete the parade and motor over to MasterTech with their pot luck goodies. We don't know how this change will affect the "singing dipsticks", but then nothing seems to ever affect the Dipsticks.

The cRc fall cRuise to Mount Scott and Medicine Park was a grand success!

This cRuise was in the planning for several months by our cRc cRuise director, Carol Hoffman. Everyone had a good old fashioned fun time. Another one is in the works for the spring. If you didn't participate, get your car ready for the spring.

Bob Thompson's Ford Victoria "Miss Vickie" is ready to leave for the cruise.....
Oh COOL! A new cRc car , or truck as the case is here. cRc member Zack, purchased this 1953 farm truck and literally dragged it out of the field and put 4 new tires on it, a carb and generator. Of course it ran. He is considering a "preservation finish" (patina) for it. You ROCK Zack.
Panelman (Jim Reinish) drives a freshly painted Betsy into the parking lot at Boom-A-Rang. We also got to meet Cleata, Jim's friend.
In the foreground is Charlie's 1955 Chevy, ready to make the cruise. In the background is Michael's 56 Merc, equally ready.
Report from the weekend: A great weekend by every aspect. 

We fill both the BOOM-A-RANG parking lot and their restaurant on Saturday. Despite the  numbers of cRc members, they were ready for us and the service was very good. At 9AM a group of about 16 departed for Medicine Park and Mount Scott. Photos and more are on "CAROL'S CRUISES here to go there....carols-cruises.php

Congratulations to cRc member Roger Estridge and his 1965 Ford Custom pickup for being this month's Doug Hill "DIG MY RIDE".
A fine weather morning before the OU-TULANE game fulled the parking lot at MIDWAY GROCERY this past Saturday, September 16th..... we had a nice variety of motorcycles out as well as getting to take a peek at Ron B.'s newest PIERCE ARROW project. With apologies that the photos are not well organized - you can pick out Mr. Blisset's light yellow Pierce among the photos. It is the one with the golf club door on the side!

We also got to enjoy Jack's real COBRA, a treat we have maybe 6 times a year. Not to confuse it with Ron's car, Jacks is bright red!  :)

Roy Sherry's Pontiac Pariseanne "LOLA", Koy Floyd's 1936 Chrvrolet, Bob Thompson's Ford Victoria "MISS VICKI"and Dan Haggerty's 1962 metallic blue Chevy convertible rounded out the morning. If someone else wants to take a crack at the bikes, please let me know.......

Winners of the annual CLEVELAND COUNTY FREE FAIR CAR SHOW (another CRC give back to the community event) are as follows:

      Trucks and cars:

       1st place    '62 Ford truck     Glenn Wright

       2nd place  '66 Nova   Bill Norris

       3rd place   '55 Chevrolet convertible  Charlie Lundsford


      1st place  Freddie Chapman

      2nd Place Jim Robberson

      3rd place Tim Ewing  

A fun event for the community. Thanks to everyone for coming out!

We have several new members who joined the cRc in September:

Francisco Alejo and his '48 Fleetwood and '57 Chevy pickup

Charles Beat and his 1962 Corvette

Dan McCurdy and his 1930 Model A Ford

Shelby McDonald

Frank Capps

We welcome each of you and look forward to seeing your fun rides!

Did you know:
During the last 12 months the cRc website had 32,343 page views. That is an all time record for the club.

The club would like to welcome Coy Fuller and his 1955 Chevy pickup Rest-Mod.
The cRc would like to welcome GUS LOPEZ and his nifty 1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster. Two tone powder blue and sky blue make this ride very special. Original style interior and dash.....WELCOME GUS!
Food and Shelter Board of Directors is amazed to receive $4,981.05 as a donation from the cRc! 

posted by Jimmy Olsen Wednesday August 23,2017

The group of cRuisers (L to R) 1/2 of Dave Saunders, Lawrence Terry, Ray Langley, Juan Villareal, Floyd (NoShow) Yates, Billy Henry, and the right arm of David Palmer - the guys gathered at the new Food and Shelter offices to make the presentation of the proceeds of our car show. The Board was very appreciative of this gift from the club.
Bill and Joyce McBee are offering their 1970 blue Olds 442 for sale. It is shown above. If you want to learn more about this beautiful car,  or just navigate to the cars for sale page.
"Relatively" new member GLENN MILLER poses next to his vintage Model A Ford. Glenn joined the club in 2017 and is working to preserve the classic beauty and feel of his car. Preservation is different than restoration and takes patience. We were glad to have an opportunity to get to know Glenn and enjoy checking out his Model A.
CHRISTMAS PARTY quick update: 
The annual cRc Christmas food and song fest is going to be held again at MASTER TECH on 24th just north of MAIN Street. Date is Saturday, December 9th beginning at 6:30 PM. 
A recent photo of new member Dan Ward's 1970 GTO convertible. Nice ride Dan.
This past Thursday night, cRc members say a short prayer over a street rod, in the hopes it will start.
The Canadian River Cruisers are pleased to welcome 5 new families to our membership. These new members joined during the 2017 car show.

Christina Chumard

Dan Ward

Ricky Curry

Chuck Gibson

Tom and Nancy Wakely

Thank you for joining the cRc, we look forward to seeing you and your rides. WELCOME!
The club would like to take the opportunity to welcome GARRY DEXTER and his 1992 and 2008 corvettes. We hope to see one of his vettes at our car show next weekend.