Club member news:

Are you ready for the party? And for the parade? We hope so because they

Are both on for this Saturday night. CRC paraders will begin to line up at the NHS baseball field parking lot

about 5pm  Same spot as always, Berry road and Iowa  Following the parade, make your way to Mastertech for our fabulous Christmas party  Fun, friendship, food and entertainment await  7pm, serving line begins about 7:30 and it will be a fond memory by 9:15    

It was reported today that long time cRc member Chuck Norris had fallen, and is currently in the VA Hospital. We all wish Chuck a quick and full recovery.

Car show season for 2018 is a fond memory. So are the cRuises and Crop Walk. These pages have been removed from the menu and will move back to their original spots when things heat up in Spring of 2019....literally, heat up.

A couple of you doing the shop tours asked if there were any spaces available at the Noble location (everyone asked if Marshall and Carol had spaces available as we all wanted to move in there! But in Noble.......

BBM of Noble has a couple of 17X40 spots in the building inside their yard. $180 a month, no lease required. To see one, go down and tell Sheila (the owner) that you are a car club member, and she will likely tell you the price is $500 a month. (JUST KIDDING!)

If you need 1/2 a shop at $90 a month, call cRc member Doug Lassiter at 405-802-2747 who will have one side of his available soon. If you need one stop to store a non-running car out of the weather, call Dave Saunders 405-406-3730 and we will find a spot in my shop for $50 a month.

RUMOR HAS IT - that our dear "June" of the Hermann and June team has moved to Colorado to be close to her daughter. We shall miss you June! Before she left, she gifted us with several things to raffle off. Expect to see some fun things in the Spring Swap Meet.


A fun Saturday as we pulled off our 2nd series of shop tours. Our plan is to try to do 2 sets of shop tours a year. The next one will be in spring of 2019. Today we went to Noble and vistited with Dave Saunders, Keith Reames, Terry O'dea and Doug Lassiter who all store cars there.

It was cold when the first folks began to arrive, plus Dave's shop has no heat, but we had plenty of coffee and donuts , so all was well. About 9:30, the group headed north to Marshall and Carol's shop (which was nicely heated).

Marshall has a preference for red cars (I believe) and a number of them are shown in these photos below. He really has a nice shop, full of red Corvettes and a few other goodies. Everyone enjoyed touring the shops.

The cRc received this nice thank-you note from Food and Shelter:
"CRC all provided a lovely thanksgiving."
April Heiple

We changed the venue of coffee call on December 8th from Midway to Norman High School to support the Norman Kiwanis Club pancake breakfast. We will try to sit in one area of the cafeteria.

And finally, if you have been living under a rock (maybe a Rose rock) and don't know this - the cRc Christmas party will be held beginning at 7PM at MASTERTECH AUTOMOTIVE on Saturday December 8th. Serving line begins about 7:30. This year we will have a variety of musical entertainment for your enjoyment. Sadly the Dipsticks are on a world tour, but they assure me they will be back in Norman in 2019. Norman's Bob French, noted guitarist and cRc member Dan Haggerty,who plays banjo, with present 5 lively songs for our enjoyment. Following that, Rachel Snapp, the young lady who blew our socks off last year with her beautiful opera voice, has agreed to return for an encore. 

This year, we will offer a vegan selection of foods for those who choose not to partake of the turkey and brisket. If your contribution to dinner is truly vegan, please label it as such and we will place them together in one area.
See you there, can't wait!

Now what we have here..... (for answer click

Congratulations to cRc member Wayne Saunders and "OSKAR" his 1970 Velorex. Wayne and OSKAR are featured today in the Sunday Norman Transcript - 
Living and Arts section-D. Nice article by Doug Hill

Years ago, we went to the pavilion at the Norman Veteran's Center and 
had a "CAR-B-Q". The wind was howling, the temperature on the low 50's (which felt like 35 degrees. We parked all the cars on the windward side of the pavilion to try to block the wind. Not much help. We gave the Veterans free hot dog and they were upset because we didn't deliver them to the building. the food was, as always - wonderful, the camaraderie great.

Coffee grounds and brisket - Rudy's, November 17th Thanksgiving is the spirit of giving and today the cRc collected $320 to gift to Food and Shelter to help them with food purchases for the annual Norman Thanksgiving meal. This turkey-and-all-the-trimmings-dinner has been a part of Norman for a long time. All citizens are welcome to enjoy. This is a joint event between the Norman board of education, who provides the cafeteria location for the event, and Food and Shelter who provides all the food. Be proud of your club members who stepped up to help provide some of the critically needed funds to complete the meal. Thanks to everyone who tossed something into the paper bag. It has already been delivered to April Heiple.

A "shout out" to the 5 cRc members who participated this past Thursday night at the OU "dads" car the dark. I doubt this event will be repeated, but thank you for your help in showing your cars.

RUDY'S was a perfect venue today and we had a variety of cars turn out for our "instant car show".....
 Gary drove JoNell's 1951 Pontiac Eight sort-of to coffee this morning. We noticed his headlights went off automatically and so we asked for a car interview - and this is what we learned about the innocent looking little Pontiac Eight. It is not at all what it seems.........not at all. Did I mention "not at all"?
And just for fun, we did a second car interview today, this one with Brian Hunter and his metallic blue 1966 Ford Fairlane.
Marshall Mayes drove his Ranchero to coffee but was unable to open the hood. This set off a chain reaction.........see the 4 photos below: Billy Henry first tries with a small screwdriver........

Well, that didn't work and we needed a longer tool........and a longer tool arrives.....

Well, maybe we need a specialty screwdriver......and Lawrence brings one....

And.."PRESTO" they get the hood open!

We all enjoyed the day....

Dan shows his true colors!

Sunday evening November 11th - Good job cRuisers. After the machine gun and the helicopters, our cars were the hit of the day. Thanks to all of our Vets who came out for the event. We have several fun photos and several short youtube videos of the afternoon. They are posted on our military service page. 

Posted 11/6 - the cRc gets the nod from the parade committee to transport the Grand Marshall in the Christmas parade! Terry O'Dea, crc parade commander has selected Charlie's beautiful 1955 Chevy for the task.

Posted 11/3 - for photos and commentary about the fall cRuise to Eichen's, "chicken palace on the prairie", please go to the cRuise page by clicking the link below:

Andy Carlson rode his vintage BSA world War II motorcycle to coffee call and we dropped in with the video camera while everyone gathered around. To view the video, please click here to go to the potato page: POTATO-POTATO-POTATO.php
Posted November 1st - The NORMAN SWAP MEET has come and gone until spring, and the club made a few dollars and members of the club made a few dollars. All in all we consumed 9 boxes of donuts, one rum cake (thanks Marilyn), one large container of oatmeal cookies (thanks Lavonda), and about 100 homemade pecan brownies (thanks Harris family).....3 days well spent!

A big thanks to the club members that worked the Thunderbird Car Show.  It turned out to be a great show. We made $2400.00 that will go to pay 100% of the costs of our Food and Shelter Car Show in July. We will be doing an April car show in 2019 at Thunderbird and also the Noble Rose Rock show in May. The Noble show takes in money to pay for the show trophies for the Noble show, with usually some money left over that goes into our car show fund.

Posted Wednesday, October 24 - we received these kind words on a notecard from April Heiple, Director of food and Shelter.

We have posted a non running 1939 5-window ford coupe on the for sale page.......this is a club member's car. Check it out by clicking the link below.

Be sure to look at our individual web pages for both Crop Walk (nice article in the Monday Norman Transcript) and the cRc Thunderbird show. 
Below, Bill McBee tells us a little bit about the McBee's new Boat-tail Buick Riviera:
The club presents April Heiple, Director of food and Shelter with $392 from the car show. 
Sunday morning, a brief update: (more to be posted later Sunday) we came, we sowed, we took away piles of winnings and trophies from THUNDERBIRD CAR SHOW! First it was a drawing for $200 every hour, then $200, then $400 and finally $500! We are gifting our share of the 50/50 pot ($392) to Food and Shelter today at their fund raising event. we had 120 cars turn our on this beautiful day.
Are manual transmissions a thing 
of the past? Seems so.