After experimenting with a new combined news and calendar page in 2021, it was decided to return to our old format. We felt that the frequent postings of club news, broke up the continuity of the calendar and made it more difficult to find club events on the calendar page. This way we can expand a little bit on both pages for the benefit of the members.

Posted April 17: While we were having a great breakfast in Goldsby at the airport fly-in, the Aviation Club (including long time cRc members Larry and Jan Hinton)  made a $1,000 donation to a group in support of youth aviation in Oklahoma. Our new 2021 breakfast vendue will be visited about once a month, unless we have a club event that conflicts. Our breakfast contributions help to support this worthy cause.

A clue for the Norman "STONEHENGE" in this week's puzzler.........
Clue #1 - it is located somewhere on the University of Oklahoma......look south and be sure to cover the bases......if you know where this is, email your answer to:

So far TERRY O'DEA and DON GARNER have found the Norman Stonehenge
Clue #2 it is visible from an old paved road on the former south base.

During the morning in Goldsby, we were invited to Patrick Keating's private hanger where he stores his beautiful experimental aircraft. The youtube follows:

And in other club news, Gary Miller went rogue this last weekend and files this interesting report: Dave,I was a rogue on Saturday. Went to Midwest City. This was parked behind me. 1948 Willy's Jeep. 33Dodge headlights. Inside the ammo cans on the rear was the wiring for tail/brake lights. 5 gallon gas can air collector for two four barrel carbs. Each side of windshield had flashlight turn signals. Grenade on top of shifter.