Information for participating in the Norman VETERANS parade on Sunday, November 11th. You do not need to be a veteran to participate.
1. Sign-up with Terry O'Dea, every car must be pre-registered and have a window sticker. See Terry at coffee-call.
2. Line-up for the parade on the 11th on David Boren drive (National Weather Center on OU campus.) 
3. Have your car parked in line at 12:30
The cars will slowly parade down Jenkins Ave (northbound), 7/10 of a mile to Reeves Park and the Cleveland County Veterans Memorial. Park as directed by Terry in the SW corner of the Memorial flanking the walkway. Motorcycles are welcome also.
4. The ceremony will be over by 3PM. Wear your uniform of part of your uniform if you still have it. Proudly fly a flag from your vehicle or bike.
5. There is NO FEE to participate. Family is also welcome.
THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION and for your service to our country.

cRc members provide classic cars for the 2017 Norman Veterans Day celebration - to honor Veterans everywhere for their service. Photos courtesy of member Tim Scott.

The following members of the cRc served with pride in
 the United States military. We thank you for your service.
Listed alphbetically by branch of service. Deceased club members are in italics.


Chuck Angie

Howard Boss 

Seth Brown

Bobby R (Dusty) Burnett

Jock Campbell 

Glenn Curren 

Ken Dewbre

Jim Dudley

James Dustin  

Al Ernst*  (deceased)

Jerry Evers

Bill Faris

Randy Feldon

Curtis Fore *  (deceased)

Walt Gage

Roger Gallagher

Doane Harrison

Larry Hinton

Jim Hoffman

Julie Jantz

Harold Jones  

John Kuzmicki 

Ray Langley 

Doug Lassiter 

Charlie Lundsford

Dane Marable

Larry Matlock

Zack McCain

Chuck Norris 

Korean War Veteran - Ed Paulus 

Wayne Saunders 

Roger Scott 

Tim Scott 

(Mayor) Bob Thompson 

Ray Waldron

Herman Wilson* (deceased)



Jason Carp 

Shannon Corkle 

Jeff Day 

Jack Galbraith

Don Garner 

Tom Hanson * (deceased)

Terry O'Dea

David Palmer

Marshall Pierson 

Michael Kraemer 

Bill Morris 

Dave Saunders

World War 2 Veteran Bob Summers 

Cedric Wichmann 



Fred Benenati

Ron Borum

Andy Carlson 

Melvin DeVore 

Al Ginn 

Dan Haggerty 

Van Harrington 

Bill Harris 

Billy Henry 

Terry Kelley 

Jimmie Martin 

Mack Mcintyre 

Phil Neely 

Bob Prichard

Randy Riddle

Rod Smith - USAF Retired

Ralph Stevenson Jr. 

 Lawrence Terry

Juan Villareal 

__________________________________________________________________UNITED STATES MARINES

Paul Bettis 

Duane Brosowske 

David Elliott 

Kenny Prewett



Bill Roberson 

 We dedicate this page to the members of the Canadian

 River Cruisers who have served our country in the armed

 forces. If you served and are not on this list, please

 email and we will  add your name