Community serviceProjects COMPLETED in 2020-2021

The following area community service projects have been undertaken and completed in calendar year 2020-2021


1. cRc establishes cutting edge webpage to assist anyone who is trying to navigate getting their COVID vaccines, updating it 2-3 times daily, registers dozens of citizens for Covid shots between February and May.

2. Shovel snow for elderly and homebound. Thank you Zack Brulet and Terry O'Dea.

3. Thanks Neil Wood for your families donation to Food and Shelter of fried chicken in March.

4. Sponsored the Rose Rock Festival Car Show for the city of Noble - 113 cars in attendance, largest show ever.

5. Donated $230 to the noble High School Bears Band.


1. Raise money for Food and Shelter food bank which has been hard hit due to COVID - the club donated more than $7,500.00 to F&S March-April and then raised approximately $3,400 in October.

2. Sponsor a City of Nobel appreciation parade - 27 cars -April

3. Collect and donate more than 300 hot-rod and sports car magazines to the Norman Veteran Center. -January

4. Provide 6 classic cars to the University of Oklahoma and coach Lincoln Riley for a photo shoot. -April

5. Conduct a City of Norman worker appreciation parade - 29 cars -April 

6. Repair and rebuild a 2008 Volvo 4dr for another community service group to donate to a family in need at BRIDGES. -February

7. Provide a theme classic car (James Bond era) for the Norman Regional Health Foundation Gala. Thanks Chuck Anderson and your Austin-Healey. -February

8. Raise and donate funds for the purchase of picnic tables and umbrellas for the Norman Veterans Center. $750 donated. -May

9. Donate and deliver backpacks for needy to Food and Shelter. 51 backpacks collected and donated. January-February

10. Conduct an appreciation parade for healthcare workers and residents of Arbor House. 24 cars -April

11. Conduct a worker appreciation parade for Food and Shelter, 24 cars - April

12. Conduct a Memorial weekend classic car parade at Norman Veteran Center with 18 cars participating.

13. July 8th conduct a parade to Newcastle to help a 6 year old celebrate his birthday. 11 cars.

14. cRc members have participated in monthly, Norman Main Street, classic car parades to bring attention to downtown businesses.

15. The cRc Autumn fundraiser for Food and Shelter has raised over $2,400.

16. Twenty cRc members conducted a classic car birthday parade, at the Norman Veterans’ Center, to celebrate the 102nd birthday of a Navy Veteran.

17. Participated with the City of Norman in conducting the Cleveland County Veterans Parade.

18. Dec 4 - Provided classic cars to the OU athletic department for an upcoming recruiting films.

19. Participated in the Noble Christmas Parade

20.Midway Grocery gives $750.00 to Food and Shelter!

21. cRc cars participated in the annual Norman Christmas Parade.