Just when we though Zack the younger had a lock on all the barn finds in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska....up steps Terry O'Dea and spies this "yard find" right in his own subdivision. When is was parked in 1990, it ran perfectly......not so now. It is a 2 door hardtop 1964 Chevrolet. Not a post car but a H/T. The owner is moving to Dallas and is motivated to sell. If you have an interest, please contact MIKE or JOHN PERRY at 972-571-8647. Squirrel and mouse nests are optional. Looks like a V-8 but I am really not certain.

Seriously, as we know, most cars that were driven in and have been parked for years will run again after a thorough fuel system cleaning and a few adjustments. Same with brakes, new wheel and master cylinders, tires. 

So, I did a little research on pricing because this is "make an offer"..... the rust buckets on the internet go for about $1500, better than a derelict can go for as much as $4000. A restored one of these can no post hardtops can go for $25,000 or more. So let's get it in the club and get going on it!

Posted January 25, 2019
Jim reinish aka "PANELMAN" is offering his 1953 Ford Panel Truck for sale for $20,000 We all know what a nice vehicle it is, so the question is just, which of us is going to buy it! For more information contact Jim at 405-919-5130 or 405-889-1119 of email his at: mailto:panelman54@sbcglobal.net