And we're off to Warwick, Oklahoma along historic Route 66 to visit the Sebea motorcycle museum, housed in a former DX filling station, built in 1924.

We had a nice group of cRcRuisers this morning, consisting of Philip, Jon, Dan, Flo, Jim, Carol, Terry, Wayne, Harlan, Kelley, Ken, Billy, and Mary. Did I miss anyone? Hopefully not.

Housed in the former Seaba Filling Station and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this Route 66 landmark is now filled with over 65 vintage motorcycles from 1908 to present.  The Seaba Station was built in 1921, five years before historic Route 66 was certified as a national highway.

It is amazing just how much motorcycle paraphernalia an old service station will hold!

We also had planned a "short" stop for lunch, but that changed into a "long" stop for lunch, as many other people got there a bit sooner and were in line ahead of us!

We are talking about a very nice collection of vintage motorcycle at this little place.

It is located in a former 1950's car dealership.

We left from Whataburger at 9am, and took back roads zig-zagging west and then south until we got to highway 81 toward the Red river.

There were about a dozen of us, Tom and Terry both drove their 55 Chevys, Van in his corvette, Bill andJoyce in "THE-RIV", Amanda and her family were in the VW "Cheryl", as well as on a bike, Roy and Jon were in his big Parisienne, Jo Nell and Gary drove their white 1950's Pontiac, Vince and June drove the classic red T-Bird, Philip was in his new Nissan 300, Carol and Jim in the big bad Buick (which Jim reported an amazing 18.8 mpg for the trip. Marilyn and I were in our Audi convertible, top down. Ron and a friend were in gosh- I forgot, maybe his Buick Grand National?

After a little sputtering with Amanda's VW, which came down with an intermittent case of vapor-lock, we managed to get separated from the group (Amanda, John, Jennifer, Abagaile, Marilyn and Dave) and so we took a different route (actually we missed the turn and got lost), but found our way and arrived a few minutes late at the restaurant - pictured above. Yes that is a very good bbq restaurant. Make that "excellent" bbq restaurant........we fed the troops first. Stomachs first, cars after....

The restaurant was small, at least the part that was open for lunch. It is a former gas station. In NOCONA everything has been repurposed. It is a nice small town undergoing a vibrant renaissance. 

You ordered at the counter and absorbed brisket smells while they prepared your order. One day, I want to go into a place like this, order a pound and a half of whole bbq brisket, take it home and sit down, slicing piece after piece off and just eating the brisket until it is no more. Clogged arteries and a heart attack are sure to follow in short order.

This car collection is partially owned by the Vicari auction company. They will be selling 15 cars out of the collection in early May. You will never miss them. All these cars are in perfect condition, most are matching numbers. Each has a story.

But how I do digress! Here is a photo of the menu - they serve breakfast as well! I wanted to order the "bowl of crap" (under beans)  for $4.75 but I couldn't say anything except "brisket please".......

 Here is Amanda and family, in good spirits after dealing with vapor lock on her VW for about 90 miles. Sadly they left early to be sure the four of them didn't spend the night in a VW on the side of the road. Of course we would not have let that happen, we always have a sweep car to follow anyone who may be having car issues. On this cruise it was Marilyn's and my Audi, so they could have had a choice of sleeping in a cramped VW or sleeping in a cramped Audi! (Or sleeping atop John's Harley!)
There were so many beautiful classics, I had a difficult time picking a favorite. There was this Packard Phaeton I really did love, but then again an XKE looked pretty classy many cars, so little time! Lots and lots of Corvettes.

Just enjoy the dash on this older Packard words necessary.

And finally this photo from our "ROGUE'S GALLERY" at the bbq joint:

Clockwise, Joyce, Bill, Philip, Van, Jon, Roy, Gary, and Jo Nell......

If you missed this one, you missed the best one yet! It seems that Carol finds a more fun cRuise each time. Let's wait to see what she comes up with next.

SATURDAY April 20, 2019 we leave from coffee call- 9am.

Get those cars ready folks cause we have a spring 2019 cRuise coming up. This is our grand plan, check back for final details:

We plan to leave Norman from and drive to NOCONA, Texas on US 81 out of Oklahoma (we will take a short break twice on the way down, it is about 2-1/2 hours down there (130 miles) and then US 82 east in Texas to Nocona where we will find the highly rated Horton car museum. We will tour the museum and their 138 plus vintage cars and then to lunch in town. ( Note: the restaurant does not accept credit or debit cards) Following lunch, you are free to head back to the museum, or return to Norman at your own pace. Admission to the museum is free to Veterans and active duty military with proper I.D. otherwise it is $10.

The Horton Classic Car Museum is housed in what once was the town's Ford dealership.  Over 138 cars are contained in the collection in 37,400 square feet of space.  The Museum largely focuses on American vintage, classic and muscle cars.  Over 40 Corvettes are part of the collection, featuring nearly every year of production between 1953 and 1978.   Several 1950's era convertibles are also included, along with many 1950s Senior Award winners from the Chevy and Pontiac Nationals.  Different models of Chevrolets, Fords, Pontiacs, Packards, Plymouths, Oldsmobiles and even a Studebaker are featured in the collection, which is always changing and growing.

To put it into perspective, the total horsepower of all the cars at the Horton Classic Car Museum is 46,347 hp - that equates to over 46 megawatts, enough to power over twenty-three thousand homes! Imagine the gas mileage if all those cars were running at peak power.

The Museum also has many automobile-related items on display, including a wide array of gas pumps, signs, motors, tools and memorabilia.

The cRuise to Eichen's........chicken for the masses! We came, we ordered, and we ate, and we ate, and we ate some more. Then we took home the leftovers. 

And when we left, nothing else was left............

And then a group left for a tour of Fort Reno....

Thanks so much to our cRuise directress Carol and her hubby Jim.....they do a great job for our club.

 Thanks to the hard work of Carol and Jim Hoffman, club members have been able to enjoy cRuises to Medicine Park and Mount Scott, an adventure to Davis, Oklahoma to a nearly world famous bbq spot and unique combo-motorcycle and sewing machine museum, as well as a trip down Route 66 to the historic Rock Cafe in Stroud.

It is not easy to organize and run one of these events. Unexpected things happen, like people get lost, cars break down, potty-stops you scouted 3 weeks ago have suddenly filled up on cRuise day and there is no room to park an additional 18 cars!

These things happen and the club "rolls with the flow" The important thing here is that a group of us are together and enjoying our hobby - classic cars, and eating. It is what we do best, enjoy our vehicles and eat......and eat, and eat.....



The intrepid members of the cRc cRuisers left Boomarang and headed on surface roads up Route 66 and Stroud, Oklahoma. The following club members made the trip:

Carol and Jim Hoffman, Ken Dewbre, David Palmer, Dan and Flo Haggerty, Van Harrington, Bob and Nancy Thompson, Roy Sherry, Gene and Debra Paulus, Terry O'Dea, Billy and Mary Henry, Philip Scott, Chuck Norris, and Duane Brosowske. 

Below are some photos of our spring cRuise from Norman to Stroud and Oklahoma Route 66.....a fun time with beautiful weather. We lunched at "The Rock" Cafe in Stroud. More photos will be posted when received.