by cRc cRuise director


Note: We have added an optional tour of historic Fort Reno  (following lunch at EICHEN'S). Fort Reno is about 25 minutes south of Eichens and has a small museum there. Entry is $5 per person. Those who wish to drive straight back to Norman following lunch and skip to Fort Reno tour can do so. Remember EICHENS ONLY TAKES CASH!)

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2018 - cRc fall cRuise

As you can see from the countdown timer above, we are getting  close to leaving for our cRc fall cRuise. Thanks to the hard work of Carol and Jim Hoffman, club members have been able to enjoy cRuises to Medicine Park and Mount Scott, an adventure to Davis, Oklahoma to a nearly world famous bbq spot and unique combo-motorcycle and sewing machine museum, as well as a trip down Route 66 to the historic Rock Cafe in Stroud.

It is not easy to organize and run one of these events. Unexpected things happen, like people get lost, cars break down, potty-stops you scouted 3 weeks ago have suddenly filled up on cRuise day and there is no room to park an additional 18 cars!

These things happen and the club "rolls with the flow" The important thing here is that a group of us are together and enjoying our hobby - classic cars, and eating. It is what we do best, enjoy our vehicles and eat......and eat, and eat.....

 And so for the fall, Carol has planned to lead us on a merry chase to what many Oklahomans swear is "THE BEST FRIED CHICKEN in well, anywhere!". Chicken not your thing? Well they have a few other things but the menu is pretty limited. 

If you have never been to Eichen's before, it is a bucket destination in Oklahoma. They claim to be the oldest bar in our state, established on the Frontier in 1896. 

Long waits are likely on any Friday or Saturday night.  Their chicken IS THAT GOOD. Share a $14 chicken with another person, there will be plenty. Below is the order of fried okra that comes with the chicken.....there will be plenty to share. If you really don't mind the lingering aroma of fried chicken in your classic car, you could bring some back as a takeout for the neighbors - it would make you especially popular.

Due to seating in this tiny cafe/bar, we are limiting the cRuise to about 20 people. Carol decides the exact number after talking with Eichen's staff. So don't be left out of this fun, be sure to sign up early. To put your name on the list, see Carol Hoffman at any coffee call. Carol has this cRuise stuff down to a science. Do you know Carol? Behold Carol.....

She and Jim are almost always at coffee call - GET YOUR NAME ON THE LIST! Did I mention to get your name on the list? EICHENs DOES NOT TAKE CREDIT CARDS, so plan accordingly.


Eichen's claims to be the oldest bar in Oklahoma but the real attraction here is their chicken. We are going for the chicken, the pickles, the onion rings or french fries, okra and the tea. The cRuise team of Carol and Jim Hoffman have worked up another fun time for the membership. You will need to make a reservation for this as Eischen's is very busy all the time. A sign-up sheet will be circulated soon.

THE DEAL: We have coffee at Johnny's Broiler on Saturday November 03 and then we leave and drive to Okarche, Oklahoma and the home of Eischen's, famous for their chicken and pickles. Their menu is shown below: NOTE: EISCHEN'S IS CASH ONLY, NO DEBIT OR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED.

Our group will be limited to whatever Carol and Jim can arrange space for, probably about 20 people. We will likely be in their back dining room but that remains to be seen. Be sure to sign up for this fun cRc adventure.

 The interpid members of the cRc cRuisers left Boomarang and headed on surface roads up to Route 66 and Stroud, Oklahoma. The following club members made the trip:

Carol and Jim Hoffman, Ken Dewbre, David Palmer, Dan and Flo Haggerty, Van Harrington, Bob and Nancy Thompson, Roy Sherry, Gene and Debra Paulus, Terry O'Dea, Billy and Mary Henry, Philip Scott, Chuck Norris, and Duane Brosowske. Below are some hotos of our spring cRuise from Norman to Stroud and Oklahoma Route 66.....a fun time with beautiful weather. We lunched at "The Rock" Cafe in Stroud. More photos will be posted when received.

May, 19, 2018

We are working on a Fall Cruise to Okarche, Oklahoma for some Esichen's famous and tasty chicken. We will post this as soon as we have more details.