by cRc cRuise director


We are planning a cRuise to Mount Scott and Medicine Park for September 30th. 

It will be a reliability run up Mount Scott, a photo op with all the cars at the top, a cRuise around the National Park to see the buffalo, and then a nice lunch stop in the quaint village of Medicine Park, followed by the return trip to Norman in the late afternoon. We'll leave from coffee call. More information to follow and will be posted below.

We will begin signing members up for this event in the near future.

.... September 30th... 

Imagine the photo op as a herd of buffalo pose peacefully beside your $15,000 paint job!

Actually lunch will be our first stop, allowing the slower paced cars (the turtles) a chance to catch up with the faster group

(the rabbits). The turtles will likely go on the surface road while the rabbits will rip along on the turnpike.