Ever alert with a cell phone, cRc apprentice op-ed reporter Gary Miller is on duty at the Rose Rock car show to capture some of the highlights including a little cat-nap taken by cRc member David Palmer. Just goes to show you that you can never rest, even for a minute in this club!

On Friday night it rained and rained. I felt sorry for the first day of Noble's Rose Rock festivities as they started their 3 day event on Friday. The weather gave everyone a bit of a break on Saturday as it was cool early on and quite cloudy - but IT WAS DRY. One by one cars began to show up and a good quality car show was enjoyed by almost one hundred car owners and hundreds of citizens.

The cRc, along with the City of Noble have been working to revive the Rose Rock car show for the past 4 years. Before that, it was relegated to a back seat in the festival, changing locations yearly, being held with as few as 8 to 10 cars. Not any more.

This is now a show for the city of Noble and its citizens to be proud of. It melds perfectly with their Rose Rock festival, Mayberry R.F.D. The cRc took a show that didn't even know where the cars were to be displayed in 2015...(Wesley's garage?)

and through the work of Billy Henry and Floyd Yates and Ray Langley and Harlan Butler and several others.......

............have made the show a very big part of Rose rock. In 2018 we had 91 cars, this year we topped that number with 94 cars. In 2020 I am sure we will break the 100 car mark. We probably would have done so this year had the sun peeked out a bit sooner.

It's become a great medium sized show, and the citizens turn out in big numbers to admire and appreciate our classic cars. Time well spent.