Posted Saturday January 16th - I drove to Edmond this morning to be the cRc representative at the Oak Hills Church, where they were conducting a memorial service for David Palmer. 

The church and their members were very welcoming and the service was both live as well as livestreamed - a fantastic tribute to David by the church membership. I have attached the link (below) to their feed. If you click on it, you can enjoy the great photo mélange which includes family, friends, Canadian River Cruisers, Oak Hills church, and some old Navy shots. Did you know David was born in Japan? I didn't and I learned much more about David from his friends. Well worth the time spent. The many eulogies given by members of the church, provide a different  and loving perspective of our departed friend. It is truly worth the watch.....
You do not need to be a member of Facebook to watch this, just click the link above.

DAVID PALMER passed away this past week. It is currently unclear what happened to him but he did have some health problems. David loved to be a part of the Canadian River Cruisers. After he joined, he fell right in with the "Gang of Seven", the guys who plan and organize our various cars show. On most Saturdays you would find David at the weekly car show, displaying his Corvette, sitting in a lawn chair, nodding off and on.....he really enjoyed hanging out with those 7 guys and became a big part of our car show organization. 

David was a United State Navy veteran, serving in a combat role on river gunboats in Vietnam. His experience during his service was varies and he suffered some injury in Vietnam. He was in the Navy for 10 years.

Despite what appeared to be his gruff nature, he would do whatever was needed to help, often going beyond what any of us expected. We are posting memories of David on this page. Send them to and we will post them. We will miss David and wish to extend his daughter and friends our sympathy.