What we think we know... 

If you have a reservation for more than one person (which is very easy to do if you are a couple trying to get shots together), you ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BRING ANOTHER PERSON  to fill the slot. You forfeit the EXTRA slot and it supposedly goes back into the vaccine pool. It is easy to make two reservations by mistake. We know of one instance where someone who made two reservations was contacted by Cleveland County and the extra reservation was cancelled.

If you get the first shot, YOU WILL NEED TO GO THROUGH THIS REGISTRATION process again in 4 weeks to sign up for the 2nd shot. You receive a card, photo below, which gives you a time and a date.....this one is on 02/03/2021 at 10:15. 


This is a new site the state has put up that allow you to pre-registed today, and supposedly will be open for registration tomorrow (Thursday)


1. Find a site that we have determined has an opening and you are willing to drive the mileage. Click on the active web link shown for your chosen site. That will take you to a company called "Signup Genius" who is handling the reservation side of the vaccine for the county health departments.

2. Sign up one family member at a time, or you will end up with two reservations in your name.  Each reservation has to be made separately, you can't make one reservation for two people and use it.

3. When the county website opens up, scroll down the list of dates and times, some will be booked and some will have openings. It is easy to see which is which. The box is on the right side of the page that shows the openings. Pick one with an opening that works for you, and click the box to the right to reserve 1 space. Then click at the bottom to REGISTER.  That opens up a new box to record your first and last name, email address, and phone, as well as your birthdate and which type of registration: first responder, age 65+ ect.....fill it out (you record your information in the little white boxes that are shown), and click on the Register button at the bottom of the firm. 

You will then receive an email that confirms the time and date and place....repeat this process for each person you are trying to register.


-Be patient, we got a lot of members registered this last week. It took some time.

-The Signup Genius system can be overwhelmed when they open the window for new reservations. Be patient, oh I already said that..... If nothing happens after you click the registration button, give it a minute while YOU CHECK to be sure you filled in all the boxes. If you leave one unfilled, the system is waiting patiently for you. If nothing continues to happen, back out and try again. Persistence pays off here.

-Don't be put off by the distance you might have to drive, but remember this is the first of two shots spaced several weeks apart. Make a day out of it. Drive your classic car. Go to the Route 66 museum in Clinton if you are going to Sayre or Elk City to get your shot, or the Comanche museum if you are near there.....roadside picnic in your car with burgers and shakes.....make it a fun day. What else do we all have to do?

Please see below parking directions for the Cleveland County COVID-19 Vaccination POD at Sooner Mall, 01/05/2021-01/08/2021.


Directions for the vaccine POD at Sooner Mall:

3301 W Main St, Norman, OK 73072 Suite 215

1. Arrive at the Northeast side of Sooner Mall. Look for signs directing you to the clinic entrance.

2. Please check-in with the National Guard outside. They will ask for your appointment time and provide the necessary forms, if not already completed. Please write legibly.

3. A color card will be placed on your windshield that corresponds to your appointment time.

4. When we are ready for you to exit your vehicle and enter the clinic, the appropriate color will be displayed by the staff at the clinic entrance.

5. At that time, you will enter the clinic, have paperwork checked, and receive your vaccine.

6. You will be monitored for 15 to 30 minutes, depending on history.

*We will have a wheelchair available for clinic use.

**Please wear your mask and maintain 6 feet of distance.

***Please do not call Sooner Mall for information on vaccine appointments. We will also have limited clerical staff at our Norman location so please be patient if calling.