A great day for a car and bike show

Well folks, our fall show has come and gone and what a show it was. The weather was drop dead gorgeous, following some iffy weather all week before. We had over 120 entries as we continue to build this important show. Money raised from this show help to fund the costs for trophies at the Rose Rock show, and underwrite the majority of costs for our Andrews park July CRC-FOOD and SHELTER show. During the past 10 years our car club has gifted well over $30,000 to benefit our local charity.
A group of faithful cRc girly gEarheads is out early at the show.
A trio of 1957 Chevy Bel-Air coupes graced the show. The first two are owned by cRc members Bill and Teresa Harris, and the white one is "PEARL", owned by Marilyn Saunders.
A classic hot rod rolls into the show....
As did a pair of new fangled "Slingshots" by 


While members Jim and Nathalie brought their cool Harley with sidecar.
Video of 2nd row of cars at the Thunderbird show....with Linda Ronstadt on his tape.....
Harlan unveiled and distributed our 10th anniversary shirt, and wow are they cool!

 The Casino came out hourly to give cash of $200, $200, $200, $300, $400, and a whopping $500! Below, the manager of the casino, Lisa, gives the winning ticket to the security guard to announce, while Floyd looks on.

This year's 50/50 pot was almost $800. We donated our part to Food and Shelter......Here the 50/50 tickets are being torn apart and put into the box to be mixed.

And the third row......