Results from 2015 CRC- Food and Shelter Car Show

Best of Show Pre 79  CJ George   1955 Chevy
Best of Show 80 & newer  Chris Hayes   2012 Mustang
Food & Shelter Pick  Bill Williams   1955 Chevy
Girly Gearhead Pick  Logan Branschum   1979 V W Bus
Kids Pick  Bob Canaday   2010 Corvette

Our traveling plaque left Norman on it's way to Crescent Ok 
Daylan Murch said it would be at a car show in Perry,OK next week 

We had 42 open Cars and 42 CRC Cars 

The gross from the show was $3012.75. Out of that, we will pay for porta potty rental and $50 for Ray.  
50/50 drawing was $147
Non-member fees $840
Member fees $1005
Food sales $785 - Bob donated this to FFF. 
$215 - shirt sales 


  We have an awesome bunch of people we need to thank:
Kay and Dale selling Food tickets
Bob Thompson 55 for getting the Porta Pots delivered!
Ed and Gene for loading tables, and Ed for bringing and picking them up.
Joyce McBee and  Dianne Powell for registration work
Jon Forman for setting up trash cans, and most importantly taking the trash away!
JC the DJ, as always he makes it a fun time, THANK YOU! JC
James Hoffman For holding the money and paying it out.

Bob Thompson, Maricha and Mattie, and their friends, who set up and made the food (Bought the food,drinks and ICE) then donated all money made to Food and Shelter!

I swear if people in this Club don't tell their friends to eat at Midway, at least once this year, Karma will get you.

Everyone who helped direct cars into the right spot.
Terry Odea for doing the parade duty.  A thankless job, and he does it well! THANKS TERRY!
Everyone who set up tables and tents and unloaded trucks and generally pitched in where needed, THAT is what it took to do this show easily.

Billy showed up with Doughnuts, and I am sure some others did too, but I didn't see who, thanks for the treats!

RAY AND FLOYD AND ANYONE ELSE who put out flyers worked the trophies, donated money for the trophies
a big THANK YOU! 

And to First Baptist Church of Norman for the use of their parking lot.  

It is time for our 4th annual cRc-Food and Shelter car show! As the premier car club in Norman, Oklahoma we are establishing a tradition of excellent community service. 100% of the proceeds of this go will be give to FOOD and SHELTER of NORMAN. If you cannot attend this show, we ask that you make a donation to FOOD and SHELTER in behalf of the club. We would of course rather that you attend the show as we are trying to make this show into one of the most well attended shows in the state.